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NoOne - [Pulling the bundle of towels from the dryer I set them on the nearby table and began to fold them. I couldn’t stop thinking of what had transpired in the theater with Tohrment. Of all the things I had imagined, that never would have been one of them. He loves me. And together we were going to find a way to make this work. Folding the last towel I placed them in my cart and headed down the long hallway to the pool. Pushing through the doors I heard the sounds of splashing water and slowed my walk, I didn’t want to accidentally walk in on anything private. But as I rounded the corner I heard a childs laughter before another loud splash. As the pool came into view I found the Warrior Rhage in the pool with Zahk. Smiling at the obvious bond that had grown between the male and the young he looked upon as his own flesh and blood, I walked towards the space used as a makeshift locker room that held changing rooms and where the towels were stored. Placing the clean towels on the shelf, I bent down to collect the ones that had been discarded in the hamper. Placing them in my now empty cart I headed back towards the door, hoping that my presence would go undetected. I was almost around the corner when I heard Zahk squeal my name. Turning with a smile I greeted the young] Hello, Zahk.

RHAGE:  [The splash sounded again as Zahk did another cannonball directly in front of NoOne, just before he did his “WATCH THIS” immediately I left the pool and snagged one of the towels we’d left for when we were done.]  Zahk, I told you not to do it when people were next to the pool.  [Shaking the towel down and wrapping it around NoOne and taking a seat next to her on the bench we’d walked to.]  Sorry.. He’s learning. [Flashing a grin with my shrug. Wet feet were slapping against the floor coming up close to us.]  “I’m sorry.  I just wanted you to see me jump!”  [Hands slipped through Zahk’s wet hair and giving it a shake.]  Go get back in the pool before all the water drips out of your trunks.  [His feet slapped against the floor before he sailed in the air his legs tucked back under him and he cannonballed again.  Leaning back on the bench, eyes dropping back to No’One.]  You good?

NO’ONE: [I turned in time to see the young jump in the pool and a small wave splashed out and onto me. Giving a startled laugh I offered a smile to the Warrior as he placed a towel around me and walked over to the bench to dry off a bit.] It is of no worry, tis just water. [Looking unto the small wet child as he stood in front of me I smiled down at him] Apology accepted, Zahk. [As the young once again returned to the water I thought of all the memories I had missed out on as Xhexania had grown. Did she enjoy the water as a child or had she preferred to remain indoors? making a note to find time to spend with her I turned my eyes back to the Warrior, a small smile upon my lips.] I am well, thank you. And you? How are you doing with all that has been happening among the Brotherhood. [Tohrment had briefly filled me in on what had happened to Bella’s brother. I felt for the female. How hard it must be to look upon a face you had known your entire life only to have them look upon you as a stranger. Even my estrangement from Xhexania could not compare to what she must be going through right now.]

RHAGE: [My grin was wide and full of fang before telling Zahk once again to not run around the pool.]  Everything’s good.  [Teal eyes watched Zahk toss toys into the pool then jump in after them. It’s not that I wanted to know the details of the needing, but I didn’t want to ask her either. I was just hoping maybe a kid would come of it for Tohr. The Brother needed something. If he wasn’t spending hours finding shit for us to do he was like a loose cannon ready to blow.] Things aren’t easy with what’s going on with Rehv, but there’s nothing we can do. Guess I could kick some sense into his ass, but then he’d go all fucking crazy ass on me when he was back to normal. [The Beast stirred against my back signaling I needed to do something or eat something to keep him sated.] I got some sandwiches and popsicles over here if you wanted to have some.  [Talk about awkward. I didn’t know what to say to the female, or how to for that matter.]  Zahk requested the popsicles, but I’m sure he’d share one with you.  

NO’ONE: [Nodding at your words, I kept my eyes on the young in the water.] So, no one is any closer to finding a way to return him to his former self? Tis a sad situation for all, his shellan, his sister, and most of all for him. I could never even imagine what it must be like to wake up among everyone herein and not remember a single face. [Furrowing my brow, I remember what it had been like when I had returned to this side. The only difference was, I remembered everything, it was the one’s here who had no idea who I was until I had revealed my secret. Luckily for me, everything seemed to be playing out well so far. I could only hope the same would be true for the Symphath and his family. Glancing over at you with a smile.] It would please me greatly to share in a sweet treat with your young.

RHAGE:  [Unloading the basket Fritz sent us off with, looking back to Zahk and motioning him to come over.]  Rehv will figure shit out.  [Giving a shrug that seemed to say it all and yet not enough.  All in all there was absolutely nothing we could do for the Symphath.]  If not then we’ll all just have to help the fuc….man out.  [Tossing a bag of chips to Zahk and ripping my own open and popping a few into my mouth.]  

