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The Past is Dead

AUTUMN: [Since I had returned from the beyond I had spent as much time with Tohrment as I could. For the brief moments we were apart, he was still in charge of heading the Brotherhood after all, I asked Lassiter every question I could think of to try and figure out what had happened. He claimed he still had no idea, that he was trying to ask his boss, but so far… nothing. We had gone over the Fade Ceremony and what had happened after a million and one times and still nothing made sense. Tohrment on the other hand wanted to avoid all conversation of our time apart, the Fade Ceremony, and my return. In a way I wished I could go on as if nothing had happened, but I couldn’t. Frustrated with his stubbornness I had stormed out of our room informing him I would talk to him when he could act like an adult. That is what had me out near the city with the excuse of shopping for gifts for the young. It was impulsive, and not exactly the smartest thing I had ever done, I realized now as I worried my lower lip and looked at my surroundings. I had a vague idea of where I was, Xhexania had brought me down here once before. Nodding my head, I had just decided to make my way to ZeroSum for a ride home when I saw him. My breath froze in my throat as I looked at the tall sinewy figure of the Symphath who had taken me all those many years ago. I had thought he had been executed but now I couldn’t recall. You would think a moment like that would be crystal clear in your memory, even after all these years. But all I could see in my head was me… chained in that cellar as he had his way with me. The feeling of those long fingers caressing every inch of my flesh. I shuddered involuntarily. I needed to get out of here. He was getting nearer but I couldn’t make my feet move. He was within breathing distance when my feet finally listened to my brain and I headed straight for the one place that held the one who could help me. Running as fast as my legs could carry me I sobbed out a cry as I gripped the forearm of the giant male in front of me] Rehvenge! I must speak with Rehvenge. Now!

REHVENGE: [Any busier and I was thinking I should just move my fucking bed into my office. I expelled a breath, rubbed a hand over my Mohawk.  Hoping to get home soon to have time with my shellan before she forgot what I looked like.  I tapped fingers on the laptop to the next file that needed my attention. Trying to fake being a legitimate business, masking all the under the table endeavors, took more of my time than anything else. The taxman was going to love me this year for the revenue I was bringing in] “boss, we got us a situation out here, hysterical girl insisting she sees you, what’s your orders, shall I get rid? ” [A brow cocked as Big Tony’s voice came through the radio laid flat on my desk. Another drunk reveller no doubt. The life of a club owner having to show a mediocre interest in being social, but I caught the edge of a feminine voice in the background that gave me pause from telling hint o do just that, my doorman was right, hysterical indeed was this females state. I rose, grabbed the sword stick I needed to keep my balance and strode out of the office, along the corridor with the myriad of doors all Of which was hiding someone’s dirty proclivity…. And through the belly of the club until I had reached the inner hallway to the bouncers station. I came up short, a brow loftily raised seeing who the female in question was. She was shaking uncontrollably, her pallor was this side of being white as flour. And her grid was on fire with panic. I reached out a hand to Xhex’s mahmen, nodding subtly to my efficient staff who had stopped her from advancing inside yet had done it in such a way that wouldn’t have my second in command killing them all later for putting hands on her mother] I have this, big Tony… Carry on with your duties. [I changed the tempo of my voice, the blare of the music almost drowning me out, but I could see she was distressed about something] come with me, Autumn… It’s going to be okay, and you can tell me what all this is about…  [I saw Trez heading from the security office, his dark eyes clashing with mine, he’d seen the female on the cams. I transmitted a message inside his grid to locate Xhex for me and send her through, whatever was doing she’d want to know]

AUTUMN:  [I was held outside the front of the club by the doorman while he contacted Rehvenge. Even with the loud music from inside the club I could hear what the male was saying. He wanted to get rid of me, thinking I was some hysterical female trying to use that as an excuse to get inside. Maybe sometime in the future I would be able to look back on all this and laugh at the description. I had been raised to be quiet and delicate and then gone to the calm serenity of the Other Side. Never, had I been hysterical. Just thinking of my upbringing had me recalling that face again. Of being returned to my father after my rescue and being dismissed as soiled goods. I was on the verge of hysterical sobbing as I finally saw Rehvenge appear at the door. Never in my life did I dream I would be so happy to see the male in front of me. I tried to focus on breathing calmly as he guided me gently through the club to his office. It was quite quick actually, considering how fast the humans all moved out of his way. Once inside the quiet of his office I turned and grabbed his arm, staring pleadingly up at him. The words rushed past my lips in a voice I didn’t recognize as my own] I am sorry to impose on you like this, but I need your help. You are the only one who can help me. [Too many thoughts and memories were rushing through my head, making it hard to focus. I held on tight to the male in front of me and stared into amethyst eyes. When all he did was raise a brow I blurted out what I had seen] I saw him, Rehvenge. The male who… the male who kidnapped me. I thought he had been killed by his father for disgracing their family. That is what I had always been told. But it was a lie. He is alive and he is here. In Caldwell. He can’t be.. he can’t… [I finally broke. I could no longer contain the fear that was gripping my throat in a vice like grip, just as he had done all those many years ago]

XHEX: “…the male who kidnapped me.” *The soft, quickly spoken words rang loud as church bells in Xhex’s dome as she pushed open the hidden panel door leading from the secure hallway in the heart of the club—which only Rehv, the shadows, and herself used. Wood cracked under her fingers, shattered by the force of her anger coming to a boil. All these months she’d hung on by a thread. Rehv’s brain scrambled eggs. Trez and iAm bickering like teen boys. Autumn, the mahmen she’d barely gotten to know, dead and entombed before Xhex could say goodbye. And just as suddenly, back from the dead. To say Xhex’s mind was the center of Fucked-up Land, complete with its own set of nausea-inducing thrill rides, was the most hilarious understatement of the century.  The panic in Autumn’s voice wasn’t so amusing. Xhex strode into Rehv’s office, not missing the sudden tension in her mahmen’s shoulders at her approach. Way to go, genius, Xhex scolded herself, You’ve become the boogeyman your only blooded family fears.* Where is he, Autumn? I’ll fix this shit right now. *Try as she might, her anger slipped its leash. No one else, no matter who the fuck they thought they were, would touch Autumn again.*

REHVENGE: [A minute ticked by and then a second to join it. Listening to the frightened tone in the female’s throat was enough to set the tick in my jaw. Another symphath in my town? impossible. I policed that shit, they all knew up at the colony what would happen if I ever caught wind of a stray dog wandering the streets with the normals. There wasn’t much in the way of comforting Autumn without me getting into her grid and doing it manually from the inside, but taking the sitch in question that would be a bad idea, I kept well back from that, and pressed a glass of water into her palms, hearing the approach of Xhex’s gray matter long before she showed her pissed off face. Ditching one female for the other, I strode over and got in her grille, making sure she was in my eye view to see how fucking serious I was about what I was going to say next. If her Sire was wandering his happy ass around somewhere nearby then it was the last place Xhex needed to be. A face full of impassive disdain when my own memory of a fucked up family resurfaced like a bad smell I was never able to be fully rid of] You are going to make sure your mahmen is settled, feel me? I got this, I’ll scout around, see what I can pick up. Do not move from this office Xhex [the last fucking thing anyone needed to know was there was another symphath besides me here. I’d protected my second in command all these years from the colony, I wasn’t about to let her parade outside waving a red fucking flag for a sineater to clock her, and not when her grid was registering on the “could give ten fucks, I will eat your liver” scale. When she tried to look away I dipped my head, voice lowered for only her] I mean it, Xhex. you keep your fucking ass here, your mahmen needs you now [I had all the info from Autumn, and with steady strides I was out my office, taking the back door, sending out my feelers immediately… if it was true, that she wasn’t having some kind of breakdown from her recent death event, and her past had come calling.. I’d sense that fucker]

XHEXThat cocksucking, sanctimonious son of a motherfucker … . *Had a damn good point. Even if Xhex didn’t want to admit it. She’d read his concern loud and clear as the furry hem of his coat vanished around the corner. A symphath in town, even if not her presumed deceased sire, spelled trouble. As far as she knew, Rehv and herself were the only free range symphaths left. Thanks in no small part to their vampire halves allowing them to blend in better than their snake-like brethren. A shudder raked down Xhex’s spine. Autumn made a similar movement. Seeing the female’s panicked eyes and defensive stance hurt like a dagger to Xhex’s gut.* Shit. Look, Rehv is good at this. If there’s a stray dog sniffing around town, he’ll euthanize it before you can blink. *Something Xhex wanted to do herself so badly, her vision glossed over nice and red. Autumn’s frenzied grid flashed like a limping gazelle, luring Xhex’s inner predator closer. Just a little push. That’s all it’d take to send the female over the edge. Xhex curled her hand into a fist, digging her short nails into the heel of her hand to stave off her darker instincts.* Do you need anything, Autumn?

AUTUMN: [Clutching the glass of water to my chest like it would protect me from harm. I watched as Xhexania entered the office and Rehvenge approached her, instructing her to stay within. Her body was strung tight and the look in her eyes was pure evil. But I was in agreeance with Rehvenge on this, I did not want Xhexania anywhere near that symphath. I had no idea how or why he was in this town, but if he had gotten word that she had lived he could only mean to do her harm. I stood frozen to the spot as Rehvenge left the office and Xhexania approached me. Nodding my head woodenly at her statement] I trust the male to do what is right, for all parties involved. [A picture of the symphaths face flashed once again in my minds eye. A repulsive shiver ran through my body] You cannot seek him out, Xhexania. You must promise me. If he finds out you are alive, nothing good will come of it.

REHVENGE: [Whether it was a pure coincidence of my symphath luck working overtime, but it didn’t take me long as I dematerialized from street to street,  combing the back alleys, feelers out stretched… before I sensed another of my kind nearby. motherfucker… I was still settling my score for what the symphath’s had taken away from me, it was always there no matter what I was doing, bubbling beneath my surface, the need to act out my revenge as dark and as painful as I could for the year I had lost with my shellan and son. There was no stone up North that a sineater could hide from me. And I was well on the way to eradicating every last dog for whatever part they played in taking my memory. I guessed it was a by product this new mind leech was about to feel my temper, too, not only for what he had done to bring my friend into this world, but simply for the race he was. In this I was very fucking much prejudice. I thought of Xhex and how we’d had to shield her for years, a half breed, was something of a taint in both worlds…thought of the conversation we’d had, no matter her tough exterior I knew my second in command’s feelings on her birth and her mahmen, especially the male I was stalking through the dark night… I caught sight of him up ahead, and taking the surprise approach I appeared before him, reforming quickly. A sneer, sharp as cut glass all over my mug… the androgynous male startled, knew who I was instantly, his grid going to the fucking moon and back to try and block me. Foolish male] “My…my Lord.. your highness!” [he took to a bow so fucking fake It would have been a service to put him down there and then, but where would the justice be for Xhex and Autumn if I’d done that.. and within a minute of roaming inside his sludge of a mind, I had the answers I needed. This was the male in question, why he was in Caldwell… his shunning from his family… and that locked away memory of when he had held the fallen chosen captive and the depravity that followed. The sneer curled my lip, fingers clenched around my red cane] “I….I…I know I am breaking the law, My Lord.. please let me explain" [He didn’t know it yet, but it was far too late for any words he could spew to give meaning… For Xhex and her mahmen, so my friend did not have to wipe out the male who had given her life…no, I would do that for her.. I smiled, giving him a false sense of security.. he was living his last moments on this earth..]

