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12 Days of Christmas - Eleven Pipers Piping

BLAY: -Blay sat in the living room remote in one hand, crystal tumbler filled with Qhuinn’s Herradura in the other. He flipped channels, the click click click of the his thumb on the button the only sound in the room as he’d turned the sound off a while ago. His eyes hadn’t focused on the screen in several moments, no, they were on the enormous Christmas tree that sat in the foyer. The clatter of the remote on the floor didnt register, he was too lost in the memories of a Christmas long long ago. {It was Christmas Eve and I was six year old, the Home of Rocke was decorated top to bottom with twinkling lights, tinsel, and fir trees of every shape and size. Each one sparkling with glass and crystal ornaments in the deep sapphire blue and gold that represented both familial lines. I found myself standing before the largest of the trees with my parents greeting members of the Glymera as they were escorted into the house by hired doggen. This was the first such gala that my parents had thrown to celebrate the human holiday of Christmas, my father having spared no expense and my mahmen going to great lengths to be sure everything was perfect. I ran small pre-trans hands over the silken lapels of my tux, then over my hair. I didn’t want to do anything to embarrass my parents tonight. “Blaylock, darling, please stop fussing with your suit, you look fine.” Mahmen said, straightening my jacket again.

“Yes, Mahmen, I’m just a bit nervous.” I gave her a weak smile then looked at my father who had the build of a warrior that I knew that he could have been if he had wanted. “Son. listen to your Mahmen, there is nothing to be nervous of.” I nodded up at the male and though I didn’t feel quite reassured and took a deep breath as another wave of elegantly dressed Glymera members made their way to us. Shaking hands with each I began to calm. It wasnt long before all our guests had arrived and I’d been dismissed to play with the other young in attendance. I set out in search of Qhuinn, my best friend, and found him tucked into a corner behind one of the smaller trees. “What are you doing back here?” I asked him and took a seat on the floor across from the male.” He didn’t answer, just shot a mismatched glare over my shoulder, directly at the other members of his family who were huddled together talking with the council lehydire. “Enough said. What do you say we go upstairs and play video games, no one will ever miss us.” Qhuinn’s excited nod made me smile and after careful inspection of the room around us (to make sure we wouldn’t get caught) we dashed for the stairs. We hadnt made it to the first landing before a heavy knock sounded at the door, freezing us in our tracks. We ducked behind a particularly large wreath hanging from the banister and watched as the doggen answered the door and greeted the guest with a deep bow. Who was this? My parents had indicated that all invited guests had arrived.

“Qhuinn, who do you think it is?” I whispered in my friends ear. “I dunno, but it’s gotta be someone BIG, or they wouldn’t be bowing! We should check it out!” Qhuinn whispered back dragging me back down the stairs. We didn’t get too close, just skirted around the outside of the party trying to look around tuxedo clad legs and dresses that I wasn’t sure how all fit into one room, trying to see this new visitor. The voice was a deep boom that commanded the attention of every adult in the spacious first level room, it was a voice that I felt I should recognize, but didn’t. Finally after scampering from one person to another we finally found my parents and were allowed to step into the center of the room.

The male was HUGE. My eyes bugged out as I tried to take him all in. He wore heavy black leather boots tucked under a pair of leather pants that were tight as a second skin, and a leather jacket that looked as though it had seen a milliena’s worth of fights. His hair was the color of midnight and hung much longer than any other males in the room. I was certain of several things all at once. One, that I had never seen this male before, and two that he certainly wasn’t the Santa from the human stories and movies I’d seen! “Mahmen,” I tugged the silk of my mothers ball gown, “Mahmen, I thought Santa was coming, and that’s NOT Santa.” My Mahmen just laughed and leaned down to whisper to Qhuinn and I, “No, boys that isn’t Santa. That male is Wrath, Son of Wrath and the unascended king of our race.” “OH,” Qhuinn and I answered in unison, both our mouths agape in astonishment. I don’t know how long we stood there staring like that before the king approached my parents, speaking to them as he had the other Glymera members Their conversation in the Old Language was one of a nature I didn’t understand My childlike eyes traveled from the male’s boots up, up, up the miles of leather until they rested on the wraparound shades that covered his eyes. “Wow,” slipped from my lips, and as the male dropped to his haunches before us. “Boys,” he didn’t smile, but his lips curled, “you two been behavin?” Still unable form words in awe of the monumental male before us we just nodded. Wrath laughed at this and as he stood again to his full height 6 more males the size of my mahmens car, clad in leather materialized from the crowd of partygoers and surrounded the king. Together they looked like a gang of thugs from one of our video games, and were scary as hell. “Blaylock son of Rocke and Qhuinn son of Lohstrong you both will do well to keep your noses clean and behave, hear me?” The king said then turned to the other males and nodded. Together they moved with the precision of a military unit towards the door and out into the night.

The room erupted into sound once more, but I kept staring at the spot where I’d last seen the king. “Blay.. Blaylock, son?” It was my fathers voice that brought me back to reality once more, he shook me gently at first then harder when i didn’t respond. “Yes, father?” I finally met eyes the same shade as mine. He just looked at me until finally I asked, “Who were those males?” “They are rumored to be members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the warriors of our race and Wrath’s closest advisors and confidants, Son,” he told me with an almost reverend tone in his voice. My eyes shifted again to the door, then back to my parents for a second before I yelled, “When I’m a transitioned male…I want to be a Black Dagger Warrior!”}

-Blay was startled from his memory by the sound of shitkickers heavy on the mosaic floor of the foyer. His eyes flicked from the tree to the male striding past…Wrath, Son of Wrath and King of the vampire race. It was then that he realized that, though he wasn’t a brother, he had indeed become one of the King’s 11 most trusted advisors. As the 11 Pipers Piping have been said to represent the human’s 11 apostles that didn’t forsake their faith, so do the brotherhood, Blay, Qhuinn, John Matthew, Xhex, and Rehv pledge not to forsake their race.- #12DaysOfChristmas

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Chosen tells it like it Is

BLAY: -Blay’s mood was as black as the slick, oily blood that coated his leathers, every inch of golden, exposed skin, hell even his normally soft and light hair was matted with the shit. ‘So this is how V’s little subs feel all suited up in their latex,’ he thought as an image he had no clue what prompted flashed in his head. Gagging on the lungful of smoke he’d drawn from the half toked Dunhill Red between his fingers the utterly downtrodden warrior materialized on the steps of the mansion, irritated as fuck that he couldn’t go straight to Saxton’s bedside as he normally did. But tonight things with the enemy had become downright vile, of course it probably didn’t help that he’d gotten separated —intentionally— from the small band of brothers he was assigned to patrol with. While his traitorous heart had lured his conscious mind down a path they neither one had any business taking, Blay had taken a left in the alley two streets south of Trade. Had he been fully in his right mind Blay would have scented the pale haired fuckers, then maybe he wouldn’t have walked —like a lamb to the slaughter— into what could have been mistaken as some kind of old ladies knitting circle, but was actually a midnight meeting of pasty white lessers. The fight that had ensued had been one one for the history books…or would have been if anyone else had been there to witness it. Blay had single handed lye taken on six of the whitest beings he’d seen since before the raids on the glymera a couple of years ago, and he’d beaten their asses, going all ginsu on the fuckers until there was hardly enough to call the cop for, but fe had. Look where that shit had gotten Him. Blaylock kicked the slightly raised edge of a paver with his shitkicker encased foot, it had taken far more time to cross the top step, enter the heavy wooden doors and enter the kings home than it had to take out the entire band of lessers. Whatever was wrong with him was bad, and it had everything to do with the male living two doors down.

LAYLA: [Layla had been pacing outside of Blay’s room for who knew how long. She was waiting to catch him once he returned from rotation in hopes that he would have no excuse for avoiding her. Ever since the night he learned of her pregnancy she found herself unable to sleep. Verily, Qhuinn had left assuring her he would handle the situation, but she knew words were not the Warriors strong suit. If they were to all remain under the same roof…and it looked as if they were, Layla felt the motherly need to calm Blay’s worries and convince him that there truly was no blooming love relationship between herself and Qhuinn. Layla knew the deep feelings her youngs father held for the blue eyed male, and prayed to the Scribe that some day the two of them would find their way back to each other. The smell of smoke swarmed up the stairs and assaulted her senses much sooner than the large frame of the male she knew it belonged too. ‘Twas the pregnancy that increased the sensitivity of her smell two-fold, and as he ascended the grand staircase Layla’s soft footsteps met him at the landing.] We need to talk… [She hadn’t prepared how she was going to broach the subject and those four words came sputtering from her lips before her brain kicked in to remind her he wanted nothing to do with her.]

BLAY: -Pain shot through his chest as he started up the grand staircase catching the scent of warm cinnamon that beckoned him upwards, and he tried to convince himself that he’d just had Layla on his mind since the “Y” bomb had been dropped. No matter how many times he refused to go there in his mind, that is always where he found himself. The lasserations that covered his body, mixing his blood with that of the lessers hurt like a bitch, but he couldn’t do anything to stop it. When, finally, his eyes landed on the chosen, one that he’d wished to never see again, his lips curled in an ugly sneer.- Chosen. -Blay kept his polite aire about him and attempted to sidestep the lithe female. Dearest Scribe, the spritely thing stepped with him, placing her hands to his chest. - Im In no mood to talk to YOU about anything, Layla. Now let me by, ….- his last words were growled as he faked right and swung around left to find her tapping her foot behind him.-

LAYLA: [Her usually soft and calm eyes quickly became bright and nearly glowed as the warrior towered over her and spoke with what she could only describe as pure hatred. This is what she had dreaded all along…Blay never wanting to lay eyes on her let alone speak with her ever again. Layla pulled her hand away, curling it into a small fist against her own heart as she summoned the strength she knew she had to try, yet again, to break through the barrier he had so successfully erected around himself. She took a deep breath and stepped hesitantly closer, her voice strong and unfaltering.] Blaylock, I will heed your words but only after I am given a moment to speak my peace. [Looking to the left and right of them, assuring that no one else was about she crossed her slender arms over her chest and met his wrath filled stare.] We can do this here for all to hear, or we may step away. ‘Tis your choice, but know I am not budging on the matter.

BLAY: -Icy blue eyes narrowed on the brazen little female who refused to let Blay pass, he’d told her he wasn’t in the mood to talk and yet she persisted..insisted that she needed speak with him. His molars ground with the frustration his tightly coiled muscles ached to release on Qhuinn’s female, but he fought to keep the anger in check. Her “offer” of a more private location took him by surprise, but Layla was right, this wasn’t really laundry any it them needed aired in the corridor for all to hear. With a sharp jerk of his red head he indicated the small sitting room to their left.- In there, if this is so damned important that it can’t wait until after I’ve cleaned the lesser stench off myself. -annnnnd apparently it couldn’t. The female spun on her heel and marched her little ass straight into the sitting room, the harsh look she shot back at him through thick lashes and a curtain of blonde hair told Blay she expected him to be right behind her. Silently he sent a prayer of thanks to the Scribe Virgin that he wasn’t into females, never had been..NEVER-fucking-would-be.. Psycho, emo-hormonal creatures they were.- Look, Layla, I don’t know why you are so all fired up to talk to me, but I can only assume it has something to do with Qhuinn and his young you carry in your womb. I’m going to save you the breath and tell you that I don’t give a shit. You had a needing, he got between your thighs, you got pregnant.- the female opened her mouth to speak, but Blay wasn’t finished and pinned her with a glare that told her so.- Now, judging by the fact that Qhuinn is still this side of the Fade, I’m going to assume that neither Phury nor Wrath know of your little predicament. I don’t know what he hell you plan to do, but you damn well better not leave him to catch all the shit that falls when they find out.

LAYLA: [Anger filled her entire body as she listened to the wounded warrior before her. The fact that he had the audacity to spew such hateful words her way nearly caused her to falter, her eyes moving from that of his cold blue glare to a nearby seat should she need one. Layla inhaled deeply, filling her lungs completely with fresh air and prayed to the Scribe to give her the strength to get through this and not make the situation any worse off than it already was. Verily, the circumstances were not at best, but what was done is done and they all had to move past this. She knew deep down that the anger and hate currently rolling off of him were merely a ruse to hide how truly heart broken he must have been to learn the news.] Blaylock, your words are vile and hateful to the extreme, but I fault you not for I know how this must feel. [His fists clenched at his sides and she knew he was ready to turn and bolt, without any thought of the consequences. She would follow him to his chambers if need be. Willing the door to close them in private Layla’s voice rose and she persevered.] I know of the feelings you have for Qhuinn. Females of our kind, any kind can sense when ones heart is with another. Never, and I repeat, never once had I wish to be mated to Qhuinn. Nor did I plan for this to have happened. [Layla slowly began to pace in circles around him as she gathered her thoughts, knowing full well that he would not stand to hear much more.] Blay, Qhuinn’s heart is not with mine. ‘Tis you he truly cares for. Ne’er had we planned for this to happen, but we both want something we’ve never had…someone to love us beyond all our faults. [Coming to stand before him Layla hesitantly reached her hand to his chest, prepared for another onslaught in protest.] As for the other remark, both the King and the Primale are now aware.

