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Bastardly Threats

VISHOUS: -Moving bloodshot eyes from the screen to the phone that vibrated it’s way across the desk. Growling in irritation and pinching the   Hissing a “holy fuckhandrolled between my teeth before capturing the phone with my now free fingers.  Narrowing glowing orbs to the tiny writing. Having to read it twice to fully comprehend what the message actually meant.” as the cigarette fell from my lips and unknowingly hit the ashtray.  Anger boiled deep within as the ramifications hit home and immediately I started tracing Beth’s phone. Although certain that there was a hellacious ruckus going on up at the big house at the moment, my own time to join in the festivities of Bastard Hunting would have to be placed on hold. For now, I needed to do what I could to find those Bastards, so that I could personally rip their fucking heads from their fucking bodies.-

ZSADIST: *The house was still in mourning. Even the eaves of the mansion drooped, missing a short-lived but vital part of their household. Zsadist had been twitchy since the night they laid Autumn in the Tomb. Aside from his usual rotations out hunting lessers and Bastards alike, he remained glued to Bella and Nalla’s sides. His presence must have weighed on his shellan, but she never once protested when he found activities they could do inside the mansion or connected underground training facility. That evening, they were in the library. Nalla pulled thin books down from the section they’d made low on one of the bookshelves for the young to house their favorites. She checked the cover of one, blonde brows pinched over her eyes like she was reading the title, instead of studying the picture to see if she liked that book. Zsadist’s lips quirked up on the right side, watching her try so hard to be like one of the females in the house she idolized. His phone buzzed, sounding like a pissed off bee caught in his leathers. Pulling it free, he thumbed across the touch screen and hit the button to open the message without paying attention to who sent it… .* Nalla, take your mahmen into the kitchen for ice cream. *Rage blacked out his vision around the screen his eyes locked on. He heard the doggen greeting his females in the kitchen. Only then did Zsadist give in to the anger riding his shoulders. His phone shattered into a thousand tiny fucking parts on the library walls. Pitching himself off the couch, Z dematerialized, taking the shortcut to the second floor and Wrath’s office door.* I’m going to wear Xcor’s head as a fucking belt buckle.

RHAGE: [Grinning wide, I pushed the tangled sheets from my and Mary’s legs rolling over to reach for my phone that just finished vibrating in the pocket of my leathers I’d thrown to the floor in my race to have Mary underneath me.  Beth’s name flashed across the screen, damn, she couldn’t want to go on a damn trip with me, the last one she ended up shot, and I was on Wrath’s shit list, still.  Instantly the blood drained from my face and the sheets were completely shoved out of my fucking way.  One thing was fucking certain, this shit wasn’t from Beth and I knew exactly who had the balls to try and threaten my Shellan.  The only thing that stopped from from storming to the study was I was fucking stark naked.  Shorts shoved on I slammed the door against the wall phone clutched in my tight grip.  My curse coiled against my back enraged perhaps more than I that someone had threatened our female.  Wrath’s door was shoved against the wall in a blast of frigid air.  The Blind King’s rage was written all over his face just as much as my own, and the shouts from Butch at the bottom of the staircase proved that it wasn’t just me and Wrath who got the fucking message.  My phone creaked under the pressure of my tight ass grip.]  You got it too?  They’re fucking dead, Wrath.  [Shoving my phone in the air in his direction not giving a shit he couldn’t actually see it.]  This is fucking it.  No one, no fucking body threatens our shellans, especially a sorry motherfucker like him.  

BUTCH:  -In the gym on my night off rotation, everything going through my mind, the Autumn situation, everything going on with Marissa. Hell my mind was a fucking drum that was being beat constantly. I needed to numb out my body and numb out my mind. You can only pile so much shit on yourself till you exploded. I turned off the machine when my hip started to vibrate, a wicked thought in my mind, perhaps putting Marissa’s phone on vibrate and into her front pocket would be a good idea… I looked at the caller ID on it, Beth was texting me. Wasn’t she in the house? Hell another thing I didn’t know and should. She was my friend and the reason Wrath has wanted to nail my ass to the cross on more than one occasion.  I opened the message and read it carefully, once, twice, and for good measure a third time. This wasn’t from Beth. It downright threatened my woman. What the actual fuck was this about? A vicious snarl distorted my face and I flipped the closest thing to me, an elliptical machine flew across the gym space and I stormed out of the gym grabbing my shirt to wipe my face, looking for one of the brothers- WHERE THE FUCK IS EVERYONE? -this was more than personal this was about my shellan, all of our shellans, and threatening them was the surest way to get us on the bastard’s asses like stink on shit-

QHUINN: -The house that was once quiet only 10 minutes ago now sounded like Satan’s hellhounds were marching through the halls. Fuck this was bad. If the blood in Qhuinn’s veins could have solidified, it would’ve been glacier thick and just as jagged. Fingers flexed, his phone gave a cracking protest as he reread the message. He’d liked to have thought it was a sick joke, but in this god damn time and place  it was clearly exactly what it was. A threat with a vicious promise that had the grimy fucking bastards prints all over it. Xcor and his leeches knew what this would do the brothers, he might as well have held a knife to each of the shellan’s throats and pulled for the hell that would be brought on from this text. His mind on Layla  he drove his feet into his boots stood strapping on weapons. That belly of hers swollen and fear on her delicate face…. Xcor would scare the fuck out of that chosen. Qhuinn knew his eyes had turned black she may never be his Shellan but a part of her and the young growing inside her…They were his. He would remove every limb from those son of bitches before he’d let any of them near her or any of the females in the house. The door slammed behind him and he headed to Wraths office.-

RICHARD: [Stepping out of the shower I grabbed one of those purple fucking towels Ehlena loved to stock in all the bathrooms and wrapped it around my waist, using a smaller version and scrubbed my head. I was heading into ZeroSum soon, with Xhex grieving I was lending a hand in a biz I had no knowledge in for as long as she needed. Just being a “face” at the club was enough, Trez had told me. Looking like a mean motherfucker I could do] Hey big man [I grinned down at the boy grabbing for his blocks on the bedroom floor, I hauled his butt up when his arms lifted and tossed him on the bed making him giggle. It was then I saw the flashing light on my cell, thinking it was a text from Ehlena who had taken to torturing the fucking sexual life outta me lately and would send filth to entice me to drop what the fuck I was doing and hunt her ass down. I read the text. NOT from the wife… read it again, my brow kicked down over my eyes in confusion. Warrior? huh? Something to do with Queen Beth? It was obviously a threat and I found myself growling, not quite understanding it, but I knew a fucking badly veiled threat when I saw it. I sat my ass down, probably for the first time that month I wished I was Rehvenge again, He’d know what the text meant and who it was aimed at. I was clueless and fucking hating it. I hit off a message to Wrath and Zsadist, letting both know of the message, not knowing WHO this “friend” was, but he’d got my attention now, asshole. Dressed, I carried the boy through the house, to let Ehlena know I was off for the night, and to let her know to stay inside. I didn’t know what was doin’ and with who or from who, but she was my wife.. or as she called it, my shellan… no fucker would harm her, not on my watch]

BLAY: -Blay sat comfortably in Saxton’s hospital bed, worn jeans all that covered his warriors body, ankles crossed, his barefoot tapping out a rhythm on the air that lent a slight rock to the bed.  His first edition copy of “The Great Gatsby” lay open in one large palm and he read aloud from it to his male. News from Havers on Saxtons condition wasn’t promising as of late, but Blay refused to give up hope. This had become especially true since the debacle with Qhuinn and Layla. Since leaving that night     He hadn’t returned to the mansion, but had been given permission from Tohrment and Wrath to remain at the clinic so long as he checked in regularly, always answered his phone and showed up for scheduled rotations. He was fine with that, what he couldn’t handle would be to have to sit and watch the chosen grow round with Qhuinn’s young, and their mating ceremony..hell he couldn’t handle the thought of their happily ever after AT ALL.- Fucking pansy. -He breathed, disgusted with himself as his phone began its buzzing and vibrating dance around the small table beside the night stand. Blay was tempted to ignore it, pretend to be sleeping.. But knew better. The last thing he needed now was to have to move back into the house where Q lived with his shellan. With an exasperated sigh he searched Saxton’s face as he opened the message from Beth.., -oh…shit. That isn’t from Beth. Has to be the Bastards. -Bile rose in his throat as he read the message again, sliding from the bed and pressing a kiss to Saxton’s temple. In the old language he whispered, I love you, Nallum mine, before darting from the room and back up the stairs for the parking lot where he could safely dematerialize. Blay may not have a female of his own that needed protecting, but in his eyes each and every female of the house was, in part, his responsibility to look after and make sure they were as safe as possible. Those Bastards had threatened the brotherhood’s females and that was one crime that would not go unpunished.-

PHURY: *It had been weeks since Phury heard from his twin. Rightfully so. The house was in mourning. He never had the opportunity to meet Xhex’s mahmen, Autumn, but the loss of a female hit the race hard. There were so few of the fairer sex. Too few. They were losing the war to survive. Not the war against the lessers, or the newly arrived Band of Bastards. No, the race’s true enemy lurked within. They were not procreating rapidly enough to compensate their losses. Was he partially to blame? The Scribe Virgin demanded he bed the chosen, all of them, to replenish the warriors fighting for vampirekind. Would it make any difference now? Phury looked across the living room to watch Cormia fiddling with her new laptop. It didn’t matter. He only wanted one female. The remaining chosen would be free to find hellrens of their own. Let them repopulate their kind the normal way—through marriages. On the side table, Phury’s phone chirped. He snagged it, frowning when the name on the screen flashed. His frown dropped to a scowl.* Cormia, pack a bag. Enough clothes for a week. We’re going to be staying at the mansion. *If the threat was real, he could not keep her safe alone. Nor could he sit on his thumbs while his brothers took on this threat to their females. The Bastards were suicidal—the Brotherhood were simply the bullet in the gun Xcor had pressed to his warrior’s heads.*

WRATH:  -One by one, each of my brothers along with the soon to be piled into my study. It was certain the temperature in the room was below freezing, the fury was rolling out of everyone in waves.  The need to kill and protect our shellans was forefront demanding an immediate attack on the Bastards. It was a good thing the females weren’t in the study or each one of us, myself included, would feel the need to mark our territory.  Vishous was unable to track a current location on my Shellans phone, curses falling from his lips behind a cloud of Turkish tobacco.  Yes, I got the fucking text, and wasn’t Xcor signing his death wish instantly.  If it wasn’t already certain he would be killed by my hand, he just engraved it into stone.- He will not succeed in his threat, brothers. -Not a soul needed to voice their agreement. We all knew exactly what the others was thinking, death to the bastards once and for all.-

XCOR: [I felt a stir of satisfaction throwing the small flat square called a sim card unto the fire and watched it melt down into nothing. My second in command had delivered the veiled threats to the Black Daggers as directed and then instructed to burn the small article to halt being traced. The new world held many devices to do this and that, most unnecessary chores, and I didn’t see how a tiny piece of plastic could aid the brotherhood in locating our warehouse, but whatever would stop Throe from fretting like a female. I sat back in the wooden chair, legs out stretched afore me, watching the flames growing higher, flickering and climbing up the wall. The warriors would be on full alert now, some would say a sneak attack was better. I held no fear from the polished males, let them know I was coming for them, it only endeavored to make the war all the more satisfying when I destroyed their puny pampered world beneath my boot. Moving swiftly, I swung into my long duster, nodded over to Syn, the quiet soldier strapping on his weapons for the night. We had much to do, the lessers were rife and had assumed many nests. Those plebian Glymera vampires needed to see results to promote the work of my soldiers and myself. The stuffy old males who held positions of hierarchy in society lapped up the spoon fed tales from my mouth to their ears. As such many families were beginning to drift back to town. Afore long I would stand in such prestige it mattered none what the Blind King and his men did, a coup of the royal throne would surely follow. I smirked, curling my disfigured mouth and headed out the door, my lady lover humming gently on my back, a call I would heed to very soon this night. I had an informant to pay a visit to. It would be the first and last time he e’er misinformed me on matters of such importance. With my will, I sent my body in a scatter across Caldwell, unto my watch tower, knowing the brotherhood rats would be assembling, Aye. My grin was slow and deadly… my scythe sang louder. War was such a rich dessert. And I was a hungry leader…]  #BastardlyThreats

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Reality And Dreams

BLAYLOCK: -Sitting in the sterile hospital room, Blay prayed to the Scribe Virgin and any other deity that might be listening for Saxton to wake up. Trouble was, the only answer that he seemed to he getting night in and night out was the steady beeping of the monitors and the wooshing of the ventilator as it forced air in and out of the comatose male’s lungs. The nights had been long, but the days had been longer since the phone call from Qhuinn telling him to get his ass to Haver’s clinic, that Saxton was being brought in. Shit, how long had he been here now? A week? Two?  Somewhere in-between? The first several nights Blay had refused to leave his male’s side, insisting that when Saxton woke his face be the first thing he saw. But, as the days and nights had steadily passed and the doctor had noted no change for the better, Blay had been forced to resume some of his nightly routines at the Mansion, and patrols with the brotherhood. His days, though, were still spent sitting at Saxton’s bedside. Each time Havers or one of the nurses came to do one of their checks, Blay was there, waiting for news..praying for anything positive.

This morning, day thirteen according to the little dry erase board that had been hung on the wall at the foot of the bed, he closed his eyes and remembered the third day they had spent within the clinic’s walls.  Havers had entered the room frowning over the latest CAT scan results. “Blaylock, I am afraid that we may need to perform surgery to remove a substantial section of his skull. It seems that the swelling, caused by both the blunt force trauma to the left temporal lobe by the 2x4 found at the scene, and the trauma to the parietal lobe by the impact with the concrete curb, is quite substantial. I understand you and Saxton are to be mated, but the ceremony has yet to be performed, ” the good doctor cast a belittleing look down his nose at Blay. “Does he have a blooded relative to sign for the operation in the mean time?” Blay had only frowned, knowing who he would need to call.- He has one living relative, Qhuinn. I’ll see what I can do to get him here. -Though Blay had dreaded making that phone call to Q, he had, boy was it awkward. Qhuinn hadn’t bothered to explain how he’d managed to find his cousin in that alley that night, only that he had and that Blay had to come, which naturally made him curious. But he had put Saxton’s needs above his curiosity and kept his mouth shut for the time being. The surgery had been a success, praise the Virgin Scribe, Qhuinn had been available to come to the clinic almost immediately and the process had been underway within three hours of the phone call. The procedure had taken hours, and while Blay had expected Qhuinn to do his duty of family, sign the consent forms, and hit the road, he hadn’t. 