XHEX: *Over the course of half an hour, Xhex developed a shitton of nervous ticks. Compulsively pacing back and forth in front of Rehv’s abandoned desk. Checking her watch every thirty seconds. Jumping like a cranked-out chihuahua anytime a door opened or closed hard enough to rattle the office doors. Pathetic.* Where the fuck are you? *Patience was not a virtue she’d ever possessed or would ever possess. Instant gratification was the name of the game. Damn Rehv and Autumn for clipping her wings on this kill. If she were out there, putting her nervous energy to use instead of holding her impotent dick in Rehv’s office, it’d give her a purpose. Sure, she was to keep her mahmen safe and calm. It wasn’t enough. Not nearly enough to wash the flashes of abuse flung her way from Autumn’s hectic mind.* I make no promises, Autumn. None. *Another bitchslap from the female’s mind. Chains. A basement. Alien hands climbing up her thighs.* Damnit. You have to think about something else. Fluffy rabbits in sunshine or some shit. *Xhex turned to face her mahmen.* How have things been since you came back?

AUTUMN: [I hadn’t moved since I entered the office. Glass of water still held against my chest. I watched as Xhex paced the office, full of impotent fury. I knew, had been told, that she did as Rehvenge did. That she fought against the evil among our race. But even knowing of her accomplishments in battle I would not, could not allow her to face her sire. Just the thought had images of her conception resurfacing in my mind, the urge to vomit finally forced me to take a seat] I shall try to keep those memories from the forefront of my mind. But as you said, I cannot promise anything. [taking a sip of the water, I exhaled a slow breath. Tohrment. I would need to let him know what was happening. But I was hesitant, for I knew that once he found out he would want to be out looking for the symphath as well. No. It was better for everyone if Rehvenge was the only one out looking for the monster in question. No one would be able to argue whatever justice he dealt out if he were to find the rogue symphath] Things are… slowly returning to normal since I have returned.

XHEX: *Autumn’s words barely made a ripple across the vast, churning ocean of Xhex’s mind. She made the appropriate noises, half listening to the female’s words. it took every ounce of concentration she possessed to keep her shit together with each passing second without word from Rehv. Had he found the bastard? Was it indeed her sire? A small, microscopic portion of her wanted to meet the male face-to-face. See where the screwed up half of her genetics came from. And then she’d rip off his head, skin it, and make the flesh into a handbag for Autumn. With a coin purse created from the fucker’s nutsack. Xhex rolled her head in a slow half circle to loosen the tension riding her shoulders like it was the Kentucky Derby. No good. She was wound too tight.* Tohr better be treating you right. *He’d get the purse treatment, too, if not.* Give me a sec, okay? *Xhex gave her mahmen her back and fished out her cell. With a swipe of her thumb, she opened Rehv’s message history and typed in a text: Where R U? Kill the fucker & come bk now or I’m finding U.*

REHVENGE: [It was done.  Messy business, and yet necessary. I had thought to send the symphath back to the colony, have him detained in a dungeon or cage for the foreseeable. But one, I didn’t want someone such as him breathing in the same air, and two, his grid held secrets of other deeds he had exacted as he had with Autumn, on other females over the decades, vampires and human alike. All more depraved than the last and his only chance of survival had gone just like that. My shred of decency shredded. The only visual evidence of any fracas was a scrape on my knuckles, most of my damage had come from within. And now his broken mind and body was being transported to his last resting place, a watery grave at the bottom of the Hudson. I’d put the call through to disreputable males I knew, for a decent sum would dispose of anything and anyone, no questions asked. Once the headlights of their vehicle disappeared in the distance, I grabbed out my cell, my lips smirking almost hearing the impatience in Xhex’s tone reading her text. A fast shift of molecules and I was back outside my club, striding inside and headed back to the office, rubbing a pristine white handkerchief over the blood on my hand. My office aura seemed calmer than when I had left. Good. I smiled across at Autumn, she was still wary of me but there was nothing I could do about that. And then I caught those gun metal grays piercing me like fucking two darts, felt the push on my grid, a cock of my brow, she was fishing to find out what had happened] You’re such an unruly brat, Xhex. I told you I would return, and here I am. [I needed a scotch. Killing was thirsty work. I’d taken my first long pull of the amber liquid, both females watching me. One more pissed and impatient than the other. I only needed to nod for the impatient one to catch my silent meaning, before sliding my gaze over to her mahmen] He won’t be of a worry to you any longer, Autumn. You have my word on this [Now I had only one thought, no regret of what I’d done, it was long overdue, to give a friend and her mother some ease… but finding out what I’d fished from his grid, I had to wonder, was there some half siblings of Xhex out there somewhere… and the fuck did I tell her?]  

XHEX: *Brat this, Xhex thought as she sneered and finally stopped wearing a path in Rehv’s carpet. It felt like he’d cut her strings. The nervous energy that’d kept her going up to this point stopped. But her mind didn’t. Xhex felt the relief from Autumn, a cool ocean breeze across her rapid-firing grid. The female would be okay now. That meant the world to Xhex. It really did. Something didn’t sit right with the texture of Rehv’s grid as he nursed his scotch. She prodded deeper and was met with the mental equivalent of a middle finger.* Not to sound ungrateful, but are you sure it was him? *This whole thing hit way too close to home. The calm Xhex usually operated behind was obliterated the second she felt her mahmen’s panic. This is why she never wanted to be close to anyone. Ever. Loved ones had a way of screwing shit up. Most of the time unintentionally, which made it so much harder to deal with.*

AUTUMN:  [conversation had ceased after Xhexania’s comment about Tohrment. I had no answer to that, and right now I didn’t really feel like discussing our relationship. So I sat. I couldn’t stand to watch her pace any longer so I looked around the office and tried to keep my thoughts neutral. The room was more comfortable than I would have thought for the type of club it was. But it was obvious that it belonged to someone who was used to the best in life. My curious scanning a were interrupted as Rehvenge walked casually into the room. I tried to return his smile but my fear had returned with his arrival. I watched as he fixed himself a drink and took a slow drink. It took another minute before his words fully sunk in…’He won’t be of a worry to you any longer, Autumn. You have my word on this’. I’m not sure I had ever been so relieved in my life. Standing at Xhexanias question I stood and walked to stand before them both] I believe if I had been wrong he would have informed us upon entering the room. [turning to fully face the male I offered a genuine smile] I am indebted to you. You do not know how grateful I am for your help in this. That said [i took a moment to look between them] I would appreciate it if neither of you mentioned this to Tohrment. He has been through enough recently and if he were to hear that the symphath had been within breathing distance of me I do not know how he would react. And I do not wish to know. [at a nod from them both I exhaled a pent up breath and nodded in return] Now I would appreciate it if you took me home, Xhexania. #ThePastIsDead

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Finally Returned

AUTUMN: [I was in the nursery watching Zahk trying to teach Nalla to stack blocks as opposed to just knocking them over before falling into a fit of giggles. I couldn’t help but smile at the frustrated look on his face as he gathered up the blocks to try again, he was so completely tolerant and patient with the strong-willed little girl you just knew he would grow to be a male of worth. Once he had them all gathered in front of him he began again, explaining the importance of the foundation before building the structure up. It made me wonder if he had been spending time with Cormia. Nalla clapped as the structure grew higher and I saw as she prepared herself to knock it over; balanced on her knees, arms raised high. But just as she was prepared to be her own tiny Godzilla her attention was averted as something even more exciting entered the room. Lassiter. Both of the young jumped up and ran over to him, literally attempting to climb into his arms. I rose from my position on the floor and walked toward the glowing jungle gym, arms now full of chattering, wiggling young.] How about we head down to the kitchen for a little snack. [Delighted squeals and clapping erupted from the young as we headed down the hall of statues, down one of the back staircases that ended in the kitchen, out of the way of staff. Settling the young at the table, Lassiter headed off to get them some milk and cookies before taking a seat opposite me and giving me a look that I wasn’t sure how to interpret. Keeping his voice low he finally broke the silence.] “I’ve done everything I can, Autumn, and I’m at a loss. The only option we have left is the Fade Ceremony, and with Tohrment avoiding me at every turn I’m not exactly sure what to do at this point.” [I knew the angel had tried his best to make Tohrment listen to reason. But time was running out. I hadn’t told anyone but I could feel the tether that was keeping me here fading. I wasn’t sure what it meant but I knew it wasn’t anything good. If we didn’t find a way to make Tohrment see reason soon, I was going to disappear forever. Offering the angel a smile, I tucked a lock of hair behind my ear and tapped a finger to the table.] I refuse to let it end this way, Lassiter. So, as the expression goes, if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain then we’ll bring the mountain to Mohammed. [I couldn’t stop the small bubble of laughter that escaped me at the look on the Angels face. Leaving the young with one of the doggen I had the Angel follow me down to Tohrments office. My male was still in bed having been on rotation last night, which was why I had been in the nursery with the young. Instructing the Angel to take a seat I explained my idea.]

If Tohrment won’t listen to you then maybe he’ll listen to a message from the beyond. I want you to type a letter on his computer, where he’ll be sure to find it. This letter will not only explain the importance of completing the Fade Ceremony, but it will also contain things that only he and I had ever spoken of. Which means, you will forget them as soon as you type them. [Giving the angel the sternest look I could muster I waited until he nodded in agreement before dictating the letter to him. An hour later I reread the letter over his shoulder before nodding my head and standing up.] Now we just need to pray that that stubborn male of mine reads it and finally accepts the importance of the situation.