BLAY: -Had she not been chosen, and with young Blay would have plowed the tiny female over to be free of the confines of this room with her and her explanations. He truly hadn’t wanted to know anything of the feelings Qhuinn and Layla had for one another, or didn’t as she tried to convince him now. He contemplated the female’s words for several long moments before he spoke again, his tone much more calm and respectful than it had been.- Please forgive my hurtful words, Chosen.-Blay bowed his head and took the small hand from his chest, pressing a kiss to the knuckles- The state of my life these past months has taken a great toll on me both mentally and emotionally what with Saxton’s accident and now this.-Shrewd, but tired eyes studied the female wondering just how much of his feelings for Qhuinn she understood. Somehow, he thought it was much, much more than Blay was comfortable with considering how close she was with the male.- You are right about my feelings for Qhuinn, I have been in love with him for a long time now. Longer even than I truly realize, but if he is the father of your young.. You will need him to take you as his mate.-His brow furrowed when the female shook her head vehemently- How can you look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t want to mate him, that the two of you would prefer your young grow up a bastard? I have no doubt that he or she will be loved immensely, but still, a young outside a mating? -Blay couldn’t believe the words that were pouring from his mouth like water, smooth as a silken scarf. At what point had what she’d said changed his mind, putting him on the side of their soon to be family and not his own heart that had been broken yet again. He knew that his eyes had widened in surprise, the icy blue melting several shades darker when Layla had mentioned where Qhuinn’s heart truly lay, but he said nothing. The young growing within her deserved to have both parents together as they grew.-

LAYLA: [Layla expelled a soft sigh as his lips tenderly brushed across her knuckles. She did not know what could be said that would ease his woes, nor was she certain that any good would come of their conversing…she only knew that somehow she had managed to break through his wall of contempt, and that was all that mattered at the moment. Verily, no one would understand that a mating would wbring nothing to the circumstances. Only Qhuinn and herself knew in their heart of hearts what was truly to be. Tilting her head slightly, the corners of her lips upturned into a hesitant smile as she clasped her other hand over his.] I do not expect that all will understand the choices that we have made. I do believe however, that in the end, naught till matter. [Her small hand dropped to her womb] The young will be loved…by all, even by you my sweet warrior. [Layla finally succumbed to the torment of it all. Her green eyes filled with tears and fell unbiddenly.] All that I wish to the Scribe and every deity is that you follow your heart, and do not permit this to desolate what you and Qhuinn may have…a future.

BLAY: -Blay was still reeling from the unexpected shift in his feelings towards the chosen female, and her tears drove him over the edge. The intelligent blue gaze beneath his tangle of red locks followed her tiny hand, and beneath her palm he imagined the tiny life that bloomed inside. She was correct though, he would love the young, and would lay down his life to protect - Layla, I swear my vow to you this night that, from this point forward, I will watch over and care for the young you bare. -he wasn’t sure about the idea of a future with Qhuinn, and right now that wasn’t his priority. He still needed to see Saxton healthy no matter if they would ever be together again or not. In his heart he knew that the relationship with the male he’d thought to be in love with was over, had been since the day of his dream about Qhuinn and their argument. He may be technically free to explore a relationship with his best friend, but still wasn’t sure that was such a good plan coinsidering it was his heart on the line.- #ChosenTellsItLikeItIs

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Revelations and Realizations

BLAY: -Blay should have put two and two together when upon, leaving the mansion, he had decided to drive the BMW to Haver’s clinic instead of dematerializing per his normal. For weeks now he had been taking the most efficient mode of travel where he needed to go. But tonight was different, he didn’t feel himself, and the sweet little nurse that came in every few hours had noticed it as well. “Blaylock, you look deathly pale. Should I send Havers in to see you?” As Blay turned, his usually sharp blue eyes lit on the pulse point at the left side of the female’s throat, lingering there as his fangs lengthened and his pink tongue darted out to wet suddenly parched lips. He was entranced by the slight flutter of flesh and it wasn’t until her hand lit on his biceps that he realized she was speaking to him.- What? I’m very sorry, what did you say? I must have been daydreaming. -The female’s green eyes were speculative when Blay finally met them, her cheeks flushed, voice barely a whisper. “I fear that it is time that you left your male for the night and visited whomever it is you feed from.” The warrior frowned but nodded, his tongue trailing down an elongated fang.- I believe you are right, I apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. -He bowed slightly to the nurse, pressed a kiss to Saxton’s forehead and made his way to his car. Back at the compound Blay headed straight for Layla’s bedroom, still feeling a little wrong for asking that particular female to take her vein, but he would do it as she was living within the mansion and he couldn’t wait. Through the solid mass of the door her scent was stronger than normal, causing his fangs to descend further in his mouth, and when he knocked, it was a little harder and louder than intended. -Hey, Layla, you in there? I need to talk to you?

LAYLA: [The shutters had lifted not too long ago, but Layla had long since filled her belly with the food it was craving and was now sitting at her dressing table brushing her hair and humming a tune in the old language. She found herself singing and humming more than usual and wondered if it was because of the young she was carrying. Setting the brush upon the table, Layla smiled as she looked down at herself. Ne’er did she think that she would ever be in such a state, and it brought true joy to her heart to know that she and Qhuinn would have their own family…someone to love her and vice versa. Her head turned towards the door as she suddenly heard a pair of heavy footsteps approaching that were quickly followed by an urgent knock. Abruptly, Layla’s face went pale and she found herself physically frozen as a whirlwind of frightening thoughts invaded her mind, thoughts that the Primale had finally found out and had come to question her. It was only after she heard Blay’s polite deep voice did Layla relax. She was more than surprised to hear his voice through her door and quite frankly she wasn’t sure how she was going to handle speaking with him, but as they all lived under the same roof now she could not avoid the male for much longer. Dressed in a simple pair of blue leggings and a long sweater, Layla padded across the plush carpet and greeted him with a bright smile at her door.] Good eve Blay, please come in. [Layla stepped away from the door, motioned for him to enter and worried her lip when caught the scent of hesitation wafting off of him.]

BLAY: -He met her pale green eyes, but didn’t enter immediately. The scent that mingled with the cinnamon of the chosen all but slapped him and he had to fight the urge to back away from the door. Sure, Blay knew that Layla and Qhuinn were tight..friendly..whatever, but he hadn’t realized that the male made a habit of spending time in her room. Blue eyes narrowed to icy slits, but he contained himself, wiping the expression away almost as quickly as it had appeared, his jealousy wasn’t her fault. Composure regained Blay entered the bedroom and shut the door behind himself, formality the only way he could hope to get through this, he focused on a spot just above her left shoulder.- Good eve, Layla. I am truly sorry to bother you tonight, but I.. -his hesitant gaze flicked over her paling face,- it has been brought to my attention that. -his words trailed off again. Fuck, why was this so damn hard? He had taken the vein of this female hundreds of times! The growl of frustration was low and fierce through his long lethal fangs- I need to partake of your vein, chosen, if you could be of service.

LAYLA: [Layla stared for a few brief moments into Blay’s eyes. He was avoiding her stare, she could tell. His awkwardness was unavoidable and she pondered on what exactly could be going on in that head of his, aside from his worry of Saxton. As a Chosen, it was her commitment to make the males feel at ease in her presence and to administer whatever it was they needed. She took a soft deep breath and reached across the two of them to grasp Blay’s hand in hers. Lacing her slender fingers with his large hand Layla pulled him along with her to the bed. She turned her head back and smiled warmly as he kept his feet planted.] Come with me Blay, I won’t hurt you. I can sense that you are struggling with something other than your need to feed. Ne’er have you been so…[she worried her lip to find the right words]…distant with me, as you are right now. ‘Tis my duty to serve, but i wish for you to be at ease. [releasing his hand, Layla sat on the bed, curled her long legs beneath her and waited patiently for him to respond to her inquisition]

BLAY: -Blay allowed the petite chosen to lead him across the room to her bed, a bed he was sure that at some point Qhuinn had taken her in. Shaking that particular thought from his head, Blay focused on the electric tingle that surged through his body as his fangs took a slow ride further into his mouth, his senses sharpening with severe hunger. The little blonde chosen’s cinnamon scent flirted on the air, surrounding Blay, teasing him..calling to the warrior male with a power that was both new totally unique. There was something..off about her scent though, something that Blay wasn’t sure he was ready to dig deeper in to. That was, until she paused and slid up onto the bed and the unmistakable scent of pregnant female hit him with all the force of an out of control train. Blay could hear the gasp of surprise and then pain when his broad hand shot out and manacled Layla’s slender wrist, jerking the thing none too gently towards his nose. Low and fierce was the growl that pumped from his chest. His initial suspicion had been confirmed, Layla was with child. No fucking doubt in his hate clouded mind whose young resided within her womb, Blay’s grip tightened and he..slowly and deliberately, so that Layla knew without a doubt that he knew their dirty little secret..drew his face in a long, slow, deep inhale up the female’s inner arm, lethal fangs leaving a trail in his wake. Something green and a touch evil reared its head as Blay’s intense blue eyes rose to meet the pale green of Layla’s, his normally full lips thin and twisted with barely controlled rage.- So the dirty little chosen finally spread her legs wide enough to get herself knocked up? Let me guess, it’s Qhuinn’s, isn’t it?

Layla: Ouch, Blay you’re hurting me! [Layla struggled to wriggle her arm free from the rough hold he had on her. While his insulting words cut right through her like a freshly sharpened dagger… instead of shedding tears of hurt, Layla was too terror stricken to conjure up a single thought. Her pupils now dilated with fear, she genuinely feared for her life and the life of her young.]

QHUINN: -The tones. Those words. That chosen’s scent and the one that mixed with it…That was more than enough to have Qhuinn entering Layla’s room without knocking. His stomach curled in a shitkicker sized knot. Christ this wasn’t how this was supposed to go down…sure as shit not like this. Growl brewed in his chest as the shear flow of livid seeped in. Layla’s eyes, wide as saucers, rimmed with tears had him tearing across the room, the back of the male’s thick neck clutched in his grasp. Qhuinn’s voice got real low and harsh.- It wasn’t suppose to happen like this, Blay, but you’re God Damn straight its mine. And because you and I have some shit between us, whatever the fuck it is, I’ll let what you just said to her slide. -Qhuinn’s angry breath was hot against Blays cheek, chest nearly touched but the pissed off swelled enough to fill the space.- Retract that shit going on in your fucking mouth and let go of her wrist, Blay. You’re my boy, but thats my young and baby mama. I swear on my last bottle of Tequila you and I will throw the fuck down over this.

BLAY: -Blay closed his eyes, the rage he felt only intensified by the male at his back, hot broad hand on his neck, the words like acid in his ear. One thing the male said was true, they had some serious shit going on between them, and it was time to deal with that shit. He focused on retracting the deadly spikes that protruded from his upper gums and shoved Qhuinn off of him, sending the male stumbling back a couple of steps. Hard blue eyes holding the chosen in place on the bed, though he released her wrist and moved away.- The two of you deserve each other, I’m getting the fuck out of here. -Blay didn’t spare a second look at Qhuinn, his mind too busy flashing images he didn’t want to see. Matings and blonde chosen with rounded bellies, and a big happy family like Ward and June Clever or some shit. Fuck he needed to feed, yeah that was it. That was why he felt so betrayed and broken.- Guess I’ll have to find someone else to feed from so I can get back to Saxton. -the laugh that he tossed over his shoulder was bitter and cold, but utterly fake. Blay tried to move for the door before the cracks in his armor could become visible.-

LAYLA: [Layla rose from the side of the bed and grasped a hold of Qhuinn’s arm. His anger still rolling off of him, she was reluctant to push him but on the same token she hated to see pain in Blay’s eyes. He tried desperately to hold it in check, but she knew better.]

QHUINN: -Qhuinn was aware that Layla had moved to his side, her voice soft and spoke the truth, but still he didn’t move. Fingers knotted in his thick inked hair, he jerked hard enough he was sure he’d left a bald spot. This shit wasn’t happening…hurting Blay again and a fucking again. The guy tried to hide it but he knew the strained rigidness in Blay’s shoulders and back, the anger that stained his tone. Yeah this had been a hell of a blow. He glanced down at the chosen and spoke quietly.- Call one of your sisters and have them come. -Eyes drilled into the back of Blay’s head- He needs to feed now. -A harsh breath drove from his lungs the pain felt like it’d sever clear through his spine, he crossed the room. A sound somewhere between frustrated and desperate wrenched from deep inside Qhuinn, he caught the door just as it was about to slam shut, and shoved himself into the hallway.- Fuck, Blay…Its not what you think. Well it is but not. Just stop….Please.

BLAY: -no way in hell he just heard Qhuinn try to tell him that THIS situation wasn’t what it looked like. Fuck that! As the harsh blast of air whooshed from his lungs, blue eyes narrowed to points like daggers aimed straight at the male who seemed to always find new ways to break Blay’s heart. For now he didn’t care that they stood in the middle of the hallway, this was happening.- Are you serious, Qhuinn? Trying to tell me that you haven’t knocked Layla up? That you two aren’t to be mated? Next thing you’ll tell me will be that it was divine fucking intervention from the Scribe Virgin, and that it happened in her fucking sanctuary. -Jesus he needed to shut his fucking trap. He shouldn’t care about Qhuinn, this news shouldn’t cut him to the bone. He was with Saxton and when.. WHEN he woke up they were going to be mated. His mind whirled with all the fucks he shouldn’t give about this particular situation, when for the first time ever, that he could remember, pure unadulterated anger washed over him. Before he could act to restrain it he struck like a cobra at its prey, his balled fist rock solid from hours of practice in the gym connecting with the strong bones of Qhuinn’s face with a deafening crack.- You truly are a stupid MotherFucker aren’t you, Qhuinn? Do you expect Phury.. the Primale.. and Wrath to be okay with the likes of you getting all up in the pure, pristine innocence of the chosen and worse.. in her needing, when she could become pregnant with your bastard child? Or do you really think they will believe that you intended all along to take her as your shellan? - Later, as he was drinking himself numb, replaying the events that led up to the loss of his temper, Blay would recall seeing the telling look in Qhuinn’s mismatched eyes. Eyes that he had loved for so long he could read them like his favorite book, this look coupled with the paling of his golden skin signaled that he had gotten some part of his assumptions correct. Not that he was sticking around to see which parts. No. Instead he hauled in a deep breath and dropped his head, muttering words he’d sworn to never again think he left a chaste kiss on Qhuinn’s slightly parted lips, his final goodbye. Then turned away, for good.- #RevelationsAndRealizations

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Late Night Talk

BLAY: -Mary had been more than willing to meet with him this morning, and though he was exhausted from the nights rotation, Blay dragged himself, up the stairs and into the shower. The scalding spray soothed his aching joints, but did nothing to slow his racing mind. He was about to open up and pour his heart out to Rhage’s female, all in an effort to straighten out his fucked up thoughts. He hoped that she could help, JM seemed sure of it, so it was worth a shot. He stepped from the shower already feeling raw, but dressed for his meeting in dark jeans and a button down and headed to the basement, their designated meeting place? A small storage room that held the things they had brought over from his parents’ home after the raids. He was early, just as he had planned, and dusted off a couple of chairs..the ones he and Q had used to play video games all those years ago, and got them set up for their talk.-