NoOne: [Furrowing my brow I thought about the male Symphath and his family and what the impact would be if he never returned to the male we all had known. It was evident that he was still counted as a member of the family, now he was just someone new we’d all have to get acquainted with. Smiling at Zahk as he poured the few remaining chips into his mouth, I glanced at Rhage to see laughter and love shining in his eyes as he watched his young. That was what made this family such an amazing unit. While they had a core, the Warriors of the Brotherhood, they had also accepted and embraced so many others into the fold of their love. Misfits, Symphaths, fallen Chosen and even humans. It didn’t matter where the individual had previously been, only that they had needed a family and had proven their loyalty to this one and in return were given unending care and affection. My smile widened as I thought of the love blossoming between Tohrment and myself and I knew, deep down, that no matter what happened with Rehvenge, he would always be loved and accepted just as he was. Standing slowly, I brushed my fingers through Zahks hair.] It was very nice seeing you, Zahk. Maybe you and Nalla will come visit me soon for a playdate. [Smiling as the young began planning what he and Nalla could do I turned to Rhage, speaking softly] Anytime you and Mary need a break I can watch the young for you. [Making my way back to my cart, I turned and waved.] Enjoy the rest of your evening. [And with that I made my way back to the laundry room, hoping to finish early so I could seek out some private time with my male.] #Family

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RHAGE:  [Pulling my phone from my front pocket.  Pressing the power button bringing my iPhone to life, it was just just gone 3:30 am and just past Zahk’s bedtime.  Raking a hand over my face before dematerializing home.  Dinner, movies, and Shellan time, all in that order of course, sprinkled with a few snacks when I hungered for some.  Tugging my shirt by the back collar to fall on the floor at my feet as I kicked off my ShitKickers and leathers.  I hated for Mary to see any Lesser blood on any part of my body, seemed all The Brothers felt the same because they’d hit the showers in the training room before returning to their Shellans as well.  Willing the shower on before stepping inside the steam filled stall.  The Beast coiled on my back the second the hot spray cascaded over him.]

MARY: [Smoothing my hand over Zahk’s unruly blond locks one more time, the steady cadence of his breathing letting me know that sleep had finally overtook him. He was restless tonight, making bedtime a challenge. Three books and a lullaby later, sleep finally claimed him. Gently tugging his blankets up, I slipped out of his room and quietly shut the door. There were still several hours before I found my own bed, and I knew exactly how that time would be spent. Crossing the threshold to our room, silence and darkness were all that greeted me. Flipping on the light, I glanced down at my watch] Where, oh where are you, baby? [Quietly muttering to myself. I knew you would be home soon. Figuring there wasn’t any point in just standing here and staring at my watch, moving across the room to the walk in closet. I had a date to get ready for.]

RHAGE:  [Towel slung to the hamper as I pulled on one of the jogging pants left in the stockpile of clean clothes.  Grabbing my trench and phone before leaving the training rooms behind.  Tunnels were silent as usual as I made my way to the Mansion thinking of the different ways I could spend the rest of the evening… I had a few ideas in mind, and there would be no denying the need I had for my Shellan the entire week.  Safe Place stayed too busy for its own good thereby taking too much of my Shellan’s time from home.  Grinning from ear to ear as I pushed our door open, the soft glow coming from the walk-in closet was a dead ringer for where I would find you.]  Clothes Mary?  [The Beast purred at the sight of your bare back and favored slacks, my cock instantly hardened when your piercing grey eyes swung around to face me.]  There won’t be any need for clothes from here tonight, baby.  [Snagging one of my t’s from the stack right next to me, lifting it by the collar and walking the two steps it took to reach you, pulling the shirt slowly down your head, fingertips following along until I stopped at the waist of your slacks.  Cock rigid and pressed to your backside as I unfastened your slacks, letting them fall to the ground at your feet.]  This will be more than enough clothing for movie night, Mary.  [Kissing a gentle path to your slightly exposed shoulder to the back of your ear.]  More than enough.   

MARY:  [I couldn’t have stopped the soft groan from leaving my lips any more than I could’ve stopped my instinct to bare my neck to you. Dropping my head back against your chest] Anything you say, baby. [Reaching back to drag my fingers along the soft cotton fabric covering your thighs, shifting my hips teasingly against your tented sweats. I lost all sense of time and place the second your lips touched my skin. Turning my head towards you, brushing my lips against your temple] Does this movie night have a preview? [Clutching my fingers in your sweats, tugging you as close to me as possible] Cause we do have ALL night for movie night, Rhage. [My voice sounded husky to my own ears, but I would never hide my desire for you. I couldn’t. My whole body seemed to come alive the moment you walked into the room. I knew of the connections between Hellrens and their Shellans. The feeling only seemed to grow over time, and I prayed that it always stayed that way.]

RHAGE: [My laugh vibrating against the curve of your throat before tugging you back to our room behind me.]  There is always previews, baby.  [Grinning from ear to ear as I sink into the couch, pulling you close to my side, arm draped over your shoulders.]  Why would my sweet Mary be hoping for long previews tonight?  [Fingers pulling at the sleeve of your borrowed shirt caressing your soft skin.]  Whisper it to my ear, baby.  [Presses play on the dvd player tossing the remote on the floor at our feet next to my stock pile of snacks.]

MARY:  [Shifting in your embrace up to my knees, pressing the length of my body against your side. The heat from your skin seeping through the thin cotton of your shirt. I wanted to purr the moment your fingers glanced over my skin…and that was just my arm. My grin turning a bit wicked as I leaned closer, allowing my warm breath to wash over your skin] Your sweet Mary has missed you, baby….desperately. [Flicking the tip of my tongue out to tease the shell of your ear] Zahk’s asleep. You’re not on patrol. I’m not at work. We’re all alone…. [Letting my breathy words hang between us as the muted sounds of the movie fill the room.]

RHAGE:  [Ahh, my Shellan thought just like me.  Grinning from ear to ear as I slouched further into the couch, my feet kicking up to the round footstool.  My arm pulling you closer to me as my gaze flashed The Beast’s presence too.]  Then why are you sitting so far, baby?  [Tongue grazing your soft, supple lips begging for them to open and allow passage.  Movie all but forgotten as I turned, knees dug into the couch as I prowled between your thighs, sweatpants barely hanging onto my hips.]  This is much better [bonding scent coated the air around us reaching to cover you from head to toe] isn’t it?  [Lips pressed to yours parting them with my own tongue develing in the warm soft licks of your own.]