He had read it and indeed, the importance of the situation finally hit home. I had sat in the office and waited until he had come down to start his day. I watched as he read the letter. I watched as a gamut of emotions filtered across his face. And I watched as realization finally settled there. He had brushed his hands over his short cropped hair, over and over. And now the day was finally here. I sat in the chair in the corner and watched as my male prepared to say goodbye to his shellan and young… alone. I wanted to weep as I watched him pull on the white dress pants and shirt before sitting on the bed and dropping his head into his hands. Standing, I walked over and knelt before him wishing now more than ever that I could touch him. Comfort him in his time of grief. We both glanced at the door as there was a soft knock upon it. A moment later Lassiter walked in, a glowing smile on his face that didn’t reach his eyes. He sobered quickly as his eyes found us. Those glowing eyes flicked quickly between us before they settled on Tohrment.] “You ready to do this, flyboy”

[At Tohrment’s subtle nod the angel glanced down and me and waited for the same. I got to my feet slowly and stood next to my male. The three of us made our way down the hall of statues and to the top of the grand staircase where we found the entire household waiting. A hush fell over them all as the looked up as one, eyes filled with sorrow and empathy. I watched as Tohrment squared his shoulders and walked down the stairs with his head held high. I stood on the bottom step as he made his way toward the altar that had been draped with white cloth. I held my breath as he knelt down and Wrath approached to start the ceremony. My fingers curled into fists as Wellsies name was blackened out, yet my heart swelled with love as I watched my male endure it all without a sound. As the ceremony came to an end I watched proudly as my male stood and faced his brothers and that was when I felt it. That tenuous thread that was keeping me here had snapped and everything faded to black.]


[Upon opening my eyes all I saw was white. For a moment I thought I had somehow materialized on the Other Side. But as I took a moment to look around I didn’t see any of the trees or temples that I had lived among for years.] Hello. [I wasn’t sure who or what I was hoping to see, but my voice didn’t carry as if I were in an empty, cavernous space. I started walking, hoping to find something that would tell me where I was, but all I saw was white. After what felt like forever I finally heard a voice calling my name. I stopped walking and looked around, yet still saw nothing.] Hello. Who’s there? Where am I?

[Panic was slowly starting to set in. I had hope that the completion of the Fade Ceremony would fix all my problems, yet all we had accomplished was a new round of ‘What the heck?’.] “You have a choice to make, Autumn, formerly known as Rosalhynda. Do you wish to return to the Warrior Tohrment, or do you desire to finally enter your final resting place as you had wished to do all those many years ago. Choose wisely, for once the answer leaves your lips the request cannot be rescinded.” [The choice was easy, but I still wondered where I was and what was really going on.] I wish to return to Tohrment. But where am I? What is happening? [It would appear I would be getting no answers today as I felt a force pulling me away from where I was, back into blackness. There wasn’t even time to scream before I found myself standing in front of the Mansion. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed since I had been… wherever I had been. But at the moment all I cared about was Tohrment. Walking through the door into the vestibule I waited to be granted access inside. As the front door opened I stepped inside… I was home] #FinallyReturned

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AUTUMN: [Facing the wall in front of me, I sighed, turned around and started my long walk back down the hallway that ran the length of the training center. Tohrment was in his office going over… paperwork, training schedules, rotations… I had stopped keeping track of what he was doing in his office. Other than avoiding Lassiter. Once the angel had agreed to help me my hopes had soared that I might finally be reunited with my male. But no. One week in and that stubborn male of mine had started avoiding the angel like he had the plague. Males!

Stopping in front of the door to the office I looked in and watched as Tohrment flipped through some papers, mumbling to himself. It was obvious, to me at least, that he was avoiding the reality of the situation. I had been there, standing right next to him, as Lassiter had tried to explain what he felt needed to happen in order for everyone to find some peace in their lives. As soon as he had mentioned the words “Fade Ceremony” Tohrment had nearly punch the angel. Luckily, the move had been anticipated and was avoided. But then all my male had done was turn and walk away. And avoided Lassiter ever since. Shaking my head I went back to pacing the halls. If Tohrment wasn’t willing to at least try what Lassiter had suggested, what was the point? I knew he still blamed himself for her death. I knew he still loved her and their unborn young. How could he not? But if he wasn’t willing to let them go… really let them go… what did that mean for us? If I hadn’t fallen into this current state of nothingness, would we have ever really had a chance if he continued to hold onto them?

After their last confrontation Lassiter had come to me and suggested I try dematerializing to the Other Side to see if the Scribe Virgin had any suggestions. That had been one big failure. Thanks to whatever teether there was tying me to Tohrment, it was strong enough to keep me from leaving this side. Finally having enough of all the thoughts in my head, I lifted my chin and all but screamed at the ceiling.] Why? He already blames himself for my first death. All because I used his knife, he blames himself. And now this! He can not continue to blame himself for the death of every female he has ever loved!! I swear on all that is holier than you, if anything bad should happen to him because of this… [I waved my hands around wildly] all these fucking twisted games… I will find a way to make you pay. [I wasn’t sure who I was threatening. The Scribe Virgin. Lassiters God. All the angels in the supposed heavens. But I didn’t care. I wanted all of this to end. Preferably with me back in the arms of my male.]

“I do not believe the ceiling had anything to do with your current predicament, sweetheart.” [Jumping at the voice behind me, I sent a glare to the angel over my shoulder.] And I do not believe I asked for your opinion, Lassiter. [Back down the hallway I went. In my current state I felt no pain in my leg, so I could pace this hallway forever and never tire. Glancing to my right I saw that the angel was indeed keeping pace with me.] Unless you have discovered an answer to my problem I can find no reason for you to be here. [The angel was completely unphased by my temper. All he did was throw an arm over my shoulders and continue to walk with me.] “I still have no definite answer for you. But I am convinced that completing the Fade Ceremony will, if not fix the problem completely, at least send us in the direction of what else needs to be done.” [I didn’t want to let hope rise in me that it could be that simple. That we had wasted all these months when all that needed to happen was a simple Fade Ceremony. Because the truth was, it wasn’t simple at all. Completing that ceremony would be Tohrments final goodbye. And until he was ready to for that to happen I was going to be stuck in this state of in-between… indefinitely.]  #Stuck

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Daughter of a Deity

PAYNE: [“GORY! GORY! GORYYYYYY!” I was tying the laces of my Doc Martens, sat on the third to last step of the grand staircase, mind far off in different directions, not to mention the pending rotation ahead when tackled…] Sweet Destiny, Nalla! You scared Aunt Payne… [I laughed, words fallen on little deaf ears as she climbed on my lap making it her own personal couch, she twined her arms around my neck and gave me a pout that superseded her mahmens. “See Gory now, AntP? Pease?” Lashes fanned her baby cheeks, citrine eyes as round as that of a lost puppy and I hated to say no but considering I was dressed from head to toe in combat leathers, I had no other choice. So I bartered with a two year old which was safe to say, proved more difficult than fighting off a herd of lessers on stilts while blindfolded.] Mine sweet, not tonight, I am to go out this night but mayhap tomorrow we can visit Glory…

[Soon as I vocalized the word ‘not’, Nalla gave a hard tug at mine braid then proceeded to swing it around lasso-style while singing a garbled version of Twinkle-twinkle little star, making it a point to ignore me. Fates. I laughed again. How could I not? The legendary stubborn streak of all females within this household was, dare I say, hereditary. Holding her steady on my lap, I took a second to look around, wondering who she had broken free from when she paused between nursery rhymes, the long rope of my braid forgotten. “Like papa?" Bright yellow eyes focused on the clothing I wore, then to the weapons secured across my chest, back down to my still unlaced boots. I marveled at how intelligent my young niece was becoming, being able to piece things together with such alacrity, a momentary burst of pride shook me a bit. Would this be what it would be like if I had a young of mine own? Frankly, I had ne’er contemplated upon that subject and the idea of someone calling me ‘mahmen’ was…frightening.

At that moment, my eyes caught a blur of blond haired female rushing across the foyer from the direction of the dining room frantically calling out for Nalla who promptly stuck her face in my neck and started counting loudly…’7, 10, 6, 2…1 READY!’ Bolting from my lap, the young ran as fast as her little legs carried her towards the direction of the library much to Marissa’s dismay.] Good luck! [Amused, I called out behind them, even though the thoughts that brewed in my head were naught short of disconcerting. Returning to the mundane task of lacing up my shitkickers, I thought of Layla whom I visited on a regular basis. The Chosen had been ill from her pregnancy but managed to keep a cheery disposition which baffled me considering the amount of time she spent on the bathroom floor.

And the Queen. Fates, it did not take a scholar to know by the high color of her cheeks and the sparkle in her blue eyes, this time in her life was what she had been anxiously awaiting…would I e’er feel the same? I had not a clue. What kind of mahmen would I be? I over-tightened the lace I threaded suddenly angered, thinking certainly not like mine. No, definitely not like that wretched being I called mahmen. Standing up to my full height, I walked down the last short steps and across the mosaic floor, leathers giving off that slight creaking noise, my boots a giant echo in the emptiness of the foyer even though my footsteps were light. 

Catching a glimpse of my reflection in a nearby wall mirror, the silver of mine eyes rivaled the crystals from the chandeliers that hung above me, I squared my shoulders, rolling my neck and released a breath I did not realize I held. The hilt of mine daggers strapped across mine chest caught the light of a nearby lamp and that immediate connection, that inbred sense beneath mine skin, flooded my veins with a thirst for violence like none other. It was what I was born to do. Of that I was absolutely certain. Checking mine weapons one last time, I pushed all introspection of future young out of my head knowing well when that time arrived, nothing or no one would be able to stop the hand of fate. ’Twas simply not mine time. Yet.

 I looked up then, my icy eyes roaming over the paintings on the ceiling three floors above. The warriors’ strong bodies astride stallions, fighting for the Vampire race, their families and their honor. This was my time. Herein, I would lay down my life to protect those under this roof. To fight for mine race and those that threatened to harm it be it human, lesser or vampire alike. No mercy. As I gave the painting one last glance, the last thought that crossed my mind before meeting my rotation partner and heading out was…mayhap it was time a female was sketched next to all that muscled male posturing. Mayhap one such of raven hair, along with her mare and eyes that shone like moonlight. A killer with the precision and accuracy of a proficient prima donna. Verily, ‘twas a magnificent idea, I deduced with a secret smile ghosting across mine lips as I crossed the threshold into the arms of night. After all, besides being a warrior, I was the daughter of a deity. Indeed.] #DaughterOfADeity

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Babies R Where

QHUINN: -There were few things that made Qhuinn squirm like a colony of fire ants had taken up home in his leathers. But this…His mismatched eyes and brain trying its damnest to process what the fuck he was doing standing between racks of strange bras and…. his head cocked to the side.- Those can’t be panties. - more like a contraption to support a big ass and boobs- those are a serious case of birth control. -He muttered at the same time recoiling when the overly happy Mary Poppin sales lady caught him in her cross hairs. Jesus.. Fuck me. A forced tight smile did nothing to deter this woman. “Is there anything I can help you find, sir? All nursing bras are …” Qhuinn took a step back his hand flying up to stop the rest of that sentence from making his brain bleed out.- I’m good. Really. These man boobs won’t be lactating anytime in the next 100 millenniums… Thanks. -She gawked…literally made this bird sound and had the nerve to look offended. GET. IN. LINE. Mary Poppins. The giggle from behind him had Qhuinn grunting shit that wasn’t even words at the little chosen he knew was living this shit up. He was never going to live his down. The look he shot her was both pleading and threatening, a pending torture of some kind, she snickered and smiled. He spoke in a low growl as he stalked forward, clipping a sign with his shoulder that clearly stated in bold pink letters “Leak Proof Lining”- When you said you needed more bras and panties, I was picturing Victoria’s Secret. Not this. -A mountain of a warrior with shitkickers planted to the carpeted floor, thick arms crossed to his chest, brow cocked a hint of amusement buried in his tone.- This takes some warning, Layla. And possibly a therapy session with Jane.

