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Forgiven Memories

RHAGE: [Black blood dripped from his fangs, jaws unhinging as he roared his displeasure that his feast was almost to an end. He was out, and in complete control and letting the freedom he felt bring him the pleasure he felt so rarely. Sinister laughter left the belly of his swollen gut urging him to find more supplement before he allowed the flesh of man to cover him anew.

The fresh scent of baby powder tingled the back of his throat but the scent was quickly retreating. Rising on his hind legs he swept blinding white eyes over the clearing until he found his dinner, his tongue forked through the row of fangs to clean the evidence of his last meal just so he could coat them with fresh blood. Scales shook down his spine, vibrating like a rattlesnake about to strike announcing his last warning.
The Beast enjoyed the hunt as much as the meal, almost more, scaled lips pulled to what could only be described as a smile full of evil intent that even Hades himself would be terrified of, he planned to wrought pain and much more. Hind legs pounded and drove him closer with each long stride to his meal as the lesser linked out in full speed retreating like his life depended upon it, but it did. Didn’t it? A scream erupted through the night echoing in the clearing just as his fangs sank into the chest and back of the runaway, lesser blood the color of tar gushed from his jaws until he ripped the head free and swallowed it without even an afterthought. Dinner tonight… fucking amazing.

Limbs ripped from the torso like nothing more than twigs from a deteriorating tree. Inch by inch the beast devoured the meal, maybe it would be his last of the night, he had wrought a lot of chaos as he burst free from the flesh that kept him trapped to only a mark on the back of a warrior. He looked back at the burning village without any remorse. In fact he was pleased with the destruction; if he were not stronger each of those villagers would have killed him. He cared nothing of the weeping females his talons dug into as he ripped them from their safe havens or the children he ripped from their mothers. Nay, he left the town with only a few males and a handful of women and children, if they survived his wrath that is. He kept himself from feasting upon them, choosing only the taste of the Lessers that would seek out and kill the one he was trapped within. It was necessary to keep him alive if he wanted to continue to survive, even if it wasn’t a pleasurable situation being stuck as a mark on a males back. With a snap of jaws he finished what was left of his meal before he retreated to a safe place for his keeper to stay while the sun showed its face….

Smoke, fire, screaming and wails of children filled my head. Fuck, I couldn’t handle it. I was lucky to find something to cover myself when I finally made myself rise and return to my home. The pain stuck too long after my curse was gone, and the swell of my gut made it all the worse. Bare feet pushed against the ground reluctantly, but it had to be done, I couldn’t stay in a hollow cave for an entire night, I needed to return to the comforts of the home I made to ride this shit out. Thankfully the walking stick, or tree branch it once was, helped me shuffle closer to the wailing coming from the smoke miles ahead. What happened to the homes and why was there no one running around to put out the flames? There was nothing I could do from this distance, if anything I’d get in the way of people who were hopefully on the way to salvage anything that was left behind in whatever travesty caused this wreckage. The cause, II wasn’t sure and the pain that filled my body with each step as I forced myself closer to the ruins ahead I could only allow my imagination to run wild..

Time was lost to me. I wasn’t sure the exact amount that had passed, only that it were no longer night and I was confined to the shelter of a cave I had found not days after the curse was bestowed upon me and what once use to be the village I’d called home was brought to ruins. I did that, I allowed that shit to happen when my curse tore free. Now I needed a place to escape to that would keep me from harming anyone I cared for. Though Vishous kept wanting to talk about the triggers and what would be the exact cause and how suppress it, I already knew. The second I was out of control with my thoughts, or just too pissed he’d come alive, breaking my body bone by bone and shred my skin until I no longer existed or saw anything. Not until he was done or I fought him hard to be myself once more I was lost inside him. The pain when I would win over his will almost made me want to never become myself once he was in the driver seat, but that wasn’t an option. I swore to protect my race and my brothers. I wouldn’t let them down. If I lost the will to be me, then I failed myself. Pushing my hand through my hair untangling the mass. The barmaids helped release the tension that rode me like a second skin, it was becoming a nightly ritual to find a willing female to escape the power the curse held over me. I was only starting to relearn where my temper would reach a deadly peak and begin the calming exercises Vishous tried to teach me, but they had the reverse effect, only pissing me off all the more. Release of any kind helped me remain in control, sex no longer the joy I once found it to be, instead it was a necessity to keep the ones closest to me safe. And now after my curse had broken free and left me where I lay to recuperate at least I was feeling half myself and would be able to leave to find civilization again.

The summer night was burning even after the fall of the sun I could still feel the heat of its rays in the night air. Tohr requested to meet behind the local saloon, I only hoped I had enough time to fuck one of the more than willing barmaids before he showed. The scent of stale beer and old sex leaked out of the tavern was no longer a welcome mat as it was only weeks ago. Tohr’s voice echoed through the night. My Curse was in charge in a bad kind of way, causing me to be jumpy when a barmaid passed me with a suggestive touch to my back. I would have enjoyed the shit out of that weeks past, but now… Fuck, he stirred against my back his scales digging at the underside of my skin looking for an opening. A long night this was going to be. Downing the brew in haste before following her up the stairs to her room.

Half a year had passed since the barn owl was brought back to life and the Scribe Virgin left me with my curse. It took little explanation when I found my Brothers and told them the majority of what happened. Even if I didn’t pull the trigger I enabled the situation, there was no need for exact details, I already had the worst wrap sheet when it came to my responsibilities. Aggression was running through my veins and Vishous so kindly suggested I needed to relieve myself before he or any of the other brothers would have to tuck tail and haul ass away, it only took them once to witness the wrath of the curse when he broke free. Even if he didn’t I would have known from the way the tension kept rolling down my spine from the Beast and I would lose my sight for a handful of seconds. Punching my fist into the wood panel of our current rendezvous’ as I stalked from the building, it was becoming a curse that I was counting down to the seconds how much time remained before I was free from him and dreading every fucking minute of my life.]

[I was unsure what threw my mind into the past… Could it have been the mother and child sitting only two booths from Mary and I? The youngest of the children was yelling and screaming as though he was being murdered as the other clawed his way up his mothers lap, causing my mind remember the screams that haunted me when I thought of what use to be my home. Mary’s soft grey eyes drifting back to me after ending her call with SafePlace bringing me back from the past that very seldom shown itself. The Beast must have known where my mind had gone for such a short period of time, his dark laughter ringing in my head.] #ForgivenMemories

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The Vision

VISHOUS: *Sitting in the brothers usual booth with a bottle of goose upon the table before me, and an unlit hand rolled in my lips my hands fumbling for the stupid Bic lighter I keep losing, I begin cursing that POS.* Fucking hell, I can keep track of all my brothers fates, but the hell if I can keep track of a simple lighter. Butch keeps reminding me of the simplest things in life, i’d be lost without that bastard in my life.*

REHVENGE: [I strode through the belly of the club like I owned the place. Which I did. It felt fucking good too to be back in my rightful place and not in the guise of the fuckwit Richard who was still inside my head. I barely contained a scowl for that little tidbit burrowing away my gray matter. That was to think of another time. I had patrons to intimidate and to check on my girls. The crowd partied, I could sense the air shift around me, fear from all corners… ahhh those delectable humans always fearing the unknown. Except in this case they were right to fear a symphath. I smiled regardless. Playing the normal, nodding as I leaned into my red swordstick, the warrior up on the top balcony catching my eye. What the hell, I was already out socializing. I headed up and cocked a lone brow seeing him agitated like he was waiting for a prom date who was six hours late] Cursing your imaginary friends, Vishous? [The smirk came easy. I may work closely with the brotherhood now… whodda fucking thought…. but I wasn’t above getting a gentle jab of sarcasm in from time to time]

VISHOUS: *Raises a brow as Rehv steps into my field of view* No I was just cursing my luck, at apparently missing out on your PJ party feeling kind of left out of the loop, You and Lassiter been jones’ing or something? we should Drink to the new cute couple and your teddie bears.

REHVENGE: [With a look of impassiveness I took a seat opposite him, shaking my head subtly when the VIP waitress shook her hips over to bring me a drink. The warrior being funny? hm.. he didn’t look drunk yet, a rarity in fact. And if I could help it I rarely ventured into my freak neighbors head because I did not own enough brain bleach to expunge all the things I saw in there. Scribe in the fade, his level of twisted bordered…well.. was there a level for it? I’m sure not] Saturday Night Live are missing out on you, V. Where are your band of merry warriors? Not that I wish to see Z any time soon, you understand..

VISHOUS: *Chuckling* Oh yes SNL is to small time for the likes of me, I rather be playing the big leagues with the likes of you. Z is pissed at me too; I don’t think he has quite gotten over me using liquid nitrogen in his apples…. the others are out on rotation; im off the list for the week, so I was seeking a change of scenery It’s been a while since I’ve slummed it in your joint. Say you got a light there blood eyes; or did you just come over to tell me what you wanted for Christmas so that I might pass it on to the fat man for you? Taking the hand-rolled out of my mouth, I take a big draught of Goose straight from the bottle*

REHVENGE: [I hadn’t expected much of a conversation when I had approached the brotherhood table, nor was I looking for one, yet a chatty-Cathy Vishous… I’d landed in Oz and any moment a lesser with a greened out face would cackle she was getting me and my little fucking dog, too. I rose a sardonic brow, not really paying attention to what he was saying, rather the manner in which he delivered it. Pity the other warriors were not in residence, I did like their big fat check arriving every month to pay off their exorbitant tab. I rose a hand and instantly the waitress appeared] “What can I getcha, boss? big harry has amazing chicken tonight” [All the while her big baby blues never left Vishous’ face. No accounting for taste, really. I told her to bring a lighter, dismissing her easily] My shellan does enjoy the human festivities, but since it is the depth of Summer I shall refrain from giving you her list, my man.

VISHOUS: *When my lighter arrives, i slip a sizeable tip in the girl’s hand and whispered gently* You are a blessing in a pleasing disguise, be sure to treat yourself as good as you have treated me this night. *I put my hand-rolled back to my lips and flick the lighter to life taking a few sweet drags of the secret lover at my lips* So how does it feel to be back and free of your constraints?

REHVENGE: [It went unsaid that V had been the one to find “me” when Richard had taken over last year. I supposed I owned the fucker something, I’d send his female flowers, she’d appreciate a gift more. I cast a darkened purple gaze down over the revelry, my grid reaching out just for a little fix…. mmm… all manner of debauched thoughts were floating around in the one place. And why not, people came to ZeroSum to indulge in their proclivities, be it alcohol, drugs or something a little more pleasurable. For all the rest there was the high roller illegal gambling games in the back rooms. I answered as I would anyone, only my shellan knew how I truly felt about anything] Like I was never away, V. I trust you ran up a considerable tab in my absence, yes? [my grin was all greed. I switched gears swiftly. I was not one for sharing or PDA’ing my emotions] I thought it was all hands on deck after the last meeting with Wrath? [deep set brows I watched the warrior closely, sensing little sparks from his grid as if he had shit doing himself] Xcor, as much as you wish it, will not walk up to your front door and hand himself in.