The male had pulled up a chair next to Blay’s and together they had sat, side by side, yet miles apart. He couldn’t quite say what it was pressing between them at the time, and looking back still wasn’t sure, but for as close as they sat, as close as the tattoo on Qhuinn’s bared shoulder reminded him they once had been, Blay knew there would be no going back. By the time Havers came through the double stainless steel swinging doors the silence between them had given Blay far too much time to think. Saxton had come through the surgery the same way he had gone in, deep in a coma with his brain far too swollen to function. Havers hadn’t wanted to say that Blay’s betrothed had coded twice while on the operating table, or that they had been forced to remove more than half of the male’s skull in order to make room for the expanded organ, but there had been no easy way to relay the information to the two who waited in chairs. Qhuinn hadn’t waited around to see his cousin upon return back to his room. He had barely waited for Havers to finish talking before taking off for the stairway that would lead him to the parking lot and away from Blay. “Make sure you call me if there’s any change.” Were his last words as he’d clapped Blay on the shoulder and left him standing outside the door to the room Saxton would once again be inhabiting soon. The soft click of the door opening brought Blay out of his memories, and back to the present, and Havers’ nurse stepped into the room. “Blaylock, it is nice to see you here, by his side. It is one of the best things for him, you know?” Blay just nodded and laid his hand atop Saxton’s on the bed as she checked his vital signs.

Hours later, as the sun was setting and Blay was sleeplessly preparing to return to the mansion, his eyes landed on the male who still slept on. Guilt rolled thick in his stomach as the memory of their last night together..   “Blay was still half asleep when he felt the bed shift and the covers be thrown off the bed to the floor. All he could make out in the pitch black room was Saxton’s back entering the bathroom and the door slamming closed. What the hell … - SAXTON  - blay half called out, sitting up he cringed when his erection was pinched up between his thigh and stomach. Now where did that come… Oh Scribe fucking shit hell damn.. he remembered the dream he was having. He threw himself out of bed fully awake now and bolted for the bathroom. Surely to god he hadnt talked in his sleep…. His dream, one of the most erotic of his life, had started as a memory of the one night of hard passion he had almost shared with Qhuinn, then gone so much further. As he’d slept his mind had conjured all sorts of hot and sweaty, x-rated scenes with the two of them together. So, yeah, if he had talked in his sleep he was in deep shit.- Saxton, dammit! - He pounded on the locked door that separated them,- Come on, open the door so we can talk, please. -The last word was almost a whisper, because much as he wanted to control his thoughts when he slept, it was impossible. As hard as he tried he couldn’t stop the dreams. The only response he got was the sound of the shower turning on..and then off, then the sink while the male shaved and the sounds of his preparing for a night at the office.- MOTHERFUCKER -Blay’s red headed temper got the best of him and his fist met the maple door frame. 

Cursing again he glanced at the clock by their bed, it was barely five in the afternoon, so Saxton wasn’t leaving the mansion any time soon, but from the sounds coming from behind that door he didn’t plan to come back to bed either.- Sax, love, please. Please. -he was seconds from hitting his knees and begging when Saxton finally did open the door, deep crimson towel slung low around his hips, hair perfectly in place, face a mask of calm certainty that had Blay’s stomach recoiling with bile. “Blaylock, I’m very sorry, but I can no longer pretend that there is not a third person in this relationship.” Blay froze, blue eyes going wide with shock! What had happened while he was sleeping! His mouth must have dropped open as well because Saxton raised a hand and closed it. “You are wondering what exactly happened last night? I can tell by the panicked looked look on your face that you are.” Saxton turned away and shook his head, Blay still had no words, he had no idea what he had said or done. “You attempted to make love to me in your sleep, my Darling Blaylock, but in doing so you called me by the name of my cousin.” Holy motherfucking shit god damn fuck this was bad, like real fucking bad.- Saxton, look, I’m…well I didn’t.. It wasn’t..shit. -Blay leaned his still naked ass back against the wall and dug long slender fingers through his red hair. What the hell did one say in this situation?- You know that I’m committed to you, right? That I love you and can’t wait until we are mated? -Saxton’s face turned sad for a moment before he answered. “Blay, I know that you love me with all that you have to give, but I have always known it wasn’t your whole heart. You gave that away long before I met you to some one who denies wanting or being worthy of it.” That Saxton was right hurt, bad.- I don’t want to have these dreams, Saxton. I swear. -“I know you don’t, Blay, maybe what you need is some time, some free space. Let me go back to my place with no ties between us, no promises to be broken and give you the time to get your head and heart straight.” Saxton was serious, and being very generous with his offer, but Blay knew where he wanted to be. Blay had given Qhuinn chance after chance to realize what it was that he was offering when he put himself on the line to the male, and as many times as he has been rejected he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to go down that road again.- No, stay with me, I’ll control it. -“NO.” Saxton shouted back at him, “I must go. I cannot wake another day like this!” It seemed his mind was made up and as Saxton turned and went to their closet to dress for his night…..

"Blaylock, Blaylock.." His head snapped up at the sound of his name, the nurse was back to check on Saxton.  He had just enough time to head home, shower and change into his fighting leathers, and maybe catch Qhuinn for a quick update before he had to be out on patrol.- #RealityAndDreams

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Lesser Raid - VICTORY

REHVENGE: [It felt fucking good to be showered and attired again in my Armani pants and shirt. It was open at the collar and sleeves rolled up and I was sat on Wrath’s right side on that sprawling formal dinner table toasting a glass of red wine with him] Not a bad fucking night, Blind King. Not a bad night at all. We nailed it, if I do say so myself. [Everyone was talking animatedly about the raid, voices rising louder by the second. I grinned a little egotistical knowing we’d done this shit right this eve and a happy giggle caught my attention from the conversation I was having with the vampire King, and l leaned over to Tahlly’s seat pulled up close to mine. She’d arrived five minutes after I let her know all was well when my ass landed back at the mansion. I buried my face in her hair and growled just for my female and placed a kiss on her pulse point before I caught at the platter of meat that was circling the table. I served my shellan first them myself, adding some of those butter potatoes Fritz always made when I was here for dinner. Damn, that doggen could cook. Listening idly to one of the brothers and one of his anecdotes, his play of the night, in minute by minute description. I even cracked a slight grin] That’s not how we remember it, Rhage [I cocked a brow, ribbing the warrior. My purple gaze taking in all the grids bouncing with different stages of elation. Indeed it had been a successful evening.  A huge “fuck you" to Xcor and his bastards when they yapped to the Glymera snitches on how they could do things better. They couldn’t have arranged for a better raid on the Lessening Society,  the shit we’d pulled off was flawless and had been a giant dent in their ranks.  I smirked a little taking a sip of the fine Merlot that went along with the first meal feast that had been awaiting us on our return. I was eager for the next Glymera meeting to drop this little nugget of information to be passed along to the right ears…]


PAYNE: [Payne had hardly made it into the PT suite before her doctor had looked up from patching up a wounded warrior, finished briskly and whisked her up to their chambers for a private examination. Even though she claimed all was well, his hands had roamed over her entire body and who was she to complain? Paynes’ healer had bandaged the gash on her thigh with extra care and now sat with his hand gently laid over the wound underneath the formal dinner table, her hand covering his squeezed reassuringly before she leaned over and brushed kisses on his cheek. He smiled at her then, those mahogany eyes she adored full of love where all she could do was beam a full fledged fangy grin in return, the ever present blush on her cheeks when he was around rose high when she caught the eyes of some of the family members watching in approval. Releasing his gaze, she reached for her wine glass, taking a sip of the rich Merlot she coveted and glanced around the table, catching a glimpse of her sister Bella who happily lifted her wine glass towards her in an invisible toast, wagging her brows, making Payne almost spit out hers in laughter. Fates, she was blessed, she thought as her gaze fell on each and everyone at the table, then back to her male. It has been a successful raid and although the war was far from over, they had made a significant dent within the enemy, one they would be recovering from for a long time yet. And once they did, the Brotherhood would be ready at their heels. Indeed.]   


BLAY: -Blay looked down the table from his seat at the end opposite the Kings, noticing each warrior and his Shellan.. or her hellren, as the case may be. Everyone was happy and celebrating their victory, hell even Qhuinn had Layla at his side. The green eyed monster threatened to rear its ugly head within Blays mind, tightening his chest and making his head pound. He had called Saxton upon their return home and assured his male that he was safe, and had offered to send a doggen into town to pick him up for the celebration. He had been refused, Sax insisting that he had too much work to do to leave the office until the end of the night. Now, watching all the happy couples he wondered if this was truly the case.- fucking hell. -he muttered to the leg of lamb and potatoes that lay half eaten on his plate. The wine had met with a similar fate, he just wasn’t in the mood to party. Laying his fork to the plate he stood, blue eyes drifting back to Qhuinn and the female Blay was sure would eventually be his mate.- Excuse me, but I need to go contact Selena. -It had been far too long since his last feeding, and though Layla sat just down the table he couldn’t take from her. Not with the way she kept eyeballing Qhuinn as if he were her hero or something. Having gotten a nod from Wrath and some ribbing from the brothers about being the party pooper Blay strode from the dining room and up the grand staircase with purpose. His excuse was true, he did need to feed, but he also needed away from that table and watching the happiness that surrounded it.-


RHAGE: [Back into my flops, shorts and a tee I was high as a fucking cloud.  Until ….. Raising a slow brow, stopping my hand that was heading to feed my Mary.]  Look, Rehv, we know you want to be the hero tonight, but I was on point.  [Smug grin plastered on my mug before popping a spoon full of potatoes between Mary’s lips.]  That’s a load of sh… crap [Damn kids in the mansion now, I had to always watch my tongue and it wasn’t easy.]  I went in all guns blazing while you sat back cleaning your hands or whatever you Symphath’s do.  [Nibbling a path up Mary’s shoulder to kiss against the quickening pulse behind her ear.]  Your Hellren the incredible saved the day, baby.  [Laughs against her shoulder and smack of her hand to get away.  The Beast purring at the barest of her touch.  Public affection was a no no at best and I was pushing it, but I was feeling good and over the moon that we’d put a big ass dent into the Omegas agenda.  Fucker.]  Wrath, you know how he gets, true?  All “I’m superior” that he does. [Grinning wide and ducking from the toss of a potato headed straight for my head.]  Watch it, Rehv, you’ll piss Fritz off for wasting his food.  


BUTCH: -much better after Vishous used that glow-worm hand of his on me and of course a hot shower playing lather rinse repeat till the scent wasn’t as strong coming from my skin. It was time to go get some food. Leaving my clothes in a pile on the ground for now, promising myself I was going to take care of it before Marissa popped me a good one upside the back of the head for good reason. I just didn’t feel like bending over, it was a hellacious night I deserved to be just a little bit lazy, even if it only was till I got more food in my stomach and rekindled some of the lacking energy into my system. Pulling on my prefered clothing, another suit Marissa tended to favor, a charcoal one that had been a gift from her. I pop the collar of the crisp white buttoned shirt and fix it so I look like I might be allowed in the same room as civilized vamps and head down to the main hall, already hearing the roar of people being joyous about the big win tonight. I push into the room- So who missed me? -smirking at my brothers and the shellans, taking my seat immediately reaching to fill my plate- Thanks everyone for the lovely night -giving a sarcastic smirk-  Maybe a little dancing first next time? -shutting up with some of the food meeting my lips-

ZSADIST: *Zsadist popped a grape free of the cluster on a platter before their plates and held it up for Bella to eat. After they’d returned, he washed off the black blood and dirt. Bella bagged up everything he’d been wearing, except weapons and holsters, and threw the bag into the hallway for the doggen to dispose of. Now they were in the middle of a feast worthy of a major holiday. The young were upstairs, tended to by one of the doggen. As much as he wanted to have Nalla present, it was a time for them to drop the tension that’d reigned during the night. A piece of potato tumbled across the table and stopped next to his plate. Zsadist picked it up and bounced it off Rhage’s temple, giving Rehv a half smile. He leaned in to whisper to Bella, making sure none of the other fuckers heard.* Your brother saved my skin tonight. He’s allowed to brag a little.