LAYLA: [Layla’s laughter filled the air as she stood and observed his fear and irritation, but she n’er expected him to take her shopping if he knew what was truly to come of their trip. Closing the small distance between them, Layla pulled his crossed arms down and smiled towards the sales lady that had begun to wander off.] Qhuinn, if I had spoken of what we were to be truly searching for you n’er would have agreed to accompany me, am I right? [Bella had taken Layla aside days ago and told her all of what she would need for herself. As much as she had wanted to request her sisters presence, ‘twas still difficult for her to make requests to anyone other than Qhuinn. Reaching up as much as she could to find his broad shoulders, Layla turned his body around, and while tugging on his large hand with hers, she escorted him to a rack of maternity panties.] Shall I model them for you warrior?

QHUINN: - A small group of ogling sappy eyed females hovering around a rack did not go unnoticed. All of them with child, but no man. And just where the hell were their males? Then it hit him, this was kinda important.. one of those moments, one that mates would share. He and Layla weren’t mates but this was his young she was carrying and if she needed these contraptions then he’d ball up and do this shit. Damn. Qhuinn swallowed then swallowed again, all of a sudden the Sahara desert was in his throat and he wanted a shot of herradura and a loaded monster burger from that diner on the corner of Fifth Street. Christ. He gave the hand in his a squeeze and a tug, and Layla met his chest with a gentle thud, those green eyes lifted up to his and he shook his head, half grinning.- These places should have man stations, flat screens and chairs that massage my ass while i watch MMA and wolf down a King size candy bar. I’m putting all that shit in the suggestion box… -Qhuinn tapped the end of her nose with his finger.- You owe me big, baby girl…BIG. -He stepped back making his arms span their full length before tucking them into his chest and leaning against a mirrored wall, he nodded toward the racks.- I’ll be right here…. -As he stood there Qhuinn caught himself from time to time watching her move and her body sway, she wasn’t sporting a huge bump but the proof was there. His kid..their young was growing inside that female, one that he adored and would protect with his life.-

LAYLA: [Layla couldn’t help but smirk and laugh at how Qhuinn was behaving. Bella had spoken to her before they left and gave her a humorous warning about how he may act, but Layla had deigned that he would be able to handle it. ‘Twas only a shopping trip, she convinced herself. But now…seeing that deer in the headlights look he had and how his brows were knitted so tightly across his brow, she simply smiled and dropped her hands from the garments she had been fondling. One arm was already heavy with the items she had pulled from the various locations within the store. His eyes were glued to her belly, which now pooched out a little more than she had wanted. Feeling somewhat self-conscious at his stare she covered her front with the items and walked back towards the wall he was leaning against.] Oh Qhuinn, my sweet Qhuinn. I shall repay you ten-fold. This I assure you. Can we secure payments for these items? [She held up her arm and batted her lashes as only a female could; something she had learned from watching television. It always worked for them, would it work for her? [Then we can feed your growling stomach and mine. This young has me famished on a constant basis. Clearly, she has taken after her father. [Layla smiled warmly as the vision of a small female baby, with her fathers mismatched eyes flooded her mind. He always hated how different he was, but she loved his eyes. Turning her head left to right she looked around and thrust the stack of clothing against his broad chest.] How do we get these?

QHUINN: -Qhuinn nudged her toward the front of the store, whispering like it was top secret- With a roll.. -a squeeze check to the stack on his hold- …or two, of Benjamin’s and a check-out lane with the least appealing cashier. My appetite along with yours combined we might have to call in the brothers for a cleanup on aisle 5. -She blushed a deep crimson and a rumbling laughed came straight from his chest.- I’m fucking with you, Chosen. -The warrior almost looked civilized with his massive arm full a shopping spree the other around the shoulders of the female at his side…normal if you would but when a leather clad shitkicker wearing mammoth of a man made a sound like that people noticed. He wanted to bare his fangs and growl…but that shit would fly like a dead bird. So instead he pulled the hormone card.- Nothing to see here folks that was the happy hormone wave from my lil’ bit. You can only guess what comes next…-Qhuinn petted down Layla’s blonde hair, fighting a smile- You don’t want to be around for it. And she’s hungry on top of that. -And that was how Moses parted the red sea. A few minutes later they stood on the sidewalk, Fritz had taken the bags to the car. Qhuinn was scanning and doing a subtle weapons check before they took off to find grub.- Layla, you want Chinese, Mexican, or the Diner? -when she didn’t answer his eyes shot to her face and he took a step closer- Layla? What the hell’s wrong?

LAYLA: [Her mind was elsewhere, she heard his question but it didn’t seem to process as her body was warning her to take a close look at their surroundings. Something felt off…no not off, she thought, but odd. Dearest virgin, her nose was twitching and she wanted to curse as she had heard so many others do when they were unnerved by a situation. Her green eyes looked left and then right, and that’s when a gasp escaped her now parted lips. She caught, yet only briefly, but enough to know who it was. That massive dark shadow of a male that slipped from beside a strip center across the way and into the shadows. It was that of her capture, or savior as she had grown to think of him after he cared so kindly for her after the car bomb. ‘Twas Xcor that her nose and body had sensed before he slid away from sight. How long had he been watching them, and what business would he have had here, were the thoughts that scrolled through her scrambled mind. The sudden heat of Qhuinn’s stare and body beside her brought her from her daze. Raising her eyes to his she frowned slightly and pondered if she should even mention it.] Oh, nothing Qhuinn. ‘Tis my sense of smell that is so heightened and I simply caught wind of one that I know. [And one she felt fondly, much too fondly for her liking, but also something she would not divulge to the warrior who stood watch beside her.] Xcor…he is near, I can feel it. And I don’t understand why? [Her brows rose and she looked up at him questioningly.] Why, after all the time that has passed would he have such an effect on me? To sense his being and smell? [She was clearly disturbed and a wave of confusion rolled off of her, surely causing Qhuinn to question her loyalty to the Brotherhood, but ‘twas something she could not deny.]

QHUINN: -He barely registered anything she said, not a single fucking word after “Xcor” because the wind shifted and the scent of bastard stung the night air. Fight mode engaged. His broad thick shoulders rolled, head dropped and he inhaled, body angling toward the enemy, hand on the hilt of his pistol the other spun and got Layla corralled between his body and the building.- Don’t move or try to see shit. You got me. -There was no question poised for her to answer. Those eyes got busy tearing apart the shadows and the alleys, even the roof tops as far as he could see. Nothing, but that meant shit. Fritz sat a block down the street, the car idling at the curb. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuccckkk. All he could think was getting her and his young out of here, and right now he was no where close to being able to dematerialize and he wasn’t sending her alone. What if Xcor tried to follow her? That son of a bitch needed to die, unfortunately tonight wasn’t going to allow for it. Another string of curses and Qhuinn eased off Layla but kept her shielded, pulled out his phone and got Fritz and the Mercedes back to their position. Jerking open the back door for Layla, he hissed at the doggen to stay put then joined her in the back seat. Something was not setting right with him, he found his temper growing by the second, he hissed toward the front seat.- To the compound, Fritz. Don’t stop for anything. -Mismatched eyes took in the darkness behind his eyelids for a few beats followed by some breathing… one deep breath… two…three…four… his jaw grew tight, eyes slowed open onto her and he spoke real slow.- What do you mean you sensed him? And What the fuck happened when he had you, Layla? Don’t bullshit me, Chosen. That’s my life growing inside you as well.

LAYLA: [Frightened beyond belief by his words and actions, Layla did as she was told and swallowed the hard lump that had formed in her throat. Groaning low, she knew she should have said naught of what she discovered. He was gone, and they could have avoided the whole thing. Her body was carefully pushed into the backseat of the car with Qhuinn following immediately. The anger within him filled the Her body was carefully pushed into the backseat of the car with Qhuinn following immediately. The anger within him filled the backseat as she struggled to contain the tears that stung her eyes. Her head turned as she struggled to contain the tears that stung her eyes. Her head turned towards Qhuinn as he closed his eyes and tried to compose himself, but when they opened and looked right into hers…almost into her soul, the tears fell. She strained to fight them and find the words to explain what had occurred so many months ago. A loss for words, that was what she was feeling, along with guilt and fear. Nothing had ever been spoken of what transpired when she was taken, she had made sure of that. What would Qhuinn think of her? Would he no longer love her, or no longer want anything to do with their young. Think of her as tainted for having taken his vein and offered the same? Her hands rose to wipe the tears from her flushed cheeks, and she spoke as softly and calmly as she could fathom, not looking the warrior in the eye.] He never laid a hand on me. He was naught but caring and kind. I was fed and taken well care of while in his home. But… [This is where she faltered in her speech. Her feelings for the scarred warrior had only multiplied over the time since her safe return. She found herself dreaming of those deep blue eyes and his scent. She had a strong instinct to protect him…protect him from those she dwelled with. Telling Qhuinn everything? No good would e’er come of that. The Brotherhood already had vowed to kill Xcor and his soldiers. Her head rose and her eyes met his.] I took his vein. [Before he could attempt to protest and stop her from speaking she continued.] I had to Qhuinn, for I was injured in the explosion. He ne’er even looked at me, stood in the shadows. [Layla heard Qhuinn grit his teeth and a low growl rumbled in his chest. She firmly grasped Qhuinn’s arm to try and emphasize the purpose of her actions before pulling her hand away, as well as her body, providing some distance between them fearing the worst of consequences from the father of their young.]