MARY: [A whimper was the only response I could manage, because there was no way in hell I was breaking this kiss. Slowly tangling my tongue with yours as my fingers trailed along your back, tracing every line and detail of your tattooed skin. My fingers ached to touch every inch of your skin, and I wasn’t about to deny myself. Following the lines of The Beast down to the small of your back before gripping your hips with my hands, pulling your body flush against mine. I wanted your weight on me as your spicy, heady bonding scent enveloped us. Pulling my lips from yours only long enough to breathe out your name] Rhage…baby…

RHAGE:  [Grinning against her lips as our tongues battled for dominance.  MINE!  The Beasts inner growl matched the claim my body was taking.  My lips pulled from your to follow the line of your jaw, fangs grazing against your collarbone and hands pushed your borrowed shirt up to your hips.  Your soft moans tingling my ears as my fingers caressed the soft skin of your hips.]  So much for movie night, baby.  [laughing against your throat, fangs throbbed to be embedded into your skin even if the substance wasn’t everything I would need I still wanted it.]  Will I find you ready for me, baby?  [Hips rolled into your parted thighs, a soft groan rumbling from my chest.]  Tell me, my sweet Mary, what will I discover.

MARY: [I felt your words against my skin more than heard them. Arching my upper body against your chest, tilting my head back to expose the expanse of my skin to you] Movie…what movie? [I could barely hear my words over my own heartbeat. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew you asked me something, but the only thing I could think of was closer. I needed you closer, and I needed your skin on mine. My fingertips dragging down your ribs till the bothersome barrier between us fell under my touch. I had a niggling feeling of being watched, but I knew that wasn’t possible. Digging my fingers into your hips to pull you closer, moaning softly] Rhage…. [The little sniffle sent my eyes flying open, shooting straight up off the back of the couch and directly into you. Your fangs nicking my neck] Baby, we’re not alone. [Whispering soft enough that I hope Zack didn’t hear]

RHAGE: [Throbbing need was an understatement as I watched your fingers slowly working my sweats downward.  Devious intent more than clear in your eyes as they dragged up the length of my torso, abs begging for the scratch of your nails.  The Beast flashed to the forefront when you jerked from my touch, white eyes searched for the one disrupting my evening until they fell on Zahk.  Tears collected in his tiny blue eyes on the verge of falling and his tiny chin quivered.  Doing my best to cover you with your borrowed shirt and righting my sweats before I walked the short distance to the opened door.]  What’s doing Zahk?  [crouching in front of him eye to eye, my heart sank in my chest as tiny tears streaked down his face, pulling him into my arms and carrying him to our couch.]  Zahk, tell us what’s wrong, son.

MARY:  [Tugging my shirt back down in a rapid fashion, moving from the couch to the door as quick as I could. Zahk’s face was enough to bring tears to my own eyes. He was clinging to you for dear life. Feathering my fingers through his sleep tousled locks] Zahk…honey. [My brow creasing in concern. Kneeling down beside you both, placing a soft kiss to the top of his head. His back shaking from his tears] Zahk, talk to us, Little Man. [I tried to soften my voice. I didn’t know what to do to make his tears stop. I hated feeling hopeless. My mind was racing with what could make Zahk react in such a way] Did something scare you? Did you have a bad dream, Little Man? [His little head barely nodding against your shoulder. Looking up at you, keeping my voice soft] Baby, want to take him over to the couch? Zahk, would you like something to drink? [Another small nod was all I got amongst the tears and the sniffles] You hang onto Rhage, Little Man. I’ll be right back. [Giving you a small smile, quickly getting to my feet and running down to the kitchen for some milk]

RHAGE:  [A nightmare?  Lifting Zahk into my arms, carrying him to our couch facing him towards me as he sat on my lap.]  Zahk, you have to tell us what’s wrong so we can fix it, true?  [Tiny fists lifted to his eyes swatting away the shed tears.] Dreams are just dreams, son, they can’t hurt you.  If they could do you think we would let you sleep alone?  [Grinning at his quick shake of his head.]  What was your dream about, Zahk?  [Giving you a quick glance as you return with his glass of milk.]  “The bald man said I never see you again”  [his tiny lips trembling as another burst of sniffles takes over.  Wrapping an arm around him pulling him to sit in front of us on the round footstool.]  Drink your milk, son.  Everything will be fine.  I do remember Uncle Z telling you to kick whoevers ass scares you, didn’t he?

MARY: [When I heard how small his voice sounded, my heart nearly broke. Handing him his favorite dinosaur cup, scooting forward on the edge of the couch. I couldn’t stop myself from brushing his hair away from his forehead] “He dids say that.” [His little hands curl around his cup, clutching it to his chest.] Take a deep breath, Zahk. It’ll be ok. [His chest puffed out in an overexaggerated breath, exhaling noisily. Grinning as I looked over at him] Now that was a big boy breath. Can you do it one more time for me? [Watching him as he did it again, his lips curling upwards with the beginnings of a smile. Leaning into your side, my eyes never leaving Zahk’s face.]