MARY: [Looking down at my watch as Zahk tried to show me something else in his ever growing toy collection] “And I want to takes this one for Nalla to play with.” Ok, Little Man. We’ll take it next time. I have to go and it’s time for your nap. [Tucking him in and brushing a kiss to his forehead] Love you, Zahk. [A small smile curling my lips as his little blue eyes finally close. Quietly slipping from his room and shutting the door] Shit! [Running back into my room, launching myself at Rhage. Laughing as his arms instinctively catch me and crush me to him] I have to go meet Blay and I’m late. Zahk’s asleep. I love you! [Crushing my lips to his for a quick kiss before climbing back down his massive frame and running back out of our door. My feet on auto pilot as I quickly descended the stairs. I didn’t even pause to say hi to Fritz, merely giving him a wave when I went through the door to head into the basement to meet Blay]

BLAY: -he had been listening to her rushed footsteps closing in on him from the top of the stairs, the time to back out of this little chat was gone. Mary would probably take one look at him and bolt his ass to the chair and pry words from his mouth, not that it would necessarily be a  bad thing.There was no way that she was going to let him go without spilling his guts, which was exactly why he had called her. She was quiet when she entered almost like she was giving him a moment to have his MOMENT. She was a sweet female, Rhage had a great Shellan.- Hey Mary, -his Voice carried  bravado that was no where present in his gut, damn he hadnt ever just spilled everything to anyone..well beside JM and he’d known that male for a long damn time. The heel of his boot dug into the cold floor, eyes cast to the black marks they made. A long release of a sucked in breathe, he looked up, pushing down the rising nerves.- Thank you for agreeing to this. I need… -Blay pushed a chair back, offering it to her before her took his own seat,  the mountain of memories before them surprisingly easing his heart. Almost everything in his family home had some memory of Qhuinn attached to it, thankfully most all of them had been from before they had transitioned and things had gotten complicated.-

Mary: [Slowing my hurried pace as I reached the small space. A smile instantly forming when I see Blay standing among the odds and ends in the room. My eyes slowly taking in his mannerisms. Every one of Blay’s nervous actions had my heart aching for him. So much pain seemed to reside in his eyes. I tried to keep my body language as relaxed as possible when I took my seat. I didn’t want to add to Blay’s nerves.] Blay…take a deep breath for me. [My grey eyes never leaving his face as he took one measured breath and then another] Something is weighing on you big time. Your whole body is one big knot of nerves and tension, Blay. I know confiding in someone is not easy. I’m not here to judge. Think of me kind of like a sounding board, ok. [a warm smile crossing my lips when he gives me a small nod of his head]

BLAY:  -he did as she said and breathed in and out.- Sounding board i can do. -he tried for funny, but it had come out more strained. her eyes smiled and she nodded slowly, his cue to begin.- Well, Mary, Qhuinn and i have basically known one another since birth. Once upon a time our families were close, both from the aristocracy and members of the glymera, our mothers best friends. They started getting together for “play dates” when we were barely a couple of weeks old. He and I agreed that they just liked to drink wine and gossip. -Those days hadn’t lasted nearly long enough before Qhuinn’s father had become Princep of the glymera and they had distanced themselves.-He told Mary of the years he and Qhuinn had known one another, of the secrets they had kept from the world together, of the way they had met JM and the three of them had gotten close. He didn’t know how long he talked before he reached the major turning point in his life, the night he had met Saxton at Sal’s with Q and John.- In him I not only saw a male who was cut from the same fabric as I, but part of me also saw Qhuinns reaction to our spark. Some fuck…err…dark part of me thought that if I actually went out with Saxton that Qhuinn would get jealous enough to finally admit his feelings. -Had he just admitted that out loud?  Fuck he did. no retracting it now. But hell if that hadn’t blown up in his face, he had ended up on his knees moments before a date with Sax, giving Qhuinn the blow job of his life only to be pushed away again.- well, as things heated between Saxton and I, my feelings for Q refused to diminish. -Blay raked a hand through his red hair which was getting long enough they curled around his ears. He cut off his words, he wanted to know where Mary’s thoughts were going with all this because Scribe knows he could go on all night on the topic of Q and Saxton. He only hoped that he could manage to follow her suggestions-

Mary:  [Poor kid was going to snatch himself bald from his nerves. Hearing the reasons behind his initial attraction to Saxton was a bit concerning. Relationships were hard enough as it is on a good day without having the added pressure of building its foundation around trying to get a reaction from a third party. Choosing each word with extra care] I know you mentioned similar backgrounds with Saxton, but what about feelings. What are your feelings toward him? Your feelings for Qhuinn, despite not being…easy seems to be an understatement…they seem strong. History, memories…that’s not an easy thing to forget.

BLAY: -his laugh was a harsh sound even to his own years. Mary had just pulled the pin from the grenade of his problems..his feelings for the two males in his life.- Jesus Mary, that’s the issue isn’t it? My feelings for my best friend are far more than complicated and strong. -the look of concern couldn’t be hidden with her warm smile, and he knew that his emotions must be apparent. He was closer to his breaking point than he was the morning that John had planted him on his ass in the gym. Blay allowed his eyes to drop to the floor and took a deep shuddered breath, gathering the words to describe his inner turmoil.- Qhuinn..is my Pyrocant, my one critical weakness, the one thing I will never have, but don’t think I will ever be able to live without. So, to say I love the male is a gross understatement. Every fiber of my being yearns for him and he knows it. The day before I asked you to meet me shi..things got intense, Q had been out and came home ready for the one night stand that would shatter both myself and Saxton. -he stopped there, not really wanting to go any deeper  into what happened that morning, or the following day. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as the memory attacked his frontal lobe, he had been so weak that night, crumbled at the mere hint of Q’s sexual interest nearly burning his current relationship to ashes.- 

Mary: [Taking a measured breath as I reached my hand out to lightly rest on Blay’s knee for just a moment, baring one’s soul is never an easy thing and I didn’t want him to forget that he’s not alone in this small room or in this situation. I knew from so many past experiences how valuable having one person that just lets you vent and unload without judgement can be] Weaknesses can also be turned to strengths, Blay. Is that what Saxton is? Is he the one that makes that weakness easier to bear? [shifting in my seat to turn more towards him, softening my voice a little as I leaned forward] I’m not going to try to pretend to know how hard this is on you. Rhage kind of took my life by storm and he’s been all I’ve seen since. I’m also not going to patronize you and tell you what you should do, but I will ask you questions that I want you to think about. [not wanting to hide behind a smile, but conveying every ounce of sincerity in my gaze and just praying to every diety I could think of that he could see that]

BLAY: -Mary had to be the most nonjudgmental person that Blay had ever met. He was baring his soul to her in a way that he had not to another being in ages, and knew without a doubt that once his problems had all been aired that she would stand by and help him in any way possible to make up his mind.- Saxton is my perfect mate in a world where Qhuinn never existed. We just fit together like a hand in a glove. Not only is he perfectly comfortable with his sexuality, but he has been instrumental in helping me become comfortable with mine. We enjoy the same types of things, and can talk for hours on most any subject. He has been a gentle lover, and has gone so far as to declare his love for me. -Blay paused, swallowing hard, his emotions were getting to him, but he couldn’t stop talking.- I couldn’t answer him, Mary! He laid his heart on the line to me and there was nothing I could say, he knew my feelings for Qhuinn and still he told me. -yeah he was fucking rambling again, his heart felt so constricted at the moment that he was sure no blood was getting to his brain. He almost hoped for the blessed blackness of unconsciousness rather than having to meet the grey eyes of Rhage’s shellan again.- That makes me an asshole, doesn’t it? 

Mary: Hey! Blay, no! [placing my hand firmly on his bicep to try to stop him. All of his features reflected the war and pain that was going on inside of him. Leaving my seat and crouching down in front of him, trying to catch his gaze] Blaylock, you are the furthest thing from an asshole there is. The heart is a complicated organ and you cannot help nor choose who you love. You make choices. You make mistakes. You learn. [a small smile finding my lips when his sad eyes finally met mine] The measure of a man is how you handle yourself in difficult situations. Being comfortable in your own skin…that is a very important and necessary thing. You can’t truly love anyone until you can completely love every facet of yourself, both good and bad. [my eyes never straying from Blay’s face as I kept track of every unsteady breath he took. I didn’t want him to pass out on me, and he was coming damn close] How did hearing that he loves you make you feel? I know you couldn’t respond, but you had to have some type of feeling when you heard those words from Saxton.

BLAY: -His head bobbed immediately like an idiot, but the words were much slower in coming.- I did have feelings, Mary, my first thoughts were how could Qhuinn be such an idiot when his cousin was such a wonderful male. After that the weight of what Saxton was saying sank in..he loves me despite the fact that he knows that I love another, despite the fact that he knows I will never love him in the same way. -Blay was once again looking at anything but the eyes of the female. the weight on his chest at the moment was that of a two ton elephant- But part of me does love him, and I wonder sometimes if that love is enough to carry us. For us to be mated and happy for the rest of our days. Qhuinn is never going to come to his senses and i have come to realize that. Now I need.. Well I need to know how to make those feelings go away -with those words something in him realized that those words were true, and though it hurt like a motherfucker he was going to have to accept that he would never have a life with Qhuinn.-

Mary: [My heart broke for Blay when he finally said the words out loud that I knew he had been searching for and not wanting to admit. I wanted to call Blay a kid, but he was far older and wiser than his age. My voice a soft whisper in the quiet of the small room] Is that love that you have for Saxton enough for you, for you to be happy with him? First love is a powerful emotion, and a hell of a thing to try to get over. And you’ve tried, Blay. Your relationship with Saxton is proof of that. You have been honest with him. He sees the male of worth that I see in front of me and I can understand how he can love you despite what your feelings are for Qhuinn. [one question that I hadn’t asked crossed my mind. My small hand coming to rest on his knee] As a warrior, instinct guides you every night when you are on rotation, right? [that one affirming nod was all the answer that I needed] I often accuse Rhage of leading with his stomach, [a soft laugh crossing my lips unintentionally] but what does your gut say, Blay? Don’t focus on what your head is screaming at you. Don’t focus on what your heart is telling you. Try to calm yourself and just focus on where your instinct is leading you. It’s there, Blay. I promise you. Reason and emotion are very powerful and not to be discounted, but when they are warring, you need to rely on your instinct to guide you. 

BLAY: -Wasn’t THAT the question of the year. He reached down and took her small hand in his, did his best to quiet his screaming heart, closed his eyes and answered from his gut.- as much as I don’t want to admit it, my gut says that I should give up on Qhuinn and move forward with the male who wants to spend the rest of his life with me. -his voice cracked and wavered as he spoke, walking away from a future with Q was already threatening to break him. He wouldn’t shed  a tear for what might have been, he would only look forward, to his future with Saxton. The thing that had been pulling at him for several months finally blindsided Blay, he had mentioned more than once that Saxton was a male of worth and his perfect mate and it was damn time that he took the necessary steps to make that a reality. Despite his utterly shattered heart he would ask Saxton to be his for however long they had together, his mate.- Thank you for being here for me Mary. -Blay unfolded from the leather gaming chair  to his full height and stretched his stiff muscles.- It means so much that you would be here to help me. Now, I have some planning to do… Accompany me back to the house? 

Mary: [slowly standing from my crouched position, gently squeezing Blay’s hand with mine] You’re family, Blay, and I will do anything that I can for my family. You’ve had some big revelations today, and have come to a pretty big decision. Get some sleep, let it sink in a little, before you start your plans. [I know my grey eyes shined with the worry I felt for this male. I didn’t know how he was standing with the pain that was so apparent in his eyes. It made my knees want to buckle from beneath me. Keeping us in this room for just another moment, I wanted to make sure I was steady enough on my feet, let alone Blay] Thank you, Blay. Yes, please….oh, and Blay… [catching his gaze as he went to turn to leave the room, a slight lift to his eyebrow was the only change to his visage when he looked at me] Anytime you need to talk, about anything…I’ll be here. [a curt nod was all I needed for an affirmation. No other words were spoken as I followed behind him as he lead us out of the tunnels and back up the stairs to the mansion] #BrothersEternal 

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My name is Dracula… Blay-Dracula

Blay: -Ah…yes the French Quarter. He had called Ehlena and all but asked to charter Rehvs private jet to get away for a few days. Halloween in New Orleans…Jazz, costumes and the general ‘Big Easy’ feeling that came from the city was just what he needed. Money can buy you anything so he rented a little apartment above a lively Jazz bar on Bourbon street…made sense to him that sleeping would be easy during daylight hours there, what with the majority of the action taking place after dark. Seconds after the sun made its final descent, leaving behind nothing but the bright neon lights coming from every window, Blay stepped onto the balcony of his apartment, dressed in the tight black body suit and cape he had chosen. Back lit by the red lights of the club downstairs he was a formidable sight to see…every vampire cliché ever dreamed. Definitely Dracula at his best. Humans, both male and female stopped, hurricane drinks in hand to gawk up at him, pointing and whispering a little too loudly, “Look at that gorgeous hunk of man up there!” One female passerby said, “I could lick the abs right off that one.”…her friend answered. With a wicked grin he rolled the black mask over his face, placed a hand on the balcony rail and lithely launched himself onto the street, landing gracefully on the balls of his feet and hissed menacingly at the onlookers. Women screamed and backed away while men applauded the act. Knowing better but not caring, Blay dematerialized, scattering his molecules behind the growing crowd with a harsh laugh. - Beware of the darkness that prowls the streets among you this night. -He warned, gave a nod to those who had turned then dematerialized himself down the street, appearing before a more hard core looking place. Yeah this was what he needed tonight not necessarily the atmosphere but they were pouring the strongest drinks on the street. After a few shots of the Herradura he had grown to love he prowled back out of the bar. 