QHUINN: I’m sure he did it out of the goodness of his fucking heart, Layla. -Words slung at her sharp as a bladed whip, fist bound together in his lap. He would throw himself from the car before he laid a hand on her, but fuck he wanted to kill something, the guilt and fury battling in his chest was indescribable. She…THEY should’ve never been in hands of son of a bitch.- Xcor is nothing but god damn calculating bastard! -Qhuinn roared and watched more tears stream down her face, she shrank further into herself. He knew she only done what had to be done to save her and the young, but god damn he wasn’t taking this dose of reality like a good boy. It was a horse pill lodged in his throat and a twitch in his trigger finger. Fangs fully extended, eyes he knew had gone wild glanced out the side glass, they were a half mile from the turn off to the mountain.- Pull over Fritz… -the car slowed and Qhuinn slowly leaned in toward Layla, one hand cupping her cheek the other going very carefully to her belly, he spoke with all the calm he could find for her.- I’m not mad at you, baby girl. Fuck… I’m glad you did what you had to but … -he broke off- I gotta process this shit and…I -his chest rose and fell once as the car stopped- Fritz will take you on into the compound. I’ll be back before dawn. You need me…call. -lifting her chin higher- Don’t hesitate I mean it. -Qhuinn kissed both her tear stained cheeks and exited the car, tapping the hood for it to leave. He stood there on the side of the road…fuck he had no clue how long but when he tried to dematerialize and it worked he knew it was long enough. The Male in him needed a clear mind, the Warrior needed blood to spill…Lesser or Bastard he didn’t care. -

LAYLA: [Layla attempted a small smile, for his sake, but failed miserably when he told her he was leaving her with Fritz to be taken home, alone. This is what she had feared all along and by keeping the secrecy of what else transpired between her and Xcor…no, she now knew it was for the best. The pure animalistic fury that emanated from Qhuinn at merely knowing she had taken another vein, especially the one of an enemy was almost more than she could bare. She stared out the darkened window at the male that had made a solemn vow to protect her and choked back more tears. She ne’er meant to hurt him, nor cause him any undue harm, but her stupidity had betrayed her. Shaking her head as the car drove away, she drew her legs up to her elbows and sunk her face into her trembling palms as her heart ached for him, and for the male she had grown to desire, against all odds.] #BabiesRWhere

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ZerosSum Bastard Style

ZYPHER:  {Balthazar wasted no time getting the female on her knees, she actually looked shocked, Zypher mused when her mouth gaped open, eyes flared wide. His rough fingers tapped her cheek.}  Keep it just like that.  {Cock heavy in his other palm, the swollen head nudged her lips, then his dick got wet and went slip and slide down her throat, deep, deeper out any gag reflex that wanted to expel.  God he groaned like bitch when her tongue got slurp and lick happy, like his dick was one of those candies he saw females walk around with to display their talents openly. Both his hands fisted her hair, encouraging her talents up and down his erection that was until his comrade mounted that bubble ass and sank balls deep between those cheeks. Fucking Razor blades was all he felt for a split second.} Mind. Your. Fucking. Teeth   {Steel blue eyes sharp as his words. The point was received, held her head firm and punched two hard thrust down her throat. Thumbs slipped to her jaw keeping it unhinged, pace steady leveling out with   Balthazar’s invasion, the assault on her ass and mouth she would feel for days.  Head tilted, lips slightly parted breathing labored, Zypher voyeured the show his cock was starring in.}  That’s it, baby. {Low hiss from his chest} You like being double fucked.  {It wasnt a question and needed no answer. The music in the club flipped tracks, a sex grinding rhythm that grabbed his balls and twisted. The female, fuck, she began to whimper and beg, writhing in their grasp, taking every deep drive of their hips. They would split her in two, he couldn’t find a give a fuck in Balthazar’s growl brought his eyes up, the brothers stare was black with lust and his fangs were dagger long, Zypher’s matched. No grounds were set with the female if this was a double tap… pussy and blood. Or a solo excursion…pussy only. Had Xcor not been watching he would have shoved her up and back into his brother and got high and tight in that pussy and her vein. Growl of his own rose from his chest, eyes falling closed, this bitch was a hoover on his dick and right now the orgasm he was chasing dulled the ache to taste her blood, barely.} You better swallow fast, female.  

THROE:  {He paid for his comrades to have a night they were looking for, filled with sex at least since his vampire contact wasn’t available for the next week.  Testosterone was pumping through veins to the point he could almost see the shit with the naked eye.  The only option he could come up with was the club known to offer females with the right amount of coin, it would at least give the bastards something to do other than fight the Lessening Society that was bringing their race to its knees.  Solution sorted for the time being, and he worked where they were finally sitting on a nice pile of coin that could hold them good for at least a few years, as long as expenses didn’t change.  So he laid down the bills and watched as each one of his comrades left, including Xcor, to follow behind her.  Instead of letting his feet carry him he took another pull from the drink he’d been nursing since they arrived in the sex filled club.  It didn’t feel right here, something was wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on it, but no one else seemed to have the same thoughts as he.  Giving a mental shrug Throe pressed into his heels and scanned the club with his icy blues before carrying himself down the path he just watched the soldiers go, what he found didn’t surprise him..  Nay, what did stop him was the fact Syn was not only sitting on the sidelines, but he had brought his own with him, somehow.  Thore didn’t want to give it much thought, or think of the extra cash he’d have to pay for having two females in the room for them to feast upon.  Teeth gritted as he locked his jaw into place, mostly he didn’t partake in the adventures of his comrades, or at least not with them, but he had the feeling an exception would need to be made to last the night with the raging hard on he was sporting.}

XCOR: [The whore’s room was in almost complete darkness, a requirement if she was to service me, also. I stood back in the corner, surveying my men devouring the female, her moans I was sure were that of pleasure and not of the fakery to garner her money. Aye, she may be a whore used to putting on a show, but she was enjoying my men. I felt the ache in my gums, too long since I had fed from the chosen, how many month had since past now was it? and still she haunted my every waking moment. I scowled, pushed the image of the blonde angel from my mind, she had nay right to be in my head. I concentrated the twitch of my cock, eager to banish thoughts of the pure female, one too clean for the likes of my ugliness. I strode forward, growled for Zypher to move his bulk, I felt the female hesitate, knew she was glaring at me, her indrawn breath and stiffened body conveyed her disgust. I tightened my jaw, unbuckled the belt slowly, she had been paid, she could look away, I had no fucking care what the whore thought of my looks, I was only interested in what she had between her legs. With one shove I was embedded deeply inside her. I felt her body stretch and soften, she moaned swallowing more of my comrade, my thrust synced with that of the pounding music coming from afar, scribe awful music, humans thus proving their tastes for things were at rock bottom zero. My head dropped on my neck, every shove inside her tightness drawing me e’er closer to the pleasure, fangs pulsed and edge down upon my lip and whilst amid the silken walls, noises of our carnality filling the room I was pushed into memories of the chosen, it was her body I saw enveloping my cock, her moans I heard….. goddamn it…. ]

ZYPHER: {He was in shock for a moment after she swallowed every drop his cock shoved down her throat and licked every drop of remains from his dick.  Her talents weren’t the shock, it was his leader who took over the female from Balthazar and himself and sank into her pussy.   He knew she enjoyed Xcor invading her core with each roll of his hips her moans grew louder.  Zypher’s frustration grew by the second as his dick was once more pulsing for release.  Eyes as cold as steel swept the room, no one was guarding, but he wasn’t concerned, nay, no human would fuck with them, and if they dare stepped into the room they would find themselves being fucked by one if not two of the soldiers.  His hands ground into the females wrist to keep her from reaching for his leader, if she were to touch him he wasn’t sure of the outcome and he was nay ready to give up the eager pussy.  Zypher’s head dropped beside hers, canines running the length of her shoulder tugging at the fragile skin.}  Do you want me to fuck you, female.  {His gaze took in the widening of her legs allowing Xcor to really get inside of her, Zypher’s grin widened at the whimper that escaped from her throat.  Moving her hands with a crushing grip he wrapped her palms over his cock.}  That’s it, baby… {If her mouth was any indication of the skill she possessed her hands were going to prove a fine choice.}

THROE:  {Throe wasn’t sure the amount of time that passed since the last time he had a female as eager as the one Syn had brought into the blacked out room.  If it wasn’t for having superior vision he was almost certain he wouldn’t see anything.  His grin widened as Syn pushed the blonde forward from his lap.   Her hands tightened and tugged harder on his cock.}  Lay back, girl.  {His gaze tracked Syn as he rounded the sofa and pulled her head where he wanted it across the arm of the chair, he gave her no room to move holding her prisoner with his large palms.  Inch by inch he invaded her lips nay caring for the constriction he put on her throat as she gagged her limit.  Throe pulled her legs over the edge of seat until she hung open in front of him.  It amazed him none to find her desire glistening her thighs, a groan of satisfaction sounded from his throat as he pushed her legs wider.  Syn was pulling from her mouth before shoving anew when Throe sank into her core.  His hands digging into her thighs to keep her spread wide for him as he ground deep inside of her slick walls.  It had been too long he thought.  Her muffled sound of pleasure along with his comrades echoed in his skull.}

XCOR: [Many switches happened. Zypher and Syn alternating with fucking both ends.  The female well used until I e’en wondered how she was taking such a bruising from my soldiers. Once I had spilled inside her, the picture of another blonde with the greenest eyes raged the climax harder from me, and the whore pumped her hips crying her orgasm.  I withdrew disgusted trying to banish the chosen from every thought was harder than I waged, aye, and bringing her to this place of ill repute, putting her face in this situation of the basest of filth.. the anger beat a pain inside my temple] Finish, we are to leave now [I growled with contempt, the female writhing her pleasure. Standing in the doorway, the blare of the godforsaken music only increasing, I looked on as my men finished up their business, money was left the female. In precise formation, Throe at my side, the cousins at my back we left. Head bent to the darkest of the establishment, my hunger still pallable, unable to take that female’s vein, not e’en to stave off the pang, I found I hungered for another. Just outside the door, leaving the glass building with its neon sign and all it’s ill gotten gains behind, I rounded on Balthazar, his incessant bleating driving a nail over my last nerve. His back bounced from the brick wall I had pinned him to, fangs bared, I leveled a sinister look toward Throe who looked stupid enough to interfere stopping him in his tracks] I allowed you your trivial fun, now if I have to listen to your cock stories just one more minute, I will rip it from you, balls included and shove them down your throat, are we clear? [Eyeball to eyeball I felt the rage pour from my soldier, smrt of him he didnae respond] Now, we get back to the war. Zypher, go south. Syn, head west. We meet in three hours, Aye. [One brief nod, I dematerialized to the highest building, my lady love humming gently, I cracked my neck surveying all of caldwell…. knowing somewhere in this town was my chosen. More importantly the brotherhood who were housing her… one way or another I had decided I would kill one and take the other for my own… I not only wanted the throne, aye…. I wanted it all…] ZeroSumBastardStyle