RHAGE: [Taking the now empty cup from his hands setting it next to my now forgotten popcorn for the movie.]  You good?  [His blond hair waving down to his eyes as he nods only once.]  Where do we go from here, son?  You want to bunk with us, or go back to your bed?  Read some stories or watch some toons, your call.  [His watery eyes turning to you determined he would get his way this night, and he would.  We would both do anything necessary to make him smile.]  “Can I watch tv?” [Now for me this was a yes, but it was your call.  Bedtime wasn’t my area of expertise, that was found when I gave him too much candy an hour before bed and let him watch Nightmare on Elm Street before bed.  Yeah, not a good call.]  You should give one of your smiles, you might when her over, son.

MARY: [I was surprised he didn’t take advantage and ask you for a tootsie pop too. I knew you wouldn’t deny him anything, and if it meant never hearing those heartbreaking sobs, I wouldn’t either.] I think we can do some tv. Do you want to go back to your bed and watch them? [Seeing the look that crossed his face at the thought of going back to his bed, I was waiting for more tears to fall.] “Can I…can I sleep with you?” Of course you can, Little Man. [Smiling softly as I held my arms open for Zahk, grunting when he launched himself from the footstool into my arms.] Let’s get you settled in, ok? [Pressing a kiss to his temple, glancing over to you and giving you an apologetic smile. The movie would wait till another night. One in the not so distant future, but for now getting Zahk settled and calm was our first priority. Carrying him to our bed, dropping him to the bed so he bounced. That never failed to get a laugh from him. He quickly scampered to his chosen spot in the middle of the bed. Climbing onto my side of the bed, settling back against the headboard. My arm wrapping around his small shoulders. Pulling the blankets over us.] What do you want to watch, baby? “Cartoons, please.” You heard him, baby. [Flashing you a big grin as you climb into bed.]

RHAGE: [Flipping the television to his favorite toon channel.]  You know, we could use some popcorn too, true?  [Scooping the pail of popcorn into my grasp and settling on my side of the bed.  Looks like Rhage and Mary time was off limits tonight, but I wouldn’t complain, even as The Beast grumbled his unease.]  We’re going to get some shut eye soon, son.  Don’t eat the whole bucket.  [Popping a few kernels into my mouth settling against the headboard, holding the bucket between Zahk and I.]  “I like dis popcorn.”  Yeah?  [Grinning wide]  Me too. [Maybe an hour had passed, bugs bunny and daffy were still trying to determine which hunting season it was and Zahks eyes were showing exactly how tired he was.]  “I’m tired”  [His back turning to me as he snuggled closer to you.]  “Goodnight, Mahmen.  Goodnight Daddy.”  [Eyes widened to the size of saucers staring straight to you.]

MARY:  [I was sure in that moment that my expression mirrored yours. I curled my arms around Zahk’s small frame, cuddling him close to me.] Goodnight, baby. We love you. [Whispering softly, pressing a kiss to the top of his head. I could feel my eyes well up as I met your gaze again. My heart was near bursting from those simple words. Our family. Zahk’s steady breathing was the only sound between us. Leaning as close to you as I could without disturbing him, my voice barely a whisper] Thank you, baby…for this, for him, for us. I love you so much, Rhage. [Slipping one arm out from around Zahk, hooking it around the nape of your neck. Lowering your lips to mine in a chaste kiss.]  #Family

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Brothers Eternal Christmas

Ehlena: [the weeks since my “Symphath training sessions” had been some of the best of my life. New shields in place I had truly been able to enjoy my son and his Papa for the first times in his tiny little life. Things had settled in nicely in our home in the Adirondacks, Rehvenge had been able to spend more time with us and we were finally becoming the family I had always envisioned. We had taken to celebrating the human holidays as well as the traditional ones of our race. Halloween had been great fun, little Nehm had loved the pumpkins and looked adorable in his little Austin Powers costume. I giggled to myself as I remembered the three of us during our appearance at the ZeroSum Halloween party, our little prince stole the show. The family affair at the mansion had been a blast. Per usual I had felt blessed to be surrounded by the warriors and their shellans. Nehmesis, Zahk and Nalla had played and babbled the night away…cousins who were becoming fast friends. Christmas was now upon us, and though he had originally balked at the idea, I had convinced Rehv to dress up as Santa and come to the Mansion to surprise the youngish Christmas Eve.] Nallum, if you don’t hurry up we will be late! [hands smoothed down the fitted red dress I wore and I checked the bag of gifts one last time before handing it over to the doggen to load into Santa’s Bentley sleigh. Nehm was strapped into his carrier by the door, sleeping away in his little elf suit.] Rehvenge! We need to go! Like now!

Rehv: The shit I do for my shellan [I grumbled out loud to myself stood in front of the full mirror, purple peepers eyeballing myself like I’d gone in-fucking-sane. I refused to wear the loose red pants. Nu huh. Wasn’t happening, not even for Ehlena’s sexy little pout she used against me for her own evil gain. I signed, and cursed some more and jammed the red and white hat into the pocket of the equally red and white fur jacket. With a scrub over my mohawk, I latched a hand around my cane and dematerialized in front of Ehlena] Virgin Scribe, female, what’s the rush? they’re still going to be waiting if we’re ten minutes late [I kissed you fast and grabbed up the little man, before you could reply, and had him strapped into the back of the Bentley. My female wanted to partake in every damn holiday known to human and vampire, The persuasive sex and her purred pleas always had my ‘NO’s’ turning into ‘whatever you want, Ehlena’ fucking sap, I was. I grinned, full of fang watching long bare legs climb into the car, I scanned down the red dress, and back up again slow and lazy, voice a dark husky rumble] sure you don’t want to stay home and play with my…. [I let my tongue snake out around a fang, drinking in the soft cinnamon scent, I worked up a good salacious smirk and winked.. ] candy cane, shellan mine?