He was in the mood to break the “good boy” persona that had been his for so many years. He wanted to be bad and this place was perfect for it. A smirk on his over made-up face and a flash of fangs, he disappeared into the night, lurking in the shadows looking for the perfect…there, entering Jackson Square was a group on one of their highly advertised and grossly  overpriced ‘Vampire and Ghost’ tours. This was going to be fun. He slipped into the group unnoticed, followed them as they passed St. Louis Cathedral and continued on to the Ursuline Convent. He kept to the shadows, remained unseen by the tour guide until the perfect moment. While the Captain Jack Sparrow look alike described the brutal massacre, beheading and draining of a film crew in the 1990’s, their headless bodies having been left on the balcony of the convent, Blay dematerialized behind the male, one thick arm wrapped around his waist and drug him back against the stone wall. The crowd stiffened and stepped back, ivory daggers on full display, aimed directly into the vein of another human scares the hell out of some people. “That can’t be real" a male scoffed, "those fangs are as fake as mine!" A female dressed in what would be described by humans as a sexy ‘Vampress’ exclaimed. "Great costume” another added. “Really gives effect to the tour." Blay growled low and deep in his chest, he would show these fools who dared doubt him. With a slow slide his fangs dropped lower into his mouth, pressing to the good Captain’s jugular, deeper and deeper until blood welled and coated his tongue. Human blood wasn’t something he had acquired the taste for, but he drank anyway, the scent of putrid fear floated on the breeze to his nose. Good, he thought, damn humans were always talking and laughing at the vampire myths, thinking them something they could take a tour and learn about but though his kind rarely fed from humans, he would give this group something to be afraid of. He didn’t seal the wounds at the guides throat fully, instead left them open enough that blood would well and drip down the males throat. Slowly his head lifted and he looked out at the tour group. - 

The things you think to be story and myth may just exist, careful not to piss any of us off. -The smug as hell look on his face drew wider with every word uttered from the crowd, which had tripled in size since his little show started. “Did he just…?" one asked, "yeah he did," another answered. "Holy shit!" Another yelled though no one made a move to run. Their eyes were locked on the action, they were watching it like they would a car accident, humans are morbid like that. Blay dropped the guide at his feet and met eyes with each person on the street and reminded them in a low graveled voice- Not every story you hear in this city may be true but know this…Vampires DO exist and we are out there helping to keep the shit off your streets. -With that he scattered his molecules to the four winds his cold laugh the last thing that could be heard.- 

-Hours later he woke to saxtons hand warm on his hip, his eyes opening slowly. The dream had been so vividly real that he could almost taste the human’s blood on his tongue.- Wow, what a dream! #BlayDracula

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Green Eyed Monster

SAXTON: *It was the first day in the last few months that Saxton could finally relax without a large pile of cases starring him in the face, crying out for his attention and skills. Ever since he took Zahk’s case, a case that reflected the household of the King, upstanding high vampires in the Glymera were wanting his services. He was happy to take them, but with each success the pile grew and soon he was spending more time on work then sleeping in Blaylock’s bed. He rarley saw his lover and missed him dearly. He could feel a slow growing wall between them and he had no idea how to stop it from building any higher. It figured that the one day he could take a break and be in the mansion, Blaylock was out, with Rhage he knew at least. To keep his mind occupied he decided to try his hand at pool. He had watched V and Butch play so much in the past, he figured he could handle it, and if he couldn’t it’s not like anyone would see him fail. Grabbing the triangle he looked at the felt table, placing and filling it with the pool balls when he heard the front door open*

BLAY:  Yes sirs. -Blay mumbled in response to the orders that both Butch and Manny barked at him to get inside and meet them in the PT suite for stitches. Shitkickers creaking as he crossed the front steps and entered through the vestibule doors, he froze as Saxton’s familiar scent wafted to his nose from the billiards room.- oh no -he hissed, quickly attempting to mask the gaping wound in his chest and shoulder by tossing his jacket over it, wincing slightly from the pain he was trying to ignore. He tried.. Unsuccessfully to make it to the stairs in noticed. 

SAXTON: “Blaylock, lover, is that you?” *Blaylocks scent mixed heavy with his own blood answered the question for him*

BLAY: Saxton’s voice froze him in his tracks. He didn’t want to be seen in this state, not by his male.- It is, Sax. I’m a horrible mess after patrol tonight…so I’m going to go up to our room and clean up real fast. I’ll be right back. -praying the male didn’t follow him, Blay took the stairs two at a time, thankful that the bleeding had slowed on the ride home. The last thing he needed was a lecture from the doggen about getting blood on the rugs.-

SAXTON: Saxton watched Blaylock with a close eye, picking up the little nuances that Blay did when he was hiding something. He hadn’t looked him in the eyes when he had answered Saxton, but he believed he would see pain in those eyes. Blaylock’s scent was heavily mixed in his own blood, a taste and smell Saxton was very familiar with. He watched Blaylock go up the stairs, his usual grace disrupted by whatever wound he had. He was torn between staying here as Blaylock wished or going after the Male he loved. He stood there, thinking for a few minutes before realizing he had already made his decision. He was just stalling, afraid that following would only cause more of a rift. Well Damn Blaylock and his request. He was Saxton’s male and he was going to care for him as was his right.  He took the stairs quickly, quietly heading down the hall. Entering their bedroom, not hesitiating and determined, but stopping dead when he saw Blaylock shirtless. He was speechless as his eyes took in the gaping wound, red and swollen* Dear sweetest virgin what the hell happened tonight? *The sight of his male in this condition shaking him to the core. He closed the door behind him, as he moved closer to Blay. That is when he noticed smaller cuts on Blay’s body, still open and not healing well. He tore his eyes from the wounds to look in those deep blue eyes, seeing a swirl of emotions.* Lover when was the last time you feed? You are not healing like you should *his eyes narrowed, sensing defience in those eyes*

BLAY: -relief flooded him as he heard the door to their room click shut, he had somehow managed to assure his lover that he was unharmed and needed but a shower to dispose of the nights events. Truth be told he needed a hell of a lot more than that. Blood still trickled from the slice in his chest, soaking through the ripped t-shirt and into his jacket…. He would have to remember to have Fritz replace that for him….he mused as he gingerly removed layers of clothing, tossing them into a thick black trash bag. He hadn’t heard Saxton as he entered the room, the male could be as silent as a brother then he wanted too, the soft gasp gave him away and slowly Blay looked up. His lover didn’t look him in the eyes which was fine by him, no..the pearl orbs were too busy assessing every nick and scratch on his chest.- It was just a fight Saxton, nothing abnormal, and nothing to concern yourself with. -Blay lied, hoping  the words came out smoother than they sounded in his own ears, but when his lovers eyes traveled once again to the angry red wounds on his chest Blay knee what was coming next.- Its been a while since I called upon Layla, Saxton. But this is nothing the doc’s needle and thread can’t fix. -he could only pray that those words were truth as he abruptly broke eye contact and strode into the bathroom.- Ill be fine.

SAXTON: *Saxton knew the look in those eyes, it was so similar to when Qhuinn was talked about. A shield put up in place to hide what he was feeling, emotionally and physically. He watched Blaylock enter the bathroom, knowing this was not a fight that would be won with words, no this needed direct action. “Fine Blaylock, have it your way” slight anger in his voice, a front to throw Blaylock off. There was no way he was stopping here. He went to the phone as soon as he heard the water running, talking low as he asked Fritz to contact Layla immediately, instruct her to their room. He hung up the phone pulling handcuffs out that he had bought awhile ago, this particular situation not what he had in mind for their first use, but if Saxton had to handcuff Blay to the bed, he would. His male needed to feed and he would today! Saxton changed into loose pants and a open shirt.  Ready to use himself to get Blay to give in. He heard the soft knock on the door, glancing to the bathroom, the water still running, he went to the door, opening to see the beautiful Chosen standing before him. He smiled his most charming smile, ignoring the roaring need builing inside him. It too had been awhile but he could wait, Blaylock should not* It is truly an honor to meet you Chosen and I do regret it is not under better circumstances, but Blaylock is in need of feeding and his pride has kept him away from you. Please come in and help me convince him otherwise. *Stepping back he let her into the room. Not entirely sure how the next few minutes would go with the sound of the water turning off*

BLAY: -stripped bare he stepped beneath the scalding spray of the shower. The cleansing heat felt good, both for his mutilated shoulder and his wounded ego. He didn’t want to upset Saxton, but feeding from Layla was getting harder and harder. The last time she had come to feed him she had carried Qhuinn’s scent so deeply embedded in her skin that Blay was sure she had just left his friends bed, and hadn’t that just pissed him right the fuck off. He didn’t hate the chosen, it would have been impossible to hate one so fair and innocent, who wanted nothing more than to fulfill her duties as an ehros as she had been trained. No, what he felt was more the green eyed monster type feeling. He was fucking jealous that she had a closeness to Qhuinn that he would likely never have. A wet hand scrubbed over his face and raked through his hair, he was happy with Saxton, truly happy for the first time since he was but a pre-trans, so why the fuck couldn’t he shake the way he felt about the chosen being with the male.- Saxton -the word was a growl from his chest as tendrils of the sweet scent of cinnamon snaked into the bathroom, enticing him from the confines of his shower, fangs piercing his lower lip and throbbing painfully. Barely pausing to rip the oversized towel from the rack before storming to the door. The urge to roar at his male was almost overwhelming, but he forced himself to calm and drew a few deep cleansing breaths in a futile attempt to regain his composure. Blay’s face a mask of nonchalance he pulled the door open and stepped into the room his eyes flashing first to Saxton’s face then to the gleaming silver handcuffs dangling from his finger.- please tell me you don’t plan to restrain the chosen while you feed Saxton. -his fangs throbbed harder in his gums at the mention of the word and his eyes flicked to the petite form of Layla, lovely as ever swathed in her fine white robes.- Chosen -he inclined his head, his face remaining impassive as he met her eyes, his need for blood becoming more evident with passing second. The moment when she saw his wounds didn’t go unnoticed, her blue eyes popped wide and panic was clear on her face. Shoving down his accusatory words Blay strode purposefully to the only path of escape, the entrance to the hall of statues, needing to get to the PT suite before he started leaking again.- 

SAXTON: Saxton had expected Blay to be furious or angry, he could see it in those eyes, behind the mask of cool calm. But when Blay saw Layla, he could see Blay would easily snap and he knew just how to do it. With Blay heading towards the door, back turned, he quietly motioned for Layla to sit on the bed as he quickly moved in front of Blay. He placed one hand on his lovers bare chest, away from the wound and looked up at him with dark grey eyes, dropping his voice low and sultry, he put on his most charming seductive smile, his fangs fully extended* Blaylock, My Love, do you really think I got these handcuffs to use on me? I want them on you, shackled to the bed as I taste your body, to run my fangs over your skin. You do remember how they feel, piercing your skin, the feel of my lips pulling on your vein, drinking you deep inside me, as I am buried deep inside you?

BLAY: -his destination was set, but his mind wandered. His feet carried him through the door where he collided with a hard hand.- What the… -shaken back to himself Blay stared down into Saxton’s eyes. A harsh laugh left his lips before he could bite it back.- so you are into V’s brand of kinky now are you Saxton? -fuck he needed to get the hell out of there, if he didn’t know better he would have thought his damn fangs had gotten even longer and were trying to drag him back to the chosen. Dearest virgin Saxton was still talking, it took a literal shake of his head for the remainder of the male’s words to sink in. Fangs..Piercing..Lips.- Saxton -the word was a plea as his cock swelled behind the plush towel slung low around his waist-

SAXTON: *He stepped closer, licking his own fangs, seeing the need in his lovers eyes grow, those blue eyes going darker. He ran his hand slowly over his shoulder and down his arm, pulling Blaylocks fingers to his mouth, sucking and teasing on each. He ran his tongue over Blays wrist feeling the pulse beating wild* Do you remember how it feels to have your mouth around something so sweet and fullfilling, to strike and claim what you want. *His double meaning clear as he sucked on Blay’s finger*

BLAY: YES -he growled. Two words were flashing like neon signs in his head. BLOOD. And SEX. There was nothing else.- I..remember -the whisper barely audible to himself over his deafening pulse. The combination of his lover on his heated skin and the moist warmth of his mouth overwhelmed Blay, had Saxton not been leading back into the room and closing the door the hunger may have totally overwhelmed him. He would have pounced on Saxton, torn the males clothing from his body and bent him over one of the wing back chairs that dotted the hallway, and taken all he needed, blood and sex, right there.. Where anyone and everyone could watch.- #DoseOfJealousy #UntilOurTime #BrothersEternal

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Alternate Universe #2

He hadnt bothered to change his clothes or clean up for that matter.  He wore the blood of Lash on his hands and clothes like a fucking gold medal. Everyone, by now, already knew what had happened and if he were being honest… it felt damn good to feel that jagged blade of the hunting knife slice across that son of a bitches throat. The blood had splattered, washed warm and dripped over his face and arm on contact, his insides reared to life with gratification as a dark sinister smirk formed on his pierced lips. The look on Lash’s face as death took him was priceless, Qhuinn almost wished he had a camera to capture the true look of terror of his pale face. Death wasn’t so pretty when it was being dealt to him by his mutant cousin and to think that cocksucker actually thought he would feel remorse and save him. Bring on The Reaper, your life pass has been revoked, return to sender. Qhuinn wasn’t quiet as he moved around his room jerking shit from his closet and drawers stuffing all he could into a duffle bag. No doubt the king would be calling for him, forget that shit,  he wasnt going to sign his own death warrant because he offed a bastard that was a parasite to his race. Lash had it coming and what he had done and said to John was what broke the camels back, or in his case got his throat sawed on till the knife became one with this spine. His knife was cleaned with a quick wipe down, guns he loaded with bullets, everything was locked, loaded and sheathed in his chest, thigh and waist holsters. If he needed a fast out he could dematerialize with his weapons, but the duffle bag would stay were it landed. His eyes scanned the room, there was nothing here in this house or, hell this town, that kept him tied down. If his parents hated him before… a guttural menacing laugh resonated from deep down… they’d really hate him now. “A reckless & senseless act . I knew he should have been detained years ago. He is a threat to the race and needs to be put to death”  he was sure that would be the statement his Father would make to the King.- Fuck you too DAD  -he called out as he slung open his bedroom door and exited into the hallway and down the stairs.  It’d be a relief to get out of the stifling air of this house, you couldn’t even sit on certain pieces of furniture or walk into rooms with your damn shoes on. He couldn’t help of grin as the print of his shitkickers trailed a path straight across the marble floors and pristine white carpet. What dumbass put white silk carpet in a house? Oh yeah his Parents and the rest of the aristocrats who probably had their doggen take their shits in the toilet for them because that was sinking too low to sit on a pot. He exited the house without a backwards glance, letting the door slam nice and hard knowing it pissed his mom off to no end. There were no tearful good byes and that would have hurt if he actually gave a fuck. He crossed the driveway and down the side walkway where he had parked his Hummer, the growl would have cut the night in half if it had been anyone other than Blay standing against the driver’s door. Those blue eyes use to be the only thing that got Qhuinn out of the bed at night, the only reason he even made an effort to deal with his parents shit, but Blay shortly after trans had started seeing Saxton. It was pretty obvious where that relationship was headed and it didnt involve Qhuinn and Blay living happily ever after. No matter how much Qhuinn wanted it- Move Blay. Get the fuck out of my way. No time for whatever shit you’ve come to spew at me -jerking open the drivers side back door  he tossed in the duffle bag into the backseat, slammed the door and faced off with his best friend-