VISHOUS: Aye all hands on deck aside from me, I am in a “Volatile ” state of mind as Mary and Tohrment put it. I have been put off rotation until I get my shit together… *My eyes scan over the club for a few moments before landing upon his cold eyes, a familiar feeling of being taken over hits, as my eyes strain and loose focus in his own eyes; an all to familiar image of a blood soaked field of the BloodLetter’s war camp came forward, and in the dead center of it was the red eyed wonder himself, with a chain wrapped around his arm, and attached to the end of the chain was an anchor. Rehv’s free hand extended forward; as the field became surrounded by a bright light with equal intensity of the sun. I slump back against my seat, and rub my face as my free hand grabs my bottle* Fuck me… *my eyes falling back on him as a strange look floats upon his face* Scribe Virgin help you

REHVENGE: [I actually laughed, the noise swallowed by the loud thumping music] you’ve been benched. Fuck…me. That explains the sulking vibes coming off you. [My speech tapered off, only realizing the warrior had spaced out and was staring off somewhere over my shoulder. My inner predator wanted to venture inside his grid… and I almost did… I knew of his gift, or curse, however he saw it… and to witness it first hand would be a feast for my symphath side, even if I was nicer enough not to manipulate what I saw in his mind. However strong the impulse I watched his blank face and refrained from doing so. He was an ally of sorts now.. some would call us friends or near that. I respected his privacy… yet when his diamond eyes refocused and turned them on me. I swallowed a growl… purple eyes narrowing to deadly slits, cursing myself for not digging into his brain when I had the chance] Do not tell me your mumbo jumbo, V. I fucking mean it, you feeling me? [I’d had a year’s misery being inhabited by that cereal eating, jeans wearing fucking Richard.. whatever shit V was seeing, and by all accounts about me, I wanted no part in it. I stood swiftly. Socialfuckingizing was for chumps. I had biz to attend to] I’ll have Caitlin bring you another bottle. Have a good evening, warrior. [And I was gone, taking the stairs quicker than my numb legs were happy with but my stride did not falter until I was inside my office growling my annoyance] fucking warrior shit…

VISHOUS: *watching Rehv storm off, I grab my new bottle of Goose, and stuffed it into my jacket aiming to go out and find a fight*

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Six months and Counting

WRATH:  -”She seems to be moving along in her pregnancy a lot faster than the norm for the vampire race, Wrath.”  Jane’s words were going through my mind like a mantra.  And damn if that didn’t bitch sting.  I don’t know why my reaction was as controlled as it was, maybe I expected it, because damn if anything couldn’t be normal when it came to my Shellan, instead everything had to be hard, or just difficult enough that it caused a migraine to bud to life and pulse until I caved in to what she wanted or made her forget..  Speaking of migraine….. I could feel one coming to life already as my shitkickers carried me through the tunnels back to the main house.  I knew Jane’s call wouldn’t be anything good, but how bad could it be having our young sooner than was expected?  I knew the pregnancy was progressing faster than others when only after six months she was no longer a small bump, but a full on pregnant stomach that squashed between the two of us, and we had to improvise and make room for the young when my cock took charge or her scent turned more tantalizing than usual.  So much time had passed, yet still not enough to be prepared for what was bound to come in… what did Jane say?  Three to Four months?  Rubbing a hand over my face as I heaved a sigh and followed George’s direction though the hidden door under the staircase.  My hunger was growing everyday, the ache in my fangs was more than testament to it. However with such short months to go feeding from Beth was out of the question, completely.  She needed her strength more than ever to go through the little time that remained to carry our miniature Beth.  The grin was a slow pull against my lips.-  Why are you up so early, Leelan mine?

BETH: You have the ears of a bat, Wrath -Beth chuckled pausing in her efforts to put on socks, giving up half way when her belly just would not allow her the space to bend forward to the floor. The Queen flopped back on the couch, giving a scowl down at her puffy feet and round bare belly. So far she’d put on panties and was exhausted, so she sat there and rubbed that oil onto her skin doc jane said helped. What the heck did Beth know about being pregnant… but she did everything she was advised, eating this food and that food, and sleeping a lot, using oil on her belly to stop stretch-marks and not exerting herself. She was determined to carry to term and not to give any more worry to her hellren than he already wore on his shoulders. Wrath junior gave a kick in her womb as if recognizing his daddy was home. She smoothed both hands on her abdomen until it was covered in that sheen of icky stinking oil- You’re awake early too. Another midnight tryst with Jane talking about placentas and contractions, beloved? -Beth grinned seeing the twitch at the corner of Wrath’s mouth, she knew him too well, he needed every last ounce of info to settle his mind. She read aloud from a mountain of baby books most days when they went to bed. What really did they need to know besides it was going to hurt a lot when she pushed their baby out? come on.. that was THE most important part, had to be. Beth watched his easy gait walking across to her, man, he was beautiful and because they kept every piece of furniture in its rightful place, his walk was effortlessly, even George didn’t need to assist him once Wrath was in their chambers. The sandy haired dog in question had climbed up onto the bed sneakily, giving Beth the puppy “please let me stay here, mom” eyes-

WRATH: -Of course my Shellan thought that’s all I would discuss with Jane, even though she was right I didn’t need to point it out all the time. Her ego would swell to large proportions.  It concerned me more than I would admit that our time to set things on a better path for the race before our young was born. No time to settle the complications the Bastards caused, though I knew it would take even more time than a normal pregnancy to solve the conflict with Xcor and his men. Assholes wouldn’t just accept they were unwanted or the throne belonged to me.  Pushing the thoughts aside, I knew my mood would turn sour any second and Beth didn’t need the stress, that much was certain.-  She said our girl would be here earlier than usual for our race. Seems your human side took charge for the pregnancy. -Her huff at my quick mention of a girl brought the grin back to my face.  No matter how many times she insisted she carried a boy I still hoped a girl much like her mahmen would arrive. All dark hair and piercing blue eyes that filled my dreams each day. Cocking a brow as my idle gaze swept where she sat in front of me.-  Something tells me you already knew this, didn’t you Leelan?  -She had Layla for easy comparison. Though my eyes couldn’t verify the difference I now knew there was evidence for everyone to see. Palms itched to feel the swell of her stomach that kept our young safe from anything and everything that would cause harm. Dropping to a crouch I reached for her until my fingers landed on her…….bare thighs, my hands hungry for more as I discovered the only scrap she wore was a lacy swatch covering her core.- Where are the rest of your clothes, Leelan?  You know I don’t want the Brotherhood to see you naked at First Meal.

BETH: -With a last swipe of oil on her thumb, Beth brushed it against Wrath’s forehead, maybe it would help with his frown lines. Her man worried too much about everything. Being King, as she’d witnessed these few years, was not easy. She gave silent kudos to his mom and dad for doing it back in the day when they didn’t have the means and technology they did today- My clothes are in a heap by your hip, they don’t fit me. Everyone will just have to close their damn eyes -every word came out sulkily while she glared at the clothes she wanted to wear, instead of the gypsy skirt and tank top she knew she would wear today. Buh bye, skinny jeans. Maan, the one thing she always suited now wouldn’t even make it past her calf. Switching topics, watching his hands glide over her belly, Beth smiled feeling junior roll and tumble inside her, telling his daddy Hi- of course I knew… well suspected, I’m fatter than Layla. Makes sense my human genes would take control and speed things along, they know how impatient my King is. When there was silence between the, Wrath wrapped up in her huge belly, she took the time to study his face… realized he hadn’t really answered, and when she really thought about it, Beth calculated that Wrath was awake before her every day- you look tired, beloved. You should still be sleeping.

WRATH: -I was lost. In my own train of thoughts as I felt our young move beneath my hands while my fingertips studied every motion beneath them. Though her voice was a sirens call to my heart and soul her words didn’t register. The grin pulled wide when a stiff kick, or punch, landed against my hands as if telling me to back the fuck up you’re in my space.-  I’ll help you with the clothes, Leelan mine. -Brushing the couch until my hand landed on the fabric and finding the tag against the back collar, I don’t know how I managed but somehow pulled the shirt over her head. I’m sure she did most of the work by anticipating my movements. Lips pressed to the bare skin of her stomach before covering her.-  You’re not fat Leelan. You’re perfect  I don’t need to see you to know that. -holding the skirt at her feet and pulling upwards until the couch stopped any progress- Lift Leelan. -Her delicate hands using my shoulders for leverage sent a rush of desire straight to my cock.-  I’ve slept enough Shellan mine. I have a female who needs me to be at her beck n call, true?  -sleep wasn’t the issue though, no. It was my lack of blood, but with the young so near to birth there was no way I would take from my shellan or the baby. They both needed the strength more than I. And if Jane was correct, which I didn’t doubt in the slightest, only a few months remained. And I could survive that to provide for them both.-  We don’t have to go to first meal, I can have Fritz bring it to us, so you can rest.

BETH: Such a demanding woman you have, beloved. Should trade her in for someone less high maintenance -Beth grinned pushing her feet into white flip flops. His sweet gesture of dressing her warming her heart, she dropped a kiss on his lips before he rose from his crouched position. She had relied on him more this last months, when she needed help in and out of the bathtub, all the cravings he insisted attending to from caramel frappuccinos at 6am to kale chips at midnight, wrath had them in her hands within minutes, the poor staff, he probably had them running all over town for her. While she walked around the room, dumping laundry away, giving a pet to the fat cat on his perch. Boo only giving a perfunctory peek from one eye, when no food was on offer, he shut them again and went back to his cat dreams. Beth watched her Wrath rub his face and under the shades at his eyes. She didn’t care what he said, he was not sleeping enough. That and.. ahh.. it was well past him needing blood, when had it been last… she tried to think back and came up empty, meaning it had been longer than his usual few months and he hadn’t fed from her all the times they had sex. He bit her, sure… but feeding… Beth submerged in the last time, only a few nights ago, wrath reaching through the sheets to her, sex beyond wonderful and he’d nipped and scraped all along her collarbone, but hadn’t fed then either. Well that’s what he needed. She plonked down on the edge of the bed, settling junior with hands rubbing her belly- get your cute butt over here, big guy -she swept all her brown hair over one shoulder. What kind of Queen was she if she let her King go hungry- Come and feed, then we’ll have bacon. Oh god.. bacon… hurry, baby -there was a giant smile in her tone, Wrath knew of her inappropriate love she held for the pork-

WRATH: -She figured me out. Of course she did, the little minx.  How long would it take for me to turn her thoughts off my needing to feed?- you know we can’t be late to first meal Leelan. Rhage will devour all your bacon.  -easing between her parted thighs against the side of the bed before pulling back to her feet dropping a gentle path of wet kisses against her throat.- You know he will, not even a crumb will be left for you if we don’t go now. -What was she thinking offering me her vein while she was with our young. That shit wouldn’t fly. And I know no other male would feed for the last few months. That’s when even more strength was needed. My window was closed and it would stay that way.-  All that crispy fried pork, begging for your lips.

BETH: -Kisses and bacon… god, Beth’s kind of heaven. She fisted a hand in Wrath’s hair, keeping him at her throat. But she knew him far too well- Rhage knows better, beloved, he wouldn’t let his nephew go hungry. Now spill it… ah ahhh not going anywhere -she held fast when it seemed as if he wanted to rise away from her- open your mouth and say it and before you say it I’m gonna tell you, stuff it, you need to feed -she was grinning when she said it, even dropped a little kiss on his scowling mouth, and another just ‘cause she wanted to. Jane didn’t see any problem with her feeding her hellren, maybe not in the last month, but they were going to see how strong Beth was at the time. They were all winging it with her pregnancy, learning as they went. And with the amount of blood she took from Wrath, she could probably feed an army and still have energy to chase Boo-

WRATH: -She was relentless. You’d think eventually promises of bacon would deter her. But it didn’t. She was right, Rhage wouldn’t take from her knowing her favorite first meal Item was made for her specifically. I also believed the brother feared what may happen to him if he were to even eyeball the bacon. My fangs throbbed at her open invitation telling me to not think about it and act purely on instinct. However my mind wouldn’t stop working, telling me she needed every ounce of nourishment and then some.- Leelan…….   -Nuzzling her throat as my fangs elongated despite my reluctance to press against her delicate skin.  My body was raging its own war between tasting just enough to satisfy her demand and my wanting to wait until after the young was born.  Allowing her to keep me in place at her throat as I spoke against her skin.-  You and my daughter need the nourishment more than I.  Don’t fight me on this Leelan.  -Her soft growl verbalizing her irritation with me. Yet keeping me in place broadcasting her refusal to do as I ask.  My hands laying against the swell of her stomach squashed between the two of us.-  I’m more than fine Leelan mine, I feel no hunger. And took a taste from your vein not a few days past.

BETH: You are lying to me right now and I don’t like it, Wrath. -Beth wasn’t mad, how could she, when his intentions were sweet as hell. She’d figured at some point in her pregnancy he would refuse her vein, she just didn’t know it would be with three months left. She brushed the hair back from his face- I love providing for you, baby, just as you give me -she stopped whatever he was going to say with a hard kiss- but you’re stubborn as a mule so I know there’s no shifting you on this… however.. -she let Wrath go then, and marvelled how gorgeous he looked when his spine was straight and his hair hung down his back and there was a peek of his deep grooved abs under the black shirt…man… what was she saying again..?? she shook her head from where it was going.. blood. Feeding.. got it..- you will need to feed at some point, Wrath. -she played a trump card- can’t have you weak and fainting at my feet when I need you to carry me to the PT suite and help me deliver, right? -of course she’d won, she watched the thoughts cross over his stern face, he was reasoning with himself, knowing he would have to be at his fittest for when she was in labor- so we get a chosen. -Beth used his own words on him- Don’t fight me on this, Wrath.