Ehlena: [How could it be that after all our time together my body reacted to the low timbre of your voice and the teasing glint in your eye with a heat of my cheeks, and a rush of wetness between my thighs] why hellren, are you suggesting that we skip the festivities so that I can have my treat early? [i leaned across the interior of the car, trailing my nails along the inseam of your black Gucci pants and over the erection that the Santa coat barely hid.] we couldn’t let Nalla and Zahk miss Santa, could we? [the Bentley hugged the road as You drove all the way with me teasing that ‘candy cane’ you carried in your pants. The trip wasn’t long, thankfully, and before i knew it we were pulling through the final gate, Nehm must have woken in the backseat because as the tall grey walls of the mansion came into view he let out an ear splitting squeal.] Are you excited for your first Christmas Little Man? Mahmen is. [i giggled to myself before accepting the hand of the doggen who had opened my door, slid in to free our son from his seat and started towards the doors, halfway there I tossed over my shoulder.] Nallum, don’t forget to put on the hat and bring your bag. [with a wink I followed the doggen Into the vestibule and onto the mosaic floor beyond, where I met our family and waited for your arrival.]

Bella: [There was some sights Bella would forever hold dear to her heart. Watching her daughter’s exuberant joy at having all the family together for the festive night brought a huge smile to her face. Nalla, in her red and white puffy lace dress, ran from one person to the next collecting hugs and kisses like she was in a competition and determined to win. Her little angel really was big on affection from anyone she could pin down for more than a minute. The noise in the foyer tapered out as everyone made way to different rooms, to relax or grab food and drink. They would all gather together soon to hand out gifts. Until then, Bella leaned into Z’s side, excited for him to see what she’d gotten him this year, that would come much later though when it was just the two of them. Long after bath and storytime. Snuggled with her male, Bella watched her daughter cram two butter cookies into her mouth…manners just like her uncle Qhuinn.. and chatted with those in the room too, soft Christmas songs played in the background, sure it would be grating on the brothers nerves. She grinned, sipping the eggnog she was fast becoming addicted to… her thoughts drifted away,  a slight smile, the plotting kind her male would recognize she was up to no good…to maybe next christmas she’d be well on the way to cooking young number two…or at least have Z on board with the idea…yes, that would be a very Happy Christmas indeed] - 

Rehv: [My female was going to pay later tonight. Big payment, I decided as I crammed the damn festive hat on my head, cane in one hand and the million and four bags of gifts Ehlena had hoarded the last couple of weeks, in the other hand. I dropped the packages and the scowl on my puss the moment I saw Nalla… right before she barreled into my legs] Hey Peanut, Merry Christmas [I lifted her up, and listened for a minute to her intently, all the while catching the shit-eating mocking grins of the brotherhood from the corner of my eye. Pft.. they only wished they looked this good in a fucking Santa hat. I spoke low in the Old Language to Nalla, knowing one day she’d speak our native tongue too, I gave her a blessing fit only for the Princess she was. With her tiny feet placed back on the floor, I pulled a green ELF hat from inside one of the bags, smirked with dark glee across at Z, and pointed Nalla towards him] Go give this to your papa, baby [Misery always loved company, and I was about to be joined by the moody fucker brother in law. An arm slung around Bella’s shoulder, I drew her in close to me, brushed a kiss to her forehead] Happy Holidays, lady Belle… I hope there’s scotch around here, to endure this.. [I half grinned..and caught the smile on my shellan’s face, she was radiant with happiness, shit, to see that look on her face, I’d endure most anything..] 

Vishous: -Vishous rose slowly from the billiards table with a smug grin on his mug, a Goose Eggnog stash still on his upper lip.  Nodding to the others, he took up his half empty glass and raised it.-  See..even shitfaced I’m better than you schmucks, true? -While he chugged what was left of the thick milky spirits, the opening of the front door caught his attention and he moved to lean his head out. The sight of Pimp in the Santa hat made him laugh out loud and he, not for the first time, was glad that SOMEONE had forgotten about Santa Vishous.  Leaning against the door jam of the billiards room, he crossed his arms over his chest, the empty glass dangling from it’s handle on a leather clad finger. It warmed his grinch heart to see Nalla so excited, and Zahk and Nehm.  Wow..so many young.  It was definitely a step back moment for him.  Glancing across the room to his sister and the healer he wondered how long it would be before there were more little feet running around this place.  Dammit…all things he really didn’t want to think about. Nodding to Fritz to refill his glass, he caught Rehv’s eye and raised his glass in a Solstice salute before vanishing back into the room and the game in progress.- 