TOHRMENT: *Walking into the dining room to the sound of warriors and their shellan’s, running my hand through my wet hair as I look for the only person that I want to see. Stopping half way down the table to turn and take face to face with my king* My Lord that was one hell of a night and next up will be the Band of Bastards. *Smiling and taking a glass from Fritz as he goes by, toasting our success as my eyes finally settle on No’One standing in the corner. We haven’t really talked since the Needing but I am still sleeping in her room every night, taking a second glass from Fritz and walking over to No’One. Without a word I hand her the glass and with my hand on the small of her back I guide her to the table and two empty seats, pulling one out for No’One and then sitting myself. Letting the talk around the table and No’Ones presence ease the tension left over from the raids, at last I feel like I am back. Like I have helped my King and Brothers not hindered them, sitting here as we all joke and laugh and just rejoice in the fact that for another night we are all here alive and together. Lifting my glass as I thank the Scribe Virgin for making sure we all Symphath and Vampire alike, that we all returned safe*


VISHOUS:  -After playing nursemaid to Butch on the ride home and one hot fucking shower, he was still feeling drained but not enough to miss last meal tonight.   Pulling on a clean black t-shirt and faded jeans, he passed the pile of wallets, cell phones and other collected items left on his desk and headed for the hallway.  Tonight he would feast and drink and celebrate with his family and worry about the work left to him for the next setting of the sun.  Hell, he might even make his money back on a few rounds of pool as long as Rhage wasn’t cheating again.-


XHEX: *Everything in her body begged her to get out of Dodge before she was forced to deal with emotions she didn’t have the energy for. Her neck hurt from where it’d been wrenched from taking one too many punches in the face. She felt like roadkill—actual dead things, not to be confused with the cat lurking under the table and attacking bootlaces at random. Xhex stayed long enough to fill the gnawing hunger in her stomach after the long night out in the field. When she was full, she excused herself and took off. She wasn’t sure where she was heading until she ended up at the river two miles from her place. The cool night air helped clear away the questions she wanted to ask John, but wisely kept to herself. Now was not the time. Not when they had yet another enemy to watch for.*


MURHDER: -It took a longer than usual shower to rid himself of the stench and oily residue of the lesser blood. His bones ached in all the right places and the gashes on his arms were testament to the victorious war that went down tonight.   Thank the scribe no one was seriously injured and that he held himself in check.  How easy it would have been to lose himself to that darker frenzy that seemed to loom just on the edge as of late.  Towel drying his hair and pulling on clean jeans and a Molly Hatchet t-shirt, he actually headed downstairs to join the family at last meal.  Slipping in quietly, he ate and drank and nodded at the stories and considered himself lucky to be a part of the feast.-


PHURY: *After ensuring all of the fighters made it back to the mansion, Phury dematerialized and traveled north to his home. Being useful in the field was one thing, sitting down and sharing a  meal with the brothers he’d betrayed was another. In time he would be able to join them, but tonight he needed to be with Cormia. She leveled his shit out like nothing else could, not even the drugs his screwed up brain still longs for. Phury stepped into their home. The scent of stew greeted him, reminded him it’d been hours since he’d eaten last. Cormia stepped out of the kitchen, her hair pulled back into a ponytail instead of her usual. Yeah, he could get used to coming home to this after a long night in the field. If this truce with his twin lasted long enough for the brotherhood to trust him again.*


QHUINN: -The visit to Doc Manny had been quick, the gash in his shoulder had been stitched and glued together seamlessly. That was one injury that wouldn’t be busting open if he moved wrong. Layla had been waiting in his room when he’d exited his closet after a long hot shower. The little female was both worried and a little more pissed than he’d ever seen her, she’d demanded to know if the enemy that had hurt him had shared a fate much worse. He’d assured her it had been but didn’t go into the exploding brains details, he was too fucking hungry to do so. Now they sat at first meal with the entire family, the brothers and their shellan. Giving fucking thanks for being alive and stuffing themselves full of all the grub that Fritz could prepare. He stole a glance over at Layla who stayed close to his side, she smiled and touched his bandaged shoulder gently. “Something wrong?” She asked- Nah. Everything’s cool, baby girl.-Although no one was none the wiser of what had occurred in the sanctuary a few days before but he knew if Layla was pregnant with his young the entire mansion would soon be in the knowing. Everyone. Including his former best friend. He shouldn’t care what the male thought just like he shouldn’t care that Blay excused himself from first meal without so much as a look back. Stupid shit he muttered and forked up a load of mashed taters into his mouth and chewed like his life depended on it.-


WRATH: -Last meal with the entire Brotherhood, Shellans, and even the Royal Symphath family was not the way I thought I would see us all ten years ago.  Yet, holding my wine glass up with my right hand and my left enclosed on my Queens felt good.  A toast to a victory and all the good fortune was more than a good way to end the night.  The “Fuck You” to the band of bastards was just icing on the cake.  Each echo from everyone around the table was full of joy, and rightness.  Shit was making me happy, and I wouldn’t deny the smile that pulled at my lips.  It even lessened my desire to have been there having them all here back safe under the same roof.  Not a single member of our family, or what I was now considering extended family, was harmed more than a few bruises or a cut or two, the only major injury was from Qhuinn who needed a few stitches on his shoulder, nothing that wouldn’t heal within a few days’ time at the max.  Victory was ours, and we’d celebrate until the last male was standing.  Bringing Beth’s hand to my lips for a kiss full of promise, I was planning to end the night with another victory of my own.- #LesserRaidVICTORY


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Lesser Raid - Third Location

REHVENGE: [It took a few seconds to materialize to the final destination. I slapped my neighbor on the shoulder as he appeared at the side of me and flashed fangs with a rare jovial grin. The fights had pumped me up, making the few cuts and bruises worth it. And knowing I’d played like a good team player, Ehlena would fuss extra hard over me and my good deeds when I got home. Win fucking win for the symphath. 40 minutes later, I was knee deep in black shit that oozed out of the lesser I’d stuck like a hog with my cane, just straight up rammed the blade from the handle into his ribs over and over, my dark side relishing the kill, the fight, and the thrill of catching a lesser unawares] you tell your maker, we’re coming for him, fucker [I growled full of thunderous hate and stabbed him right in the place his heart used to be, tucking his wallet and phone into my inside pocket to dump with the rest later for Vishous to get his IT rocks off to searching through them. And then I saw it, while the BIL was engaged in hand to hand combat with the enemy, another was swinging his arm back behind him, the glint of the blade all too clear. I vanished in a shift of my molecules and appeared in front of the lesser to headbutt him viciously sending him back a step. Whatever the fuck I thought about the fucknut I was now related to by marriage, I was not dragging his dead carcass home for my sister to mourn over him. I made ground beef of the lesser, letting him get a few hits in just so I could beat him harder. I swiped the blood from my lip, grinned, full out fanged him, the evil all too apparent when his grid backfired fear. Too late motherfucker, you’re dancing with a sineater now. I tortured him, cruelly and without mercy until he pissed his pants and only then did I punch a blade home into his chest wall] I think you owe me, Z , feel me? [I told him with a smirk scrubbing a hand roughly over my mohawk and the BIL knew I always called in my markers, eventually]


BLAY: -Blay was in full on killer mode by the time they reached the third location. He knew that they had already accomplished something great..something unheard of throughout the history of the Brotherhood. They didn’t have a total kill count as of yet, but he had been keeping a personal count he was at 14 lessers sent home to the Omega. It felt fucking good. This time he had made sure that he wasn’t in the same area as Qhuinn, couldn’t handle worrying unduly about the other male. The Scribe Virgin knew that he could more than handle himself. Blay took more time killing the lessers that trickled out from the front of the warehouse than he had before, relishing in some hand to hand combat before reaching for the now black blood smeared daggers on his chest. Sure, this meant that he took some body shots, and a few hits to the face as well, but who cared? Saxton would more than enjoy kissing him all better.-


RHAGE: [Shit was getting tight, The Beast roared as the Lessers were slowly trying to circle us all and get us into a tight spot.  The Beast growled, low and menacing as I pivoted on the balls of my feet watching the five Lessers that thought they would get the best of me.  My grin curling my upper lip exposing my fully lengthened fangs.  Duck.. Duck.. GOOSE!   My dagger flew through the air as if it was shot from a bow, nailing the Baby Powdered fucker straight through the heart.  The stunned expression going through the other four gave me the break I needed.  Like a killer on his last mission I sliced through each of the fuckers tearing them from groin to neck.  The Beast shown through my eyes as I swept the area once more looking for the female warrior.  She was good, and gave me the few seconds I needed to collect all wallets and two phones from the set of five.  Fuckers needed to get up with modern tech and get some damn phones for sure.  Pocketing the goods in my trench before fighting the short distance to Payne as the Lesser fell from her blade.]  Cover Cop while he does his shit [nodding to the darkened corner where Lessers that were half dead piled with a glowing Vishous next to his back.  Quick work, and this shit was getting good.  Hundreds of the enemy were dead and only a few remained.]


PAYNE: [Being the first time she had been on the field with Butch, Payne was momentarily transfixed by the Dhestroyers ability. So much in fact, she had to blink several times before peeling eyes from the scene before her and quickly turning to see four lessers separating themselves from the mayhem with what appeared to be a ‘save your own ass’ agenda. Sore, soaked in black ick and with a nasty gash on her left thigh, the warrior female looked over her shoulder to make sure Butch had his technique covered for the time being before going after the cowards who’d disappeared from her view. Slowly coming to a stop in the first doorway to her left, she had all but mere seconds to dodge a butcher knife whisked at her head which embedded to the door jamb next to her cheek.] Missed fucker. [Payne growled a hiss that tore through the deserted kitchen as she stalked slowly towards the four cornered rats that rounded a dilapidated kitchen island and spread themselves about the room holding anything they could use as a weapon from old pots, pans, forks, glass shards and even a mop. Cranking her neck on worn out shoulders, she caught a glimpse of her peripheral of a new visitor that stood gracing the spot where she stood not just a minute ago as the peach eyes of Murhder fell on her. She would have lied to herself if she had said she was not happy to see the big raggedy haired warrior at her back and with a nod of acknowledgement towards him, she centered her focus once again on the four cowards facing the proverbial guillotine of the now two warriors.] Let us end this.


MURHDER: -The black blood was thick on his clothes and hands, even running from his hair onto his forehead and cheeks but that mattered not.  What did matter was the massive number of dead enemy.  It felt good to slay so damn many.  Materializing to the third and final destination, he sliced his way through a hallway and paused to wipe his dagger when his instincts lit up like a roman candle.  His own blood was near and without thought, his hand rose and pointed with his dagger to a room close to the end.  Following without question, he stepped to the doorway and found the warrior chosen holding her own with a group of sewer rats.  Returning her nod, he twirled his dagger in his fingers and stepped up beside her.-  Let’s make a mess….

BUTCH: -Barely hearing Hollywood as I work on my suck and blow game with the lessers he so kindly left for me to play with. This wasn’t going to be another fun car ride home, not only did every single one of us reek and we would be riding with the windows down, I also would be dancing with the damn bile in my throat. I really should not have eaten a truckload of food before leaving on this one, nothing like leftover turkey legs, pot roast, and lesser soul… lovely. Just the thought alone was enough to toss your cookies all over, but showing your regurgitation skill in front of the Brothers was license for every one of them to give you shit for at least a year. Setting myself up on top of another lesser, the dead eyes looking into my own and I inhale deep, the life flowing out of the bastard below me and into my own ass, more sloshing, more evil, more fucked up feeling inside. Great, really great the smell starts to sting my nose more with each passing second and pull from the dying thing beneath me. One down, how many left to go? Ah hell I lost count of how many before and how many to come. It’s best not to think about it, however in my own little private joke I can’t help but think of “Another one bites the dust” another one goes down, then another. I wonder if the Omega could feel each one as it passed from his power and into a true death for them, I hoped he could. He made me a weapon against himself, go ahead and kick yourself in the ass there buddy. After trying to keep my mind off it for awhile slow down and slump slightly, I wipe the sweat from my face and what may or may not be spit from my mouth- Yo’ we got anymore of these dead fucks? -asking any and all the brothers around-


ZSADIST: *Zsadist would be the last to admit it, but Rehvenge—the mother fucker—saved his ass. Despite his training, years of experience, and a cellular structure pumped full of blood from  his shellan, Zsadist was starting to drag ass. He’d lost count of how many lessers he’d killed, or at the very least injured enough to leave them on the ground for someone else to kill so he could move on. Z nodded to his brother-in-law and kept close to the symphath. Together they cleared through another god-knows-how-many lessers. Z’s leathers were coated in black blood. They stuck to his legs as the blood dried along the sides. Fritz was going to have a field day shopping for new gear. Everyone was looking worse for wear. Wholesale slaughter wasn’t pretty work, Zsadist thought, and toed aside the stomach and liver of a disemboweled lesser so he could send him on to the Omega.*


TOHRMENT: *Cracking my neck as I talk to Wrath through my earpiece* I just rang Phury for evac on the last of the paperwork, wallets and key. I also found a laptop so I am hoping that V can work his magic touch and get more info. *Stabbing another Lesser through the heart, turning around fast and going low I take the legs from under two more Lessers. A quick slice and dice to their arms and legs leaves me with to pin cushions, answering Wrath as he asks for more information* Phury is going to take Butch as well as V back to the mansion, and although we have some injuries none are life and death serious. But maybe have the Docs ready for a quick once over. *For what has to be the hundredth time tonight I go through the Lessers pockets and taking out their keys and wallets, stabbing the two Lessers in the hearts or at least where their hearts should be and sending them on their way. Looking up to see Butch do his Lesser kiss of death as Blay finishes of his Lesser, standing up slow while scanning the room with a feeling of pride in my Brothers and warriors around me. Tonight we have made a serious impact on the Lessers, one that I know won’t go unnoticed by the forelesser and the Omega. Hitting my earpiece to as I check in with Rehv and to make sure we are all able to dematerialize and no one else needs to evac with Phury in the escalade, nodding to Xhex as I see her across the fight zone finishing off what looks to be the last Lesser. Catching sight of Xhex and Payne fighting was a joy tonight and any Glymera giving Wrath a hard time over female warriors will have to deal with me and the rest of the Brotherhood, watching as one by one all my warriors dematerialize or get in the escalade with Phury. Standing back as V does his magic hand routine on the building, yes I think the forelesser will be crying over burned buildings tonight*


XHEX: *Xhex couldn’t remember the last time she racked up a body count as high as what she’d killed tonight. Even by her standards, she was impressed. And check her shit, she didn’t obsessively check on John during the entire raid. Her eyes slid to the side, watching her male as he reared back and used his fangs to rip out the throat of a lesser. Damn, he was hot in action. A fist connected with her temple. Xhex’s world spun and leaned dangerously close to the ground. She righted herself and swung her knife in an arc, catching the lesser right above his dick and ripping through his flesh until the blade caught on his ribcage. Black blood and internal organs splashed down on her shitkickers. Xhex wiggled her knife out of his ribs and jabbed it up and under his ribs into his chest cavity. She stopped to catch her breath, reading the grids around her. Everything came back male, warrior, and familiar—except Payne, whose grid was freakishly similar to her twin’s.* We’re good.