BLAY: -when Qhuinn had been escorted by Zadist and Rhage from the training center back to his home Blay had known that the shit was going to hit the fan. With a quick text to Saxton he had dematerialized across town to Qhuinn’s parents place, standing vigil next to the Hummer certain that his friend would find him sooner or later.  One look into those mismatched eyes and Blay knew exactly what was doing in his best friends head.- I came to talk some sense into you, Qhuinn, and I won’t move until you hear me out. -the growl that vibrated from the other males chest only pissed him off more. He had stood in those showers and watched it all go down, had even tried to stop it all before it started by stepping between Lash and John Matthew. Closing his eyes against the throbbing of the black left eye that had been his only reward, he took a deep breath. Lash had deserved every damn bit of what Qhuinn had done to him, deserved to be killed twice for the way he had treated John, but that wasn’t the point. Qhuinn had acted to save John, not in self defense. That, by vampire law equaled murder, no matter the reason.- Fuck man, Where the hell do you think you are going? -running was a bad fucking idea, and while they both knew it, it didn’t seem to bother Qhuinn there would soon be a price on his head if he did.-

Qhuinn-  The Ivory in his mouth got nice and low, lip curled back tight exposing the full length and the hazardous damage that could ensue if this conversation didn’t end as quick as it started. There was something about ending a life… feeling the ominous aura of death slither in. It had latched onto him, and to be honest, a darker side had arisen… he felt himself detach, all he wanted to was to get the fuck out of this town. There was a life to be had for him and it wasn’t a solider for the Brotherhood in the coming war. All pretenses dropped, he fetched his duffle bag from the back seat, took out a set of clothes and tossed the bag back in the hummer. He, didn’t say anything to Blay as he stripped off his blood stained clothes and tossed them aside. He was done with this scene, done with ALL this.  He took his time getting dressed he didn’t give a fuck- As far away from this place as I can get – he pulled on clean leathers and black shirt-

BLAY: -at the sight of Qhuinn’s sneer he could tell that something had snapped inside his friend.- what the fuck has gotten into you, Qhuinn? -somehow the male’s decision to strip himself out here in the yard didn’t surprise Blay tonight. Arms crossed tight across his chest he watched, in appreciation, as Qhuinn revealed his naked body. If circumstances had been different he might have ended up with Qhuinn. Scribe Virgin knew that it would have saved him the snide comments and jealous looks when he thought Blay wasn’t looking. But he was with Saxton, and the two of them had decided to give this thing a serious go.- I can’t let you go, Qhuinn. Not only do you need to be here to defend yourself and your actions to the king, but.. -his voice dropped to a mere whisper-  I can’t imagine not having you here.

Qhuinn –The swift step forward had him all up in the males space, chest to chest, the sneer rolled from his lips- The brotherhood can fuck themselves if they think im turning myself in. –with that he put a good ten feet between them, all emotion gone-   Don’t fucking try to find me and I God damn mean it Blay. Have a nice life Blaylock, son of Rocke… Take care of yourself. –he scattered into the night where he would end up he wasn’t sure, he trusted it wouldn’t be the brotherhood compound-

BLAY: FUCK -he snarled as he tried to get a read on which direction the male had gone, though he knew the act was futile. Qhuinn was fucking gone. Turning on the ball of his shitkicker he let a balled fist fly, leaving a perfect imprint in the driver’s door of the hummer.- Fucking son of a bitch. -he was too fucking pissed off to dematerialize so instead he pulled the spare key to the hummer from the pocket of his leathers, the door letting out a loud creek in protest when he jerked it open, and climbed behind the wheel. Blay would take the hummer to his parents place, Qhuinn had left his duffel in the back seat and eventually would come back for it….he hoped-

October-December 2007   Belarus, Russia

The rhythmic thump of the club overhead pulsed like blood through the walls and ceiling, but no one noticed. The lower level of Club Propaganda was a world that was dark and deadly….fuck the saying “only the strong survive”. There, the strong were left on the floor, in a corner, bleeding to death…if they were lucky. The lethal sons of bitches were the ones that survived the fuckstorm of iron fists that thrived in this smoke filled, dimly lit, damp sub terrain room.  He’d come to the punk club for a stout drink and a piece of ass to sink his cock into. God damn, talk about a dry spell, his balls were well on their way to a vacation in the dessert…all shriveled up. Get pussy or die…death was breathing down his neck by 2am..  The piece of ass he stalked was what got him cold cocked and landed him face first on the cold cement. Followed by a blunt steel toed kick to his ribs.The threat came as a putrid hiss. “There will be nothing left of you when I’m finished.” The spiked sole of the boot nailed Qhuinn in the ribs again, but he’d rolled with the force that was delivered and found the floor hard against his back, malice filled that mismatched gaze. Blood spurted from his mouth the silent roar simmered in the back of his throat-  Mighty words spoken from a dead man.  A mockery of strength and domination is the stamp you will carry to your grave. -Never had velvet coated the promise of death so effortlessly till the male heard and saw the serene mayhem that was Qhuinn.

The air was split with the blindingly smooth movement he made from the floor to his feet. He uncoiled to full height, a force to be reckoned with… not the newly trans he was when he left Caldwell a few weeks prior. The mother fucker had no idea who he’d just fucked with, but he’d soon learn. Toe to toe he stood with a fool whose cock was too small and ego entirely too inflated. If the crimson in his veins hadn’t been colored livid with a side rage he might have been amused at the shock on the males face when the vision of Qhuinn eyes became clear.-   Pretty aren’t they?  –Eyes narrowed to slits his fangs dared to invite themselves to the occasion -  Male and Female can’t resist them. I’ll let you have an up close and personal look while you bleed out on this floor.

-The male wasn’t human or vamp, that much was evident. What the fool was became irrelevant as soon as the 3inch, dagger tipped, brass knuckles made contact with Qhuinns right jaw. The sinister fever of Lash’s evil greedily tainted his veins, darkness became a veil that crept over his eyes, the sneer dripped with sweet venom as he wiped the blood with the back of his hand-  Play time is over for you. -It wasn’t until the dark haired male was lying in his own blood, his neck snapped and arms broken did Qhuinn register the crowd of bodies surrounding him in a circle bellowing and chanting in a language he knew to be of Russian tongue laced with something familiar. That night was more months than he could remember back. He’d had no plans to stay in Belarus, hell he had no idea how he’d ended up here but after that night…. plans changed.

Night after night. week after week he returned to that grasp of hell that lay beneath the Club Propaganda. Sadistic and power hungry he engorged in the noise, the chants, the adrenaline and HER. Black leather wrapped her curves like a second skin, midnight tresses poured down her back and those eyes…fuck those eyes, red and sinful as her scent. That beautiful bitch was the piece of ass that got him introduced to this place. One of these days he’d thank her properly. For now things would stay as they were. She flipped him off and smiled a smile that would freeze ice when his eyes found hers, she never flinched at the dual colors he didn’t peg her for the flinching type.  He’d return a smirk and a ride of his metal between his lips and he would go on about his nights “events”. That female was an awareness that he carried across his shoulders like a sharp blade, give him the right timing his fangs he would sink into her, he didn’t give a damn where, he wanted her blood in his veins that much he knew. Tonight he dematerialized into a back corner of the fight room, everyone was caught up in the scene to notice where he came from, all but her. She locked those flames on him, her brow popped and he didn’t miss the caress her thumb gave her blade that was strapped to her hip- Try it I dare you -he mouthed, his focus solely on her that he missed the god damn unsheathing and release of the blade that planted three inches deep into the wall beside his head. He was a little more than floored, but not fully surprised, she was a Hellion and fear wasn’t her game. He spun around, dislodging the blade, and noticing the engraved lettering on the handle as he palmed the light weight but extremely strongly hand crafted dagger. He slowly turned all intentions of returning the weapon to her nicely sizzled and dissolved like flesh covered in acid. The male was blond, his size rivaled the brotherhood, he was all up on her, his hips wedged between her thighs his paws full on contact with her ass. Then he saw the challenge in her eyes, the dark mischief daring him to proceed. Qhuinn’s fangs gave no apologies as his lip curled back exposing full length of the deadly ammo he packed. She whispered against the males ear her hand winding into his hair, the males head fell into the curve of her neck. The snarl split the air between them in a low fierce warning. She’d got what she was looking for… Satisfaction was clear on her face. The blonde male was too occupied sucking on her throat to notice when the blade left Qhuinns hand and buried in the wall just a few inches from his left shoulder. His ivory had drawn blood from his own lip, he tasted it against his tongue.. This female knew damn well what he was, and what he wanted, or so it seemed, before all this was over he would dance with the devil herself. Gait long, lean and full of menace he closed the space between the two of them only to pass her with nothing more than a conversational promise- This isn’t over, Hellion. Know that.  –he disappeared into the crowd of sweaty fleshed bodies.-

He checked with the Keeper as he was called, the bets were placed high on him for every fight. He could give two shits about the money, he had drained the safe at his parents’ house before he left Caldwell, cause he’d be damned if his brother and sister were getting all that cash. He fought for the fight, the release and the freedom he now had. The number of bodies he had maimed, bloodied or killed quickly rose into the hundreds. That was not to say he hadn’t taken a few ass beatings himself, but he never lost, and any remorse or guilt he might have felt never found a place to latch onto him. Tonight the crowd, comprised of both males and females, was particularly rowdy, there was a surge of authority that carried through the air, hundreds by the rolls were tossed into betting pools, the stakes were higher that evening. There was some shit that was about to go down tonight and Qhuinn was in deeper than he could have every realized.

The female was relentless, she came at him time and time again, she was small and able to wedge herself up under him landing blows that probably shattered the likely hood of him ever fathering young. She was out for blood and held nothing back, nor did he, his bloody knuckles connected to her chest then a quick blow to her stomach.  The wave of momentum doubled her over and he took the opportunity to fit his knee up under her chin, snapping her blonde head backwards.  With only two faltered steps, she regained her composure shaking out her capped blond hair, whipping around she reared up and spit blood along with a tooth straight into his face-. ‘”My fucking grand mahmen hits harder than you and she’s blind”  -rage shook her voice that’s all he knew cause he was too busy swiping her god damn fluids from his face. The jab of two long fingers straight into his eyes caught him fully off guard and the spiked heel of her combat boots took him to the ground.- Scribe fucking Virgin – the hiss ripped through the arena. He saw this bitch’s death it washed over him like blazing knives. It’d be a pity to kill her, she had a violent streak that was endless, but he’d had enough of her mouth and the searing pain in his eyes sealed her fate, it was time to end this.. he was tired of playing with his food- Female your grand mahmen should have kept you at home in a pretty little dress  -he was on her, hands engulfed her head and she knew he was ending her right here right now- Say goodbye…. -the announcers voice roared- STOP! -Qhuinn dropped his hands and took two steps back, damn rules called for just that or else - Todays your lucky day female. -Oh she was pissed, the glare in her blue eyes would have ignited the sun when she shoved him backwards ignoring all rules of the arena fight. He went to turn, but she took a cheap-shot, landing a right hook and crushing his cheekbone with her five finger metal knuckle ring. That thick Russian accent, spat the words “Death will fuck you to your grave, pretty boy”  From out of nowhere, arms circled her stomach and hauled her screaming ass out of the ring, the announcers booming voice echoing the wall “Get her out of here.” There was a hellraisers pause giving Qhuinn enough time to back out to the edge of the arena, he wasn’t sure what the fuck was going. The assembly swarmed, their energy contagious. The room split allowing a wide berth into the rutted out dirt floor arena. “There’s been a sight change in plans tonight” the announcers’ Russian accent heavy with a dispute for a challenge.  A rigid roll of his shoulders his head lowered, the blue green of his irises cut up from under his black lashes he stepped forward and entered into the center ring. Qhuinns head lifted poker face primed and ready. The hushed silence made the hair on the back of his neck stand on end and gave a jagged jolt to his ivory. The arrogant bastard in him reared forward smug, while common sense told him he was about to be handed his ass in a nicely wrapped leather pouch. He was never one to back down so why start now?