Layla: -Walking down the back stairs Layla couldn’t stop running her hands along the sleeves of the velvet-soft red sweater she was wearing. All of her new clothes were such a colorful feast for her eyes, with such rich textures; she just couldn’t keep her hands off them and ‘twas not minding in the least having to give up some of the ease of movement her chosen robes provided. As she headed to join the others for the evenings get-together; the delectable aromas filling the air distracted her. Closing her eyes she inhaled deeply and hurried to the kitchen entrance. Layla looked on wistfully at the busy activity within. Doggen moved about perfectly, like a beautifully choreographed dance. Every available open surface was covered with incredible looking deserts, decorative bowls of fruit, platters of meats and cheeses. She had tried earlier to offer her assistance with these preparations, but Fritz ‘twould not waver in his decision to ban her from the kitchen until the holidays were past. All because of one or two minor missteps… who knew there ‘twas such a big difference between baking powder and flour… they were both white! And truth be told, her second attempt at creating an anniversary cake for the King and Queen had turned out much better than the first. No flames were even seen from the oven that time at all! Turning reluctantly Layla continued on her way. The echoing sounds of laughter and excited children helping to speed her step. Slipping into the great room she went mostly unnoticed, caught only by Vishous’s diamond stare. She bobbed in a slight bow of respect and moved along the outside of the room to where the young were playing together. Sitting down cross-legged onto the floor Layla picked up one of the small metal vehicles that Zahk had been pushing around. It looked just like the GTO she’d seen in the mansion’s cavernous garage. Layla ran the sports car over her knee and down her leg as if she were the road it suddenly found its self on. Her playful movements and puttering car sounds earning her a gleeful giggle from both young. Giggling herself, she moved a bit closer to Nalla in order to run the small car over in her direction. Nalla squealed and pushed her toy closer to ensure Layla would run over it as well. Being able to spend time with these precious young made her feel light at heart. Their world had been without the laughter and energy of these special little ones for far too long. King Wrath had given all of them a new vision, as well as a Primale to help lead the way forward. Layla watched Ehlena cuddling her new little boy with a pang of longing and wondered if mayhap someday she too might have a beautiful young to cradle within her arms. It was humbling to think she might someday serve to usher in a new generation. Smiling to herself, she looked around and felt more than blessed just to be allowed within the presence of such a loving Family

Murhder: -Despite begrudgingly appearing per the Queens most gracious request, he was surprised to find that he actually was  enjoying the company of his former brothers and their Shellans this night.  The mood was light, food and drink were abundant and the lights strung around the place seemed to calm him, memorize him.  Leaning back on his elbows, his feet stretched out along the marble, he lounged on the grand stairs almost lazily. Watching the pattern of the lights on the Gigantic tree, he thought about last years tree and that little adventure he and Butch had taken with the Queen.  That thought put a small crooked grin on his face as he watched Zsadist’s and Rhage’s young run by, both making a game of jumping over his extra large shit kickers.  All of their attentions were diverted however when the double doors opened for the SinEater and his family.  It took only an instant for his gaze to lock with the youngest Symphath’s and he got to his feet to cross the foyer wordlessly.   A genuine smile spread across his lips when Nehmesis reached out for the outcast warrior and he wasted no time in relieving the doggen of the child.  With baby in his arms, he crossed the foyer to the big ass tree and mentally enjoyed it with the little Prince-

Marissa: [Walking hand in hand through the tunnels with Butch I was more than excited to be celebrating at the manse with the Brotherhood. I smiled and turned my head as Butch stopped and slung the bag of gifts over his other shoulder and asked me, “Seriously baby, do you think you got enough presents?” I feigned a pout and stepped onto my toes to kiss his lips before nuzzling his neck with a smile. “Well, you said you didn’t have time to help me, so I took it upon myself to make sure everyone was covered. Come on, I want to help with putting the food out” Reaching the door I opened it and held it for him following on his heels into the main foyer where everyone had gathered. Forgetting Butch altogether I rushed into the kitchen, my green chiffon dress billowing behind me to see if I could help with anything, but was promptly met with several female doggen that all but ushered me back into the foyer. Laughing at their insistence of me leaving I turned around and gathered the bag of gifts from Butch to put beneath the tree. As I knelt down before the tall tree I took a moment to let my eyes dance around the room. So much in my life…our life had changed. My heart  swelled with love as I looked on at all the brothers and their shellans and the young that had blessed our race. Rising to full height I swerved my head around at the high pitched squeal and pitter patter of tiny feet across the mosaic floor. Nalla was running full speed across the floor when Ehlena and little Nehm came through the vestibule and directly behind them was her Uncle Rehvenge. Smiling at the joy of the young, I walked over and joined Butch rubbing my hand up and down his back hoping that some day we too could have our own young running around here.]

Qhuinn: -Qhuinn stood leaned to the wall beside the bright as hell decorated tree that made Wrath look like a midget. It looked like Santa Rehv was a hit and gave literal meaning to  ’Nightmare before Christmas’ Sineater meet Santa Claus. Qhuinn cracked a grin at the thought. The young were eating him and this whole Christmas night up. Speaking of eating he shoved a heaping fork full of Red Velvet cake in his mouth that he’d lifted from a smiling Fritz. The doggen were enjoy all this as much as anyone… they got to show off in the kitchen and from the taste of the cake they all may laid up in food coma for a few days. He wasn’t complaining though. In the floor beside the tree sat his little chosen elf who now looked like one of the females in the house. She was full on embracing all of this because the other side sure as fuck didn’t have lights like these. Layla glanced up at him briefly, a soft smile and blush to her cheeks.- Looks like you made a friend. -he mouthed as Nalla ran a car up her arm and shoulder. Against his will  his eyes closed and in the darkness behind his eye lids and a little blonde girl with mismatched eyes lingered and then was gone. Qhuinn’s eyes flew open looked up just in time to see Saxton and Blay walk in the room. He shook away whatever the fuck just happened or as least he tried when he was met with his cousins pearl colored eyes and a nod. Blay though looked everywhere but at him. That shit stung but it was deserved. He’d get out….thoughts scattered by a tug on his leg, Qhuinn grinned and crouched down to a whispering wide eyed Zhak. “Qdip gimme cake pluese …gotta be shhhhh cause Rhage say no.” Qhuinn laughed and forked up a small bite offering it up as he met Marys smiling eyes across the room- It’ll be our secret little man.