PHURY: *Phury glanced in the rearview mirror and locked eyes with Vishous.* If he pukes in this car, Fritz will be so far up my ass, he can wipe my nose from the inside. *To be honest, he wasn’t sure which of them would be sick first. The stench radiating from the cop made Phury’s eyes water. He was blinking double overtime just to keep the road in focus as he hit the freeway. Thankfully all the good little humans were tucked away in their beds, leaving the roads clear. Phury punched his foot down. They hauled ass north. Not because anyone was bleeding out, but because Phury was afraid the smell would permanently be stuck in his hair. It made him glad to be there, though. Watching Vishous with Butch, taking care of his brother, made Phury say a prayer of thanks to the Scribe Virgin for keeping them all safe during the raid.*

QHUINN: -Qhuinn’s adrenaline was running close to empty when he shanked and sent the lesser special delivery straight back to his maker.- Fuck -He expelled a ragged grunt and headed back toward the main street where things looked to be at some form of peace.  Q cursed and slung the thick black sludge from his limbs and proceeded to stomp some nasty shit from his boots, leaving a trail of god knows what behind him. A hand scrubbed through his hair…damn if he didn’t feel and look like he’d showered in a septic tank. Movement off to his right caught his attention, he whipped around, gun drawn and blew a hole through the lesser’s head, brains exploded out the backside of that cotton hair.- Not so white anymore are you fucker? -Qhuinn knelt down lifting the wallet and shit from the bastard and sent him on his way.- Sonofafuckingbitch -He roared as pain seared his shoulder, way to close to his throat, a deep burn that redirected his motion and shoved him to his feet. Eyes alive and blazing a furious blue green, Qhuinn fired off a shot hitting his target, the lesser stumbled backwards. The hunting knife coated in red blood dropped to the ground, he retrieved it and before the dead man walking could vanish into the night he threw the blade end over end and buried the steel to the hilt in the lessers chest. Q didn’t even bother watching the flash, he ripped off his shirt and tied up his shoulder, enough till he could get back to the compound and get the damn thing stitched. Focus went to the curb of the road, Blay was standing there eyes, locked on him. Relief flooded both of them but was wiped away quickly. Qhuinn gave a nod still holding his bleeding shoulder as he closed the distance to the road and Blay.- Lets get the hell out of here…. -Qhuinn dematerilzed home before he could say anything stupid like ‘I was worried as fuck about you…don’t know what I’d do if something happened’… yeah better to have just left-

VISHOUS: -After a nod to Rehv who, holy hell could hold his own with that cane of his, he sliced and diced his way to the alley where Butch was whipping up and sampling his own recipe for minced lesser pies.   Shoving his leather glove into his front pocket, he gave as much healing to his best friend as he could while still fending for his own.  By the time the fighting was done, he himself was stinking of the filth and feeling the drain on his glow trick.  Making sure Butch made it into the Escalade, he nodded to Phury before heading back to torch the place.-  I’ll be right back, don’t leave me… -Mustering the magic for one last smoking, he half jogged to the black SUV and dragged himself into the back with the exhausted and seasick brother-  shit cop..you stink.. -he laughed at the brothers mumbled reply as he pulled his t-shirt over his head to get skin to skin and get the healing on.-

WRATH: -”Phury’s picking up Vishous and Butch right now, Cop did his thing and needs a breather.”  Rehv’s voice was confirming exactly what Tohr had said.  Minus the cut Qhuinn took, and a few minor injuries The Brothers had taken.  Grasping Beth’s hand in mine after disconnecting the call.-  All good, my Queen.  Your warriors will return home safe to us.  -Lips pressing to hers before pulling her along with me from the study down the staircase.  The Shellans all sat in the Billiards room awaiting the news of something bad, or something good.  My lips pulling to a grin as I wrapped my arm around my Beth.  The worry I could sense was driving me up the wall, and to know Beth went through the same didn’t settle my beating heart at all.-  They’re good, it was a successful mission and will arrive within the next few minutes.  -Squeals of joy sounded around the room and little Nalla’s feet sounded closer as she ran the distance to me.  I’d became a magnet to the little ones and Nalla running towards me confirmed just that.  Rubbing my hand through her locks of hair as she hugged my leg tightly in her little arms.-  Papa will be home in a bit, little one.  Let’s get ready for a feast to celebrate.



To be continued…

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Lesser Raid - Second Location

REHVENGE: [I wiped at the nick on my cheek, caught by a blade from one of the cocksucking lessers,  I’d killed him extra dead just for that. We were at location two after arriving from the meet up destination to make sure we all got out alive and kicking. And I was certain that the first pack of lessers didn’t have any time at all to warn the others when I didn’t sense panic from inside. That was the beauty of a raid, you got in hard and fast and got out just as quickly after picking them all off like flies. The element of surprise was a good weapon and we played it like pro’s. And the lessening society would be none the wiser until it was too late. All the shit we’d collected, wallets, and cells, any papers that looked important we’d left back at the meet destination to collect later. I swung my cane leisurely and spoke into the small wrist communicator quietly. Tohr and V had them too to keep in touch with their monarch back at the brotherhood mansion, however, I’d arranged with Wrath also to keep him abreast of shit that wasn’t being translated to him. For now all had gone to plan and I told him so with quick precision before we headed into the run down shack that at one point in time would have been a thriving warehouse for some business or other] Going somewhere, son? [I asked in a deep growl as a lesser, like the rat he was, tried to escape making his legs run like he was Usain Bolt. And I caught a handful of his bleached out hair and ducked from the swing he took at me. I cracked all his ribs on the left side with a power fist. It wouldn’t kill him, but it sure as shit slowed his ass down and I slid like a serpent into his grid, seeing the sick deeds he’d consecrated himself with when he’d been human. Death was too good for this one. But it was what he would get. I immobilized with a coerced suggestion in his mind for his feet to stop the fuck moving and his trap to shut until he was rigid before me and I smiled evilly. His wild paled out eyes going across the room] Don’t look to your brethren, they’re as good as dead…. too… [Ordinarily I would have toyed until he was screaming in agony. But we were fighting a time limit, when the omega knew all his soldiers were being popped home one after the other he was sure to alert his forelesser. We wanted to hit as many as we could, so with that in mind I dug a hole into the lesser’s chest until he disappeared in a pool of black sludge and moved onto the next, growling darkly kicking the knee out from under a lesser going for one of the kids backs. He too joined his comrade back in the pit of the Omega’s stink]


RHAGE:  [I couldn’t help the swell of happiness bubbling through me as I materialized just behind Rehvenge.]  Playing with the enemy? [My laugh carrying through the air, just loud enough for the others inside to hear that something was wrong just outside.  Just then the sliding door opened and a blonde head poked out.  Grinning as The Beast curled against my back, ready to attack and kill.  That’s right, we will.  My dagger hand unsheathing my favored 9 mil, popping the fucker directly between the eyes.  They’d all come out now, like bees scattering from a spray of killer.  Fuckers would run straight to our daggers.  The frisson in the air buzzed as The Brothers all filled in from the last location.]  Time to get to fucking business, true?  [Like a crazy man on a suicide mission I went straight to the heart of the building, daggers blazing in the air with each step taking each and every Lesser within arm’s reach down.]

PAYNE: [Materializing not far behind Rhage, Payne opted to stay behind and cased the perimeter of the old, run down building. Clear as church bells on a Sunday morning, she could hear the clangclangthudpopPOP sounds followed by the heavy grunts and curses of her brothers. Even though the air reeked heavy with baby powder stank, the wretched enemy had no idea what kind of hell had just rained down upon their bleached heads. Breaths coming out in puffy clouds and with her back pressed against the warehouse sliding, she looked to the left then to the right scrutinizing the area with due diligence. Before rounding the corner of the shack, she sneaked a peek at the bend where not even ten feet away, from a busted window not far high up, she watched the blonde head of a Lesser appearing to climb out of the framework, seemingly arguing with another to “Hurry the fuck up, let’s get out!” Payne quickly moved away from their line of vision and reached behind her to the dagger she kept at the small of her back. Before the lesser had time to hit the ground, she materialized in all her 6’ glory and asked.] Going somewhere? [The Lessers tongue lollygagged, where he barely had time to blink before she yanked him down from the sill by the hair, pulling his head back exposing his throat until she plunged her dagger into his white flesh twisting then again into his chest, watching those milky eyes ooze black until a sharp POP sent him right back where he came from. The second lesser was bold and as she wiped her dagger clean on her leathers, he tried to make a run for it through the empty green field behind the old warehouse.] Fool [Accuracy had no measure to the way the daughter of the Bloodletter flung her silver dagger right hand over with the matching speed of a bullet intent to do damage. And damage it did as it embedded to the hilt right at the base of the Lessers neck, his screams piercing the air the sweetest sounds to the violence that sang in her veins.] Ne’er runaway from a lady. [Payne walked booted feet softly crunching on the ground towards the flailing body and disposed of what was left of the male. Turning back to the rundown structure, she surveyed the several windows that graced the outside and decided she would do best out here until further notice. In case anyone else tried to runaway. Pity for them if they did, she thought with a smirk.]  


BLAY: -He was mere seconds behind Rhage as he arrived at the second location, but the fighting was already thick. Daggers unsheathed he forgot all about the headache that had blossomed at the base of his skull and got to business. There was little time to take pleasure in these kills, the impotent fuckers had decided to come at the brotherhood en masse, so it was stab to the chest, shield eyes from the white hot flash and move on to the next. Three lessers in he had just jerked his head to the side to avoid being temporarily blinded when he caught sight of Qhuinn. The strong, sinuous body of the male moved in the smooth, effortless way of water flowing over a cliff.- Qhuinn! 7 O’clock! -he called, doing his best to warn his friend of the two lessers coming at him from behind. A single fist to the gut was all it took to snap his attention back to his own fights, and popping his own lessers.  Fuck, it had been forever since he and Qhuinn had been allowed out fighting together, and all of a sudden he remembered why.-


BUTCH: -Driving the E like crazy to get to the next location, fucking traffic laws, and fucking not being able to dematerialize like the others. There was reasoning behind it and if they needed a medivac situation I was there to help out with transport. By the time I arrived the new fight had begun. Shit they didn’t wait for me to start the party, before the escalade is completely stopped I’m throwing the thing in park, yanking the keys and I’m out the door. Heading in balls first to the battle, attacking the first Lesser that comes my way, we both lock arms like a couple of longhorns, eventually I am able to twist him just right, knock him off balance enough to get the better of him. We continue the tango till I am able to unholster my weapon and fire two distinct bullets, one through his throat, and one through his chest- Squirmy bastard -completing the job with a quick dagger through the chest cavity once more, I look up and see scattering and death all around, this was going to be epic, for a long time the Lesser bastards would be talking about this raid, I could crow with laughter, but that could be saved for later, right now I need to keep my head in the damn game, no more nut taps for my ass thank you very much. Checking my watch, one more to go and hours were burning up fast-


ZSADIST: *Blood wept from a shallow scratch across Zsadist’s stomach. He closed in on the lesser wielding a machete, of all fucking things, and kicked the man’s knee backwards before he could bring the blade down for another attack. The lesser crumpled, his dark head bouncing off the ground. Z did the pop and flash shit, then moved on to pop off two others he’d dropped before. Shit. None of the ones he’d tangled with the entire night were old enough within the society to finish paling out. Which meant there’d been one hell of a welcoming party lately, on par with the one they’d dealt with before Lash went back to be a permanent fixture in the Omega’s hellhole. Just what they fucking needed. With any luck, though, their attack run tonight would put a nice big dent in the societies numbers. Zsadist wiped his dagger clean on the thigh of his leathers and went deeper into the warehouse to help his brothers and allies clean house.*


TOHRMENT: *Punching the face off a Lesser then turning to slice my dagger through the stomach of another, the rush of my blood running in my veins loud in my ears. Pulling the Lesser’s coat open to get his wallet and keys before I stab it back to the Omega, stumbling forward onto the oily black blood of the Lesser I just sent home as I am hit in the back. Rolling as I hit the ground so that I come up with my guns out, one shot through the Lessers head and its game up. Standing out it as it thrashes around on the ground, that is the sad fact with Lessers there is only two ways to make sure they are dead. One stab them through the heart and send them back to the Omega or the true dead let Butch suck them to death no going back to the Omega, but as we are up in the fifties I don’t think even V’s healing hand would be able to help Butch. Bending over and fishing out the Lessers keys and wallet as I stab him back to his maker, turning back around to “Mr I have no face Lesser” as I wipe my face clean of Lesser blood. Standing up and looking around and seeing nearly all Lessers gone, yelling out* Wrap it up ladies, time to move ASAP….. *Hitting my earpiece calling Phury first asking for a wallet, keys and Butch  pick up before we all move on to the last location. Nodding as I pass V while I talk to Wrath, letting him know that aldo we picked up some more minor cuts and bruises we are good to dance on the last location. Stopping beside Payne as I finish my report to Wrath, trying to rub some of the Lesser blood from my leathers* Damn it I think these are for the bin. *Growls as I dematerialize to the last location*


WRATH:  -Two down and one location to go.  My idle gaze swept for my Shellan, she heard the news and the pride from her warmed the room from top to bottom.  Bruises and cuts we’d all deal with.  If anything I’d take it and any pain The Brotherhood felt if it ended with a victory.  WeUpwards to two hundred Lessers, if not more, would be killed this eve, and the curl of my lips mirrored my thoughts.  Just then Rehv cackled through the connection.  So far it was like a walk in the park.  Leaning back in my throne, feet heavy on the floor as my unseeing gaze swept once more to the presence of my female.-  Round three, my Queen.  -Disconnecting the call with the Symphath King and tuning in once more to Tohr and the Brothers.-


XHEX: Fucking shit. *Xhex jerked the barrel of her gun up at the last second and let her round pierce the metal roof above them. In the north eastern corner of the warehouse. it had been sectioned off. Half a dozen lessers lay scattered around in front of her, but not ever their stench could cover the cloying scent of meth. She knew they’d been dealing,. Never had they found evidence of the stupid fuckers cooking—until now. One stray bullet and the place would challenge the sun for top heat output. Xhex yelled the sitch back over her shoulder before taking an easier approach to dealing with the last lesser coming at her from the makeshift cook shack. She sank her feelers deep into his grid and pointed out a dropped knife on the ground beside one of his writhing brethren.* Do it. I want to watch. *Xhex’s voice dropped down low, controlling. The lesser actually fucking smiled at her as he slit his own fucking throat. Xhex couldn’t help but smile back. Damn she loved her job.*

PHURY: *The toe of Phury’s boot tapped against the gravel. He checked his watch again. They’d run over time by ten minutes. He heard the sounds of battle coming from inside the warehouse. Every so often, the dingy, broken windows high up near the ceiling would fill with bright white light—like a broken strobe light giving off death throes. He forced himself to stop counting the flashes and focus on keeping his shit together until he was needed. Inside, he’d be a liability. The truce with Zsadist was too new. He knew his twin’s attention would be torn from killing lessers to watching his malfunctioning ass. It was better this way, Phury reminded himself yet again. Blissfully, the noise stopped and Tohr came through with the pick up order. Feeling useful again, he picked up an empty bag and went to do his thing.*


QHUINN: -Qhuinn appeared right into the guts of the fight and hell shit had been going good, real good until Blay yelled something. He checked back over his shoulder to see the male get drilled. There was no time to react because then it was Qhuinn’s turn-  Mother Fucking Shit -His growl left nothing to the imagination of how damn bad that hit to his jaw had stung. Shit rattled his brain and blurred his vision or at least he hoped it had. If 5 lessers were actually coming at him straight on right now it wasn’t going to end well.  He shook out the dizzy just in time to block a kick to his midsection, he connected an upper to the lesser chin sending him stumbling backwards. Qhuinn bound forward following the descent, his daggers lashed out sliced clear through the throat hitting spine.  Black oozed and gurgled from the lesser’s mouth his eyes blared wide when the blade hit his chest.-  This’ll feel like fireworks exploding in your chest. It’ll hurt a lot. –No mercy. Qhuinn slammed the blade to the hilt and stepped back to watch the darkness around him get more than a few firework shows.  He helped finish off the remaining powder puffs, when location cleared he dematerialized to the final destination. -

VISHOUS: -Materializing to the second location made him realize he needed to be a little quicker with the flash and sizzle, looked to him like there were only a few slayers left.  Guess his brothers (and sister) were just as hungry for lessers as he was. From what he could tell there were wounds but none too bad, all were fighting and loving the hell out of it.  Even the cop seemed to be getting his share and despite looking a little green around the gills, he was holding his own and doing his thing.  He would make sure to give him a boost at the next location.  Quickly disposing of the last of the stragglers and waiting for the go ahead, he snuffed the warehouse to ash and quickly scattered to the last raid of the evening.-

To be continued….