 Three males filled the opposite side of the ring, they stood like god damn Fort Knox and looked like they had raided the brotherhoods closet not to mention their fucking gene pool. Qhuinn inclined his head and met the deadly regard that was set on him. “Some three-on-one action. Liven up things. Since The Powerhouse here appears to be invincible” Qhuinn gave the announcer a personal greeting with his middle finger. These weren’t your fly by night vampires or the superman complex humans that filtered through, these were vamps who had more power than the Scribe and more influence than Rhage in a room full of prostitutes. These Sons of Bitches could do whatever the fuck they wanted, and for whatever god forsaken reason they had a case of hurt to deliver to him. His pierced lip carried a smirk, and his mismatched eyes never wavered as he sized up his opponents, searching for a break in their armor, fuck him but they were solid … air tight. The one with the scarred lip carried a jacked up mug to match, two large bookend males forged each side of him. One appeared too much of a pretty boy to be deadly, though he knew looks to be deceiving, but the other, that blond mother fucker was still savoring in the red current that tinted the barest hint of his ivory…that was the one he’d take down first. He should have buried that dagger right into his back when he’d had the chance, a little left and that cocksucker would’ve have been swallowing his own blood as he drown in it. Qhuinn’s attention diverted for a split second, he wasn’t the only one to notice those leather curves of Hellion had found their way ringside. She leaned to the make shift rail her eyes set on Qhuinn. The blond male didn’t care for that exchange and launched forward only to be stopped by the hand of the larger male and his command “Control. Throe.  Fucking find it now” –the rage in those blue eyes only held by a string, Qhuinn baited and knew he had to snap it-   You get your fill of that ass and crimson fire, Blondie? –He nodded toward the slightly amused female-  Cause you won’t get another go at that. –his ivories on full show, all four of males begin to move, the crowd erupted in mangled hissed.  “She is MINE” the rolling growl was a shot of nitrous to the room-  WAS Yours. –Qhuinn countered as he dropped back a step. It was time to get this scene into some true motion, his voice calm but slithered with a promise of pain. - You mother fuckers call me out. That’s fine. –he stripped off his shirt giving them nothing but  flesh from the waist up-  Something I think you should know. There ain’t a wolf too big to take down. I eliminate whoever the fuck gets in my way. From where I stand you’re three deep All Up In My Way. –The scarred lipped male curled back flashing his own set of pearly hardware in a sadistic grin- . “Then by all means move us Boy”-

 March 2012   United States

I bet you’re wondering how the rest of that night went? Short version is I was killed, delivered to the fade and brought back as the angel of purity and innocence…. – he leaned back on the broken down sofa, his grin pressed to the lipped mouth of his beer as he tipped it back and took a long chug, bottle empty he flung it end over end to the trash can across the room-  Yeah you believe that? Then you should know there’s a new Scribe Virgin in charge and she wears black leather and has pierced nipples. –he gave a dramatic pause letting the slow ones process the info-  That was full on bullshit for you kiddies who are lacking in the common sense department. –his dagger hung loosely from his from his fingers the tip of the blade drug up and down the flesh of his female that lay asleep across his lap, his voice dropped-  Now clean out your fucking ears I can’t be all loud and shit when I tell you what really went down, cause she …- his eyes cast downward to the sweet beautiful face of his mate- May look peaceful but let me assure you one fucking thing, looks are deceiving and waking her could possibly bring on Armageddon. –he kept the caress of the blade gentle over her back, his mismatched eyes flipped up, two shades darker than what he was born with-  Here’s how shit went down…   Xcor, Throe and Zypher, those fuckers, came into that ring with two purposes: Kill me or, make me join them. Well considering I’m sitting here talking to you tonight, you know which occurred, but not without 6 broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and bruised lungs, but don’t think they walked out that night unscathed. Zphyer aint so pretty anymore with his crooked noes and missing ear. –dark grin spread across his face- That asshole, five years later, still bitches about that shit. So….after we had all recovered from the damages we had inflicted,  Xcor and his polite demeanor demanded my loyalty as a Bastard. I pleasantly told him to fuck himself. Yeah that went over real well. Im pretty sure my barely healed ribs were broken a few more times…. so finally after about a week of nursing the vein of the female laying in my lap, I told the son of bitch I’d join his Band of Bastards. –he shifted back in the sofa, his ass was beginning to fall asleep- Fuck when I did it pissed Throe off, seriously thought his head was going to implode. That fucker wanted me dead that night in the arena. “She’s MINE stay the fuck away from her”  -he reached over and cracked open the top of another beer-  That dumb ass should have just recorded that shit and hit repeat for as many times as I heard him say it. Okay keep up I’m moving forward about two years.  Throe was popping off at the mouth one night about being Xcor’s second and how he would slit my throat in my sleep…blah fucking blah. You know that shit gets old real quick, and I’d had more than enough of his yammering. The sawed off shot gun that I kept under my bed, well Throe found himself guzzling the head of it a few nights later. Even on his dying gurgle he was cursing me for taking his female out from under his fingertips. I never had the heart to tell him he was only a play thing to her. DumbFuck he was never could figure it out… how he ever made second to Xcor I’ll never know, but that doesn’t matter now, I got the girl and reign seco…Fuuuck  –he felt the pressure of her hand on his balls and she gave hard twist, he ground out a dark laugh- Excuse me,  correction. I didn’t steal the girl she picked me and I’m her new pet. That’s your version of our Love Story, huh baby? –His metal flipped out along his lips, points of his tips flashed with his mischievous grin, he mouthed – here’s my version…. My smooth charisma woo’ed the Hellion and she couldn’t keep her claws out of me. I stole her dark flamed heart and she threw herself in my arms. –the blade of dagger pressed tight between her shoulder blades holding her in place. “I don’t care if you’re Xcor’s second or my mate I kill you dead Qhuinn. Do you hear me kill DEAD.” sleep evident in her hiss, her grip stayed tight, her teeth sank into his thigh, then she relaxed back down.- I take your words for mostly truth, Kitten. –he purred the pet name because he knew she hated it with the very fire of hell-  You’ve only tried 13 times to remove me from this earth. –the growl was low from her full lips  “Ill kill you twice and make it 14 and 15 if you call me that again, Hellren.”  She wiggled down and was back a sleep in no time, he finished his beer- So as the hellish story goes, the rest is gory history and a fucking grand five years. Never could I have prepared for the time warp twilight zone beam me up scotty fuck storm that took place, but I’ll be damned if id change a fucking thing. What’s a few hundred lives when the power of an army is in the palm of my hand? Not a god damn thing.  –his arm rolled exposing the underside- See that brand on my inner forearm? The Band of Bastards mark. That’s where my allegiances now lie. And across my back my Hellion’s named is branded in my flesh. She’s is where my heart resides. Don’t fucking forget those two important facts.    –a roll of his neck, eyes cast to the ceiling as the floor boards above his head creaked under the heavy steps of Xcor and Zhyper…. they’d returned-  Damn old farmhouse needs oiling before those bastards fall through the God damn floor –The latch clicked and the cellar door flew open, he looked over towards Xcor and Zpyher just in time to catch a flying bag of Taco Bell midair, his brow cocked as he turned back- Its dinner time, and that’s your exit queue. Now get the fuck out of here, you’ve got all the gritty shit you’re going to get. Nosy fuckers……

May 2012 Caldwell, New York

-The pungent fragrance of lesser was suspended in Caldwell’s air supply as the fog lifted from the Hudson River. The three lone figures, clad black as night perched high on a roof right in the middle of town. The view gave full of visuals of the scene. “They say ignorance is bliss…what dumb fuck came up with that? Ignorance gets you one of two fucking places in this life. Dead, double dipped in baby powder…or Fucking  Dead. ” Zypher spat with violent disapproval as the three of them watched the civilians and humans stroll the streets, in and out of bars, restaurants and clubs, living the night life of the city. No clue of the madness and terror that lurked in the shadows. “That’s why we came here.  Zypher you’re going to run for Mayor….no wait an advocate for the knowledge of lurky powered puffs with fangs.” Hellion goaded, a sinister grin plastered on her face. “You’re such a bitch. How the fuck he doesn’t cut your tongue out of your head, I have no idea.” The male snarled, his boots kicked into motion, the loose debris crunching under his feet.  Qhuinn’s bonding scent mixed with a deep resonating growl brought the approach towards his Hellion to a grinding halt- You want to talk about ignorance Zypher? -ruthlessness in tone showed through the rigid cut of his jawline, ivory razored low-  Take another step toward what is MINE and you’ll get schooled on your ignorance of a bonded male. –his promising glare pinned the male, giving no room to refute. “Sovereign, Hellren  I believe removing your head from your ass should be occurring about NOW”  His mate was up in his face, her hands yanked at his hair till he finally met the brilliance of her flamed eyes. “What the fuck is wrong with you? –she jabbed fingers into his chest-  You know I handle my own business. That exchange was nothing for you to get your shit riled over.”  Xcor  took moment to materialize front and center,  the bastard smelled of the whore he’d no doubt just fucked and fed from. The acknowledgement to his leader was sharp inclined nod. He pulled from her hold and bound her wrist in his grasp, he took her mouth, a possessive move of fully consumed male, he worked the lines and curves of her tongue with the smoothness of his metal and the harshness of his fangs, he bit and sucked till she was coverd in his scent and breathless. Not a sound was made when he released his hold and stalked to the far edge of the roof where he crouched down. They’d been scouting the boundary lines of Caldwell for a good two months, but tonight was the first night he’d set foot back into the city proper, and hell if it hadn’t rammed a vicious foul mood up his ass.  The Bastard brand on his forearm pulsed as his fist coiled and uncoiled. The ruthless feral nature inside him had been dormant for a bit… now it wanted loose-   Wrath and the brothers would be thrilled if I dropped in and yelled surprise. –voice diluted with bitter sarcasm he knew they’d heard every word, the mood he was in would have him doing just that had he been able to find the compound but it seemed they had changed something’s after he went AWOL-  I need to get the fuck out of here before I raise more hell than any ….-his words diminished no more than a drawn breath, his body jacked from the crouch, the wind shifted lifting a vaguely familiar scent, his hooded gaze did a quick survey the surroundings- #AlternateUniverse 

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Fight for the bond #2 

Blay:  -Blay found himself sitting on the front steps of the mansion, looking up at the stars, mind adrift with all the things that could have happened at the meeting between Saxton and zahk’s grandparents, knowing that things could have gone so much worse with Rhage there, but no one would have dared tell him he couldn’t go. The roar of an engine caught Blay’s attention and had him looking down the drive barely able to make out the headlights of the GTO. So they were back, that didn’t take as long as I expected.-


Rhage:  [After dropping Saxton off at his office after his request the ride home was quick.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.  I’m a trained fucking warrior and something was night right.  Slamming the door to the GTO as I half jumped from the driver seat.  Blay…  I should have known he’d be here.  Guess Saxton was too occupied to give him a text, shaking my head as I rounded the car.]  Dropped him off at his office.


Blay:  -his head nodded as he tried to take in the male’s mood.- Oh, yeah man. No problem -eyes narrowed- how did the meeting go?


Rhage:  [Meeting?  I was fucking giving away the only thing that could very well keep Mary and I together.  Yeah, he wasn’t mine to give but right fucking now I probably would have brought him back with me had he been there.  Shaking my head to stop from lashing out at you.]  Fine. 


Blay:  -well that did’t sound real great to him and fuck if he had a clue what to say to the male who was more than half beast at the moment- That doesn’t sound encouraging, Rhage. Were they the right people? Did they have the correct papers? And if everything was fine why did Saxton go to the office? -he knew he was rambling but he couldn’t stop himself. The vibe he was getting was that something was way wrong here. If Saxton was just filing or going over papers then he would have definitely called to let Blay know he wouldn’t be home for a while. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone..nope no missed calls-


Rhage:  [Shrugging my shoulders.  It was all I could do before I lashed out at even the smallest things.] They were the right people, he’s happy there.  Fucking drop… [shaking my head as I combed fingers through my hair.]  He just said he had some last minute things to do.  I don’t know what they are, what it’s for, who it’s for.  [Walking past Blay to stand at the front door.]  I have some shit to do, feel me?


Blay:  Yeah man. -he took his time standing up and following Rhage to the door. He laid his and to the male’s shoulder as they stopped- this will work out for the best, man. We have to believe that. Saxton is the best lawyer out there when it comes to wills and trusts and you better believe that what ever comes of this he will make sure it is done right.


Rhage:  [Too many fucking questions, and all I could do was nod before moving to leave you standing behind…  I needed to be with Mary, yet she was too far away.  Unreachable.  Climbing the staircase to linger outside of our mated room.  She was in there.  I could hear her breathing from where I stood. Right now wasn’t the time, when it would be I didn’t know, but right now wasn’t it.  Silently entering what use to be Zahk’s room, sitting on his car bed as I took in the room.  We’d have to clean it out soon, whenever Mary was ready..  Running my fingers into my hair as I rested elbows on my knees, it was going to be a long sleepless day…] 

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Open the flood Gates #1


-Head held in his heads Blay continued to listen to the detective on the other end of the line.- Excuse me, did you say you found my BMW? –The voice on the other end of the phone repeated, “Yes Mr. Johnson, we have located the car…well most of it anyway.” Blay’s heart stopped. That car was his baby. He could remember the hours upon hours that he had spent cleaning and polishing and detailing his limited edition BMW. It had been part of his and Qhuinn’s maturation process. His parents had surprised him with the car for his 16th birthday, like his human counterparts that was the year he got his human drivers license.  The detective temporarily forgotten, memories of that night flashed on the backs of his eyelids. They hadn’t planned anything extravagant, but Qhuinn had come over for dinner and cake. Blay had hung around the kitchen with his mom, helping to wash the dishes as his dad and Qhuinn had disappeared outside. Sometime later just as he was drying the last dish they heard a horn honk out front. His mother’s face had broken out in a radiant smile, accentuating her delicate features and when Blay had only stood there confused she had pushed him towards the door.

Outside His father and Qhuinn stood, leaned against a 1999 BMW M5 in midnight blue.  It was fully tricked out with everything from black leather seats trimmed in dark blue to the sooped up motor and custom rims. His grin had been so wide that it enveloped his entire face as he and Qhuinn had sped off into the night, taking the car out for his first test drive. He could remember asking his best friend if he had known of the surprise, the response to which had come on a laugh, ‘you kiddin man? I helped your dad pick it out. The customized seats were my idea.’ Blay could have almost guessed as much when he had looked at the attention to detail as well as the ‘B’ scripted into the center of the headrests. “Mr. Johnson, are you there? Blayne, hello?”

The small voice coming from the phone brought him back to the present and he stammered a bit as he answered- Y-Yes sir, I’m here. –The detective went on to tell him that he needed to come to the station and file a formal report and then his insurance would take over and take care of the car. Not that he was worried about the money. At. All.- Yeah I’m not worried about that I just want the fucking car back - “Mr. Johnson, there is only so much we can do without a report. We can’t even begin the a search for the parts, or tag them once they come in without one.” With a sigh Blay agreed to meet with the detective in a few nights to file the report, thanked the detective and hung up the phone, sinking back into his bed, dumbfounded - #OpenTheFloodGates

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The slip up…

Qhuinn: Should have fucking known. -he storms the foyer and hit the living room hot on the heels of a casual dressed Blay- Who’s so important that you’d bail on me and John Matthew? –He knew he should have chosen his words carefully, for something’s he didn’t want the answer and others well, hell just weren’t any of his business. He isn’t your business the outraged voice in his head roared. The other night had ended with a kiss. What that meant, he wasn’t sure of, but Blay bailing was not it. He propped on the door as Blay steadily ignored his rant. Though he seemed calm the narrowing of those blue eyes as he concentrated on tying his shoes told otherwise- I know you aren’t going anywhere with Saxton - all but growled- Blay’s cool blue eyes slid up to meet his-

Blay: -settling into the sofa, their eyes locked to in a heated gaze, Blay studiously ignored the harsh tone of Qhuinn’s voice and the ragged way his breath sawed in and out of his lungs- oh you KNOW this do you Qhuinn?-he sank a fang into his lower lip before he spewed something vile that he would regret- I am not bailing on anyone, I simply asked that we hang out tomorrow night instead. -he smoothed his hands over the crisp pressed black button down he intended to wear on his dinner date with Saxton, doing his best to calm his thoughts-

JM: *Walking into the living room, seeing the not so happy joy joy vibes Qhuinn and Blay were throwing at each other, made the bite that I took out of my apple sound overly loud and obnoxious. Eyes darting back and forth between my two best friends, debating whether or not to make a quick exit left, and let them work out their problems alone. Instead, I try to smile over a mouthful of apple juice and nod to them both. Inhaling… taking into my lungs the faint bonding scent in the room, looking over to Qhuinn, thinking this can’t be good.*

Blay: -His eyes darted to the open doorway where John Matthew stood looking confused- Hey man, I’ve been looking for you. –standing he walked past the still fuming Qhuinn, stepping between the two males- I know we were all supposed to hang out tonight, but something has come up and I need to leave the mansion tonight. –Blay’s eyes connect with JM’s and they exchange a…knowing look- So do you mind if we reschedule it for tomorrow night?