WRATH: -Fuck. How could this go from not so bad to worse in less than an hour. And why did she need to be right, again. At least she agreed I couldn’t feed from her. Even if she wanted me to. And I wanted to. It was just not safe for the young. Not when already things were developing at such a fast rate. It just didn’t seem a good choice to take from her during such a vulnerable state. But a Chosen?  Never had I needed the services of a Chosen. There was always Marissa.  But that wouldn’t be a choice for me now with her mated to Butch. Hell, I’d hate to have to kick his ass if it came to that. I also couldn’t deny I also needed to be in my best shape. She’d need to feed if not during labor then before. And she’d drain me dry that was a sure bet. Of course I wouldn’t be much use if I was starving myself. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say she was right on this.-  A Chosen. -It wasn’t as though it was a big deal for brothers to need the service of a chosen. But that didn’t stop the anger that begun to churn in the pit of my stomach and my grip to tighten more than what was warranted. The temperature in our chambers dropped ten degrees at least. Anger at myself for feeling useless in this. It was the only solution for Beth and our young. She needed this.  Fangs pressed against her throat allowing my tongue a taste of her delicate blood for only a second.-  How will my Shellan handle seeing my fangs imbedded in another female? -Lips pulled to a teasing grin.  I had to make light of my thoughts or I would find a way to back out.- You won’t attack the poor Chosen, will you?  -The only thing I could picture in my minds eye was the vision Butch painted for me of Beth protecting me so long ago when they came to our rescue. My grin spread wide.-  If I remember correctly you’re quite territorial, Leelan mine.

BETH: -Beth laughed and laughed some more. It broke the tension in the room and woke George. His big sandy head raising from the bed to see what was going on before flopping back onto his front paws- Beloved, has it been so long since you’d fed from a chosen that you have forgotten you don’t have to sex her up and down the stairs? -She was absolutely possessive over her hellren and any woman would be an idiot not to get the nice feelings between her thighs when in his presence.. to make him grin she went on- I’ll try to sheath my claws while you get what you need… and afterwards… - her voice lowered when she took his hand in hers, leading him to the doorway- you can have me. -his bonding scent flooded around her… she grinned again, wider this time, he agreed with that at least. Now to arrange for a chosen for the King….easy enough, but from now until then it was a fair chance he would change his mind about the whole thing. Again, she knew her man. She yanked his hand clasped tightly with hers- now hurry, beloved… bacon awaits us…  #SixMonthsAndCounting

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Unmasked Deceit

XCOR: [This night was frigid, despite the month, mother nature was moody as Zypher whence he was without what was betwixt a female’s thighs. I walked the street, shoulders hunched against the howling wind flapping both sides of my duster apart. The meeting with the glymera fool had nay gone as planned. He knew naught more of the rumors pertaining the half breed queen. I scowled catching my reflection in a store’s window. The ruined lip, unkempt hair and clothes that looked centuries old only resulted in me resembling the males that lived upon the Caldwell street. I turned form such a sight and carried upon my way, mayhap hand to hand combat would lessen the sour mood]

PAYNE: [Despite my time on this side, rides in automobiles ne’er became old. I stared at the  nights running landscape through the tinted car window, a brief memory of my first trip inside a car flashed through my mind momentarily. I could not help the small smile that curved mine lips when thinking of that time in mine life. It had been with Manuel, of course. Sweet destiny, I had been so…so naive to say the least, to so many things. I suppose still was in a way but so much had change…in a good way, of course. The sound of leather seat rubbed a bit against my jean-clad legs as I shifted on the seat of the Mercedes Fritz so expertly maneuvered through the long winding road headed towards the city until finally mine eyes drank in the million twinkling lights of Caldwell right o’er the hill top. Turning my attention to the quiet Chosen beside me, I was surprised to find her subdued rather than with her usual cheerful disposition and became immediately concerned, laying a gentle hand on her arm. ] For one usually ne’er at a loss for words, you seem rather afar…are you well, Layla?

LAYLA: [As she slipped into the cool leather seat of the Mercedes, Layla couldn’t help but remember that last time she had traveled to the city. ‘Twas a shopping trip with Qhuinn, that went rather well until she had picked up the scent of such a male that made her blood run as hot as coal. She had come forth with the news of her feeding from their enemy, and was left quite abruptly alone in the very car she and her sister were now in. Memories of the bomb and her short span of time spent with Xcor flooded her mind, sending her into quiet contemplation. Her head rested gently against the back of the seat, her petite hands were on her swollen belly as the highway lights casted shadows upon her face beside the window. The soft cadence of Payne’s voice roused her from her reverie. Layla turned her head towards her sister and smiled softly.] I am sorry, sister mine. [The excitement of their travels shown through her sisters crystalline eyes, made her own light up with the possibilities that tonight would serve to be a very pleasant trip, indeed.] ‘Tis nothing, I promise. Seems I am rather tired as of late, but that shall not be of your concern. One cannot help but be excited when in your company sister. When was the last time you have been to the city?  

PAYNE: [In the moving shadows of the car, I could sense there was more behind her words than she led on, green eyes set on the loveliest face spoke half-truths but I would let it go, for now.] Verily you are mine concern. You and mine future nephew or niece and certainly when outside of the compound. [A genuine smile twisted the corners of my lips, truly I was expectant of the new young soon to be added to the family. Heavens knew I loved to spoil the small things.] I do not recall the last time I traveled to the city on pleasure, so this shopping trip shall do the both of us good.] My cheeks tinted crimson, I thanked the stars it was dark inside the Mercedes when I thought of that long ago shopping trip to that adult toy store Bella had been so kind to introduced me too…fates, the Chosen Layla would have to be given mouth to mouth resuscitation if ever introduced to ‘The Pink Carousel’ down on 5th. Just then the Mercedes coasted to a stop in front of a brightly lit strip mall with dozens of stores and cafes on either side. “I shall return for you mistresses afore the shops close.” Thanking Fritz, I stepped out of the car first, my eyes ever watchful, my natural tendency to be on alert always on the surface.]

XCOR: [I walked for miles, ne’er seeing or seeing one lesser. My mood choked me, wanting the fight and for once naught one came to me. I glanced up and found myself in a highly populated part of town. Bright lights, store windows adorned with nik naks humans fawned over themselves to buy. I sneered, shifted on my boots to turn to head in the opposite direction when a scent caught my nose. Halted me dead in my tracks… nay.. it couldnae be her? Every fibre of my being woke up in a great rush until I felt as if touched by the scribe herself. Casting a dark gaze in and around the humans, trailing past them all nary giving them a second thought… she was here somewhere, the blood in mine veins was humming with her presence…. a sparkle of blonde hair in the distance… ahh… Layla. My visceral reaction was to storm through the throng of people and command her to return home, was nay safe for one such as she to be out alone. More than obvious she was nay with a warrior… yet then my eyes strayed upon the dark haired female at her side, guiding my chosen, chatting with a smile upon her face… but e’er watchful. Indeed, my chosen had a brotherhood guide after all. And this one I knew. Her stature alone would have gave her away, until I caught sight of her eyes. White as fresh fallen snow. Was it not this female who had broken the news to me that the bloodletter was nay the father I had always thought him to be… aye… my eyes narrowed to dark slits… shifting my body back out of sight but ne’er leaving that of the chosen until they entered a store front decorated in feminine undergarments…I followed at a slower pace. Intent to keeping an eye on both females… for very different reasons]

LAYLA: [Both Layla and Payne exited the vehicle with ease…well, as much ease as she could muster while carrying the extra weight of her young so close to her center of gravity. Once she was standing her full height, Layla inhaled deeply through her nose and smiled at the warmth in the air. Gone were the nights of the harsh cold winter and in their place were eve’s that allowed for her to wear naught but a thin pair of pants and a sleeveless blouse. They linked arms and began walking along the shops until Payne’s eyes lit up before a lingerie shop. Layla smiled and pulled her towards the door.] Verily sister mine, we need to browse herein for a bit, don’t you think? [They both paused and she felt a small sense of unease when her sisters eyes roamed carefully over the throws of people surrounding them on the sidewalk. Her heartbeat rose as memories of who she had spotted when last shopping with Qhuinn, but she quickly quenched the thoughts knowing that the warrior would not appear again, even if her heart had willed it to happen.]

PAYNE: [A sense of foreboding traced icy fingers up my spine, I nodded to Layla before scanning the area and heading into the shop. Once inside I could not shake off the apprehension that almost had me leading the Chosen directly back to the Mercedes, except when she tugged at my arm I glanced down at her beatific smile and opted not to spoil our evening. It was not often we spent time together and asides it wasn’t as if I was without weapon. So I pushed down my edginess and relaxed a little, a warm smile on my lips.] This place is…is so PINK! And such beautiful garments or ‘cute’ as Bella would say.] We walked around the store oooing and aaaing and even giggling over some of the more risque items Layla insisted I purchase.] Verily, sister Manuel will thank thee. Oh, look at these. Mayhap you should try a few to see which would look best. Anything over the robes and Qhuinn’s over-sized shirts you have been living in. Here. [I handed Layla several sleepshirts in different sizes and colors, with sayings on the front in bold letters: ‘Nite Life’ ‘Angel’ ‘Love’, all perfect for her.] Go on, the fitting cubicles are on the far left corner of the store. I shall return with more colors for your choosing, yes?

XCOR: [I didnae give it a seconds thought when I entered the brightly lit store front with its decadently designed feminine regalia where’er the eye landed. Yet my gaze didnae pause on the frilly whatnots. Whence I saw the daughter of the bloodletter turn right I went left, my gait strong as I followed the scent of the chosen,nay e’en sure what I was doing, yet an unearthly pull kept my feet walking in a bold stride until I was in distance of the female, following behind as she entered the small cubicle carrying an armful of items. The deadly silence upon mine back from my lady scythe only served to unnerve me further. One last gaze over my shoulder checking the dark haired female and I was faced with the blonde angel… the hum in my veins intensified until it was all I heard. Madness, aye… I frowned seeing the look on the chosen’s face when she spied me in the wall of mirrors… dipping my head to hide from the glaring lights. whence we had seen each other afore, it was always beneath the darkness of night. I filled up the cubicle but felt no stir to leave. I found myself scowling, the urge to protect this female and her growing young, eyes drifted to her rounded belly… a growl left my throat] why is your primale not protecting you again, chosen?

LAYLA: [Gasping, she whipped around and came face to face with Xcor. She froze and simply stared at him while he attempted to hide his face, but then turned to her. Dearest Virgin in the Fade, had he been following her and her sister? And into such a feminine store? The handful of items were crushed to her chest as if to cover herself, although she was still fully clothed. The growl that grew in his chest as his eyes fell upon her swollen belly should have frightened her, but did not. It only made her blood run hot and her heart speed up a few dozen notches. It was a few moments before she gathered her thoughts.] Xcor! Whatever are you doing herein? Did anyone see you? This is the females dressing room! [Her chin was up and firm. She had not answered his direct question, but verily ‘twas not of his concern. Her brows knitted over her clear green eyes when a bit of anger grew within her. Why did he seem so concerned with the Primale? He still had not answered her and she began to grow even more disturbed.] Well?

XCOR: Aye, I know where it is, chosen. Do not think me stupid either that you have nay answered my question [An irrational tick began its heavy beat upon my jaw. She was beauty itself, and also maddening. I chose to answer her, afore her eyes widened any further with shock] I am not invisible, female, I assume I was seen by many humans, aye. If you mean by your female companion, nay, she did not lay eyes upon me. [The brotherhood had known this chosen had been in my care for days not so long ago, no doubt they called it kidnapping, and in such regard I wondered why e’er they allowed her to roam free once more. The Primale truly was less of a male to let his pregnant female out alone, even escorted with the bloodletter’s kin. I reasoned it was nay my business where or what she did or with whom, her rounded belly said she was nay an innocent after all…. but the tick of annoyance weighed heavy upon me. To make amends for what I had caused many months ago, mayhap? I shifted, the small confines of the room growing e’er smaller seemingly to bewilder us both. The scent of her was intoxicating, a struggle nay to lean down to her blond hair and inhale] you…[I cleared the gruffness from my voice]  you and your young are well, chosen? [I needed to know if she had had any lasting damage to that fateful night of the bombing, a regret I would carry unto the fade]

LAYLA: [Layla’s chin rose even higher when he seemed to be annoyed with her in having not answered his question. Her hands dropped causing the clothes to pool onto the floor and exposing her complete pregnant self. His question on her well being softened the edges a bit. Did he truly care for her, or was he only worried o’er the Brotherhood since the accident? Her brows furrowed questioningly as he continued to look upon her so intently.] Yes, warrior. I am very well, thank you. The young ‘tis strong and e’er kicking her mahmen. [She wondered if she had just spoken too much, but let the worry go as quickly as she had let go of the clothes. Seeing his face clearly, for the first time, had her aching to reach out and touch his scarred lip. Dearest Scribe, they were already in such a confined space. Would it be so terribly wrong for her to act on her feelings? She knew not if he would ever be so near again and decided to throw caution to the wind, as they say. Closing the small space between them, Layla slowly reached up and brushed her slender fingers over his lips.] Thank you for allowing me to truly see you.