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Lesser Raid - Location One

TOHRMENT: *Dematerializing to the alleyway behind the old gym and doing a head count through my earpiece, check in with the Symphath’s as well as Payne, Blay and Qhuinn my senses picking up where my Brothers* Are we all ready? *My eyes scanning the building in front of me, it’s a five story gym or at least it used to be. Even from here I can catch the stench of Lessers and their sickly sweet baby powder on the air. With quick hand movements I set the game in motion, kicking open the door and running through guns blazing . Shot after shot sending Lessers to the ground, knowing that they are down and out of the fight I keep moving forward catching sight of my Brothers in the mirrors on the walls around me letting me know all is going to plan so far. Jumping over old gym equipment as I head to what looks like an office, taking out my dagger and slicing the throat out of a Lesser pushing him to the side as I look through the office picking up whatever paperwork I could. Up above my head I hear the sound of fighting and the flashes of light telling me its game nearly over for this location, checking my watch in and out in less than twenty minutes damn we are good. Hitting my earpiece I check in with Phury and telling him we are done here, asking him to pick up the wallets and paperwork before he moves on to the second location. Hitting my earpiece again as I walk out into the fresh air, send the signal to the others to head to move on as I talk to Wrath giving him the count of Lessers killed and a quick rundown on the fight such that it was. Hanging up as I scatter my molecules and head to the second location*


REHVENGE: [Materializing like a thief in the night, I flashed a fanged smile across to Xhex when she appeared feet away from me. I could sense the grids inside, the soulless fuckers of the lessening society; at least 30 separate minds were there, maybe more. And fuckme the stench was sickening.  Giving my neck a roll, I waited for the warriors to appear silently all in formation like a flock of fucking geese. Tohr giving his hand signals to the others. I already knew what I was doing, and rolling up onto the balls of my feet, my cane/blade palmed in my hand tightly I waited for the signal to go go fucking go and got inside, giving props to the warriors for their swift advance into the building. A smirk was on my face following behind and once inside I materialized to the top floor. I had to appreciate that kick of surprise, the grids lit up like the Vegas strip when we killed the power setting them into darkness.  Panic pulsed as the little maggots scrambled for cover. Little did they know it was too late. Far too late. They were already dead and about to get a lot more so. Using my symphath side, fully unleashed and eager to get to play, I matched hand to hand combat when it was needed, or a warrior needed an assist. But it was the mindfuckery I excelled in and didn’t I just get off on each kill. The lessers one by one being sent back to good Ole Papa Omegafuckface. I kept my feelers out for Xhex and Z, not that I’d tell him that. My cane jammed hard into the lessers chest cavity and he vanished in a flash of light. The sound of the fight continued, punches, curses and fuck if I didn’t laugh sinisterly spinning around to go right back to work into the fray with the brotherhood]


MURHDER: -Giving the symphaths a wide berth, he moved stealthily through the shadows to a group of stinking assholes who were busily attempting to stow shit into a van.  How he loved an ambush.  From behind the three, he growled as he sneered.-  and behold a pale horse…-The first to turn was dispatched with ease, a disappointing fight to say the least.  The second at least struggled.  The third, who really wanted to live to see another day, came at him with a rusted hammer which in the end, wound up sticking from the lessers’ forehead before the pop and dazzle of the home to papa procedure was complete.  Remembering however to gather I.D., he stuffed the wallets and phones into his pockets and moved on to the next unwilling participants in his own game show “Let’s make ‘em Squeal.”-

BLAY: - His first job, alongside Vishous was to cut power to the shithole of a building. V had scoped out the locations the prior evening and had told him exactly what needed to be done. When the signal was given, he dematerialized into the basement and hit the main power breaker, killing all the lights and then to the roof, to finish the job. Step one done he now stood atop the building, wind whipping against his leather jacket. The main electricity line was a mere foot away, but as he took out the tools needed to cut the fucker off for good, he heard the fall of shitkickers in the pebbled roof behind him.- Yo, V, I was just making the last.. -Crack…he was hit square in the back of the neck with something solid. Only as he crumpled, did he get a whiff of the sickly-sweet scent of baby powder.  As Blay fell, he unsheathed the dagger strapped to his chest.- Oh fuck no you don’t. -he snarled, and threw out a leg to catch himself before he face planted on the roof. This shit wasn’t happening. Not tonight. In a move that would have made both his Mahmen and father proud he pivoted, dagger hand raising from its position at his waist, and landed the steel blade first in the lessers gut. Then, after untangling the blade from the thing’s intestinal tract, the blade came down in a wide arc, finally meeting it’s intended destination…the fuckers chest. Pop…Flash…- Back to daddy you go. -he sneered, turning back to complete the task of electrical blackout.-

RHAGE:  [The Beast was thrilled, fucking laughing if that’s what it could be called as Lesser blood spewed from each of the fuckers as they fell from the slash of my blade.  Damn it felt good too.  It was all too easy really.  Sitting ducks just asking for a quick slaughter.  “Watch Payne” That’s what I was supposed to do besides kill our enemy.  Eyes sweeping the area once more for the whip of her dark braid to find her, shit!  Sending my molecules straight behind her as a Lesser was going head first to wrap his smelly hands around her neck from her back.  A grin spreading wide showing all fang as he fell directly on my blade.]  That’s right, motherfucker, Game Over.  [Laughing loudly at Payne’s gasp just behind me, knowing damn well she turned around just in time to see it all.]  Watch your back, babe.. [Eyes sweeping the area once more catching just in time to see the tiny knife hit the back of Rehv’s neck, his eyes a blaze of pissed the fuck off when he turned around and clean ripped the Lessers head from body.  Fuck me, the Sin eater could get pissed.  The smelly fuckers caught on quick and were circling around Payne.  Turning my head enough for just her to catch my voice.]  I got you babe, do your thing.

PAYNE: [Their stench was cloying to her senses as the Lessers surrounded Payne as if she was the main dancer at a breakdancing competition. The female warrior sniffed out her disgust, spitting blood from a busted lip she’d received earlier and licked fangs she bared out of pure hatred towards the sickly-sweet enemy. Nodding over to Rhage, she stood strong to his side, the powerful roll of the beast undeniable. Flexing her hands sides in one singular motion she unsheathed double daggers from her chest harness, eyes full of stark silver fury to match the warriors cry that belted from her lungs, she lunged into the two closest Lessers that had decided at the last moment maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to mess with the female. Not that female anyway. Speed and agility on her side, not to mention finesse and fluidity at her fingertips, her daggers slashed at the enemy with precision, in mere seconds both Payne and Rhage had the circle of fools popped in a flash of light and sent back to their maker. Her chest heaving, she caught her breath momentarily wiping her brow with the back of her hand and shifted her braid behind her when communication came through loud and clear through her earpiece and she froze momentarily catching the teal gaze of Rhage as he received the same. They were to move. And fast. Kill every stinking powder keg and move towards the second location. As they neared a long, darkened corridor towards the exit, Rhage ever the gallant male, waved a hand in front with an extravagant “Ladies, first”. Unable to help herself, she flashed him a grin and nodded her head in slight agreement before she replied…] Thank you brother…for you know what you did. [And with that they both made their way to the flashing exit sign at the end of the hall.]


BUTCH: -Watching as the fighting starts, getting my ass in gear running next to my brothers, and I guess sister because of Payne. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Rehvenge going off, note to self never piss the fucking symphath off. The momentary distraction allowed a cheap shot little baby powder smelling fuck to cheap shot me, instead of giving into the pain in my balls I burst forward at the bastard and pull the pop flash routine sending this fuck back to the omega, no time for my suck and blow chunks, this was complete annihilation duty for us. Hopping up from the ground assault and back into the battle, I check all my blind spots and then engage another keeping eyes on the brothers-


ZSADIST: *Doors are for pussies. The second Tohr gave the signal, Zsadist dematerialized and sent himself in through a broken window on the third floor of the building. As soon as the lights cut out, Zsadist materialized. His hands snapped out and wrenched the head of the closest lesser around in a one-eighty. Sneakers scurried across the pitch black floor, frightened little smelly mice looking for a way out. But he was standing in front of the only exit that wasn’t a window. And what do you know, one of those fuckers took the wrong exit, courtesy of Z Airlines. The lesser shrieked all the damn way down to the ground where the asphalt finally shut him up. Zsadist kept moving, weaving between the rows of empty cots covering the entire floor, mowing through the lessers who had been camped out like Jason fucking Voorhees.*

WRATH: -Beth curled on my lap, her favorite seat in the entire Mansion.  Even though business was blaring through the speakerphone that lay on the pile of scrolls was going full force, I took comfort that my Shellan was safe behind the walls of our home.  But, damn did my blood boil and dagger hand tick to be in the thick of the fight.  Hand to hand combat would have been damn good to my soul but a promise to my Shellan that I would stay here safe with her was more important.  I’d already been down that road with her once before, I had no desire to do it again.  Soon Tohr’s update came through the phone, 33 killed, and the warriors were gearing up for the next location.  The grin slid across my face from ear to ear until Rehv chimed in on a private line.  Only minor injuries, few cuts were taken but nothing major to make me leave the comfort of beneath my Leelan.  Running a hand over my hair as I bid the Symphath King farewell until the next victorious raid ended.-

XHEX: Come here, you slippery motherfucker. *Xhex’s hands were coated in a thick layer of black blood. She lost grip of the lesser she’d been practicing her pumpkin carving skills on yet again. The man was nothing more than dead weight. She’d cut through everything vital to keep him from landing another kick to her crotch. She didn’t have balls, but that shit hurt and she was the type of bitch to pay it back. With the stab-and-dash Wrath outlined, she shouldn’t be playing with her kills, but old habits die hard. Xhex wiped her slick hands off on the ass of her leathers, regripped her knife, and drove the tip of it straight into the empty chest cavity of the lesser. Pop! Flash! Momentarily blinded her again, she used her symphath side to find the next kill, following the oh-my-god parade marching all over the grid of the last lesser in the building. She didn’t play this time. Xhex hollered,* Clear.

PHURY: *Phury pulled into the weed-filled parking lot of the abandoned gym just in time to see a lesser catch air before gravity took hold and planted the man face first into the asphalt. He checked around for one of his brothers to take care of the mess, but no one came out. Phury pulled the dagger he had stowed in his coat pocket and went to dispatch the lesser, who was trying to use his broken arms to drag himself away from the building. His dagger sank into the back of the lesser and pierced the chest cavity. When the blinding light subsided, the All Clear came over the radio. Phury doubled back to the SUV and grabbed a duffle bag to cram the jars, paperwork, and anything else vital he found inside. For the first time in a while he felt alive. Death has a strange effect on those born and bred to be warriors.*

QHUINN: -Qhuinn could feel the floor quake against the soles of his shitkicker’s. The brothers were tearing down the walls on the lower levels of this rat hole. He silently rested against the darkness, sig fisted, but relaxed against his leather clad thighs.  His focus trained on the handful of newly trans lesser that well in a full blown frenzy and tried to disperse. Seems their spidey senses kicked in and they finally realized their shit was under siege. Slow much?  A pulse of energy fed through the building, the kind he craved when he was on the heels of a slaughter. Fear and adrenaline.  Qhuinn willed every exit within reach locked with an audible click.- Now I can’t have you boys running off. – Their movement frozen, heads spun in the direction he now stalked. There was no hesitation, as he strolled straight up in the middle of the hive. The sheer danger that followed his every step ruptured the darkness. The toxic smelling mother fuckers seemed to have found their balls or at least one as they charged blindly at him, crowbars and bats sliced through the air, he ducked and dodged, their attempts found no purchase. Fucking hell this was worse than kids and one of those fucking piñata things. He was tired of playing and the smell had began to test his gag reflexes. Sig kill ready, he unsheathed his dagger and launched into a shoot, stab, and send to Maker dance. Within minutes the fun was over and Qhuinn gathered the shit he needed and dematerialized on to the rooftop.  He was unscathed, but smelled like a powered tar pit and dripped black shit from his hands and daggers. Fuck it he thought and swiped his weapons across the chest of his shirt and then scattered himself to the next location.-

VISHOUS: -Fuck, he loved it when a plan came together and watching his fellow warriors play their parts perfect was the biggest high he could know.  A few sketchy moments, followed by confirmation from each and every fighter that all was good had his blood pumping like the X games.  Wiping black shit from his glove to his leathers, he removed it one finger at a time and flexed his fist  as he geared up to play fire starter with the building. With the last “all clear” from Z, he flared up the place with a vengeance and reveled in the warmth the inferno gave before joining the others at the designated location.  There were more fuckers to send home to daddy and he was certain the cop would need him soon.-


To be continued…

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Lesser Raid - Preparation

WRATH:  -Sat behind my desk with a grin across my face was rare.  That’s why the shit didn’t bother me when the sweet taste of surprise was felt through each of the Brothers as they filed in one by one.  With the command to meet fully prepared for a fight, the sound of shitkickers hitting the floor brought made me more than proud to not only have The Brotherhood on my side, but to be a part of The Brothers mine self.  Each of The Brothers stalked to their usual spot in the Study as I leaned back in my throne.-  We’ve got three locations, Vishous has the addresses and knows they are all occupied, and watched them all for the past night getting their routine.  -Pure hate was radiating through the room from every corner.  Even my own dagger hand was itching to cut loose and feel the blood of our enemy.  Not this night, I’d be safe in my study awaiting the return of my Brothers as they fought for our race with the Symphath King at their side.  Fangs exposed as my grin widened.  We knew where this would end, and it would be a victory we’d all celebrate by the end of the eve.-  Vishous has a meeting spot only a block from each of the locations you will all need to rendezvous at as soon as the lesser pits are torched to the ground.  -Splitting them up wouldn’t be the best idea, having them hit each location like a locomotive, the best course of action Rehvenge and I could agree on.-  You leave in thirty minutes.