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Using the King

WRATH:  -Fucking hell.  She was killing me, and the scent of her arousal did nothing to keep me from jumping her and stripping every inch of clothing from that soft skin of hers.  Only a few months into her pregnancy and already her sexual appetite was hard to keep up with, even with my stamina.  With a plan to leave the mansion behind for just a night slowly approaching I was doing everything to keep her at arms length simply so I wouldn’t be worn down to a wet noodle before the time came.  So instead of pulling her higher on my chest and getting to work on her desire it took everything in me to retrieve the hardcase my wraparounds were in and pull them into place.  My callused hands feeling against the swell of her midsection before buttoning my leathers and retreating with George at the lead to the mountains of scrolls and emails that awaited me in my study.-

BETH: -The yawn from Beth felt inhuman as she stretched out every muscle. But she was so rested having slept nearly 10 hours, unheard of for her. She tested the sickness, throwing her legs over the side of the bed and sat for a minute or two, when the world didn’t shift beneath her, or her belly rolling, she grinned and hopped down the platform doing the necessary bathroom pit-stop and took a leisurely shower, giving a glance in the full length mirror at her growing belly, Junior was growing nicely, and right on schedule according to Manny. Beth didn’t know how she would have coped being pregnant for 16 months as was the norm for vampires, nope,not for the queen, she would be full term in just a few months, and wasn’t she happy as a clam to meet their baby. On the way down to Wrath’s study, Beth stopped to talk with Bella in the corridor, had a cuddle with Nalla, then popped her head around Marissa’s door to say hi, making sure to call in to check on Layla and to have a doggen take the pregnant chosen her favorite ice cream. All the while Beth had Wrath on her mind, and when she saw him behind his desk sat on his throne grimacing at something Fritz was transcribing to him… maaan… the desire as always hit her as if one of V’s beloved Red Sox’ pitchers had got her square in the face with a ball. George’s tail thumped, but he stayed at his master’s side- Hi, my baby boy -Beth got down to the dogs level giving both of his ears a nicely scratch which her furry baby adored- Hey, Fritz, can you take my baby here for a walk for a while? “oh, yes, Mistress, of course. Come, master George, we shall take our leave” -The look on her mans face told Beth he knew exactly why she was clearing out his study, she smiled slowly rounding his desk. She didn’t mind being low down on the list when it came to who got Wrath’s attention the most, there was so much work to be done it was a necessity, but right now, for this hour, she had decided he was hers- Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way -Beth joked, her tone light and carefree as she perched onto her hellren’s legs, both hands cupping his hard face. Man, he was beautiful, all his hard sculpted lines and that mouth… she was already lost in love with him when she kissed that mouth and purred- What’s it to be, Wrath?

WRATH: -Before she even stepped foot inside the study I knew exactly what she was coming after.   Me.  Canines punched into the inside of my bottom lip straining for release as my cock throbbed to life immediately.  No matter the days and nights that passed she still and always would have that effect on me.  Her scent alone my own personal aphrodisiac that could keep me pumped for hours on end.  Fritz was quick to the program taking George on the requested hike giving her exactly what she wanted.  Locking the doors to the study with only a thought as rough hands rounded onto the exquisite globes of her rear.  Even with the considerable change in her midsection she still still fit against me effortlessly.  Unable to resist the lure of her lips only inches from my tongue I took what my taste slow yet deliberately leaving her panting in my lap for more.   She came here to perch on my lap and make her demands and I was the only one who could meet them, ever.-  You tell me…. Leelan.  -Even with Jane and Beth assuring me no harm would come to the young during sex I’d take my time with her, easing her body to accept me until I was more than certain she would only feel the pleasure I gave her, never once did I allow my harsher side come to life and fall into the animalistic taking her raw and fast.  But she was making it difficult with her little purrs.-  You need to slow down before I take you here.  -Vicious minx she was didn’t help when she pulled my face back to hers punching her fangs into the inside of my lip drawing blood and sweeping her tongue in to consume every drop she brought forth.  Hips drilled upwards of their own accord not allowing me a single thought other than to listen to the demand my cock was giving to get inside of her and now.  My growl was low as I pulled my lips from her with the strain of my control teetering to non existent.-  Last warning, you’ll have, Elizabeth…

BETH:  So scary you are, baby -Beth only laughed and took another nip on Wrath’s bottom lip, tugging it with delight into her mouth, while at the same time her hands with much skill and practice had unbuttoned his leather pants. When he began to talk again, she pushed their mouths together, sweeping inside for a longer deeper taste, almost losing the power to breath. Too long, it had been too long since she’d had him, she was likely to murder someone if they dared come to the study door. Acting like she’d had lessons from a ninja turtle, Beth freed Wrath’s length into her waiting hands, purring it took not even a second to take him where she wanted him… ached… oh jesus yeahhhhhhh- I got this, Wrath… you just stay… jesus..yeah stay there -he was pushed all the way inside her. She had no room for the pushing, but whaddaya know, Wrath’s hands got in on the play, cupping her butt and lifted her on and off him. A shift and a tilt and she rode her man, the pleasure growing.. her fangs aching. Man, they needed this time, only if it was a short time, they needed it..-

WRATH: -A silk vise had a hold of me as I drove deeper, harder, faster. That’s the only thing that could describe how she felt riding my cock.- I’ll show you scary, Leelan. -Each word was driven home with a rotating power driving thrust into her core.  Fuuuuuck she felt so good on me. Fangs throbbed to be buried to the hilt just like my length. How I kept from answering the call my canines made was beyond me. Pulling each moan from her throat in a deep kiss that continued on and in.  Anchoring her chest to mine with an arm braced against her back as I forced her hips on with my urging hand.  Her moans vibrating against my throat to keep going and never stop until…… My grunts as she tightened her already strong hold on my cock through her orgasm didn’t help me from losing my own with her. Relentlessly my hips continued strumming her body through each twitch it gave me. My bonding scent clouded the room in a haze to cover her and fill her every pore so no one could ever question who she belonged to. Nails dug into my biceps to keep ahold as I lifted us both to drop her on top of my cluttered desk. Lips dropping to her throat leaving a wet path until I found the lobe of her ear.  Rearing back my hips to deliver earth shattering punches with my throbbing cock inside her.-  you asked for this, Leelan..  

BETH: -With all the will in the world Beth could not have stopped their sex, nor did she want to. She leaned back, braced her hands and felt Wrath’s fingers slid up under her skirt to grip her thighs and —— jesus. He penetrated like he did everything in life. With complete conviction, she always died right there in his study, the pleasure so damn acute she easily forgot her own name- I asked… now gimme it, Wrath -There was no point trying to move, to sync their hips, Wrath was all the way there in charge, somewhere along the line her seduction had tripped over into his possession and didn’t she just moan loving it. Once…twice..and another thrust and she splintered in half, an orgasm robbing Beth of all logical thoughts. When she resurfaced, she tugged on his thick black hair, brought his smirking lips down to hers and took them, kissing her man with every last bit of love she felt for him. Bossy, overpowering, stubborn and hers. Man, she loved him, loved watching his face, so rugged and relaxed and in the moment. A moment that wouldn’t last long before real life invaded again and Wrath would need to get back to the emails. But right now… her hips lifted, got the friction going again.. right now he was all hers-

WRATH:  -She was an angel sent to me from some deity that thought more of me than I did of myself.  With her hips urging me to continue until there was nothing left of me.  My palms released their stronghold on her thighs to grasp her face instead to allow me to feel what my eyes denied me, the beauty that was my Shellan.  My hips no longer in the desperate search to ease the throbbing pain in my cock, I reluctantly slowed my assault.  Elbows pressed against her shoulders to keep her ass from sliding further up my desk, forearms braced against it’s surface and hands lanced with hers.-  What is it you want, Leelan….  -Too close to exploding, I knew any second I wouldn’t be able to hold anything back and fill her tight sheath.  But I needed the words, I wanted to hear her utter them in a soft plea.  Until that point…-  Tell me… -Releasing the grasp of her palm to reach where our bodies connected between her skirt that now rode high on her hips, my thumb pressed against her nub of nerves swollen with need, pinching and rubbing until she was panting heavily against my throat.-  Ask for it, tell me…

BETH:  -How could she ask for something he was already giving her. Besides, Beth didn’t think she could breath right then, she came hard, straight up bowed beneath the vampire king and cried his name, every last syllable bouncing from the walls, and her baby belly pressing into the hard planes of Wrath’s chest still covered with the black wifebeater shirt, so desperate the Queen she hadn’t taken the time to undress him or herself. Her inner walls clasped tight, working him, urging him to go further even while her body was completely utterly relaxed with her pleasure. She followed the lines on his face, kissed every inch, until her fangs reached his throat… Beth’s smiled turned wicked, there was one sure fire way of making Wrath lose his mind and she dived right in, sinking her teeth into his neck, feeling the vein give and the heady taste of his blood fill her mouth pushing up at the same time so both of them rose, with her ass perched on the desks edge and Wrath still working in and out deeper each time.. it was passion in its raw form, her hormones had taken her mans cock hostage, and funny thing was, while Wrath worried himself sick over her getting through the pregnancy, she chuckled to herself, as her man fucked her good and properly as a bonded male did, Beth wondered if her Wrath would make it to the end game if she kept using him this way… the desire stirred, and she fed deeper with longer pulls, moaning the whole time, hands holding tight to his back, loving the flex and roll of his muscles. Her lips dislodged from the bite mark, head tipped back as she moaned, the ride inside her was exquisite. Beth knew there was one thing she could ask for, so she took his face in her hands, licked his lips, teased over his fangs, their bodies working together…. two words fell from her lips-. …….. More, Wrath… #UsingTheKing

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Sleep never felt so Good

WRATH: -My Shellan was pregnant…  Fuuuck.   It may not have happened the first go around during her needing, didn’t that deflate a males ego to nothing, but the second was the charm and much to my Queen’s delight, was successful.  The announcement to the Brotherhood went better than planned.  Though how did one actually expect shit to go down?   A celebratory drink?  Possibly between males, but Beth had to stay far from alcohol, Doctors orders, as well as mine even if it wasn’t voiced. I wanted to keep my balls in well working order, thank you veryfuckingmuch.  

Instead of pulling back the covers and sneaking into our mated bed I headed for the shower instead, though I doubted she would complain, I didn’t want the grim of a thorough workout plastered to my pillow unless the workout starred her.  Beth was deep in sleep and didn’t need me to disrupt the rest she needed no matter the amount of time she had already slept or lounged around as she referred.  Fritz had taken to gluing his ass to her side, almost literally, I had no complaint there and didn’t need to worry if she needed something and I wasn’t there to do her bidding, if anything it eased my mind.  Scorching water pelted against my chest.  