No One: [Standing at the side of the bed, my eyes flicked between the two very different outfits laid out for the nights festivities. One was my ever faithful robe and the other was a flowing skirt matched with a cable knit sweater lent to me by Bella. She continued to tell me that none would be bother if I stopped wearing my robes, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to give them up just yet. But, changes needed to be made and it looked like I would have to be the first to make them. Squaring my shoulders I picked up my robe and hung it up in the closet before returning to put on the skirt and sweater. Plaiting my hair I pinned it into a bun, slipped my feet into a pair of shoes, also borrowed from Bella, I grabbed a few last minute gifts I had made for the young and slowly made my way down to the main floor where everyone was gathering. After setting my gifts under the tree I easily blended into the background, able to watch all those who were mingling without bringing any attention to myself. Smiling softly as I watched the males play with they happy young. My eyes briefly caught a pair of dark navy blue ones, nodding slightly I kept the smile on my face before he turned away to say something to John Matthew. Keeping my head held high I set out to find Payne and her mate to see how they were faring this evening]

Payne: [Paynes long lean form was curled up in the lap of her male, snug and comfortable she combed fingers through his hair smiling shyly. Those full lips whispered against her ear naughty things that completely corrupted Christmas goodies.] Sweet destiny, Manuel you want chocolate…where? [She gasped and blushed like a school girl which set him to loud, rambunctious laughter. Indeed she loved this male and she thoroughly believed the brothers ways were rubbing off on Manuel. This she did not mind especially when his perfect set of white teeth dragged across her jaw and gave her a scotch flavor kiss. She was breathless by the time he gave her up. Paynes diamond eyes wide and bright as the white christmas lights, looked up and  motioned towards the room full of warriors and their shellans, not to mention the young playing around the Christmas tree. Manny reluctantly held up his hands in a ‘you win’ action, but promised they would continue but for now  he was going to be on his best behavior, crossing his heart and all before he popped a kiss to her lips and made his way to the bar for a refill.  Payne had laughed, her diamond eyes catching all the hues of the lights strung about as she watched him walk through the crowd of family assembled for the Christmas holiday. Her family. The warrior female smiled to herself, for she loved them fiercely. Although this was her second Winter Solstice spent in the mansion, she marveled at the magic the celebration brought in its wake and how it touched all. From the amethyst-eyed ‘Santa Symphath’ to the wide-eyed Chosen who were currently uh’ing and aw’ing over the young opening their gifts. Crystalline orbs scanned the room just in time to catch mirror-like eyes staring back and she nodded in greeting towards her twin who seemed to be doing his best to be social before disappearing to the billiards room. She would remedy that soon enough and verily drag his derriere out here to join everyone else, she thought grinning. Catching sight of a familiar form doing her best to blend into the background, Payne sat up briefly surprised at the sight of No’One without her usual robing. A tremendous joy filled her suddenly for if anyone deserved to be happy it was that female and what better way than to spend it with family and friends on such a joyous occasion? Quickly standing to her full height, Payne smoothed out her cream colored, curve-hugging sweater dress and zig-zagged her way through the crowd to reach her old friend.]

Manny: -From the bar, he watched his Bambina.  Her cheeks were rosy with the excitement of being around the family.  It was rare that the occupants of the Mansion were able to spend time together..just as it was rare that he and Payne were ever in the same place as of late.  When they were though, he took full advantage of what he could and he found he had a hard time keeping his hands..and lips..off of her.   Taking the lag from Butch, he nodded to his brother and downed the three fingers quickly.  He needed the liquor to help keep his thought away from what he had planned after the holidays.  Perhaps this time next year, he himself would be among the vampire persuasion.  Raising the fresh glass to Butch, he made a silent toast and clinked it to the cops.- Merry Christmas Brother…and here’s to one hell of a new year.  -He downed the burn again and left the glass as he headed off to get fresh with his woman once more.- 

Blay: -The text had come through from Ehlena the night before that “The Reverend Santa” would be at the mansion tonight and there was no fuckin way that he was gonna miss that shit. Life had been nothing but a downer the last several months, the only bright spots being Saxton and our relationship that continued to blossom. He was Blay’s sanity, his calming center after the explosion at ZS. But tonight was about the young. He couldn’t help but laugh when Rehv passed the elf hat to Z- Awe look! Santa’s little helper!! -shit the brothers were still all over his ass, but tonight it felt good to laugh with them. Though traditionally their race didnt celebrate the human holiday it had become a yearly festivity at the mansion after Nalla’s birth. One he was sure he and Saxton would continue to celebrate long after they moved on. He smiled, the thought of a future with the male was the best gift he could have been given. Soon..real soon that would become a reality. Little Zahk ran full tilt towards Blay, his hands cradling the small package from Ehlena and Rehvenge.- Thank you Little One -Blay ruffled the young’s hair as he ran off for another gift to deliver. Carefully he slipped a finger beneath the edge of paper, unwrapping it with care, to reveal the watch box beneath. His eyes widened in surprise, he truly couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t wanted one, but was too frugal to purchase one for himself.- Ehlena?! -feet carried him across the mosaic floor to her to wrap her in a hug- I can’t believe the memory on you, female. I mentioned this what once all the way back when.. Damn in the clinic, after my coma. Wow. Thank you so very much! -he left the female with a kiss to her cheek and tossed a nod at Rehv, whose glower told Blay that he was firmly entrenched in THAT Santa’s naughty list, but deep.- umm yeah Thanks Rehv. -no way in hell he was getting close enough to the male to even shake his hand. Laughter was one thing..bodily harm another.- Merry Christmas, family mine. The Virgin Scribe has truly blessed me with each and every one of you. 