REHVENGE: [Ehlena got a kick seeing me in head to toe black so I’d let her have an eye-full before leaving her and my son safe at home for the night with instructions not to go out anywhere. Not that I could do leather. I visibly grimaced. Dearest virgin, It was bad enough seeing the warriors doing their village people impersonations without joining them. I was wearing more upmarket gear, but fighting clothes, nonetheless. I stuck hands into the coat pockets and listened as the roar in the room grew louder as the plans were unfolded like a deck of cards. I smirked reading the emotions and thoughts. Twisted motherfuckers wanted the fight and I had a clarity of respect for the Black Daggers in that moment. Like the good symphath I was, I basked in the grids while I was there, never venturing inside, but the emotions pinging like yo-yo’s was enough to kick start my Sineater side for what was ahead. I nodded in all the appropriate places having already agreed to what was going to go down this eve]

PAYNE: [Payne shifted in her skin tight leathers but not out of nerves. No way, it was all bonafide adrenaline that ran thick and charging in her veins, especially after last week’s needing period, her body now primed and ready for the war. Nights like tonight she had imagined a thousand times over while living in the bland confinements of the Sanctuary. This was what she was born and bred to do, a passion only those others standing in the room alongside her understood. The warrior female was proud to stand among her brothers, including the ever watchful Symphath King as they all readied themselves for the battle ahead. Diamond eyes swept around the room, each different face of the warriors held similar within the impassive lines etched around their mouths along with matching ticks in their jaws to boot. From the corner of her eye and across the room, she caught a brief glance of the brother Murhder staring her way until he casted his gaze elsewhere. Once her eyes came to those of her twin, she nodded in acknowledgement before her hands ran another weapon check over her daggers and gun holsters, long braid falling to the side she carelessly shifted to the back before checking once again. One could never be too sure and as the King decreed his orders, she was certain all her weapons would be put to use on this night..and then some.]


BLAY: [The news that had come from the King had Blay on edge as he stalked back to his room. Three confirmed locations? He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of idiot Lesser had let that information leak, and how reliable that shit really was. He shook his head, checking, double checking, and then rechecking his weapons before he grabbed his phone from the pocket of the heavily laden leather jacket on the chair. After the run-in with Q, he had spent the needing with Saxton. It was nice to be back in his males arms, but as soon as the hormones had dissipated from the house he’d been called home and effectively locked down again. He hit the hall, phone in hand, and on the descent to the foyer shot off a text to Saxton. “Big op tonight, top secret. I’ll be in contact as soon as I’m home" before his feet hit the mosaic floor his lover had hit him back. "Stay safe, Blaylock.” All business as he slid his phone into the back pocket of his leathers Blay nodded to each of his fellow fighters.- Let’s kick some Lesser ass, shall we gentlemen?


BUTCH: -Pulling on my leathers, each night on rotation seemed the same, adrenaline running through my ass, the pit in my stomach clawing. I looked over at my Marissa, she never was truly happy with my going out but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, macho macho, nut grab, normal chest thumping. This night was different, a stab of anxiety in the gut. Tightening the belt around my ass, last thing anyone needs is a look at my full moon, plus I’d never hear the end of it from the brothers. Next came my holsters. Crossing them over my back, checking the rounds before holstering them up. My daggers, then more guns, this war was not going to be lost because we didn’t have enough fire power, hell who knew how many guns each of us really held and how many extra rounds we packed. You never know… My coat comes on next then more weapons, shit I probably held a few real good pounds of weapons hanging on my ass. I pecked Marissa’s cheek before leaving our chambers, I walk as silently as possible out of the pit, walking down the hall towards the main house, feeling like a boxer prepping for the main title fight. I emerge into the grand hall, damn this place was like some fancy pants French castle that I’ve seen online, it never ceased to shock me.-  What’s doing? -Speaking to everyone and no one in particular, just my way of saying “hi” to them.-

ZSADIST: *Zsadist looked over from his spot, leaning against the mantle above the fireplace, and met his brother-in-law’s eyes. He knew from that one glance that Rehv’s dome was unmedicated. Good. They needed every weapon they could get in order to clean the floor with the lessers. Z shrugged, testing the tightness of the straps holding his chest harness in place. All sorts of happy dying lesser bullshit rattled around his head. They needed to get their asses in gear. Talking was nothing more than verbal masturbation. He wanted the real deal. Needed it. Too much shit had been going on in their not-so-little home, both good and bad. It made him think too much, feel too much. For a few hours he needed to shut the shit out and do what he was created to do—kill. As much as Bella had tamed him, Zsadist still required an outlet other than her and the decent male she made him into. But thanks to her, and his screwed up family of warriors, he wasn’t fighting to kill the ghosts of his past. He fought to protect the future generations sprouting within his family.*

MURHDER: -From his usual vantage point in the corner, he stood silently watching and listening.  The plan had reminded him so much of the raids from their past. It was about time things went back to as they were…attack first, no waiting.  Tapping a finger lightly on the hilt of one of his daggers, he was unaware of the unconscious movement until it caught his attention. Looking down he frowned at his unruly digit and wondered its motivation.  Nervous tick? Anxious? When his finger pointed in the direction of the warrior chosen who was standing half a room away, he forced it still and stifled a growl.  No need in the brothers seeing the ongoing war with himself. Turning his full attention back to Wrath, he forced away all outside thought … even that of the female symphath who had joined them unexpectedly. Tonight was about ridding the earth of as many of the enemy as possible and that seemed to sober up his crazy quite well.-


TOHRMENT: *Walking into Wrath’s study and taking up wall space over by the sofa, nodding to all assembled including the two Symphaths. I have to say having the added advantage of both Rehv and Xhex’s skills was always a major plus in my book, looking over to Wrath as he laid out tonight’s agenda, the fun and games started as soon as the locations were given. All at once the room was filled with the happy “I am going to kill some Lessers” comments and the sound of warriors checking weapons, I myself put my hands on my two glocks to make sure my own weapons of choice were ready. My mind running through the whats and whys of the raids we were about to do, checking over V’s meet up area and the fact that we will hit the three Lessers hubs one after the other as a united unit. The plan was sound and Rehv and Wrath had set it up well, for me the most important part of this whole sting operation was the fact that Wrath would be safe back here in the mansion, I knew in my heart that Wrath would be happier if he was in the thick of it but that fact was simple that as the king he needed to be safe. We also can’t take the chance of anyone finding out about his sight, rubbing the back of my neck as I focus on the night to come and the warriors that will be hitting the Lessers. Looking over at Wrath as I put in my earpiece* So are we ready to get going my lord? And thanks to V I will be in contact the whole time.


VISHOUS: -Of the plans executed as of late by the brotherhood, this little gem of luck in finding the locations of the lesser den’s was the cherry on top of what had recently been a huge shit Sunday. They needed this, it would be an el huge-o blow to the lessening society and a boon to the Brotherhood in the eyes of civilians and the fucking Glymera.  Mapping out the plans had been just what he had needed as well.  Although he was at his strongest he had been in a while physically, thanks to the blood of the Chosen Selena, his mind was in need of a major distraction. This plan had given him the much needed brain punch.  With an unlit hand rolled perched between his lips, he nodded to Tohr before looking back to Wrath.-  We’re all wired, you can talk to whoever you want.  -Pressing his own device further into his ear canal, he checked the signal and was satisfied with what he had put together.-

XHEX: *Within the sea of testosterone and suggestions for un-fucking-comfortable places to stick a dagger before killing a lesser, Xhex stood just inside the door, arms crossed over her chest. The energy in the room was thick enough to pick up with a spoon. She didn’t have to say anything, they said it all for her. Even though the lessening society wasn’t her direct problem—they didn’t have the balls to go after a symphath, even a half breed—she still wanted to be there, to send those bastards on a one-way trip to Omega land. After her ordeal with Lash, any and all lessers were on her permanent hit list. They smelled like rank shit that’d been left in a car in the middle of the desert for six months, but they died just as well as anything else and helped her put more and more of her past behind her. It was therapy done right. Xhex flipped her steel gaze around to all of the warriors. Oddly, they didn’t make her feel like the odd bitch out. Having Payne on board helped. Not to mention the female was damn good in a fight. Yeah…it was going to be a damn good night.*


PHURY: *Just breathe, you stupid git. Phury was having a hard time keeping track of what everyone was saying. He’d been surprised as hell to get a call from Wrath asking him to come to the mansion. If he were honest with himself, he suspected the King was calling him there to do what Zsadist had done weeks ago, berate him for being gone. Instead, Phury found himself standing shoulder to shoulder with his brothers. Or at least they had been until he screwed shit up.* I am in no fighting condition, but I will take one of the SUV’s and follow behind to clean up after. *And, Scribe Virgin forbid, evac anyone too wounded during the fighting to dematerialize back to the mansion. He didn’t dare say it out loud and jinx the males he’d fought beside for far long than he’d been with his blooded family.*

QHUINN: -There were very few things that Qhuinn enjoyed more than a good black blood slinging fight. From the sound of the upcoming mission hell was gonna be to be brought on the lesser world, and the Brotherhood and along with the Symphath King were going to be the bringers of pain. He could definitely fucking roll with that.  Qhuinn, dressed in his typical black on black eased off the back wall and double checked his weapons. He shot a quick text to Layla to let her know he was out, and if there was an issue she knew how to reach him. Phone secured away, he let the energy of the room clear his mind and pull him into fight mode. The brothers voices lifted in anticipation of the organized mayhem to come and it was then he glanced around the room….by twos they were strong, but as a whole they were a menacing motherfucking force to be reckoned with. It’d be a lie if he said he didn’t get off on that shit, every male and female within these four walls did. He headed for the exit and happened to fall in step behind Blay. Fuck.  He knew he should say something…. anything…but,  ‘Oh by the way if you care, Layla may be carrying my young. Now let’s go kill some lessers’. Yeah that would be a helluva greeting on the heels of the theater incident. Qhuinn got close enough to inhale the males scent before he shut the bullshit away and readied himself fully for the night. -

RHAGE:  [Fuck yeah it was go time, and I had five minutes to get ready, or so I counted by with the quick look to the clock directly across the room.  Guns, daggers, bullets, even my clips hung from me ready for use and quickly.  Giving my Mary another smoldering kiss and reminding her once more that tonight SafePlace would be just damn fine without her there, she needed to stay home.  Shitkickers pounded against the floor as I trekked down to the bottom of the grand staircase.  Shit was feeling good; I could feel it in my veins along with the continuous purr from The Beast who was more than ready for a fight.  Even he was ready to feel the blood of our enemy on his scales.  Giving each of my Brothers a nod, rechecking the ammo that dripped from my body once more.  Teal eyes swept back up to the top of the grand staircase as Wrath and Beth descended.  I knew Wrath wanted in, we could all see it, but the small female next to him holding his arm like a vise had more say so then he would let on.  We all agreed for that matter, fucker didn’t have a heir, yet.  He’d stay here and hate every minute of it because it was the best and only choice he would be allowed.  Clearing my throat to make my thoughts follow suite.]  Let’s blow this joint.

WRATH:  -What I wouldnt give to stand shoulder to shoulder with The Brotherhood, my Brothers, as they fought the enemy.  Beth’s tight hold against my arm was an anchor to my feet, keeping me planted here next to her as they all filed out one by one.  With a nod of confidence the Brothers would succeed and then come Beth and I ascended the grand staircase to listen to every detail we could from Tohrment.-

To be continued…. 