PAYNE: [The sales associate’s chatter was incessant once she had managed to corner me in between the braziers and the body sprays. “You must try this one!” She said covering me in some floral perfume. One whiff and I was sneezing. “Okay maybe not, you seem more like the earthy type scents. How about this one? Your eyes are so cool, where can I get those contacts?” More spraying, my eyes began to water and I waved my hand in front of my face to disperse the air hoping she would notice my surrender.] Enough please. Thank you so much, you have helped… [My smile wavered, mood plummeting to my toes in an instant when above the cloud of lingering perfumes my nose deciphered another peculiar yet familiar scent that had not been there afore. “What the…it’s freezing in here! I think Nancy turned down the air…” The chill she felt was all me but she was oblivious as we went our separate ways and I approached the fitting room with caution. My body tense, coiled like a spring as a rumbled male voice followed by Layla’s caused me to immediately unsheathe mine dagger from the small of my back. Through a visible sliver of drawn curtain, I could make out the form of a broad shoulder male and a bulk of some sort across his back, as if hiding something within…a weapon mayhap but it was his accent that had me riveted when clarity dawned on me with a punch to my gut and I realized who it was, my reaction immediate. Shoving the partition to the side, I was momentarily puzzled when seeing the Chosen abruptly drop her hand in…mid caress? and blush like mad, stepping away seemingly unharmed. Odd but no time to waste I wrapped my fist deep into the back of the male’s hair and yanked hard pressing my dagger tip to his jugular, my voice a deadly rasp by his ear.] Verily, I do not think pink suits you, bastard.

XCOR: [My grimace for the chosen almost touching my ugly face turned to that of disdain seeing the reflection in the mirror of the bloodletters daughter. Mayhap the female retook her lessons on stealth manoeuvre for her arrival was clumsy at best. Shock registered on the lovely blondes face…. It caused a gnaw in my chest to know she was embarrassed. Aye… To be seen with me, I couldnae hold blame towards her. I transferred my bulk, turning a slashed sneer upon the female with the whitest eyes, ne’er expecting to be face to face with her again. Our long since association was not pleasant yet I wished no harm to befall her. I removed her hand, assessing her with shrewdness, she was skilled with a blade, and sure she would have used her weapon against me, I wondered then why she did not. Two of my fingers touched the blade moving it idly, taking one slight step in that tiny room that had just become e’er smaller, in front of the chosen, telling myself it was only because she was with young and needed protecting from the trigger temper of her companion… No other reason, aye…. ] I go by Xcor, Payne, daughter of the fearsome warrior Bloodletter… Mayhap you use it, aye… Afore I forgot you are the weaker sex and show you what your little knife can do. [there was no noise from my Lady scythe, a deep frown etched across my face, it caused me worry, so used to the usual hum for the fight she had ne’er let me down all these decades, why now was my beauty silent and forsaken that in which I had always known… I cast a blue gaze upon Layla, silent in the corner, her lovely green eyes darting between us… ] “hello…. Is everything alright in there?” [a shrill voice from outside the cubicle came through clear] “you all can’t be in there, it’s a dressing room not a…. ” [that same voice tapered off, annoyed yet another person was interrupting my speaking with the chosen, my gruff tone joined that with both females and we answered in unison] Yes! [The posturing from the bloodletters offspring didnae go unnoticed, my tone was even… Curious..] of all the dressings rooms in all the world you happen to walk into mine… [was that a grin from the chosen? I kept eyes on the female warrior so couldnae be sure] mayhap you enjoyed our meeting long again and yearn for such again, aye?

PAYNE: The LAST thing we need is to create a scene herein! [A hiss, I whispered as low as I could, my silver eyes narrowed to his blue ones when I caught a glimpse of Layla behind Xcor. Not a hint of terror, nor a trace of fear marked her features. If anything, she tried badly to hide her amusement at his words. Was I missing something? I looked upon his face again, a scowl marred my features when I spoke words dripped in contempt.] Mayhap I shall cut off your balls so as to show how weak I am. Verily, you bore me with your commentary. [The air snapped with tension, the underlining of something else licked around the edges and I did not like it even though I had lowered my blade at this point. Briefly I recalled my last meet with Xcor. How no harm had befallen me, how he had even seemed embarrassed after finding out from my mouth he was not to be the Bloodletters son but deceived throughout his life. It had been an eye-opening encounter for both, yet I had eventually been delivered from harms way….but now as I stood face to face with him again, my fist tightening on the hilt of my dagger, it seemed different. My eyes swept over his stance, the way he stood shielding me away from the Chosen as if I was the one she was in danger from and she…Layla was none too concerned with the giant of a male that stood afore her protectively, if anything she looked almost welcoming of his attentions. Her features flushed, her hands clutched over her heart as if trying to keep it in the cage of her chest….what the fu….] Layla, come. [I ushered the Chosen to my side, the pitch in my voice more commanding than I meant to. Sweet destiny, I was perplexed at their behavior and getting highly annoyed the more time we spent in such close proximity. When Layla shuffled around without so much as batting an eyelash or actually moving, I had to breathe in all the air in the small vicinity to keep from shouting my lungs out.] I do not believe you mean to harm us, do you Xcor? Mayhap, you made a mistake and were just…leaving, yes? YES?

XCOR: [I looked at the female with a sense of boding perplexity and one of irritation. What kind of training was she receiving from the blind king if she couldnae recognize I was nay threat to the chosen. I scoffed and scowled, eyeing her sternly. Such a pity she had nay been raised with the bloodletter, she would have been a supreme fighter. I was out of patience and could sense the chosen behind me was uncomfortable by such a scene. I turned towards her, keeping the dark haired female in my peripheral as I addressed her] run along, and be a good girl, I shall be having words with Layla afore I take my leave. [when no one moved an inch I cursed scowling deeper] “sir! You cannot be in the ladies changing area, I must ask you to leave before I call my manager” [again the irritation from outside sounded. With no care I bodily moved Payne out of the way and yanked the flimsy curtain back to glare at the petite woman] woman, your voice is shrill and annoying, kindly move away from mine ears. As you can see my companions and I are not doing as you would say hanky or panky, aye? [it seemed as if the scribe herself was putting obstacles in my way of speaking with her daughter. Just as well, I was growing soft around her, I needed my focus back on what was important, my entire mission of being in Caldwell.] needs must depart, chosen. We will meet anon… one day, aye. You and your young be well. [shrewd blue gaze switched to the female who looked so much alike the male I had once thought of as mine own father, voice a stark veiled threat] you will guard this chosen as if she is carrying the secret to the fountain of youth. in her back pocket, I will hear of it if you do not. [a slight sneer, not unimpressed by how she stood up to me, not even Balthazar was foolish enough to do so] until the next time whence we meet… Mayhap your skills for combat will have improved then, aye? [a last look upon the chosen, the ache in my chest and the silence from my scythe equally worry some. I was out of the tight space, through the store giving a last scowl to that dullard clerk and back into the night. To fight and to hunt and to forget this foolish obsession with the blonde]  

LAYLA: [The confrontation between the two had Layla on pins and needles, though she managed to maintain a calm facade, or so she thought. She even tried to hide the humor she found in Xcor’s comments to her beloved sister. Worry filled her head briefly as Payne’s eyes darted between her and the warrior, but kept her composure. Verily, she would no doubt be addressing many a question on the drive home. Truth be told, she was both relieved and saddened at the same time to have been interrupted in their time alone. Layla didn’t trust herself around Xcor. Her heart pounded in her chest at the mere scent of him filling the cubicle. The words that transpired between the two were thankfully lacking in death threats, and she found herself breathing a sigh of relief until the male turned to her and said his goodbyes. With a small smile, Layla bowed her head out of habit and watched as his large body exited the small space, then turned her eyes back to those of her sister.] I beg for your forgiveness in my lack of regard for mine own safety. I shall leave these garments here and we can take our leave sister mine.

PAYNE: [Mayhap I counted to ten. Mayhap ten thousand for furious did not begin to cover how I felt upon the curtains falling back leaving Layla and I alone in the dressing room. I wanted to go after Xcor. I wanted to confront him and demand what was to be his purpose and to leave mine family be. To leave Caldwell and ne’er return for whatever his reasons were, it would only end in bloodshed, war. And within our own race at that! It was senseless and it needed to end except my priority was Layla and I could not leave her without escort, so there I stayed while everything in me screamed to go, go, GO. It was not so much his ridiculous jabs at my ability as a fighter that boiled my anger, for he had seen afore what my fists alone could do to our enemy but more his lack of…of care. His ‘give a shit’, pardon my French as my Queen would say, seemed to have taken a leave of absence along with his scruples. Correction, he did care but it was apparent his aim was not for his own safety but for a certain green eyed Chosen whose cheeks had tinted to a deep rose color. By fate, what had just transpired? Layla’s soft voice cut through my rage, I stilled sheathing my weapon and met her gaze. My anger I masked with a perplexity I could only hold so much though my stance clearly gave way when my hands landed on my hips and my brows drew down in perfect arches. Ample time we had spent together on this side not to mention the hundreds of years within the Sanctuary where it was suffice to say, she knew well enough to see through my facade.] There is naught to forgive. However curious I am because I assure you, sister, I am, I shall not ply you with questions herein. [My words clipped, for I wanted us out of there as soon as it was possible. One unwanted visitor was enough to my liking. We shall take our leave. For the safety of you and your unborn young, our trip is indeed over. [Not long after, we gathered our things and much to the chagrin of the sales clerk, exited the store without a purchase in hand. Thankfully, the slick black Mercedes stood parked at the curb we had left earlier its motor purred like a panther, where Fritz awaited our return with a joyous smile that faltered as we drew closer. “Is everything alright, madame?” At his query, Layla met my leveled gaze before averting her eyes, the blush on her cheeks quite obvious before mumbling a yes to the doggen and slipping quietly into the back seat. Call it what one will but my intuition ne’er failed. Secrets swam within the green pools of her eyes and although the drive home was spent in silence, one name seemed to hang in the air betwixt us: Xcor. Indeed, I had many a question including who I was to report this incident to…Wrath? Qhuinn? I sighed, rubbing my face with both hands. Fates, either choice was bound to erupt to volcanic proportions but as the Chosen’s soft snore sounded, I looked over at her sleeping form, her hands protective laid on her belly and decided to let things be…for now.] #UnmaskedDeceit

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The Past is Dead

AUTUMN: [Since I had returned from the beyond I had spent as much time with Tohrment as I could. For the brief moments we were apart, he was still in charge of heading the Brotherhood after all, I asked Lassiter every question I could think of to try and figure out what had happened. He claimed he still had no idea, that he was trying to ask his boss, but so far… nothing. We had gone over the Fade Ceremony and what had happened after a million and one times and still nothing made sense. Tohrment on the other hand wanted to avoid all conversation of our time apart, the Fade Ceremony, and my return. In a way I wished I could go on as if nothing had happened, but I couldn’t. Frustrated with his stubbornness I had stormed out of our room informing him I would talk to him when he could act like an adult. That is what had me out near the city with the excuse of shopping for gifts for the young. It was impulsive, and not exactly the smartest thing I had ever done, I realized now as I worried my lower lip and looked at my surroundings. I had a vague idea of where I was, Xhexania had brought me down here once before. Nodding my head, I had just decided to make my way to ZeroSum for a ride home when I saw him. My breath froze in my throat as I looked at the tall sinewy figure of the Symphath who had taken me all those many years ago. I had thought he had been executed but now I couldn’t recall. You would think a moment like that would be crystal clear in your memory, even after all these years. But all I could see in my head was me… chained in that cellar as he had his way with me. The feeling of those long fingers caressing every inch of my flesh. I shuddered involuntarily. I needed to get out of here. He was getting nearer but I couldn’t make my feet move. He was within breathing distance when my feet finally listened to my brain and I headed straight for the one place that held the one who could help me. Running as fast as my legs could carry me I sobbed out a cry as I gripped the forearm of the giant male in front of me] Rehvenge! I must speak with Rehvenge. Now!