A soothing balm to the vigorous workout and hand to hand combat I’d put my body through. I did need to stay in shape, I had the brotherhood, Beth, our young, and so many more who depended on me. That meant no skipping workouts or taking a break to sit fat and happy on the throne from night to night and with the recent change in time I had all the more opportunities to see I stayed on track. Rinsing the soap from my hair and every inch of my skin and snagging the towel I left on the rack and making quick work to dry off. Bare feet carting me back into our mated bedroom in silence. Even without my sight I knew the room was basked in darkness as she stayed in her deep slumber.   Leaving the covers as they lay in a tangled mess on top of her I lay on my side of our mated bed and listened closely to every breath and beat of her heart. Usually this was the time I steal a moment or longer to inspect the changes her body was slowly making to accommodate the young that grew each passing day.

Though months would pass before the day we would meet our young I almost dreaded the day to come and invade her body with pain that was inevitable. The pads of my fingers felt the bump that distinguished the growth of our baby. Even without my sight I knew her beauty grew with each passing day but enjoyed the reminder Fritz would give me with his not so subtle hints of a glow that surrounded the Queen.  Her visits with Jane she took on her own. Protesting that I was just in Jane’s way and everything was more than great. Knowing the physician if there wasn’t she would at least mention something to me. Her subtle shift to turn into my welcomed arms with her barely swollen stomach pressed to my flat one with the blanket our only barrier brought a grin to my face and a tug at my heart. Her hand clasped together against my chest as she burrowed closer.

By now I had no way of covering my naked frame without disturbing her sleep. I could think of worse ways to spend the day. Chaste kiss pressed to her forehead as I closed my idle eyes.  Though physically I was drained my mind was somewhere else altogether.  The bastards were still at large and hiding in the shadows. And didn’t the mere thought of them set my blood to a steady boil. They were top priority on the hit list. Even without the added worry of our young coming to the world they still were after Beth and always would be. I was almost certain they were unaware of the pregnancy as only a select few outside of the compound knew and it would remain that way until it was impossible to keep. The brothers and I needed to formulate a plan to wipe them completely from existence.

It would be the only way worry would not follow me to our mated bed early hours of the day. Or at least make it easier for me to sleep the day away in peace while other matters clouded my mind. My name a mumble from her lips brought me from my darker thoughts back to  those of her growing midsection. One she claimed was still flat as a board even after three months into pregnancy. There was a chance she still appeared to be barely showing any signs for I couldn’t very well see with my own eyes, but I felt the difference when my hand spanned her entire stomach. Whatever happened with our young one thing I knew for certain, they’d fall under Nalla’s wing and become her little partner in all things crime just as Zahk had.  Protection, love and care would be given freely from every member of our family. It was a thought that made it easier to allow my body and soul solitude, long enough to allow the sandman to take me to a world where Beth and I had no worries or fears. A male could dream, true?-  #SleepNeverFeltSoGood.

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Angels and Secrets

AUTUMN: - [Once I had made the decision to find out what the Angel knew I had done everything I could to get close to him. But, Scribe Virgin, he was good at disappearing as soon as he caught any sign of Tohrment in the near vicinity. So I had spent the last few days testing the limits of just how far I could get away from Tohrment before I started to feel that tingly feeling in my limbs that pulled me back to him. Turns out, as long as we were both within the confines of the Mansion I could go pretty much anywhere. So that was why I was currently walking all the hidden passages trying to find the current bane of my existence. I was positive he knew something and at this point I wanted to know even the smallest of details about why and how this was happening. And if he wasn’t willing to share then the next stop I was making was to the Scribe Virgin. Walking down the back hallway I entered the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks. There he was, standing with his back to me listening to something Bella was saying. No way was I missing this opportunity I rushed to stand behind the taller female. If I wasn’t so intent on discovering some answer about my current predicament I might have laughed at his face. It flashed from shock to fear in a matter of seconds and had Bella reaching out to ask if he was okay.] Too late, Lassiter, there is no way you are rushing out of this kitchen without arousing her concern. And we all know, Bella is almost as bad as Beth when she thinks something needs to be discovered or uncovered. You have information and I want answers. [I stayed close but not too close. I had discovered that the others could feel if I inadvertently entered their bodies. I was between the Angel and the door to freedom. I watched as he cleared his face and tried to reassure Bella that he was okay.]

BELLA: [Because Lassiter was Bella’s tv buddy, the cheesiest shows the better, she’d began to wonder what was up with him when for the fourth time that week he’d bailed on one of their shows. Not one to be put off that easily, anyone only needed to ask Z that, she’d cornered him in the hallway. Her eyes slit to narrowed blue the more he lied to her, that he’d been busy, he didn’t have time. She called bullshit right to his face] It was ‘baby daddy’ day yesterday on Maury, no way you miss that cause you’re busy, Lass. Spill it, have you been romancing the staff again? [Whatever his answer was going to be, Bella’s smile fell as she watched him blanche, those silver eyes of his dart to the side of her then back again real quick. Bella glanced and saw nothing only the row of marbled statues, but ‘cause she knew him, knew the angel, usually the breeziest of all males, she clicked her tongue and folded her arm through his not giving him a chance to refuse] let’s go get a drink and you can tell me what you’re not telling me, cause right now, maaan, [she chuckled a little] I’m thinking it’s little green men, or at least a secret family somewhere else.

AUTUMN: [I was going to have to treat Bella to a spa day when I finally became corporeal again. As long as she kept Lassiter with her I had him cornered as well. As Bella mentioned little green men and secret families I got an idea. The Angel wasn’t the only one who could see me. I hated to use impressionable young, but I’d make it up to them and their parents as soon as I was back where I belonged.] Lassiter, either you help me or I’ll use the young. [Yeah, I saw the small falter in his step before he recovered.] They can see me as well. I’ve talked with Nalla. Luckily she thinks it’s all a game so I’ve been able to keep her from saying anything to Bella. But all it will take is one word. One word, lass, and I’ll have that baby girl telling her mom everything. And what do you think will happen next, huh? What do you think will happen when Tohrment finds out you’ve been able to see me this whole time and you’ve done nothing about it? [I’ve never known Lassiter to be much of a drinker, but as soon as he and Bella entered the billiards room he headed straight for the wet bar and a bottle of Butch’s prized Lagavulin. I did feel bad for what I was forcing him to do, but I wanted my life back. The life that I had just started to live again. Standing opposite from the Angel I looked into his eyes.] Help me, Lassiter. Tell Bella if you have to, make her promise not to say anything to Tohrment. Just help me get back to my life. Please.

BELLA:Man, you don’t play fair, sweetheart” [Puzzled, Bella watched the angel throw himself down into chair in the second floor library, glaring at the bookshelf and seeming to talk to no one, definitely not her since his eyes focused elsewhere…. ookay.. she wouldn’t scratch little green men from her list after all] “you know I can’t do anything, don’t you think I tried?” [Lassiter sighed rubbed both hands over his pierced face] Lass…? [It was as if she wasn’t there, and Bella began to worry. They knew Lassiter, but really did they KNOW him? He’d lived with her family for a long time now, ever since he brought Tohr back home to them, she’d always giggled at his antics and liked hanging out with him…. but talking to himself…. yeah…… Bella was worried and shifted to the chair opposite him] Hey Lass, earth to Lass… what’s going on? [It was then his glowing eyes moved from the bookcase to her and back again and declared to the open spaced room] “now see what you did!”

AUTUMN: [He’d tried to help? How? When? Tracking his movements I stood behind where Bella had seated herself.] Five months, Lassiter. I’ve been stuck like this for five fucking months and tell me you’ve tried to help. [If I thought it would do anything I would have hit him.] What have you done? Who have you talked to. And why have you avoided me like the damn plague? [Thrusting my fingers into my hair, I pulled it in frustration. If Lassiter had already given up what hope did I have in finding answers to fix this.] Lassiter, there has to be something that can be done. I refuse to believe that I am going to be stuck like this forever. [My voice had taking on a tone of pleading. I didn’t care. I would do whatever I had to, beg, crawl, make any deal I could think of just to feel my males arms around me again.] Now, tell Bella who you’re talking to so she doesn’t think you’ve completely lost your mind. And make her promise not to tell Tohrment. He can’t know anything until we get something figured out.

BELLA: [If the female wasn’t a little perplexed she would have been amused watching Lassiter mumbling a one sided conversation, every now and then giving Bella the “shush” hand then going back to tugging on his eyebrow piercing. He catapulted from his seat and paced, his huge clobbering boots silent on the thick carpeting didn’t deter from the walking or the muttering. Man, and people called her Z the crazy one in the family. Angels were weird. Tired of watching, she whistled through her fangs garnering his attention] you’re either drunk or…. well, I don’t know what the or is, something angelic I supposed, since I don’t know the workings of angels I’m guessing you’re talking to someone I can’t see, yes? [Bella’s blue eyes did a sweep of the library only to find her and Lassiter in residence] Is it an angel pal? [she tried to humor the male, perhaps he really was going off his rocker? He hardly spent any time with Tohr any more she’d noticed when once he was glued to the brother’s hip] Is your god needing you back home? [Bella hadn’t expected a coherent answer, not when he continued to growl and gripe his way through a muttered conversation..okkkay then…. but he lasered her with those stunning eyes, sighed and shook his mane of hair before pointing a long finger to the side of Bella.. the empty space besides her] I’m talking to Tohrment’s female, she’s fucking haunting me, day and night, night and day, even in the damn shower, although there’s plenty to see in there ifyouknowwhatIMean [he threw in a lewd wink] oh and here’s a Jerry Springer twist, my sweet Bellamina…. [Lassiter’s grin was wide and bright and held no humor, like he was tortured right from the inside] she’s stuck in the in between and you can’t tell Tohr until I can find a way to get her back.. fuck. [another dramatic sigh as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders he hurled himself down into the chair and glared to the open air] Happy now? [Bella’s mouth worked open.. and then shut… and repeated several times, her blue eyes growing considerably wider each time]

AUTUMN: [I arched a brow at his outburst. One time I had tried to corner him in his room, how was I supposed to know he’d be in the shower. And it’s not like I had stayed and enjoyed the view. Mumbling under my breath while he continued on with his triad.] I wouldn’t have to haunt you if you had just once stopped to talk with me. [And what the hell was the in between? And why had I never heard of it? But he obviously had discovered something more than I had since he knew what the existence was called.] No, I am not happy. [He lasered me with a look that said he wasn’t happy either.] “Welcome to the club, female. Now we can all be unhappy together.” [This was not going the way I had hoped. I frowned as I watched Bella guppy fishing it, trying to come to grips with the information he had so casually tossed her way.] Look, you obviously know something since you know where I am. [I swiped a hand around myself and the fact that I was transparent.] Just tell me everything you know and I’ll try and figure out the rest. And get Bella a drink or something, she appears to be stuck in a state of shock. [Though, Scribe Virgin only knew why, considering all the bizarre happens that so often seemed to take place in this household. I had to hide the smile that graced my face as he grudgingly got up and grumbled about crazy ghost like females haunting him for eternity. i couldn’t resist calling over my shoulder.] Help me get back into my body and I promise to stop haunting you everywhere you go.