JM: -Knowing that the something that came “up” was more than likely Saxton, and also knowing that Blay needed an out, signing- I have no problems rescheduling for tomorrow. Didn’t have anything planned for tomorrow anyway really. Was just gonna see if Tohr wanted to chill but didn’t set the plans in concrete, if you know what I mean? Do what you gotta do Blay –nodding my understanding to him-

Qhuinn- So we’re on a fucking schedule now? You need to pencil us in? -sarcasm was so thick he was fuming. No they hadn’t set a certain day but fuck he didn’t think they had to. It had been too damn long since they all had hung out and to make other fucking plans on the one weekend they all were free. “What’s really biting your ass about this, Qhuinn? It’s not that big of a deal.” He watched John hands sign quickly –his eyes flicked over to Blay who was sliding into his jacket, he didn’t bother answering he just pushed push pass John and headed up to his room. He had to get out the house. He felt too destructive to stay cooped up here. Jacking open the door to his room stepped inside slamming it shut-

Blay: -Watching Qhuinn leave he sighed, eyes meeting John’s, he murmured under his breath- I just don’t know what the fuck he wants me to do.–Blay was more than confused by Qhuinns’ actions, yet again it seemed he was wanted, but for what he didn’t know.- I’m going out, -where… remained unsaid but he knew John would know where to find him if he was needed as he wasn’t yet ready to broadcast to the brotherhood that he was seeing the King’s personal lawyer- I’ll see you tomorrow?

JM -Reaching out and grabbing Blay’s arm, stopping him for a moment, sympathy for both my friends apparent on my face, and wishing Qhuinn would pull his head out of his third point of contact, signing- Sorry Blay, about how this is all playing out for you. Always hoped it would have been you two… you know? *shrugging my shoulders slightly*, but regardless, I am glad that you have found someone that makes you happy. Don’t worry about Qhuinn, okay? I’ll go talk to him and see if I can knock some sense into him. *making a fist and giving a crooked grin* Have a good time tonight Blay, and give Saxton my regards. Text if you need anything, okay?

Blay: -Blay understood John Matthew’s predicament as friends with both him and Qhuinn he was stuck in the middle- You know I will John, and if you guys need anything let me know. -On edge and annoyed he followed John through the foyer with all intent to go straight out and get in the BMW and take off to Saxton’s, the drive would do him good, he needed to clear his mind so that he didn’t poison his date with the mood he was currently in. Half way across the brightly colored floor he paused and found himself turning to look back up the stairs towards the hall of statues where his friend had disappeared, he strained to hear what could possibly be taking place behind those doors but all he heard was a growl and the hushed tone of Qhuinn moving towards the stairs.

Saxton:*looking around the living room he mentally checked off everything he had ready. The fire was low but warm in the fire place, the butter cooked peeled shrimp was waiting to be devoured and the best whiskey was out waiting to be poured.*

Saxton:*he looked at himself in the mirror checking that his simple black silk shirt was perfectly smooth and the dark grey slacks were perfectly wrinkle free. He wanted to go simple because he honestly didn’t believe he would be wearing them for that long anyway*

Qhuinn- Fingers clawed thru his hair as he paced, kicking whatever was in his path across the room.  He tried desperately to rationalize his fucking tantrum down stairs. Unfucking called for but most things that had to do with his best friend these days was a complete upheaval no matter how hard he tried to make it otherwise. Lacing up his shitkickers, he strapped on his weapons and pulled on his jacket, he sent a silent prayer up as he opened his bedroom door & stepped out into the hallway.

BLAY- -Boo brushed against his leg meowing loudly he jumped, feeling foolish he squatted to pet the cat, a slight smile touching his lips as he reached into his pocket and palmed his keys giving Boo one last pet he took his full height and headed through the vestibule and out to the crushed gravel drive where the BMW was parked.-

Qhuinn -Blay was nowhere in sight- Fuck - growling he rushed the stairs nearly colliding with John- Where is He? -Qhuinn glanced down into the foyer….no Blay- Did He fucking leave already?

Saxton:*Standing in the dining room he could smell the divine dinner being cooked by his doggen. A rack of lamb simmering in a sweet Champagne sauce that would melt on your tongue. He had been looking forward tonight since their phone call and wanted it to be a night Blaylock wouldn’t soon forget*

JM -* Putting my hands out to steady Qhuinn before we both make a not so graceful face plant at the bottom of the stairs, I quickly recognize, Qhuinn for the caged animal he was, signing* I was just on my way to find you. *Looking over my shoulder to the front door and taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly, looking back to my friend and nod in the affirmative, signing* He left about five minutes ago. *seeing Qhuinn’s eyes narrowing in anger* Just hold on a second here, Qhuinn. Don’t go getting all pissed off about him leaving. He has a right to have some Blay time too you know. We’ll just be a duo for the night okay? We can head over to ZeroSum for a couple of shots, see who’s around, scope for lesser, or whatever. What do you say? *Reaching out and placing my hand on Qhuinn’s shoulder, forcing him to look me in the eye.* I think it we be good for both of us to get out.

Blay: Despite the bitter cold of the night he lowered the BMW’s convertible top and slid into the driver’s seat blasting the heater and switching the seat heaters on. He may have needed the jolt of the cold to clear the toxic thoughts swirling in his head, but that didn’t mean that he had to freeze on the drive to Saxton’s. He scanned the area around his car for evidence…no he wasn’t looking for anyone who wouldn’t be there.

Qhuinn- Qhuinn stood staring at John, an eerie calm coming over him, almost like the calm before a storm- You know what? That sounds like a damn good idea. -He knew what he was about to do was out of his normal ways of doing things- Life use to be so uncomplicated… easy. Now life just makes you do dumb shit. -He clapped John on the shoulder- Meet me at the Hummer, I need to stop by somewhere before we hit Zero Sum -on that he dematerialized to the Hummer-

Blay : Impatient to get out of the mansion he popped the car in reverse, turned around and proceeded through the first of many heavy gates he would meet before he hit the highway. For once he was glad that he knew this road like the back of his hand, because his mind was elsewhere as he drove. Blay relaxed letting the howling wind take with it the memories of his fight with Qhuinn and leave in their place more favorable ones

JM - *Grabbing my cell and sending off a quick text to Tohr “off to ZS with Qhuinn, He needs a night out big time. Catch you later, John” *Deciding to take the long way to the Hummer for once and walk there instead of dematerializing, thinking that doing things the simple way at times makes me feel somewhat normal. As normal as a big ass Vampire with Daddy issues and a Mate that can’t stand my ass can be.  Opening the door to the garage, smelling the combined scents of oil, gasoline and one pissed off male.  Signing to Qhuinn, Let’s get this party started shall we? I opened the passenger side door and climb in, forgoing the seat belts as none are required for this ride.

Qhuinn white knuckled the steering wheel as he barreled thru the back roads of Caldwell, he knew his final destination though the closer he got to it, the more his chest ached and his fury burned. The taillights off in the distance… he knew them and as he planned the back roads made up some time and brought him up behind the one thing he fucking prayed he wouldn’t find. Qhuinn flipped off his headlights then laid into the accelerator closing the space between the hummer and the rear of the BMW to within 200 yards. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Johns hands signing all fast and furious-

JM *Looking over at the unholy, spaced out gleam in his Qhuinn’s eyes and seeing that he wasn’t even close to putting his foot on the brake. Deciding that tonight is not a good night to die, I start signing *What the hell is the matter with you, Qhuinn? *Getting no response, reaching out and giving a good solid punch to Qhuinn’s arm, feeling the reverberations all the way up to my shoulder, but still no sign of acknowledgement from him, wishing for the millionth time, I had a voice, signing,* Stop the fucking car Asshole. I am too fucking young to be a cheap hood ornament on your piece of shit Hummer. *pounding my fist on the dashboard, silently shouting* SHIT!!! *Reaching over and putting my seat belt on, mouthing the words* Stupid Mother Fucker.

QHUINN- Qhuinn barely registered the fit Jm was having in the passenger seat, until the guy decided that an indentation of his hand would be a good addition to the Hummers dashboard. He cut his eyes over at John who was white as a sheet and looked as though he was ready to commit murder before he left this world- Dude chill the fuck out. You are in a fucking tank….. –Qhuinn trailed off as he slammed on his breaks, jerking the Hummer to the curb. The BMW had stopped in a driveway.

Blay: The thoughts that filled his head as he crossed into the city were of a much hotter nature, two beautiful bodies moving together in a tangle of luxurious black satin sheets, gleaming blonde hair and pearl eyes hovering above him as they make love. By the time Blay pulled up in front of Saxton’s house his body was tightly coiled and in need of release. Taking the extra time to put the top back up on the car he strode quickly up Saxton’s lawn and rang the doorbell, adjusting himself in his jeans as he waited-

JM *Decking Qhuinn in the shoulder again for good measure, and because it was better than the alternative of pulling my dagger and decapitating his sorry ass, I sign* Feeling better now? Are you done doing your impression of Jason Statham from Death Race? Cause let me tell you. You pull that shit again, while I am with you, I don’t care how fucked in the head you are, I will put you out of your misery…Permanently. *Removing my seat belt and saying a quick prayer to the Scribe Virgin. Exiting the Hummer, half thinking of kissing the pavement, before making eye contact with Qhuinn, who was still behind the wheel*

Qhuinn- Do you fucking SEE where we are? Where he is? –Qhuinn hissed across at John as he jabbed a finger into the windshield, he watched as the look on John face shifted. The answer to his questions were all answered, right there standing under the porch light, in front of Saxton’s door. His body was shaking, one hand on the door ready to tear the fucking thing from the frame.

Saxton:*hearing a car pull into his drive way, he peaked through the window and couldn’t stop the smile on his face. He grinned even wider when he caught Blaylock adjusting himself. Apparently Saxton wasn’t the only one anticipating the direction of the night. He open the door so to the beautiful male filling his doorway.*Hello Blaylock *giving him his a full look from head to toe eyes coming back to Blaylock’s* I have missed you

Blay: -without thought, Blay stepped forward, one hand curling over Saxton’s hip pulling their lower bodies together as his other buried in the silky blonde of his hair and his mouth closed over the male’s soft sensual lips taking him in a hungry kiss-

Qhuinn- Qhuinn was out of the Hummer, fists clenched at his sides , fangs bared, the scent rolling off his skin only drove him harder, he moved like a ghost in the night up darkened street. He wasn’t prepared for what he was seeing. He knew… God he knew that Blay was seeing Saxton but to SEE it. Blay wrapped around Saxton, the growl building in his chest rose the closer he got- I’m going to fucking Kill him.–

JM – After hearing Qhuinn’s door slam shut and his heavy footsteps walking away, I look up at the sky and count to ten slowly, before following him down the street.

Qhuinn - Qhuinn hissed through clenched teeth, he was about to lengthen his stride to a sprint when two hands latched on to him, one over his mouth, and the other his torso. He bit out a curse against John’s hand and fought to break the hold as the guy dragged him off behind some tree out of site. He was fuming when John released him, pushing him back into the trunk of a tree. Qhuinn’s head dipped down eyes narrowed fangs rode over his lip-

JM- *Looking over at Qhuinn, truly and honestly confused by his reaction, signing* What the hell did you expect, Qhuinn? Did you think that Blay would stay a Virgin forever, waiting for you to decide whether he was good enough for you? So the hell what… Saxton and Blay are having sex. You know it and I know it? Why are you picking now to go all Caveman, and being a dick about it. I thought you worked through your issues about the two of them, when you threw down with Payne in the courtyard the other night.  *looking over at the shocked look in Qhuinn’s eyes, realizing I just fucked up royally and wishing I could take back my words* You didn’t know did you? About them being together like that? Ah shit, Qhuinn, I’m sorry. I thought you knew. *leaning against the same tree Qhuinn was occupying, knocking my head back into it, angry at myself*

Saxton:*his last word had been cut off by the kiss, surprising him of Blaylock’s boldness. It was so full of sensual need. The press of their lower bodies truly told Saxton just how ready the Male before him was and he in turned and reacted equally*

Blay: -Pressing Saxton back into the house as their kiss became more heated and needful he kicked the door closed behind them, turning his lover to press him to the door. Blay’s tongue rolled and stroked along Saxton’s thrusting hard and sliding slow and hungrily down a long sharp fang before breaking the kiss. He raised his head, looking deep into the male’s pearl eyes-

QHUINN- It was all He could do to stay standing. Had the tree not been there he would have been on the cold hard ground. John’s words seeping in slowly. Qhuinn felt as if it his chest had been emptied and replaced with ice, the anger lay seething inside the ache.- I assumed …I accused but I did not know. –the words were daggers across his lips- He fucking TOLD YOU! Did you sit on the fucking pool table and sing Kumbaya while eating bon bons? I’m sure it was a real God damn bonding moment. –He pushed off the tree, John stood motionless, regret clear on his face as Qhuinn stalked thru the night, more than once his fist making contact with the tree trunk, he had to feel something because right now his body was numb, he walked past John heading toward the Hummer- Don’t sweat it Man. I fuck my world up all on my own. This isn’t your fault you didn’t know.–the tone in his voice he barely recognized as his own- I shouldn’t be here. Get in the Hummer. –he and John slide in the doors as loud as thunder as they shut. With a last look up at Saxton’s house he jerked the Hummer into gear and took off into the darkness.