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Gone in sixty Seconds

BLAY:  -Rotation had been a bitch. The Omega and his current forelesser booty-buddy had to be scraping the clingy bits from the bottom of the human DNA pool to find these morons. Either that that or the drain’em and fill’em routine made them even more stupid in death than they had been in life. He had to have taken out four of the shits before Rhage and Butch had rounded the corner to help. Blay had been all about the “I got this” when another slayer emerged from the shadows with a pack of his girlie smelling buddies. It had been a fight. More than once he had expected to have a meet and greet with the beast, but somehow Rhage had kept him contained and just before dawn the trio had returned to the mansion. They were beaten, bloody and covered in the sweet smelling blood of their enemies, but hey.. they were alive. Since then Blay had showered, shaved and partaken of first meal. Two hours later he sat, reading the New York Times against the headboard of his bed, but his mind was not in it. It was on the past. On times when he had been truly happy. He missed his parents, missed that house, missed being part of a family. Vaguely he noted that Qhuinn hadn’t been in the dining room at meal time, not that that was anything new as of the last several weeks, the male was never around. Probably in the gym. Who cared. After all HE was the reason Blay was still living in the mansion.- God Damned stupid stunts. -he muttered to himself, dragging his dagger hand through his ever lengthening red hair.-

QHUINN-  -In jeans and a black tee, his bare feet propped to the seat in front of him Qhuinn was all sprawled out in the over-sized theater chair. He’d been in here a good two hours playing video games and was at least eight beers deep not to mention a container of Pringles. Now he sat with a beer in one hand and a monster sandwich made with the leftover lamb from first meal in the other. He had the room to himself, John was with Xhex and Layla was off doing whatever it is females do when they lock themselves in the bathroom for hours on end. He didn’t ask questions he sure as fuck didn’t want the answer to. The lights dimmed as Gone in 60 seconds started. Damn Vishous must’ve wired that shit up tight, he thought as he bit off a hunk of the sandwich and chased it with a long swig of Corona. Eyes glued to the screen…. there was something about fast sleek rides that definitely ranked up there with good sex. A vehicle had curves and  smooth lines that seduced a mind just like the well built form of a male or female. Speed was adrenaline. Pheromones, the Sex drive. Combine those with some Mob shit Getto thieving, and you had straight up Car Porn in action. Qhuinn’s laugh faded to a low growl when his thoughts veered to the underground garage, where his baby..His tank…His Shera…- yeah he’d named The Hummer- His one fine bitching piece of machinery was parked. He drained his beer and reached for the next to last one in the makeshift cooler in the floor. Some fucker tried to steal his Hummer he’d go commando ape shit on their ass. Then run them over as many times as needed to get his point across. His narrowed gaze went back to the screen then to the fly of his jeans, well hell if he wasn’t wound the fuck up over a movie not to mention killing some folks that might try to jack his ride….maybe Rhage was right. Maybe he did need to go see Mary. He could see it now..“Mary, I think I have a problem that doesn’t have to do with being in love with my former best friend. No this is much worse… fast shiny cars, killing, and my Hummer remind me of sex and I can’t control my arousal. You have any suggestions?”   Yeah…NO that was one convo that would NOT be happening. He’d stick to beer and lamb therapy. Qhuinn quietly slunk deeper into the seat as if coddling his hard on with a corona would help and just watched the God Damn movie.- 

BLAY: -Okay. Enough if the four wall pity party, he needed to do something else. What though he wasn’t sure. Idly he grabbed his iPhone from the bedside table, hit google and searched for the latest Xbox games.- Oh shit. -He all but lept off the bed when he remembered that somehow Vishous had gotten his gloved hand on the brand-fucking-new Xbox 720 that wasn’t even due out in stores until Christmas. Now his day had a plan. Loose black basketball shorts and a white wife beater would be his attire for the day, along with finger combed hair and bare feet. He didn’t care what he looked like. There was only one male he dressed to impress and he had moved out of the mansion weeks ago. Thank fuck that Fritz kept the theater room well stocked, because today was shaping up just right for a case of Corona and several bags of Doritos. There was a mild hum in the air as Blay made his way through the corridors of the mansion, but that was nothing unusual. With the cast of characters that resided here…one of which being that smart ass angel, Lass, nothing surprised him anymore. That moron could send an electrical jolt through just about anything, but having Tohr back was so..well usually worth dealing with the male. Blay just shook his head as he reached the entrance to the doggen’s quarters, which also happened to be the entrance to his final destination, and punched through. Before he was fully through the door Blay heard the sounds of revving motors and screeching tires.- Mother fucker. -he almost kicked the wall, someone had beat him to the projector. With a groan he reached down to adjust himself in his shorts. Jesus Christ..did he have a hard-on for a new gaming console? He must be losing his damn mind. Oh well. He had come this far, why not take in a movie and wait out who the hell ever dared be in his way, maybe intimidation would work. Blay laughed to himself even as he felt the familiar current of need snake it’s way through his blood stream, coiling at the base of his spine. What the hell, he wasn’t even thinking about sex and he was ready to come. Whatever. He didnt have time to think about that, the movie that was playing was one of his absolute favorites and he had already missed a good bit of the beginning. Bare feet silent on the plush carpet he loped back to the concession area and got busy building the ultimate movie watching/ Xbox playing snack tray. A bucket of iced down Coronas, a big bag of Doritos, two bags of M&M’s and some milk duds. Hell yes. On the way down the aisle, he balanced the heavily laden tray on one hand and used the other to accommodate his still growing cock in his shorts. He wasn’t until he stopped that he caught that scent…. gunpowder and orgasms.- fuck -he snarled looking down to see Qhuinn splayed out over one of the mattress-sized chairs.-

QHUINN-   -The full effect of what was going down was like a God damn two by four upside his head. Movie long forgotten his senses zeroed in on another part of the house. It didn’t completely register that he in fact wasn’t alone when Qhuinn exploded out of his seat.  Muscles long past rigid his spine felt like it was being turned inside out and taking his dick along for the thrill ride.- Sonofabitch  -The growl scraped down the walls. The half eaten sandwich and beer tumbled from his lap and hit  the floor.- Fuck the mess and Fuck this shit. And fuck the SUN… -it dawned on him it was probably daylight out and he was stuck.  There was a distinct thickness in the air around him that wasn’t female. It more than caught his attention, fangs dropped like an atom bomb low into his mouth, his blood surged through his cock and damn if that didnt ignite his temper.  He wheeled around and locked in on the red headed warrior. Those fierce blue eyes drew Qhuinn out into the main aisle but it wasn’t a friendly greeting that followed.-  Have you lost your mind? Get the fuck to steppin’, Blay… -Qhuinn’s lethal hardware on full show, cut into his lower  lip.- Take your cocksucking mate and move the fuck on. This room is occupied. -Christ he couldn’t handle all this shit right now.-  

BLAY: -Qhuinn’s reaction coupled with the fresh wave of heat that rolled through Blay’s body told him what was happening. A needing.. Fuck, but who? Not that that shit mattered right now. His cock was straining, barely contained by the waistband of his loosely tied shorts, and god..damnit the thing seemed to be reaching for Qhuinn. Fuck. No.- Yeah -he murmured turning back for the door before the rest of Qhuinn’s words filtered through his head. All at once his anger flared, just shot through the fucking roof- My mate? My God Damned mate? Your cousin is my lover, Qhuinn, not my mate. You need to stop assuming shit that isn’t, in fact true. -Well that wasn’t entirely true.. But no one was supposed to know, especially not the male before him now.- Having sex with someone more than once, in places other than public bathrooms, does not make them one’s mate…not that you would have a clue about that.

QHUINN:-  The fuck you say?  -Came out somewhere between a yell and roar, they vibration of his own voice tightened his balls….shit this was going south fast. He didn’t dare grab, push or anything else to his junk of steel, hell no. He knew it would be ON. Qhuinn bit down his fangs clipped his lip, with a  flick of his tongue the streak of blood on his lower lip was gone, he groaned there was no stopping  his eyes when they drifted closed. He wanted more of that wet warmth down his throat. Fangs exposed his tongue lazily sliced over the razor sharp tips. Another taste… wasn’t enough.   His lids flipped open and zeroed in on exactly what he wanted more of…Blay.  Shit too damn close Qhuinn sobered for only long enough to sneer.- Back the fuck up… - The primal, animalistic nature that lay just below the surface of every male in this house, was crawling through his veins. That warrior built massive form of his swayed…The surge of hormones through the house was growing stronger.-

BLAY:  -Fuck.. Those fangs all long and thick caught his eye. Double fuck. His hands tightened on the edges of the tray. He remembered the way that hardware felt in his throat. The erection in his shorts pushed harder in its bid for freedom against the nylon, definitely wanting to be inside the the pissed off male in front of him. Unconsciously Blay sat the tray to an unoccupied chair to his left and stepped closer to Qhuinn, fists tight balls at his sides, clenching in an effort not to reach for his friend. Again their eyes met, and beneath the mask of pissed off he thought he saw something, but before he could name the emotion it was gone. He sorted through his head for the words, but none wanted to come.- Saxton is not my mate..not yet.

QHUINN: -  -Heat infused his vocal cords, the burn in his throat triggered more temptation than he was about to be able to turn away. Then as if he’d summoned it… Saxton’s face..mother fucking cock sucker …forced it way front and center in his mind and Q found his voice real quick like - Don’t fuckin’ matter, Blay. Will be soon enough…  -On his clipped words the powerful muscles of his hips and back  coiled and were ready to mount. Shit he wanted to bust from his own skin as his body surged and demanded a hard fuck and violent release. Mismatched eyes dangerously dark measure up the full male that stood on edge in front of him. Lust, raw and needy nearly brought Qhuinn to his knees,  but he forced…and did mean forced himself to move to the exit.  Yeah now..he had to get the hell out of here and locked the fuck in his room with a bottle of tequila and his hand-.  

BLAY: Why the fuck did we have to do this tonight!?! -he cursed to the darkness. In the wake of Qhuinn’s departure Blay sank down until his ass hit the lighted edge of the step, long legs stretched out in front of him. If it weren’t for the fucking daylight trapping him in he would go straight to Saxton’s office, bend his lover over that big expensive mahogany desk and pound into the guy until neither of them could walk.- Shit -Blay hissed, leaning back onto his elbow then reaching for the pack of Dunhills in his pocket.- Oh yeah… -his hips undulated and he groaned low when his hand inadvertently brushed the side of his erection on the way in.- fuck yes -it felt so good he did it again as his hand retreated. His body went into auto pilot, flipping open the box and bringing the smoke to his parched lips, then striking the gold lighter with his thumb. From there it was all about the inhale..and the hand slicing the wife Beater up over the tight muscles of his stomach and off his head. Thing was tossed away to who the fuck knew where then he made quick work of his shorts, tucking the elastic waistband down underneath the heavy weight of his balls. The moment his wide palm slid over his weeping tip and closed around the velvet soft shaft he cursed- Fuck it all. #GONEin60Seconds 

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BEDreaming - Blaylock

BLAYLOCK: -Blay moved through the crowded ballroom, the ache in the center of his chest deepening each time he heard the words “to the mated.” Call him a chicken, fine, he was running..running from the phrase that had been chanted over and over. At last he melted into the shadows at the back of the room, Blay sank down into a chair against the wall, loosening his bow tie and the collar of his tuxcedo shirt.  In all honesty he wasn’t sure why he had come to the home of Lohstrong and his mate  tonight to celebrate the mating of their youngest son, Qhuinn. The actual ceremony had taken place a few weeks ago in private, and though as Qhuinn’s best friend Blay had been invited he hadn’t attended. His position in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s training program had kept him away,  giving Blay plenty of time to work up a boatload of what-ifs and I should haves.


Tonight he had been seated with Qhuinn’s family, closest to the happy couple and was supposed to give a speech in his best friends honor later in the party. God, his mind was a mess, he was happy for Qhuinn..really truly was, but the ache was more than he could take. Before their transitions things had been great, but after..yeah after not so much. When Qhuinns malformation had corrected itself his family had given him the one thing he had always wanted, they accepted him. Which meant that he no longer needed to hang with Blay and John, and that this sham of a mating had been arranged. But whatever, Qhuinn’s dark green eyes radiated with the happiness and love he now felt and fuck if that’s not what Blay wanted for the guy. He let out a ragged sigh and righted his tie before pushing from his chair, pain or not he had a job to do here tonight and he would do it, for Qhuinn. Liquid courage was what he needed right now, and the fully stocked bar was where he would find it, Blay laughed to himself as he strode back across the dance floor. He would try tonight the Herradura that he and Qhuinn had tried back before the training program, before their transitions, before the pain. God, that had only been a month ago. How the hell was that possible?


Too many changes. As he turned back towards the head table Blay caught sight of Qhuinn’s female, with her mass of ginger curls and smiling blue eyes. It was hard not to envision another redhead standing there, tucked into the side of the dark headed aristocratic male. Fuck, these thoughts weren’t anywhere near where his head needed to be right now. Throwing back the double shot he reveled in the burn as it made its way to his empty stomach. With a sharp nod Blay tipped the bartender a benji and walked off carrying the bottle and glass. Back towards the shadows, after all that’s where warriors belonged. They had been taught to remain unseen and do whatever needed to be done to protect the race, so that’s what he was doing tonight. Keeping his trap shut and wearing a happy-fucking-go-lucky mask as they welcomed a mated pair that would eventually procreate and increase their numbers. Blay settled into a chair where he believed he was hidden and poured himself another three fingers of tequila, the crystal glass just touching his lips when he heard a voice from the distant past. “My, my it has been a while,” the male laughed, “though tonight you look as if it has been hundreds of years longer than in truth it has. I am most pleased to see you here in support of Qhuinn’s mating.”  


The male was right he looked as bad as he felt, as he swallowed the liquor, Blays eyes drifted up from his feet he took in every inch of his beauty. He was six plus feet of lean muscle, light blonde hair and hypnotic pearl eyes all wrapped up in a Dolce & Gabbana velvet trimmed tuxcedo. Jesus, this was the male that Blay should have been attracted to, not Qhuinn.- Hey, Saxton, how have you been? -he didnt want to talk about the male who at this moment sat whispering something, no doubt scandalous, in the ear of his Shellan. Yup, there it was, the tell-tell blush on the female’s face. How bad was it that Blay wouldn’t use her name, neither in his mind nor aloud. The male, though uninvited, took a seat next to him, leaning in close form a deep inhale and whispered, “I’d have taken you for bonded given the way you look at him, and glare daggers at her.”- Thankfully, THAT hasn’t become an issue ..yet. - Blay’s brain screamed at him to shut the fuck up, but his heart poured the words from his chest.- But, goddammit, Saxton, I love him. I have always loved him. Ever since we were young riding bikes through the dark, our under-developed legs pumping hard. Since we shared a bed all the nights he would stay over, since we were like brothers. -Blay heard Saxton sigh, as if he wished he were standing in Qhuinn’s shoes, but chose to dismiss the sentiment as there was no spark of attraction on his part. “Truly, Blaylock, you deserve someone who will love you back.”- Yeah, Yeah, not a male..now a male of worth, who has committed himself to a female of worth. -Blay closed his eyes and swallowed another four fingers of tequila.- I can’t turn these feelings off. -he choked on the words as they continued to flow.- He is it for me, the only one I would ever take as a mate. -Open mouth, deposit more Herradura, shit he was going to need another bottle soon.- He was perfect to me before his transition, before I truly understood these feelings, and now.. Well besides the mated part he is even more perfect. I love Qhuinn with every fiber of my being, Sax. How will I ever get past this fucking pain in my chest. It feels like my heart is being ripped out over and over.