REHVENGE: [Any busier and I was thinking I should just move my fucking bed into my office. I expelled a breath, rubbed a hand over my Mohawk.  Hoping to get home soon to have time with my shellan before she forgot what I looked like.  I tapped fingers on the laptop to the next file that needed my attention. Trying to fake being a legitimate business, masking all the under the table endeavors, took more of my time than anything else. The taxman was going to love me this year for the revenue I was bringing in] “boss, we got us a situation out here, hysterical girl insisting she sees you, what’s your orders, shall I get rid? ” [A brow cocked as Big Tony’s voice came through the radio laid flat on my desk. Another drunk reveller no doubt. The life of a club owner having to show a mediocre interest in being social, but I caught the edge of a feminine voice in the background that gave me pause from telling hint o do just that, my doorman was right, hysterical indeed was this females state. I rose, grabbed the sword stick I needed to keep my balance and strode out of the office, along the corridor with the myriad of doors all Of which was hiding someone’s dirty proclivity…. And through the belly of the club until I had reached the inner hallway to the bouncers station. I came up short, a brow loftily raised seeing who the female in question was. She was shaking uncontrollably, her pallor was this side of being white as flour. And her grid was on fire with panic. I reached out a hand to Xhex’s mahmen, nodding subtly to my efficient staff who had stopped her from advancing inside yet had done it in such a way that wouldn’t have my second in command killing them all later for putting hands on her mother] I have this, big Tony… Carry on with your duties. [I changed the tempo of my voice, the blare of the music almost drowning me out, but I could see she was distressed about something] come with me, Autumn… It’s going to be okay, and you can tell me what all this is about…  [I saw Trez heading from the security office, his dark eyes clashing with mine, he’d seen the female on the cams. I transmitted a message inside his grid to locate Xhex for me and send her through, whatever was doing she’d want to know]

AUTUMN:  [I was held outside the front of the club by the doorman while he contacted Rehvenge. Even with the loud music from inside the club I could hear what the male was saying. He wanted to get rid of me, thinking I was some hysterical female trying to use that as an excuse to get inside. Maybe sometime in the future I would be able to look back on all this and laugh at the description. I had been raised to be quiet and delicate and then gone to the calm serenity of the Other Side. Never, had I been hysterical. Just thinking of my upbringing had me recalling that face again. Of being returned to my father after my rescue and being dismissed as soiled goods. I was on the verge of hysterical sobbing as I finally saw Rehvenge appear at the door. Never in my life did I dream I would be so happy to see the male in front of me. I tried to focus on breathing calmly as he guided me gently through the club to his office. It was quite quick actually, considering how fast the humans all moved out of his way. Once inside the quiet of his office I turned and grabbed his arm, staring pleadingly up at him. The words rushed past my lips in a voice I didn’t recognize as my own] I am sorry to impose on you like this, but I need your help. You are the only one who can help me. [Too many thoughts and memories were rushing through my head, making it hard to focus. I held on tight to the male in front of me and stared into amethyst eyes. When all he did was raise a brow I blurted out what I had seen] I saw him, Rehvenge. The male who… the male who kidnapped me. I thought he had been killed by his father for disgracing their family. That is what I had always been told. But it was a lie. He is alive and he is here. In Caldwell. He can’t be.. he can’t… [I finally broke. I could no longer contain the fear that was gripping my throat in a vice like grip, just as he had done all those many years ago]

XHEX: “…the male who kidnapped me.” *The soft, quickly spoken words rang loud as church bells in Xhex’s dome as she pushed open the hidden panel door leading from the secure hallway in the heart of the club—which only Rehv, the shadows, and herself used. Wood cracked under her fingers, shattered by the force of her anger coming to a boil. All these months she’d hung on by a thread. Rehv’s brain scrambled eggs. Trez and iAm bickering like teen boys. Autumn, the mahmen she’d barely gotten to know, dead and entombed before Xhex could say goodbye. And just as suddenly, back from the dead. To say Xhex’s mind was the center of Fucked-up Land, complete with its own set of nausea-inducing thrill rides, was the most hilarious understatement of the century.  The panic in Autumn’s voice wasn’t so amusing. Xhex strode into Rehv’s office, not missing the sudden tension in her mahmen’s shoulders at her approach. Way to go, genius, Xhex scolded herself, You’ve become the boogeyman your only blooded family fears.* Where is he, Autumn? I’ll fix this shit right now. *Try as she might, her anger slipped its leash. No one else, no matter who the fuck they thought they were, would touch Autumn again.*

REHVENGE: [A minute ticked by and then a second to join it. Listening to the frightened tone in the female’s throat was enough to set the tick in my jaw. Another symphath in my town? impossible. I policed that shit, they all knew up at the colony what would happen if I ever caught wind of a stray dog wandering the streets with the normals. There wasn’t much in the way of comforting Autumn without me getting into her grid and doing it manually from the inside, but taking the sitch in question that would be a bad idea, I kept well back from that, and pressed a glass of water into her palms, hearing the approach of Xhex’s gray matter long before she showed her pissed off face. Ditching one female for the other, I strode over and got in her grille, making sure she was in my eye view to see how fucking serious I was about what I was going to say next. If her Sire was wandering his happy ass around somewhere nearby then it was the last place Xhex needed to be. A face full of impassive disdain when my own memory of a fucked up family resurfaced like a bad smell I was never able to be fully rid of] You are going to make sure your mahmen is settled, feel me? I got this, I’ll scout around, see what I can pick up. Do not move from this office Xhex [the last fucking thing anyone needed to know was there was another symphath besides me here. I’d protected my second in command all these years from the colony, I wasn’t about to let her parade outside waving a red fucking flag for a sineater to clock her, and not when her grid was registering on the “could give ten fucks, I will eat your liver” scale. When she tried to look away I dipped my head, voice lowered for only her] I mean it, Xhex. you keep your fucking ass here, your mahmen needs you now [I had all the info from Autumn, and with steady strides I was out my office, taking the back door, sending out my feelers immediately… if it was true, that she wasn’t having some kind of breakdown from her recent death event, and her past had come calling.. I’d sense that fucker]

XHEXThat cocksucking, sanctimonious son of a motherfucker … . *Had a damn good point. Even if Xhex didn’t want to admit it. She’d read his concern loud and clear as the furry hem of his coat vanished around the corner. A symphath in town, even if not her presumed deceased sire, spelled trouble. As far as she knew, Rehv and herself were the only free range symphaths left. Thanks in no small part to their vampire halves allowing them to blend in better than their snake-like brethren. A shudder raked down Xhex’s spine. Autumn made a similar movement. Seeing the female’s panicked eyes and defensive stance hurt like a dagger to Xhex’s gut.* Shit. Look, Rehv is good at this. If there’s a stray dog sniffing around town, he’ll euthanize it before you can blink. *Something Xhex wanted to do herself so badly, her vision glossed over nice and red. Autumn’s frenzied grid flashed like a limping gazelle, luring Xhex’s inner predator closer. Just a little push. That’s all it’d take to send the female over the edge. Xhex curled her hand into a fist, digging her short nails into the heel of her hand to stave off her darker instincts.* Do you need anything, Autumn?

AUTUMN: [Clutching the glass of water to my chest like it would protect me from harm. I watched as Xhexania entered the office and Rehvenge approached her, instructing her to stay within. Her body was strung tight and the look in her eyes was pure evil. But I was in agreeance with Rehvenge on this, I did not want Xhexania anywhere near that symphath. I had no idea how or why he was in this town, but if he had gotten word that she had lived he could only mean to do her harm. I stood frozen to the spot as Rehvenge left the office and Xhexania approached me. Nodding my head woodenly at her statement] I trust the male to do what is right, for all parties involved. [A picture of the symphaths face flashed once again in my minds eye. A repulsive shiver ran through my body] You cannot seek him out, Xhexania. You must promise me. If he finds out you are alive, nothing good will come of it.

REHVENGE: [Whether it was a pure coincidence of my symphath luck working overtime, but it didn’t take me long as I dematerialized from street to street,  combing the back alleys, feelers out stretched… before I sensed another of my kind nearby. motherfucker… I was still settling my score for what the symphath’s had taken away from me, it was always there no matter what I was doing, bubbling beneath my surface, the need to act out my revenge as dark and as painful as I could for the year I had lost with my shellan and son. There was no stone up North that a sineater could hide from me. And I was well on the way to eradicating every last dog for whatever part they played in taking my memory. I guessed it was a by product this new mind leech was about to feel my temper, too, not only for what he had done to bring my friend into this world, but simply for the race he was. In this I was very fucking much prejudice. I thought of Xhex and how we’d had to shield her for years, a half breed, was something of a taint in both worlds…thought of the conversation we’d had, no matter her tough exterior I knew my second in command’s feelings on her birth and her mahmen, especially the male I was stalking through the dark night… I caught sight of him up ahead, and taking the surprise approach I appeared before him, reforming quickly. A sneer, sharp as cut glass all over my mug… the androgynous male startled, knew who I was instantly, his grid going to the fucking moon and back to try and block me. Foolish male] “My…my Lord.. your highness!” [he took to a bow so fucking fake It would have been a service to put him down there and then, but where would the justice be for Xhex and Autumn if I’d done that.. and within a minute of roaming inside his sludge of a mind, I had the answers I needed. This was the male in question, why he was in Caldwell… his shunning from his family… and that locked away memory of when he had held the fallen chosen captive and the depravity that followed. The sneer curled my lip, fingers clenched around my red cane] “I….I…I know I am breaking the law, My Lord.. please let me explain" [He didn’t know it yet, but it was far too late for any words he could spew to give meaning… For Xhex and her mahmen, so my friend did not have to wipe out the male who had given her life…no, I would do that for her.. I smiled, giving him a false sense of security.. he was living his last moments on this earth..]

XHEX: *Over the course of half an hour, Xhex developed a shitton of nervous ticks. Compulsively pacing back and forth in front of Rehv’s abandoned desk. Checking her watch every thirty seconds. Jumping like a cranked-out chihuahua anytime a door opened or closed hard enough to rattle the office doors. Pathetic.* Where the fuck are you? *Patience was not a virtue she’d ever possessed or would ever possess. Instant gratification was the name of the game. Damn Rehv and Autumn for clipping her wings on this kill. If she were out there, putting her nervous energy to use instead of holding her impotent dick in Rehv’s office, it’d give her a purpose. Sure, she was to keep her mahmen safe and calm. It wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough to wash the flashes of abuse flung her way from Autumn’s hectic mind.* I make no promises, Autumn. None. *Another bitchslap from the female’s mind. Chains. A basement. Alien hands climbing up her thighs.* Damnit. You have to think about something else. Fluffy rabbits in sunshine or some shit. *Xhex turned to face her mahmen.* How have things been since you came back?

AUTUMN: [I hadn’t moved since I entered the office. Glass of water still held against my chest. I watched as Xhex paced the office, full of impotent fury. I knew, had been told, that she did as Rehvenge did. That she fought against the evil among our race. But even knowing of her accomplishments in battle I would not, could not allow her to face her sire. Just the thought had images of her conception resurfacing in my mind, the urge to vomit finally forced me to take a seat] I shall try to keep those memories from the forefront of my mind. But as you said, I cannot promise anything. [taking a sip of the water, I exhaled a slow breath. Tohrment. I would need to let him know what was happening. But I was hesitant, for I knew that once he found out he would want to be out looking for the symphath as well. No. It was better for everyone if Rehvenge was the only one out looking for the monster in question. No one would be able to argue whatever justice he dealt out if he were to find the rogue symphath] Things are… slowly returning to normal since I have returned.

XHEX: *Autumn’s words barely made a ripple across the vast, churning ocean of Xhex’s mind. She made the appropriate noises, half listening to the female’s words. it took every ounce of concentration she possessed to keep her shit together with each passing second without word from Rehv. Had he found the bastard? Was it indeed her sire? A small, microscopic portion of her wanted to meet the male face-to-face. See where the screwed up half of her genetics came from. And then she’d rip off his head, skin it, and make the flesh into a handbag for Autumn. With a coin purse created from the fucker’s nutsack. Xhex rolled her head in a slow half circle to loosen the tension riding her shoulders like it was the Kentucky Derby. No good. She was wound too tight.* Tohr better be treating you right. *He’d get the purse treatment, too, if not.* Give me a sec, okay? *Xhex gave her mahmen her back and fished out her cell. With a swipe of her thumb, she opened Rehv’s message history and typed in a text: Where R U? Kill the fucker & come bk now or I’m finding U.*

REHVENGE: [It was done.  Messy business, and yet necessary. I had thought to send the symphath back to the colony, have him detained in a dungeon or cage for the foreseeable. But one, I didn’t want someone such as him breathing in the same air, and two, his grid held secrets of other deeds he had exacted as he had with Autumn, on other females over the decades, vampires and human alike. All more depraved than the last and his only chance of survival had gone just like that. My shred of decency shredded. The only visual evidence of any fracas was a scrape on my knuckles, most of my damage had come from within. And now his broken mind and body was being transported to his last resting place, a watery grave at the bottom of the Hudson. I’d put the call through to disreputable males I knew, for a decent sum would dispose of anything and anyone, no questions asked. Once the headlights of their vehicle disappeared in the distance, I grabbed out my cell, my lips smirking almost hearing the impatience in Xhex’s tone reading her text. A fast shift of molecules and I was back outside my club, striding inside and headed back to the office, rubbing a pristine white handkerchief over the blood on my hand. My office aura seemed calmer than when I had left. Good. I smiled across at Autumn, she was still wary of me but there was nothing I could do about that. And then I caught those gun metal grays piercing me like fucking two darts, felt the push on my grid, a cock of my brow, she was fishing to find out what had happened] You’re such an unruly brat, Xhex. I told you I would return, and here I am. [I needed a scotch. Killing was thirsty work. I’d taken my first long pull of the amber liquid, both females watching me. One more pissed and impatient than the other. I only needed to nod for the impatient one to catch my silent meaning, before sliding my gaze over to her mahmen] He won’t be of a worry to you any longer, Autumn. You have my word on this [Now I had only one thought, no regret of what I’d done, it was long overdue, to give a friend and her mother some ease… but finding out what I’d fished from his grid, I had to wonder, was there some half siblings of Xhex out there somewhere… and the fuck did I tell her?]  