BELLA:  [More information trickled from the angel as if he’d been tired of keeping it to himself or all this time. Bella was flabbergasted listening, her mouth opening now and then to ask a questions, mostly it was “why” and “really” she tried to remember if she’d ever heard of someone coming back from the fade, and didn’t recall anyone. Why Autumn? Why didn’t Tohr know? Could Lass really help her back into her body? oh dear virgin scribe, her body was still in the tomb, so technically there was something for her to return to! Bella’s eyes widened and she stood quickly, her legs needed to pace while Lassiter talked to Autumn… jeez, that was weird, Bella looked around quickly expecting to see the quiet female sat in her usual chair with a favored book on her lap. Z would never believe this, but maybe he’d heard of someone returning from the fade.. it was then Bella caught Lassiter talking of a fade ceremony.. huh? she focused and stopped her pacing for a moment, her skin was tingling, if she’d had body hair it would be stood on end she was sure] A fade ceremony for Autumn? [one glance from those silver eyes and Bella knew… oh… she frowned and nodded with complete understanding… just when the agony had reached a pinnacle for Tohrment sure the warrior could receive no more… he was about to experience that more…and soon. Man, Bella pulled both hands through her hair, trying to process everything] you tell… tell Autumn to come home soon, Lass, okay? we miss her. [she smiled as he nodded and explained Bella already told her, his 100 watt grin flashing for a moment. With a lot of things to think about, unbelieveable things, Bella left the angel in the library ten minutes later, agreeing not to say anything to Tohr until he knew one way or another if he could help Autumn, but she wouldn’t keep it from her Z, she’d had secrets from him before and it had put a chink in her marriage…. she knew this would blow his mind… now if only the angel with all his powers on high with his god could somehow make the impossible happen and give Tohr some happiness back… maan, that was a lot of pressure for the glowing wonder…]

AUTUMN.: [I listened as Lassiter went on about the in between and Tohrment having to complete a Fade ceremony for Wellsie, but how that may not even work. He tried to explain why he hadn’t said anything to me about any of this. How he had wanted to know all the ins and outs of the situation so that when he did share what he knew, everyone involved would have all the details. I also watched as Bella paced the room trying to take it all in. It wasn’t fair that this had all been dumped at her feet. Or that she couldn’t share with anyone. That was something I’d have to apologize for later. Right now I was stuck on the fact that Tohrment was going to have to finally complete Wellsie’s Fade ceremony. We had talked about it, a few times, but not in depth. No matter how often I assured him that I didn’t mind talking about his shellan and unborn young he usually found other subjects to discuss without anything really having been said. I would never begrudge the years he had spent with the female, she had after all helped him become the male he is today. But I knew completing the ceremony meant admitting that she was finally gone and he was still having trouble coming to terms with that.] Lassiter, I need you to stop avoiding Tohrment and help him understand the importance of having to complete the Fade ceremony for Wellsie. [I didn’t miss the look of sadness that passed over his face. For all his annoying habits, he really had done all he could to stay out of Tohrment’s personal affairs since we had finally shared with the family that we were together. And for a time we had all believed that was needed of him to return to his heaven. It would seem there was much more to the angels participation in all of this than any of us could have ever guessed. And right now, I needed him to the annoying Angel we all knew he could be. I smiled automatically as Bella asked Lassiter to pass along her words, not knowing I didn’t need his help. It wouldn’t help matters to let her know that I could see and hear everything that went on in the Mansion, or that I could talk to her daughter. As she left the room, I fought a laugh as I saw the resigned look on Lassiters face as we got down to business on figuring out how to explain the importance of the Fade ceremony to Tohrment and what other steps I might need to take in order to get placed back inside my body.] #AngelsAndSecrets

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BE Valentine

RHAGE: [Qhuinn thought he was becoming a modern day romeo with his advice when I was on the phone with a florist. Giving me all sorts of pointers, I wasn’t going to knock down the edible arrangements one, giving my female something to eat and having the luxury of watching her eat every tiny piece from my fingers did nothing to calm my raging nerves. Immediately I put a order in for the biggest one they could manage and left a request for Fritz to pick it up. Q-Dip, as Zahk called him, had taken some notes from somewhere that didn’t stem from my past. Something I was more than thankful for. Some shit needed to stay in the past and never surface. Instead of helping the Doggen with cleaning up along with Zahk after making his own Valentine for his prized female I sat surfing the internet for better ideas. Though more than a couple years had passed since I dragged Mary into my life I still had bad memory when it came to the human holidays. Males of our race didn’t worry with the sort, there were no heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates to use to woe our women with, nor did we need anything of the sort. Grinning I bagged a gigantic dragon holding a huge ass heart and completed my order for my alter personality just as the female of the day walked through the door Zahk and the Doggen quickly attempting to finish their cleaning before Mary could have an inkling on what was going on. Shutting the tablet down and tossing it to the couch. Today might have been the big day, but I would be on rotation the second the sun set and Mary more than usual would be at SafePlace. The weekends, they were ours and we’d celebrate without any interruption.] Trying to catch us doing something, baby?

MARY: [Valentine’s Day…it was a holiday that never really held much meaning, except highlighting how very single I was, before Rhage. It was just another human holiday. Zack and Nalla’s enthusiasm for making “Balentine’s”, as they were known for the longest time, slowly started to spread through the Mansion. I, for one, would never turn down the chance to shower my Hellren with some affection. Grinning to myself, I had been planning what would be in store for today all week. A few hours of online shopping in between sessions at SafePlace had allow me to hopefully be able to surprise Rhage. Things had been so busy I wanted today and the rest of the weekend to be all about us. The car slowing to a stop was the only indication that I was finally home. Quietly thanking the Doggen, I gathered my things and climbed out of the car. Passing through the outer door before being let into the Mansion, the scattering of Doggen didn’t slip my notice.] And what would I possibly catch you doing, baby? [My grin turning a bit mischievous as I meet your gaze]

RHAGE: [A slow easy grin plastered itself across my face as the rumbling from my throat grew for a second the beast had his moments time to show his own appreciation for the sight of Mary.] Anything, baby, isn’t that the joy of having me around? [Laughing I scooped you into the shelter of my arms and let my lips have the greeting they were begging for.] Zahk has a gift for Nalla, and requests “We gonna watch a mooovie, Nalla with me.” [Hooking a finger to the squirt who had to put in his requirements] What he said. Maybe talk with Bella and see what her and Z have planned for tomorrow, baby. [I just couldn’t let go, my fingers itching to stay close to your skin even as you pulled back to have a moment with the demanding boy who kept pushing hair from his eyes, hair he refused to have cut no matter how many times Mary suggested having it done and what gifts he could have if he did. A smart boy we had on our hands.] Or we could take them. It’s your day Mary. I only request food and me involved in one way or another.

MARY: There are many joys to having you around, baby. [Mumbling against your lips before my attention was being pulled down towards Zahk. My boys. The grin that seemed to permanently grace my lips whenever the two of you were in the room had found it’s place once more.] A movie for you and Nalla, Little man? And what movie should we watch? [I ran my fingers through Zahk’s unruly blonde locks. My other hand reaching for yours. The need to touch you almost overwhelming.] We’ll talk to Bella and see what the plan is for the kids. [Glancing up at you, a sly smile curling my lips.] And as far as you go, baby….food and you is definitely on the menu.

RHAGE: Yeah? [My grin widened all the more giving no possible way to conceal my canines.] Why don’t you show her what you made for Nalla, Zahk. [The second his feet hit the floor in a sprint I took that moment to dip further into the pool of burning lust. The Beast driving my need all the further, with your legs wrapped tightly around my waist and arms locked around my throat, my hands continued their path of desire in the wake of each grope. My purr seductive and giving no room to question as to my plans when Zahk would take off after showing his little project to you. Tongues colliding and fighting for dominance over each other, neither fleeting nor bending to submission. The Beast flexed across my back itching to reach where your fingers grazed the back of my neck. The thundering down the hall warning us of Zahk’s hasty return. Reluctantly allowing your legs to fall but keeping your body close to conceal the raging hard on I wouldn’t be able to hide.]

MARY: [My gasp of surprise was quickly turned to a soft moan of need and want the moment I found myself swept up into your arms and your lips on mine. Practically climbing your form to get closer, your taste flooding my senses as my tongue tangles with yours. No sooner had we started, when the imminent sound of Zahk’s shoes slapping the wooden floors quickly dousing the heated moment…for now at least. Sliding my hands down your chest as my feet hit the floor, I hid my flushed face against your chest.] Damn, baby. “Mahmen, I has to show you!” [My laugh stifled by the fabric of your shirt. Turning my head just enough to see Zahk’s waving hand brandishing a folded piece of red construction paper.] Let’s see it, Little Man.

RHAGE: [Glitter Zahk insisted Nalla loved fell to the floor when he opened the construction paper, pink hearts covered with glue and truckloads of silver glitter combined with purple and anything else the doggens could find on short notice.] You have to make sure Z is holding Nalla when she opens the card, Zahk. [Easily deflecting your protest before it could exit your lush lips. No, this I was going to have to see, and matter of fact enjoy, with great delight.] You’ll have Beth’s done soon, no? [Blonde locks covered his eyes again as he bobbed his more than excited yes.] I’m sure the doggen will help you finish it, in your room if you want to have it done before the night comes.

MARY: [No sooner had the words “Okay, Poppa” left Zahk’s lips and he was off again. A trail of glitter leading the way from our chambers and back to his own room. His voice echoing down the hallway as he yelled for the doggen to help him. Turning back to you, a soft laugh escaping my lips.] That’s your boy, baby. He’ll be breaking hearts before we know it. [My hands sliding up your chest, finally coming to rest at the nape of your neck. Tugging your lips down to mine, it didn’t take long for the soft, slow kiss to turn heated. I was just waiting for the right moment to reveal the red lace number that I was wearing under my everyday blouse and slacks. The soft snick of the door was the sign I was waiting for. We were alone…finally. Pulling my lips free from yours, I took two steps back. Your teal eyes tracking every move I make. Slowly unbuttoning my blouse.] Now, baby…I do believe there was mention of food and you. [A wicked smirk curled my lips as my blouse hit the floor, revealing the red lace bra underneath. Reaching behind me for the nightstand, holding out a jar of chocolate body paint.] How about dessert first, baby? #BEValentines

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