-When Blay opened his eyes again everything was blurry, but a couple of blinks washed the tears, he hadnt known he was crying. Holy shit. His head jerked back and forth, desperately looking for an escape route. Directly in front of him stood Qhuinn, his female wrapped around him like a stripper on a pole. Bile rose in Blay’s throat, god all the tequlia shots he’d downed were taking the express elevator back up..and all over Qhuinns shoes to boot.- how much of that did you hear? -the words came out a croak, but he couldn’t raise his head, couldn’t meet those eyes that were so familiar and yet so fucking foreign. He didn’t want his friends fucking pity, couldn’t handle that right now. “Blay, look at me,” Qhuinn demanded, his tone just as low as Blays has been, but Blay couldn’t force his eyes from the male’s shoes. Not gonna happen, he thought a heavy hand landed on his shoulder, followed by another. There was a mumur of words then the female’s black heels reluctantly turned away and disappeared from view. “Damnit Blay? Please.”


The anguish in Qhuinn’s voice came with a gently shake of Blay’s shoulders, but it wasnt that that finally brought focus upward. It was the stong unfamiliar scent, that only  intensified when their eyes finally met. It was masculine and intense mixed with everything that was Qhuinn. He pushed to his feet, long fingers wrapped around the back of his neck and he was tugged against that rock hard body. Fuuuuuuck, Qhuinn’s mouth was on his, hot and hungry and Blay answered each stroke and slide of tongue with one of his own until Q pulled back, leaning their foreheads together. “I heard enough,” he whispered, “Why the hell did didnt you tell me this months ago?” How could he answer that?- I couldn’t Qhuinn. You finally had what you had wanted. Your father recognized you as his son for the first time in your life, took an interest in your future. I couldn’t ruin that for you.


-Qhuinn shook his head. “You’re one hell of a male. So unselfish. To the point you stood by and watched me mate another….-Qhuinn slowly shook his head as drew in a lung filling breath, his bonding scent now surrounding them both, as Blay opened his heart, his joined the party. “Qhuinn?!? What the.. FATHER!!!!!” The shrill scream of Qhuinn’s mate echoed in his ears. Fuck if the entire ballroom didnt go silent as they’re mouths fused once more, pissed off foot steps sounded across the dance floor. “Stop,” Qhuinn all but growled against Blays lips before turning to the room full of spectators. Half the Glymera gentleman… half the undone male that Blay had fallen in love with. “this male…You all know him well, he is my bestfriend and my true mate,” he said to the female who was now sobbing in the arms of her parents, “I love you no more than you love me.  We mated for our families. I love Blay. Hell I always have.” Blay was baffled, standing and staring out at the faces before him. “You are no longer my heir Qhuinn. I disown you,” Lohstrong bellowed. “Qhuinn spoke with a calmness that hedged on frightening. “You disown me not because Blaylock son of Rocke is not a male of worth. We all know he is, Its because he does come with the packaging to produce a heir to carry on your legacy. Forget my happiness. We all know its about you.  I fully accept your decision father,” Qhuinn gave a curt nod.- Qhuinn, no. -Blay hissed as the Scribe Virgin appeared, floating just above the floor.


Both males dropped to their knees, bowing before the mother of the race. “Qhuinn, son of,” she looked to Lohstrong who shook his head a curt no, “no one. Take the name Warrior and take Blaylock, for this is a good mating.” The female and her family looked horrified, “I absolve the false mating and bid the young female free to find her true mate. Blaylock, Qhuinn, I will return to you tomorrow night and preside over your ceremony.”-

-Something stirred in the bed next to Blay, rousing him from his too-real dream. Shit it was Saxton, and they were in their room in the mansion. The dream was vivid in his mind as the shutters rose for the night. It seemed to me that it didn’t matter who he slept beside each day, his dreams would always take him to the place he belonged.- #BEDreaming

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Moving On

WRATH:  -With the night so young there was no telling where things were going to end up.  Usually it was a bad sign to have the Mansion so quiet at this time.  Scrubbing the stubble of my beard as I leaned back in my throne listening once again to Fritz shuffling through the scrolls, seems someone mixed up his order and he was working diligently to get everything back in its proper place.  My feet just landed on the desk in my relaxed state when there was a soft knock upon the door.  Inhaling deeply told me who stood there, troublemaker number 2 has finally wandered to my Study alone, this could only end badly.-  You know it’s open, Blaylock.

BLAY: -The date with Saxton had gone precisely as planned, only one obstacle still stood in Blays way…the talk with Wrath. So here he stood outside the king’s study, nervously looking up and down the hall for Tohrment. The deep rumbled voice that penetrated the closed door was his only indication that he had indeed  knocked on the door. Hand placed the knob he twisted and pushed his way inside, his keen deep blues surveying the scene for his back up…or what he hoped would be back up. When his gaze lit on the king, the still pissed off menace palpable in the air, he decided on formality to break the ice.- My Lord. -Blay bowed low and pressed his lips reverently to the black diamond that donned the huge finger, before their eyes met again.- I have some things that I need to discuss with you.

TOHR: *Cursing in the old language as I leave my office through the hidden door behind the filing cabinet, running up the tunnel for the Mansion of all the times to catch up on my sleep. Straightening my clothes while running a hand through my hair. Damn my hair needs to be cut, hell at this rate I will look like that damned angel! Pushing opened the door into the foyer of the Mansion* Damn… Damn…. *Cursing some more under my breath as I cross over the mosaic of the apple tree and hitting the stairs three at a time, hoping I’m not that late. I had told Blay I would be here for him, we just didn’t set a precise time. Well that is what I’m saying to myself. We only said after first meal, not what time after first meal. Listening to my stomach growl, now it wants to be feed…. But I had eaten food that was and Fritz had brought me my shakes throughout the day. Well till I fell asleep after my training session in the gym that is. An image of No’One standing in my office talking about feeding jumps into my mind. Grinding my teeth, so not going there NOW I need to be here for Blay, one of my son’s friends. Looking up as I knock on the door to Wrath’s study, ok so no shouting that has to be a good sign. Opening the door as I hear Wrath tell me to come in* My Lord, Blay. *Walking over to seat on the sofa along the side of the wall looking from Blay in front of Wrath’s desk to Wrath*

WRATH:  -With no surprise it seemed we were going to having a pow wow with my latest problem causer and the ever trying to help Tohrment-  I take it we are having a meeting?  Would have been kind of you both to let me know so Fritz could have the morning off.  -My sightless gaze sweeping towards Fritz.-  We’re good here, Fritz.  “Of Course, Sire.  I shall return in a few hours’ time.”  -Nodding to the Doggen before his retreat.  If only my warriors would be as obedient I wouldn’t have to ground them like young.  Blind gaze boring into Blays direction, he came here wanting to kiss my ass with his display and I wasn’t in the best of moods to just sit and wait all night to get down to business, that was never my style and today wouldn’t be the start.-  You’ve come here for something.  I’ve got shit to do, let’s not take all night, true?  

BLAY:  -Jesus H Christ, this is just what he needed, Wrath was already pissed and he hadn’t even mentioned moving out yet. Thank Fuck Tohr was here. If anyone understood matters of the heart it was that male. His had been ripped out of his chest and ground into the frozen sludge covered ground the night the Lessers had taken his mate and unborn young. Blay NEEDED this little meeting to go smoothly..needed out of this house that held too many memories and where too many chance happenings with Qhuinn were possible. He couldn’t believe it, but he was more nervous of Wrath forbidding his move than he was the night he had proposed, wasn’t that just the shit. Deep breath in and he spoke, stealing his voice.- Wrath, Look. I don’t want to waste your time any more than you want me to waste it, so… -Words didn’t want to come, because as much he wanted to be with Saxton at his place, this was his home.- Tohr is here to help me…

TOHRMENT: *Winching as Wrath sends Fritz off. Realizing that Blay needs my help more than I thought as he tries to tell Wrath what he wants. Yet not quite getting the words out. Leaning forward as I cough* My Lord, Blay would like to have the same considerations applied to him that was applied to myself and my shellan. *Looking down as I swallow and continue in as leveled a voice as I can manage, while images of Wellsie and our home flash before my mind* To that end he is requesting that you allow him to leave the Mansion and live with Saxton. *Whipping my head up as I feel a cold blast coming from Wrath* Now before you decide I have come up with a few conditions that I think will work for us all and if Blay fails to meet them he will happily agree to stay living here as will Saxton. *Turning to look at Blay and his open mouthed shocked face* Yes son you will agree to my terms or I will advise Wrath not to let you leave *Turning back to Wrath* So My lord would you like to hear the terms I think will make you happy?

WRATH: -The cold blast that was filling the room almost instantly could only hint at the fury that was boiling in my veins.  You had to be fucking kidding me.  My fists balled on top of my desk, anything to keep my temper under control would be good right now.  And feeling the pads of my fingers press dangerously deep into the base of my palms was the only thing from keeping me from throwing my desk at both of the assholes who decided today would be a good day to drop a “I want to move out” on me.  My blind gaze bore deeply into the one who was filling my study with the scent of fear.-  We moved here so the Brotherhood could stay together.  Strength in numbers, kid.  And you now believe to chase after where your dick leads you to make you happy?  -Knuckles pressed into the top of the desk as I stood, anything to keep me grounded.-  And you’ve BOTH come to me to ask to leave.  

BLAY: [FuckFuckFuck. This was not how he had pictured this little talk.] Wrath, listen. I know why we all live in one place, and believe me if it wasn’t the best option for me I wouldn’t have asked. [His Fucking cock was the last thing he had been thinking with when he had proposed to Saxton and decided to move out. After all that had happened as of late he needed away from Qhuinn.] Please hear Tohr out, and know that ill agree to anything.

TOHRMENT: *Shakes my head* Blay you better! *Looks at Wrath* This is my fault My Lord. I told Blay that I would come with him. But I should have given you a heads up. *Rubbing the back of my neck* I didn’t mean any disrespect. But you know me, I love the hard road. Ok the terms. First if our king agrees *Nods at Wrath* I want to up your training on top of your rotation. I need to be sure you are capable in all firearms as well as in hand to hand. To this end you will be tested on all and I will tell you now, you even fail one test this deal is off.  As for rotation I want to place you with Z and only Z for a while. *Sits back as I pinch my nose* Now to the hard part of the deal.  You are one of us and that brings with it consequences. You will need to agree to letting V overhaul where ever you and Saxton decide to live. And the final term. YOU will be at the end of your phone 24/7 one unanswered call and its back here to live. Forever. 

WRATH:  -Why I felt the urge to just sit back down and laugh was beyond me, there were more important matters at hand.  The kid in question was one half of the problem that exposed our race to the human population.  And now he wanted out from under the home he made with the brothers.  There was more to this than what met the eye.  Even as blind as I was I could see that.  Pinching the bridge of my nose as I sat in the back of my throne.  I could hear Beth now.  “You have to give him a chance, he has fallen in love and wants to live with the man of his dreams”  such a romantic my shellan was.  She would be more than pissed at me if I were to just sit back and give a full on no to Blaylock.  Releasing the tight hold I held on my nose before leaning forward, hands crossed on the top of my desk pointed directly at Blaylock.-  Once your grounding is over with you can move the fuck out.  

BLAY: -His mind roared with the injustice of what he was hearing, the shit that happened at Zero Sum wasn’t all his fault, but shit, at least he had his permission. With a deep breath he shoved down the arguments that sprang into his mind and nodded respectfully.- Thank you My Lord. -He then turned to the brother Tohrment,- and thank you as well. After the time of my grounding I will move in with Saxton. In the meantime I will get V on the security there. -one more thing he would ask.- do you mind if I use me next few nights off rotation to move the things that came from my parents’ home from the basement? I do not wish to be separated from them when I go to Saxton’s.

TOHRMENT: *Looking at Wrath as he gives Blay is permission to move out. Knowing how hard this is for him as King. He needs to let Blay live his life but as one of us, ok he wasn’t a Brother,  but not far off, it was better to have us all here under one roof. But then I remember Wellsie and our home and how happy we were till… Pinches my nose, so not going there, just can’t go there, not today, not now. Looking over at Blay as he asks about his personal belongings, standing up and rubbing the back of my neck as I look back to Wrath, I just need to get out, I need to still my thoughts of my home* My Lord if its ok with you I need to go and catch up with my Brothers on rotation.  I will also have words with Z as to the new rotation with young Blay. *Turning back to Blay as Wrath gives me the nod to leave* Blay just remember you also HAVE to pass all tests. *Walking out as I feel my heart hammer in my rib cage hoping I have helped and not signed Blay’s death warrant with the lessers. Opening the door and walking out as I try to stay calm barely closing the door behind me before my hands begin to shake, Damn this. What if I get another killed. What if Wellsie and myself should have lived here, would she still be alive. Dematerializing to the confines of my room my heart heavy*

WRATH: -It seemed emotions were coming from all different angles all at once it was difficult to pinpoint which was the most to worry about.  Blay was given his okay, though it was Tohr who made the “terms” of the agreement.  The young blood wanted his out with his, male.  I wouldn’t turn and call him his mate, not yet.  I still believed things would turn in the favor of the male who trouble seemed to follow.  Beth had said before that she knew they would end up as one.  And who was I to bet against that of My Queen, stupid I was not.  Fingertip drumming against the arm of my chair.  Blay was given the okay to leave but he sat, possibly staring me down but his emotions were not of hatred.-  Give it time, kid.  You may not be able to leave tomorrow.  Though if moving out is exactly what you want, it will come in due time.  We can’t allow one of our own to leave when he recently showed his true nature to the human race.  Of that I know you understand.  –Scratching my fingers through my beard.-  Or is there something more?

BLAY: - Something  more? There were so many things that he needed to get off his chest, but this small allowance would be enough for tonight. He would call Saxton and invite him back to the mansion to celebrate and start packing his things.- No, I believe that will be all, Wrath. Thank you for your time. -he stood and offered the king his hand shaking it before striding from the room. feeling sure that he would be moving out soon. #MovingOn 

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