XHEX: *Brat this, Xhex thought as she sneered and finally stopped wearing a path in Rehv’s carpet. It felt like he’d cut her strings. The nervous energy that’d kept her going up to this point stopped. But her mind didn’t. Xhex felt the relief from Autumn, a cool ocean breeze across her rapid-firing grid. The female would be okay now. That meant the world to Xhex. It really did. Something didn’t sit right with the texture of Rehv’s grid as he nursed his scotch. She prodded deeper and was met with the mental equivalent of a middle finger.* Not to sound ungrateful, but are you sure it was him? *This whole thing hit way too close to home. The calm Xhex usually operated behind was obliterated the second she felt her mahmen’s panic. This is why she never wanted to be close to anyone. Ever. Loved ones had a way of screwing shit up. Most of the time unintentionally, which made it so much harder to deal with.*

AUTUMN:  [conversation had ceased after Xhexania’s comment about Tohrment. I had no answer to that, and right now I didn’t really feel like discussing our relationship. So I sat. I couldn’t stand to watch her pace any longer so I looked around the office and tried to keep my thoughts neutral. The room was more comfortable than I would have thought for the type of club it was. But it was obvious that it belonged to someone who was used to the best in life. My curious scanning a were interrupted as Rehvenge walked casually into the room. I tried to return his smile but my fear had returned with his arrival. I watched as he fixed himself a drink and took a slow drink. It took another minute before his words fully sunk in…’He won’t be of a worry to you any longer, Autumn. You have my word on this’. I’m not sure I had ever been so relieved in my life. Standing at Xhexanias question I stood and walked to stand before them both] I believe if I had been wrong he would have informed us upon entering the room. [turning to fully face the male I offered a genuine smile] I am indebted to you. You do not know how grateful I am for your help in this. That said [i took a moment to look between them] I would appreciate it if neither of you mentioned this to Tohrment. He has been through enough recently and if he were to hear that the symphath had been within breathing distance of me I do not know how he would react. And I do not wish to know. [at a nod from them both I exhaled a pent up breath and nodded in return] Now I would appreciate it if you took me home, Xhexania. #ThePastIsDead

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Finally Returned

AUTUMN: [I was in the nursery watching Zahk trying to teach Nalla to stack blocks as opposed to just knocking them over before falling into a fit of giggles. I couldn’t help but smile at the frustrated look on his face as he gathered up the blocks to try again, he was so completely tolerant and patient with the strong-willed little girl you just knew he would grow to be a male of worth. Once he had them all gathered in front of him he began again, explaining the importance of the foundation before building the structure up. It made me wonder if he had been spending time with Cormia. Nalla clapped as the structure grew higher and I saw as she prepared herself to knock it over; balanced on her knees, arms raised high. But just as she was prepared to be her own tiny Godzilla her attention was averted as something even more exciting entered the room. Lassiter. Both of the young jumped up and ran over to him, literally attempting to climb into his arms. I rose from my position on the floor and walked toward the glowing jungle gym, arms now full of chattering, wiggling young.] How about we head down to the kitchen for a little snack. [Delighted squeals and clapping erupted from the young as we headed down the hall of statues, down one of the back staircases that ended in the kitchen, out of the way of staff. Settling the young at the table, Lassiter headed off to get them some milk and cookies before taking a seat opposite me and giving me a look that I wasn’t sure how to interpret. Keeping his voice low he finally broke the silence.] “I’ve done everything I can, Autumn, and I’m at a loss. The only option we have left is the Fade Ceremony, and with Tohrment avoiding me at every turn I’m not exactly sure what to do at this point.” [I knew the angel had tried his best to make Tohrment listen to reason. But time was running out. I hadn’t told anyone but I could feel the tether that was keeping me here fading. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I knew it wasn’t anything good. If we didn’t find a way to make Tohrment see reason soon, I was going to disappear forever. Offering the angel a smile, I tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and tapped a finger to the table.] I refuse to let it end this way, Lassiter. So, as the expression goes, if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain then we’ll bring the mountain to Mohammed. [I couldn’t stop the small bubble of laughter that escaped me at the look on the Angels face. Leaving the young with one of the doggen I had the Angel follow me down to Tohrments office. My male was still in bed having been on rotation last night, which was why I had been in the nursery with the young. Instructing the Angel to take a seat I explained my idea.]

If Tohrment won’t listen to you then maybe he’ll listen to a message from the beyond. I want you to type a letter on his computer, where he’ll be sure to find it. This letter will not only explain the importance of completing the Fade Ceremony, but it will also contain things that only he and I had ever spoken of. Which means, you will forget them as soon as you type them. [Giving the angel the sternest look I could muster I waited until he nodded in agreement before dictating the letter to him. An hour later I reread the letter over his shoulder before nodding my head and standing up.] Now we just need to pray that that stubborn male of mine reads it and finally accepts the importance of the situation.


He had read it and indeed, the importance of the situation finally hit home. I had sat in the office and waited until he had come down to start his day. I watched as he read the letter. I watched as a gamut of emotions filtered across his face. And I watched as realization finally settled there. He had brushed his hands over his short cropped hair, over and over. And now the day was finally here. I sat in the chair in the corner and watched as my male prepared to say goodbye to his shellan and young… alone. I wanted to weep as I watched him pull on the white dress pants and shirt before sitting on the bed and dropping his head into his hands. Standing, I walked over and knelt before him wishing now more than ever that I could touch him. Comfort him in his time of grief. We both glanced at the door as there was a soft knock upon it. A moment later Lassiter walked in, a glowing smile on his face that didn’t reach his eyes. He sobered quickly as his eyes found us. Those glowing eyes flicked quickly between us before they settled on Tohrment.] “You ready to do this, flyboy”

[At Tohrment’s subtle nod the angel glanced down and me and waited for the same. I got to my feet slowly and stood next to my male. The three of us made our way down the hall of statues and to the top of the grand staircase where we found the entire household waiting. A hush fell over them all as the looked up as one, eyes filled with sorrow and empathy. I watched as Tohrment squared his shoulders and walked down the stairs with his head held high. I stood on the bottom step as he made his way toward the altar that had been draped with white cloth. I held my breath as he knelt down and Wrath approached to start the ceremony. My fingers curled into fists as Wellsies name was blackened out, yet my heart swelled with love as I watched my male endure it all without a sound. As the ceremony came to an end I watched proudly as my male stood and faced his brothers and that was when I felt it. That tenuous thread that was keeping me here had snapped and everything faded to black.]


[Upon opening my eyes all I saw was white. For a moment I thought I had somehow materialized on the Other Side. But as I took a moment to look around I didn’t see any of the trees or temples that I had lived among for years.] Hello. [I wasn’t sure who or what I was hoping to see, but my voice didn’t carry as if I were in an empty, cavernous space. I started walking, hoping to find something that would tell me where I was, but all I saw was white. After what felt like forever I finally heard a voice calling my name. I stopped walking and looked around, yet still saw nothing.] Hello. Who’s there? Where am I?

[Panic was slowly starting to set in. I had hope that the completion of the Fade Ceremony would fix all my problems, yet all we had accomplished was a new round of ‘What the heck?’.] “You have a choice to make, Autumn, formerly known as Rosalhynda. Do you wish to return to the Warrior Tohrment, or do you desire to finally enter your final resting place as you had wished to do all those many years ago. Choose wisely, for once the answer leaves your lips the request cannot be rescinded.” [The choice was easy, but I still wondered where I was and what was really going on.] I wish to return to Tohrment. But where am I? What is happening? [It would appear I would be getting no answers today as I felt a force pulling me away from where I was, back into blackness. There wasn’t even time to scream before I found myself standing in front of the Mansion. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed since I had been… wherever I had been. But at the moment all I cared about was Tohrment. Walking through the door into the vestibule I waited to be granted access inside. As the front door opened I stepped inside… I was home] #FinallyReturned

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AUTUMN: [Facing the wall in front of me, I sighed, turned around and started my long walk back down the hallway that ran the length of the training center. Tohrment was in his office going over… paperwork, training schedules, rotations… I had stopped keeping track of what he was doing in his office. Other than avoiding Lassiter. Once the angel had agreed to help me my hopes had soared that I might finally be reunited with my male. But no. One week in and that stubborn male of mine had started avoiding the angel like he had the plague. Males!

Stopping in front of the door to the office I looked in and watched as Tohrment flipped through some papers, mumbling to himself. It was obvious, to me at least, that he was avoiding the reality of the situation. I had been there, standing right next to him, as Lassiter had tried to explain what he felt needed to happen in order for everyone to find some peace in their lives. As soon as he had mentioned the words “Fade Ceremony” Tohrment had nearly punch the angel. Luckily, the move had been anticipated and was avoided. But then all my male had done was turn and walk away. And avoided Lassiter ever since. Shaking my head I went back to pacing the halls. If Tohrment wasn’t willing to at least try what Lassiter had suggested, what was the point? I knew he still blamed himself for her death. I knew he still loved her and their unborn young. How could he not? But if he wasn’t willing to let them go… really let them go… what did that mean for us? If I hadn’t fallen into this current state of nothingness, would we have ever really had a chance if he continued to hold onto them?

After their last confrontation Lassiter had come to me and suggested I try dematerializing to the Other Side to see if the Scribe Virgin had any suggestions. That had been one big failure. Thanks to whatever teether there was tying me to Tohrment, it was strong enough to keep me from leaving this side. Finally having enough of all the thoughts in my head, I lifted my chin and all but screamed at the ceiling.] Why? He already blames himself for my first death. All because I used his knife, he blames himself. And now this! He can not continue to blame himself for the death of every female he has ever loved!! I swear on all that is holier than you, if anything bad should happen to him because of this… [I waved my hands around wildly] all these fucking twisted games… I will find a way to make you pay. [I wasn’t sure who I was threatening. The Scribe Virgin. Lassiters God. All the angels in the supposed heavens. But I didn’t care. I wanted all of this to end. Preferably with me back in the arms of my male.]

“I do not believe the ceiling had anything to do with your current predicament, sweetheart.” [Jumping at the voice behind me, I sent a glare to the angel over my shoulder.] And I do not believe I asked for your opinion, Lassiter. [Back down the hallway I went. In my current state I felt no pain in my leg, so I could pace this hallway forever and never tire. Glancing to my right I saw that the angel was indeed keeping pace with me.] Unless you have discovered an answer to my problem I can find no reason for you to be here. [The angel was completely unphased by my temper. All he did was throw an arm over my shoulders and continue to walk with me.] “I still have no definite answer for you. But I am convinced that completing the Fade Ceremony will, if not fix the problem completely, at least send us in the direction of what else needs to be done.” [I didn’t want to let hope rise in me that it could be that simple. That we had wasted all these months when all that needed to happen was a simple Fade Ceremony. Because the truth was, it wasn’t simple at all. Completing that ceremony would be Tohrments final goodbye. And until he was ready to for that to happen I was going to be stuck in this state of in-between… indefinitely.]  #Stuck

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Daughter of a Deity

PAYNE: [“GORY! GORY! GORYYYYYY!” I was tying the laces of my Doc Martens, sat on the third to last step of the grand staircase, mind far off in different directions, not to mention the pending rotation ahead when tackled…] Sweet Destiny, Nalla! You scared Aunt Payne… [I laughed, words fallen on little deaf ears as she climbed on my lap making it her own personal couch, she twined her arms around my neck and gave me a pout that superseded her mahmens. “See Gory now, AntP? Pease?” Lashes fanned her baby cheeks, citrine eyes as round as that of a lost puppy and I hated to say no but considering I was dressed from head to toe in combat leathers, I had no other choice. So I bartered with a two year old which was safe to say, proved more difficult than fighting off a herd of lessers on stilts while blindfolded.] Mine sweet, not tonight, I am to go out this night but mayhap tomorrow we can visit Glory…

[Soon as I vocalized the word ‘not’, Nalla gave a hard tug at mine braid then proceeded to swing it around lasso-style while singing a garbled version of Twinkle-twinkle little star, making it a point to ignore me. Fates. I laughed again. How could I not? The legendary stubborn streak of all females within this household was, dare I say, hereditary. Holding her steady on my lap, I took a second to look around, wondering who she had broken free from when she paused between nursery rhymes, the long rope of my braid forgotten. “Like papa?" Bright yellow eyes focused on the clothing I wore, then to the weapons secured across my chest, back down to my still unlaced boots. I marveled at how intelligent my young niece was becoming, being able to piece things together with such alacrity, a momentary burst of pride shook me a bit. Would this be what it would be like if I had a young of mine own? Frankly, I had ne’er contemplated upon that subject and the idea of someone calling me ‘mahmen’ was…frightening.