JM- *Watching Qhuinn drive, both of us sitting in silence, I can’t imagine what is going through his mind right now. On the outside, Qhuinn’s face appears deadly calm, but the scent inside the Hummer is a mixture of, pain, anger, pissed off male and a faint bonding scent. Wishing I had kept my mouth shut, and wishing things could go back to the way it was, before our lives turned to shit.

Saxton:*gasping slight for breath still a little shocked and more then turned on by Blaylock’s last move he looked into those blue eyes* I am going to be bold here and say you missed me also, but even I am not that good. *looking at you closer* Trust me when I say this, I am not complaining but are you alright Blaylock?*

Blay: -Blay’s face fell. How could he tell Saxton what had truly transpired before he left the Mansion? Truth be told he didn’t want to discuss it, didn’t want his lover to know that he was so deeply in love with someone else, that the physical and emotional distance they had been maintaining was about to break him, that he gave up a chance to spend time with his pyrocant to be here tonight- I did miss you, Saxton, horribly so. As for alright… well I will be when I get a few drinks in me.

Saxton: Saxton watched Blay’s reaction and got a sense of what was going on in his head. It seemed his dear cousin was continuing to play his mind games with Blay. Well Saxton was going to make it his goal tonight to help Blay forget about Qhuinn. Lightly kissing Blay, he grabbed his hand and lead him to the living room and to the couch.* Then it’s a good thing I am an excellent host. *showing Blay the spread of shrimp and whiskey.*

Blay:-a smile spread across his face, for though he didn’t put into words what was going on in his head, Saxton seemed not to care, he only wanted to show him a good time- Looks like you have gone to great lengths for our dinner tonight, Saxton. I am very happy you invited me.

Saxton:*sitting them down on the couch, he sat very close to Blay, one arm going around his back, the other pouring each of them a glass. Handing one to Blay, he took the other* My goal tonight is to keep that smile on your face and if it ends in pure erotic bliss, then I will consider my goal overly achieved .

Blay: -a hint of a blush warmed Blay’s cheeks as he took the drink from Saxton- Thank you very much -lifting the glass to the male he took a long drink before finally answering- I don’t believe that will be an issue, you have a way of making me smile.

Saxton: *taking a drink, savoring the taste he put his glass down and picked up a shrimp, holding it to Blays mouth* You have a blinding smile Blaylock, it is always my pleasure to be the cause of it

Blay: -Blay watched the shrimp as Saxton brought it to his lips, opening his mouth slowly and wrapping his tongue around the shrimp and his fingers, releasing the fingers with a light suck-Oh my, that is delectable, Saxton

Saxton: * watching your mouth take my fingers I grin with delight* does it not just melt in your mouth, the taste so exquisite?

Blay: -leaning forward as he swallows the shrimp, kissing Saxton lightly- quite exquisite. -his hands smooth over the male’s shirt, feeling the ripples of a well built male beneath his fingertips he whispers- and not just the shrimp

Saxton: *Saxton could feel the warmth of Blays hand through his silk shirt, the warmth spreading to what was already hard and hot. He placed his hand on top of Blays as he kissed him back.* I think you are a mind reader now because I was thinking the same about you. Do you know what I am thinking now?

Blay: -Pulling back slightly he looked into Saxton’s eyes, his own smile widening as he reached absently for his whiskey, taking a long pull as his thumb stroked softly over the males pulse- I can’t say I do, Saxton. But I would be quite interested in finding out.

Saxton: Saxton let his gaze fall to down the length of Blay’s body, wanting to see more, he moved his hand to each button of Blay’s shirt, slowly undoing each one* I am thinking dinner might have to wait a little bit *bending down to suck on one of his exposed nipples

Blay: -his lips tightened and a hiss escaped as his lover’s mouth covered his nipple, head falling back he slid his hand to Saxton’s nape- Somehow I don’t mind that.

Saxton: *Saxton smiled against Blay’s chest enjoying the feel of the hard male under him. He bite Blay lightly, teasing Blays senses while licking and flicking the taught nipple. He looked up with a mischievous grin.* What have you thought about the most of our last day together?

Blay: -he closed his eyes trying to form a rational thought while his body screamed for the fulfillment that only this male would give him* I have thought of the mixture of pleasure and pain that you gave me as you slid into me for the first time -blays heated gaze washed over Saxton’s face and lower, his fangs elongating in sexual need, biting into his lower lip-

Saxton: *His hands moving down Blay’s open chest, the shirt open to his warm palm to feel Blay’s hard sculpted warrior chest. He looked up at Blay with a mixture of need and surprise. He hadn’t been expecting Blay to be so bold in his words, but that was what Blay was all about tonight. Bold moves, dominant moves and well Saxton thought to himself, maybe this warrior will keep with the dominance theme into his bed* … you are proving to be a bad influence on me *eyes locking with heated need*

Blay: -an uncharacteristic cocky grin flashed across his face as he brushed the stray hair from Saxton’s forehead- and just how do you figure that Saxton

JM - Grabbing my cell, thinking I need to give Blay a heads up on my big fucking mouth* Blay, sorry man.  I spilled the beans about you and Saxton to Qhuinn. I thought he knew. I honestly thought he knew and that was what you argued about tonight. Heading to ZS. He is not doing well. Never seen him like this before. By the Scribe Virgin, I am sorry. *send* Pocketing my phone, I sit back, not knowing what to say to Qhuinn to make this right*

Saxton: *His hands moved to undo the button of Blays pants, sliding the zipper down to pull his rock hard length free* I find that despite my proper upbringing I want my dessert before dinner *bending down to take his glistening tip in his mouth, licking the tips with the barest touch of his tongue when he felt a vibration in Blaylocks pants pocket*

Blay: -his hips rocked forward slightly freezing as his eyes met with Saxton’s a string of curses leaving his lips as he caressed a thumb down Saxton’s cheek- JFC who the fuck is texting me right now! -feeling like a dick he fished the piece of shit phone from his pants pocket, his heart sinking when he saw that the text was from JM- he was apologizing before he finished reading the message and began pulling Saxton up his body to meet his lips in a hungry kiss- can we post pone dinner a couple of hours? Shits come up and I have to make a run to ZeroSum to take care of something.

Saxton: He meet Blays kiss, feeling the hunger and regret in his next words. Saxton gave Blay a warm smile and kissed Blaylock open chest as he re-buttoned his shirt. This is what made Blaylock such a male of worth. Putting his own needs and desires aside to help a friend.* Of course Blaylock. I understand.* he kissed his forehead before getting to his feet. Saxtons instincts started to flare as he led the Male to the front door. He looked into those blue eyes and had the faintest thought that it would be a long time before he saw those eyes again. He swallowed past a lump in his throat and gave Blay one of his award winning smiles. *I will be here when you are ready to come back. * He kissed Blaylock, lightly *please be careful Blaylock* He whispered against his lips before stepping back into his house.

Qhuinn— He pulled the Hummer into the back lot behind Zero Sum. The drive had put his mind exactly where it needed to be. The shit he had been feeling for Blay over the past several months, he finally had jammed it back in the darkest pit of his heart. That wasn’t who he was and such bullshit didn’t belong in him- Feelings -he growled low starring out the window. His body may have wanted Blay, hell there wasn’t many males or females Qhuinn wouldn’t fuck. ‘But you wouldn’t take him, you gave another male the first rights to that, now didn’t you’ The voice inside him reminded him ever so quietly. Qhuinn pushed out of the Hummer- You getting out John? –He shut the door and headed for the entrance-

JM- *Catching Qhuinn by the arm, before we walked in the back entrance to Zero Sum, looking him in the eye and signing* Hey Qhuinn, just want to let you know, I texted Blay about my big reveal to you. Needless to say, he is not too happy with me right now. *Looking down at the message Blay sent (‘what the hell John, it wasn’t your news to tell.’),* Yeah, Not happy at all.

Qhuinn: Why? -He shrugged off John hand as he swung open the door- Doesn’t fucking matter either way. He won’t stay mad at you long don’t worry about it -The music blared, lights flashed, the smell of sweat and sex hung in the air like a thick cloud. Zero Sum was full of the fever that he needed, a dose of raw undiluted fucking to get his mind set back on the right path. To see Blay and Saxton together… to hear John confirm they had fucked, NOT when he had thought but the night of his dream the night of the fight with Payne. A growl ripped thru the crowd , he did little to conceal the bared ivory tips riding low in his mouth. Pushing thru the sea of nearly bare flesh and heartbeats, he could feel John heavy on his heels he shrugged the hand off that wrapped around his arm, growling he whipped around coming chest to chest with John- Your girl is here somewhere, try not to get your ass killed by her tonight. Are we clear?

JM - *Looking around Zero Sum, hoping to catch a glance of the their head of security, thinking back to the last time I was here, and the busted nose Xhex gave me for my efforts in relieving her of the Euro-Trash piece of shit that laid his hands on her. Not seeing her around anywhere, bringing my attention back to Qhuinn*

Qhuinn - John raised his hands to sign but Qhuinn turned, he caught the sight of Rehv standing just beyond the VIP ropes. His mismatched eyes hooded with fury with hurt he was beyond ready to drown Himself in whatever male and or female he could find.

JM - *Looking over at Rehv and nodding to him, pointing to the VIP section, holding up two fingers, signaling to him to have a server bring us our usual.

Blay -leaving Saxton had been hard, but Blay knew what he had to do, and right now it was find Qhuinn and try to fix shit between them. Sliding into the BMW he started her engine, pulled out his phone and fired off a text to Qhuinn- We need to talk and now. Stay put. –with that he slid silently into the night.  The text he had received from JM had been more than sufficient to convey the volatility of the situation and now as he drove his hands fisted on the wheel and his foot pressed harder on the accelerator. He would make it to ZeroSum and he would take care of this before his best friend self-destructed.– Fuck, people move out of my way! –His impatience he couldn’t deny as he wove through traffic at break neck speeds. He had known Qhuinn was pissed when he left the mansion, but he never dreamed that he would have chosen to follow Blay to see where he was going and who he was meeting. The thought of being spied on rubbed him the wrong fucking way, but If he was true to himself he probably would have done the same thing had Qhuinn bailed on him. With a curse he pulled into a spot behind ZeroSum, took a deep calming breath and popped open the door. The crisp night air was what he needed to clear his mind before this damn conversation. Closing the door he pocked his keys and leaned back against the warmth of the hood. -Get your shit together Blay, you knew you would have to have this conversation with Qhuinn at some point. He obviously doesn’t want you, or he would have taken one of the many opportunities he has had to make a claim on you. –part of him argued, but the part that was connected to his best friend by more than just a bond of friendship interjected- He isn’t ready to admit those feelings, but when he does….

Qhuinn - Qhuinn felt the push as The Sin Eater dipped inside. He’d have fucking field day tonight. Rehv’s brow cocked. darkly amused as he jerked his head back toward the hallway. Qhuinn giving a quick nod, shot John a look over his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around a slutty blonde female who smiled up at him, her hands sliding over his abs and down the front of his leathers. Grabbing her hand he didn’t bother looking at her when he spoke- Female, I didn’t say you could fucking touch.–Shit kickers heavy to the floor he reached the back of the VIP section, the music louder, the smell of tequila and beer strong, he smirked when he saw that two more females were waiting for him, holding a bottle of Hurannda the mood was temporary as he eyed the male with them…. - I’ll get you out of my system one way or another –murmuring, he scanned the redheaded blue eyed male. The Females walked ahead down the hallway toward one of the bathrooms as he made nice with the Male who was more than ready to ride the Qhuinn Train of destruction.

JM - *taking my usual chair, I grab the bottle of Jack the waitress brought over, and fill my glass to the top and shoot it down, enjoying the familiar sting as it burns its way to my gut. Seeing Qhuinn heading back to the bathrooms, surrounded by willing bodies, I kick my chair back against the wall and get
comfortable, knowing it’s going to be a long ass night alone*

Blay – a shake of his head cleared those thoughts as he pushed off the car and stalked towards the backdoor, pausing for a last cleansing breath, he yanked the door open and stepped inside-Where the
fuck is he?- he murmured as the door closed behind him, eyes scanning the VIP section. He almost
missed the site of a large dark haired, pierced male, hand pressed to the small of a blond bimbo’s back
and….- Oh fuck no –a male with red hair…and fuck if he didn’t look over his shoulder…piercing blue eyes,
pressed tight to his side- Qhuinn…what the… -Blay staggered back against the door, turning quickly and
fumbling to open in it before falling face first into the rancid alleyway. Pushing himself up he started
walking stunned in the opposite direction of his BMW mind racing, and in all the wrong ways- Why would he choose someone… so like me, but not me. –the burning pain in his chest intensified until it felt it would burn a hole straight through him. Blay’s mind shorted out as he wandered through the alley’s surrounding ZS until he found himself face to face with a street dealer. Not pausing to reconsider his decision, only yearning for the numbing effects that Phury always exuded when he smoked, he asked the hooded thug for a bag of red smoke and peeled off a few bills in payment. Stumbling away he rolled and lit the first of many blunts, sighing as he drew the smoke into his lungs. He walked on, back in the direction of ZS slowly as the red smoke numbed his thoughts and his senses. Blay was so far gone that he didn’t hear the group of males as they stepped out of the shadows behind him, didn’t sense them until one brought a baseball bat hard across the back of his knees, sending him sprawling to the frozen sludge covered ground. His brain was too fuzzy to process the words whispered between the jumbled male voices, all he understood was something about money and BMW keys in the seconds before they began kicking him in the ribs with their steel toed boots and bringing more weapons to hit home all around his body. The cracking of bones sounded like gunshots in his ears though they were muted by the heavy beating of his heart and blood through his veins. Summoning his strength, Blay pushed up from the ground having just enough time to reach out and grab a black leather boot, jerking the fucker to the ground. Through his blood tinted haze, he was able to distinguish that the male in front of him wasn’t lesser- Human–he groaned- fucking human, but why? –as the works croaked from his throat, he felt a sharp pain to the back of his neck and suddenly he couldn’t feel a thing, not a fucking thing below his fucking chin. Terrified eyes darted around the alleyway catching the sight of the boot heel as it struck
out at his temple….

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