At that moment, my eyes caught a blur of blond haired female rushing across the foyer from the direction of the dining room frantically calling out for Nalla who promptly stuck her face in my neck and started counting loudly…’7, 10, 6, 2…1 READY!’ Bolting from my lap, the young ran as fast as her little legs carried her towards the direction of the library much to Marissa’s dismay.] Good luck! [Amused, I called out behind them, even though the thoughts that brewed in my head were naught short of disconcerting. Returning to the mundane task of lacing up my shitkickers, I thought of Layla whom I visited on a regular basis. The Chosen had been ill from her pregnancy but managed to keep a cheery disposition which baffled me considering the amount of time she spent on the bathroom floor.

And the Queen. Fates, it did not take a scholar to know by the high color of her cheeks and the sparkle in her blue eyes, this time in her life was what she had been anxiously awaiting…would I e’er feel the same? I had not a clue. What kind of mahmen would I be? I over-tightened the lace I threaded suddenly angered, thinking certainly not like mine. No, definitely not like that wretched being I called mahmen. Standing up to my full height, I walked down the last short steps and across the mosaic floor, leathers giving off that slight creaking noise, my boots a giant echo in the emptiness of the foyer even though my footsteps were light. 

Catching a glimpse of my reflection in a nearby wall mirror, the silver of mine eyes rivaled the crystals from the chandeliers that hung above me, I squared my shoulders, rolling my neck and released a breath I did not realize I held. The hilt of mine daggers strapped across mine chest caught the light of a nearby lamp and that immediate connection, that inbred sense beneath mine skin, flooded my veins with a thirst for violence like none other. It was what I was born to do. Of that I was absolutely certain. Checking mine weapons one last time, I pushed all introspection of future young out of my head knowing well when that time arrived, nothing or no one would be able to stop the hand of fate. ’Twas simply not mine time. Yet.

 I looked up then, my icy eyes roaming over the paintings on the ceiling three floors above. The warriors’ strong bodies astride stallions, fighting for the Vampire race, their families and their honor. This was my time. Herein, I would lay down my life to protect those under this roof. To fight for mine race and those that threatened to harm it be it human, lesser or vampire alike. No mercy. As I gave the painting one last glance, the last thought that crossed my mind before meeting my rotation partner and heading out was…mayhap it was time a female was sketched next to all that muscled male posturing. Mayhap one such of raven hair, along with her mare and eyes that shone like moonlight. A killer with the precision and accuracy of a proficient prima donna. Verily, ‘twas a magnificent idea, I deduced with a secret smile ghosting across mine lips as I crossed the threshold into the arms of night. After all, besides being a warrior, I was the daughter of a deity. Indeed.] #DaughterOfADeity

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Babies R Where

QHUINN: -There were few things that made Qhuinn squirm like a colony of fire ants had taken up home in his leathers. But this…His mismatched eyes and brain trying its damnest to process what the fuck he was doing standing between racks of strange bras and…. his head cocked to the side.- Those can’t be panties. - more like a contraption to support a big ass and boobs- those are a serious case of birth control. -He muttered at the same time recoiling when the overly happy Mary Poppin sales lady caught him in her cross hairs. Jesus.. Fuck me. A forced tight smile did nothing to deter this woman. “Is there anything I can help you find, sir? All nursing bras are …” Qhuinn took a step back his hand flying up to stop the rest of that sentence from making his brain bleed out.- I’m good. Really. These man boobs won’t be lactating anytime in the next 100 millenniums… Thanks. -She gawked…literally made this bird sound and had the nerve to look offended. GET. IN. LINE. Mary Poppins. The giggle from behind him had Qhuinn grunting shit that wasn’t even words at the little chosen he knew was living this shit up. He was never going to live his down. The look he shot her was both pleading and threatening, a pending torture of some kind, she snickered and smiled. He spoke in a low growl as he stalked forward, clipping a sign with his shoulder that clearly stated in bold pink letters “Leak Proof Lining”- When you said you needed more bras and panties, I was picturing Victoria’s Secret. Not this. -A mountain of a warrior with shitkickers planted to the carpeted floor, thick arms crossed to his chest, brow cocked a hint of amusement buried in his tone.- This takes some warning, Layla. And possibly a therapy session with Jane.

LAYLA: [Layla’s laughter filled the air as she stood and observed his fear and irritation, but she n’er expected him to take her shopping if he knew what was truly to come of their trip. Closing the small distance between them, Layla pulled his crossed arms down and smiled towards the sales lady that had begun to wander off.] Qhuinn, if I had spoken of what we were to be truly searching for you n’er would have agreed to accompany me, am I right? [Bella had taken Layla aside days ago and told her all of what she would need for herself. As much as she had wanted to request her sisters presence, ‘twas still difficult for her to make requests to anyone other than Qhuinn. Reaching up as much as she could to find his broad shoulders, Layla turned his body around, and while tugging on his large hand with hers, she escorted him to a rack of maternity panties.] Shall I model them for you warrior?

QHUINN: - A small group of ogling sappy eyed females hovering around a rack did not go unnoticed. All of them with child, but no man. And just where the hell were their males? Then it hit him, this was kinda important.. one of those moments, one that mates would share. He and Layla weren’t mates but this was his young she was carrying and if she needed these contraptions then he’d ball up and do this shit. Damn. Qhuinn swallowed then swallowed again, all of a sudden the Sahara desert was in his throat and he wanted a shot of herradura and a loaded monster burger from that diner on the corner of Fifth Street. Christ. He gave the hand in his a squeeze and a tug, and Layla met his chest with a gentle thud, those green eyes lifted up to his and he shook his head, half grinning.- These places should have man stations, flat screens and chairs that massage my ass while i watch MMA and wolf down a King size candy bar. I’m putting all that shit in the suggestion box… -Qhuinn tapped the end of her nose with his finger.- You owe me big, baby girl…BIG. -He stepped back making his arms span their full length before tucking them into his chest and leaning against a mirrored wall, he nodded toward the racks.- I’ll be right here…. -As he stood there Qhuinn caught himself from time to time watching her move and her body sway, she wasn’t sporting a huge bump but the proof was there. His kid..their young was growing inside that female, one that he adored and would protect with his life.-

LAYLA: [Layla couldn’t help but smirk and laugh at how Qhuinn was behaving. Bella had spoken to her before they left and gave her a humorous warning about how he may act, but Layla had deigned that he would be able to handle it. ‘Twas only a shopping trip, she convinced herself. But now…seeing that deer in the headlights look he had and how his brows were knitted so tightly across his brow, she simply smiled and dropped her hands from the garments she had been fondling. One arm was already heavy with the items she had pulled from the various locations within the store. His eyes were glued to her belly, which now pooched out a little more than she had wanted. Feeling somewhat self-conscious at his stare she covered her front with the items and walked back towards the wall he was leaning against.] Oh Qhuinn, my sweet Qhuinn. I shall repay you ten-fold. This I assure you. Can we secure payments for these items? [She held up her arm and batted her lashes as only a female could; something she had learned from watching television. It always worked for them, would it work for her? [Then we can feed your growling stomach and mine. This young has me famished on a constant basis. Clearly, she has taken after her father. [Layla smiled warmly as the vision of a small female baby, with her fathers mismatched eyes flooded her mind. He always hated how different he was, but she loved his eyes. Turning her head left to right she looked around and thrust the stack of clothing against his broad chest.] How do we get these?

QHUINN: -Qhuinn nudged her toward the front of the store, whispering like it was top secret- With a roll.. -a squeeze check to the stack on his hold- …or two, of Benjamin’s and a check-out lane with the least appealing cashier. My appetite along with yours combined we might have to call in the brothers for a cleanup on aisle 5. -She blushed a deep crimson and a rumbling laughed came straight from his chest.- I’m fucking with you, Chosen. -The warrior almost looked civilized with his massive arm full a shopping spree the other around the shoulders of the female at his side…normal if you would but when a leather clad shitkicker wearing mammoth of a man made a sound like that people noticed. He wanted to bare his fangs and growl…but that shit would fly like a dead bird. So instead he pulled the hormone card.- Nothing to see here folks that was the happy hormone wave from my lil’ bit. You can only guess what comes next…-Qhuinn petted down Layla’s blonde hair, fighting a smile- You don’t want to be around for it. And she’s hungry on top of that. -And that was how Moses parted the red sea. A few minutes later they stood on the sidewalk, Fritz had taken the bags to the car. Qhuinn was scanning and doing a subtle weapons check before they took off to find grub.- Layla, you want Chinese, Mexican, or the Diner? -when she didn’t answer his eyes shot to her face and he took a step closer- Layla? What the hell’s wrong?

LAYLA: [Her mind was elsewhere, she heard his question but it didn’t seem to process as her body was warning her to take a close look at their surroundings. Something felt off…no not off, she thought, but odd. Dearest virgin, her nose was twitching and she wanted to curse as she had heard so many others do when they were unnerved by a situation. Her green eyes looked left and then right, and that’s when a gasp escaped her now parted lips. She caught, yet only briefly, but enough to know who it was. That massive dark shadow of a male that slipped from beside a strip center across the way and into the shadows. It was that of her capture, or savior as she had grown to think of him after he cared so kindly for her after the car bomb. ‘Twas Xcor that her nose and body had sensed before he slid away from sight. How long had he been watching them, and what business would he have had here, were the thoughts that scrolled through her scrambled mind. The sudden heat of Qhuinn’s stare and body beside her brought her from her daze. Raising her eyes to his she frowned slightly and pondered if she should even mention it.] Oh, nothing Qhuinn. ‘Tis my sense of smell that is so heightened and I simply caught wind of one that I know. [And one she felt fondly, much too fondly for her liking, but also something she would not divulge to the warrior who stood watch beside her.] Xcor…he is near, I can feel it. And I don’t understand why? [Her brows rose and she looked up at him questioningly.] Why, after all the time that has passed would he have such an effect on me? To sense his being and smell? [She was clearly disturbed and a wave of confusion rolled off of her, surely causing Qhuinn to question her loyalty to the Brotherhood, but ‘twas something she could not deny.]

QHUINN: -He barely registered anything she said, not a single fucking word after “Xcor” because the wind shifted and the scent of bastard stung the night air. Fight mode engaged. His broad thick shoulders rolled, head dropped and he inhaled, body angling toward the enemy, hand on the hilt of his pistol the other spun and got Layla corralled between his body and the building.- Don’t move or try to see shit. You got me. -There was no question poised for her to answer. Those eyes got busy tearing apart the shadows and the alleys, even the roof tops as far as he could see. Nothing, but that meant shit. Fritz sat a block down the street, the car idling at the curb. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuccckkk. All he could think was getting her and his young out of here, and right now he was no where close to being able to dematerialize and he wasn’t sending her alone. What if Xcor tried to follow her? That son of a bitch needed to die, unfortunately tonight wasn’t going to allow for it. Another string of curses and Qhuinn eased off Layla but kept her shielded, pulled out his phone and got Fritz and the Mercedes back to their position. Jerking open the back door for Layla, he hissed at the doggen to stay put then joined her in the back seat. Something was not setting right with him, he found his temper growing by the second, he hissed toward the front seat.- To the compound, Fritz. Don’t stop for anything. -Mismatched eyes took in the darkness behind his eyelids for a few beats followed by some breathing… one deep breath… two…three…four… his jaw grew tight, eyes slowed open onto her and he spoke real slow.- What do you mean you sensed him? And What the fuck happened when he had you, Layla? Don’t bullshit me, Chosen. That’s my life growing inside you as well.

LAYLA: [Frightened beyond belief by his words and actions, Layla did as she was told and swallowed the hard lump that had formed in her throat. Groaning low, she knew she should have said naught of what she discovered. He was gone, and they could have avoided the whole thing. Her body was carefully pushed into the backseat of the car with Qhuinn following immediately. The anger within him filled the Her body was carefully pushed into the backseat of the car with Qhuinn following immediately. The anger within him filled the backseat as she struggled to contain the tears that stung her eyes. Her head turned as she struggled to contain the tears that stung her eyes. Her head turned towards Qhuinn as he closed his eyes and tried to compose himself, but when they opened and looked right into hers…almost into her soul, the tears fell. She strained to fight them and find the words to explain what had occurred so many months ago. A loss for words, that was what she was feeling, along with guilt and fear. Nothing had ever been spoken of what transpired when she was taken, she had made sure of that. What would Qhuinn think of her? Would he no longer love her, or no longer want anything to do with their young. Think of her as tainted for having taken his vein and offered the same? Her hands rose to wipe the tears from her flushed cheeks, and she spoke as softly and calmly as she could fathom, not looking the warrior in the eye.] He never laid a hand on me. He was naught but caring and kind. I was fed and taken well care of while in his home. But… [This is where she faltered in her speech. Her feelings for the scarred warrior had only multiplied over the time since her safe return. She found herself dreaming of those deep blue eyes and his scent. She had a strong instinct to protect him…protect him from those she dwelled with. Telling Qhuinn everything? No good would e’er come of that. The Brotherhood already had vowed to kill Xcor and his soldiers. Her head rose and her eyes met his.] I took his vein. [Before he could attempt to protest and stop her from speaking she continued.] I had to Qhuinn, for I was injured in the explosion. He ne’er even looked at me, stood in the shadows. [Layla heard Qhuinn grit his teeth and a low growl rumbled in his chest. She firmly grasped Qhuinn’s arm to try and emphasize the purpose of her actions before pulling her hand away, as well as her body, providing some distance between them fearing the worst of consequences from the father of their young.]

QHUINN: I’m sure he did it out of the goodness of his fucking heart, Layla. -Words slung at her sharp as a bladed whip, fist bound together in his lap. He would throw himself from the car before he laid a hand on her, but fuck he wanted to kill something, the guilt and fury battling in his chest was indescribable. She…THEY should’ve never been in hands of son of a bitch.- Xcor is nothing but god damn calculating bastard! -Qhuinn roared and watched more tears stream down her face, she shrank further into herself. He knew she only done what had to be done to save her and the young, but god damn he wasn’t taking this dose of reality like a good boy. It was a horse pill lodged in his throat and a twitch in his trigger finger. Fangs fully extended, eyes he knew had gone wild glanced out the side glass, they were a half mile from the turn off to the mountain.- Pull over Fritz… -the car slowed and Qhuinn slowly leaned in toward Layla, one hand cupping her cheek the other going very carefully to her belly, he spoke with all the calm he could find for her.- I’m not mad at you, baby girl. Fuck… I’m glad you did what you had to but … -he broke off- I gotta process this shit and…I -his chest rose and fell once as the car stopped- Fritz will take you on into the compound. I’ll be back before dawn. You need me…call. -lifting her chin higher- Don’t hesitate I mean it. -Qhuinn kissed both her tear stained cheeks and exited the car, tapping the hood for it to leave. He stood there on the side of the road…fuck he had no clue how long but when he tried to dematerialize and it worked he knew it was long enough. The Male in him needed a clear mind, the Warrior needed blood to spill…Lesser or Bastard he didn’t care. -

LAYLA: [Layla attempted a small smile, for his sake, but failed miserably when he told her he was leaving her with Fritz to be taken home, alone. This is what she had feared all along and by keeping the secrecy of what else transpired between her and Xcor…no, she now knew it was for the best. The pure animalistic fury that emanated from Qhuinn at merely knowing she had taken another vein, especially the one of an enemy was almost more than she could bare. She stared out the darkened window at the male that had made a solemn vow to protect her and choked back more tears. She ne’er meant to hurt him, nor cause him any undue harm, but her stupidity had betrayed her. Shaking her head as the car drove away, she drew her legs up to her elbows and sunk her face into her trembling palms as her heart ached for him, and for the male she had grown to desire, against all odds.] #BabiesRWhere

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ZerosSum Bastard Style

ZYPHER:  {Balthazar wasted no time getting the female on her knees, she actually looked shocked, Zypher mused when her mouth gaped open, eyes flared wide. His rough fingers tapped her cheek.}  Keep it just like that.  {Cock heavy in his other palm, the swollen head nudged her lips, then his dick got wet and went slip and slide down her throat, deep, deeper out any gag reflex that wanted to expel.  God he groaned like bitch when her tongue got slurp and lick happy, like his dick was one of those candies he saw females walk around with to display their talents openly. Both his hands fisted her hair, encouraging her talents up and down his erection that was until his comrade mounted that bubble ass and sank balls deep between those cheeks. Fucking Razor blades was all he felt for a split second.} Mind. Your. Fucking. Teeth   {Steel blue eyes sharp as his words. The point was received, held her head firm and punched two hard thrust down her throat. Thumbs slipped to her jaw keeping it unhinged, pace steady leveling out with   Balthazar’s invasion, the assault on her ass and mouth she would feel for days.  Head tilted, lips slightly parted breathing labored, Zypher voyeured the show his cock was starring in.}  That’s it, baby. {Low hiss from his chest} You like being double fucked.  {It wasnt a question and needed no answer. The music in the club flipped tracks, a sex grinding rhythm that grabbed his balls and twisted. The female, fuck, she began to whimper and beg, writhing in their grasp, taking every deep drive of their hips. They would split her in two, he couldn’t find a give a fuck in Balthazar’s growl brought his eyes up, the brothers stare was black with lust and his fangs were dagger long, Zypher’s matched. No grounds were set with the female if this was a double tap… pussy and blood. Or a solo excursion…pussy only. Had Xcor not been watching he would have shoved her up and back into his brother and got high and tight in that pussy and her vein. Growl of his own rose from his chest, eyes falling closed, this bitch was a hoover on his dick and right now the orgasm he was chasing dulled the ache to taste her blood, barely.} You better swallow fast, female.  

THROE:  {He paid for his comrades to have a night they were looking for, filled with sex at least since his vampire contact wasn’t available for the next week.  Testosterone was pumping through veins to the point he could almost see the shit with the naked eye.  The only option he could come up with was the club known to offer females with the right amount of coin, it would at least give the bastards something to do other than fight the Lessening Society that was bringing their race to its knees.  Solution sorted for the time being, and he worked where they were finally sitting on a nice pile of coin that could hold them good for at least a few years, as long as expenses didn’t change.  So he laid down the bills and watched as each one of his comrades left, including Xcor, to follow behind her.  Instead of letting his feet carry him he took another pull from the drink he’d been nursing since they arrived in the sex filled club.  It didn’t feel right here, something was wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, but no one else seemed to have the same thoughts as he.  Giving a mental shrug Throe pressed into his heels and scanned the club with his icy blues before carrying himself down the path he just watched the soldiers go, what he found didn’t surprise him..  Nay, what did stop him was the fact Syn was not only sitting on the sidelines, but he had brought his own with him, somehow.  Thore didn’t want to give it much thought, or think of the extra cash he’d have to pay for having two females in the room for them to feast upon.  Teeth gritted as he locked his jaw into place, mostly he didn’t partake in the adventures of his comrades, or at least not with them, but he had the feeling an exception would need to be made to last the night with the raging hard on he was sporting.}

XCOR: [The whore’s room was in almost complete darkness, a requirement if she was to service me, also. I stood back in the corner, surveying my men devouring the female, her moans I was sure were that of pleasure and not of the fakery to garner her money. Aye, she may be a whore used to putting on a show, but she was enjoying my men. I felt the ache in my gums, too long since I had fed from the chosen, how many month had since past now was it? and still she haunted my every waking moment. I scowled, pushed the image of the blonde angel from my mind, she had nay right to be in my head. I concentrated the twitch of my cock, eager to banish thoughts of the pure female, one too clean for the likes of my ugliness. I strode forward, growled for Zypher to move his bulk, I felt the female hesitate, knew she was glaring at me, her indrawn breath and stiffened body conveyed her disgust. I tightened my jaw, unbuckled the belt slowly, she had been paid, she could look away, I had no fucking care what the whore thought of my looks, I was only interested in what she had between her legs. With one shove I was embedded deeply inside her. I felt her body stretch and soften, she moaned swallowing more of my comrade, my thrust synced with that of the pounding music coming from afar, scribe awful music, humans thus proving their tastes for things were at rock bottom zero. My head dropped on my neck, every shove inside her tightness drawing me e’er closer to the pleasure, fangs pulsed and edge down upon my lip and whilst amid the silken walls, noises of our carnality filling the room I was pushed into memories of the chosen, it was her body I saw enveloping my cock, her moans I heard….. goddamn it…. ]

ZYPHER: {He was in shock for a moment after she swallowed every drop his cock shoved down her throat and licked every drop of remains from his dick.  Her talents weren’t the shock, it was his leader who took over the female from Balthazar and himself and sank into her pussy.   He knew she enjoyed Xcor invading her core with each roll of his hips her moans grew louder.  Zypher’s frustration grew by the second as his dick was once more pulsing for release.  Eyes as cold as steel swept the room, no one was guarding, but he wasn’t concerned, nay, no human would fuck with them, and if they dare stepped into the room they would find themselves being fucked by one if not two of the soldiers.  His hands ground into the females wrist to keep her from reaching for his leader, if she were to touch him he wasn’t sure of the outcome and he was nay ready to give up the eager pussy.  Zypher’s head dropped beside hers, canines running the length of her shoulder tugging at the fragile skin.}  Do you want me to fuck you, female.  {His gaze took in the widening of her legs allowing Xcor to really get inside of her, Zypher’s grin widened at the whimper that escaped from her throat.  Moving her hands with a crushing grip he wrapped her palms over his cock.}  That’s it, baby… {If her mouth was any indication of the skill she possessed her hands were going to prove a fine choice.}

THROE:  {Throe wasn’t sure the amount of time that passed since the last time he had a female as eager as the one Syn had brought into the blacked out room.  If it wasn’t for having superior vision he was almost certain he wouldn’t see anything.  His grin widened as Syn pushed the blonde forward from his lap.   Her hands tightened and tugged harder on his cock.}  Lay back, girl.  {His gaze tracked Syn as he rounded the sofa and pulled her head where he wanted it across the arm of the chair, he gave her no room to move holding her prisoner with his large palms.  Inch by inch he invaded her lips nay caring for the constriction he put on her throat as she gagged her limit.  Throe pulled her legs over the edge of seat until she hung open in front of him.  It amazed him none to find her desire glistening her thighs, a groan of satisfaction sounded from his throat as he pushed her legs wider.  Syn was pulling from her mouth before shoving anew when Throe sank into her core.  His hands digging into her thighs to keep her spread wide for him as he ground deep inside of her slick walls.  It had been too long he thought.  Her muffled sound of pleasure along with his comrades echoed in his skull.}

XCOR: [Many switches happened. Zypher and Syn alternating with fucking both ends.  The female well used until I e’en wondered how she was taking such a bruising from my soldiers. Once I had spilled inside her, the picture of another blonde with the greenest eyes raged the climax harder from me, and the whore pumped her hips crying her orgasm.  I withdrew disgusted trying to banish the chosen from every thought was harder than I waged, aye, and bringing her to this place of ill repute, putting her face in this situation of the basest of filth.. the anger beat a pain inside my temple] Finish, we are to leave now [I growled with contempt, the female writhing her pleasure. Standing in the doorway, the blare of the godforsaken music only increasing, I looked on as my men finished up their business, money was left the female. In precise formation, Throe at my side, the cousins at my back we left. Head bent to the darkest of the establishment, my hunger still pallable, unable to take that female’s vein, not e’en to stave off the pang, I found I hungered for another. Just outside the door, leaving the glass building with its neon sign and all it’s ill gotten gains behind, I rounded on Balthazar, his incessant bleating driving a nail over my last nerve. His back bounced from the brick wall I had pinned him to, fangs bared, I leveled a sinister look toward Throe who looked stupid enough to interfere stopping him in his tracks] I allowed you your trivial fun, now if I have to listen to your cock stories just one more minute, I will rip it from you, balls included and shove them down your throat, are we clear? [Eyeball to eyeball I felt the rage pour from my soldier, smrt of him he didnae respond] Now, we get back to the war. Zypher, go south. Syn, head west. We meet in three hours, Aye. [One brief nod, I dematerialized to the highest building, my lady love humming gently, I cracked my neck surveying all of caldwell…. knowing somewhere in this town was my chosen. More importantly the brotherhood who were housing her… one way or another I had decided I would kill one and take the other for my own… I not only wanted the throne, aye…. I wanted it all…] ZeroSumBastardStyle

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