Zsadist: “Papa, Papa, Papa, Papapapapapa!” Nalla wove her way through the legs of the adults in the room. A wad of green and red bounced in her small hand. It jingled a cheery little Christmas tune when she slammed it into Zsadist’s thigh. “Up, Papa.” Unable to deny his girl anything, Z stooped over and plucked Nalla up. The fifty-friggen-layers of her gown made it extremely difficult to hold the squirming young. She turned in his grip and plopped the wad of green felt on his head. Her tiny hands jerked it down, nearly covering his eyes. “‘lf, Papa.” Giving her a playful scowl, Z pulled the hat off. The scowl dropped into a real one. Zsadist didn’t even need to ask her where she got the hat from. He looked across the room at the vampire slash jolly fat human in a red suit and flipped Rehvenge the bird. “You’ll pay for this.” Reluctantly, Z one-handed the damn hat back on his head. Nalla giggled and wiggled her way to the floor, announcing to everyone, their mahmen, and the Scribe Virgin herself that her father was an elf. May the virgin help him if Bella decided to take pictures. He’d never live it down, then.

Rhage:  [Who would have thought the big bad purple people eater would be making his merry way through our mansion dressed as Old Saint Nick.  Me, hell no.  Zahk chasing Rehv on his heels definitely couldn’t care less, all he knew was presents would be handed out and he would be able to be full force destruction mode.  Grinning as I pulled Mary closer against my side watching Rehv sit his happy ass in the appointed chair for Santa to sit his happy rear.]  Suits you, SinMan.  [My laughter filling the room when I quickly received what I knew was the stare of death.  Not today man, not in front of The Queen who was all for Santa.]  You know, it was a bad idea to teach him the proper way to open presents.  He’s going to destroy everything, baby.  

Mary: [Settling back against Rhage’s side, my lips had been set into a constant grin for days. Zahk’s excitement was infectious. Everyday he wanted to know when Santa was coming. His high pitched squeal of delight when he spotted Rehvenge couldn’t be missed either] Only the paper, baby. Nothing we got Zahk is breakable, thank God. [an easy laugh leaving my lips, turning in your embrace to snake my hand around the nape of your neck. My free hand stealthily moving to my back pocket to grab the santa hat, quickly fitting it on your head] Now it’s beginning to look more like Christmas! [Placing a chaste kiss to your lips, releasing my hold before taking my place back against your side. My eyes roamed the room, taking in every face….our family.]  

Xhex: Human traditions held absolutely no interest for Xhex. More so since she had no one to spend the season with. Not that she needed anyone. She’d been by herself for her entire life more or less. Another December alone wouldn’t kill her. But it sure as shit hurt like hell. Still, she decided to reach out to the handful of people who hadn’t completely abandoned her. Xhex peeled the paper off the sticky back of an elaborate bow and pressed it onto a long box. She’d bought a handful of Winter and Spring outfits for No’One, with the help of one of the doggen living in the mansion.  She added the box to the pile in the passenger seat of the rental she’d picked up—snow wasn’t ideal on a bike. There were toys for Nehm, a pair of earrings for Ehlena, and a king-sized fur blanket for Rehvenge. Hidden at the bottom of the stack was a thin box with a tag reading, “To: John From: ” She’d left it blank. It was bad enough she was too afraid to face him and give him the hand-forged Damascus blade. He’d figure out who it came from. Probably.  Xhex looked up at the front of the mansion. It was decked out for the holidays. A doggen stepped out—the same female who’d helped her determine what sizes to buy for her Mahmen. Xhex loaded the doggen’s arms with the gifts and climbed back in her car. She flipped around the fountain in front of the mansion and took off down the drive. A nice, long drive would keep her mind busy before she had to report to work in the morning.

Admin: [Feeling only slightly toasted with the drinks the warriors had handed me one after the other, they could be pleasant boys… sometimes, I decided with a grin and I leaned against the arm of the couch in the main living room and did what I did best. I watched this family with a smile seeing them all kick back relaxed for once. There was conversations, and laughter and banter, and the sound of excited children as presents were torn open and the doggen, so damn happy to be serving practically hovered between everyone carrying trays ladened with goodies. Some -cough the royals cough- were snuggled up on one of the couches quietly…talking. Yeah, they were talking, definitely not making out like horny teenagers… Others.. the huge brothers… were laid out on the floor setting up the racing track Santa had brought Zahk.., I watched and held in a giggle seeing how diligently they worked on fixing it together, arguing over THEIR way being the best… I figured Zahk would finally have a turn at his toy some time around New Year.. With a fresh eggnog pushed into my hand, I sipped and turned my glance towards those who were reading about us…. 

—- We here at the Brothers Eternal Brotherhood Mansion want to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy festive season surrounded by those you love. [I toasted our amazing readers with my glass… grinned and got back to the party…. before a brand new year brought lots more adventures for the family…. ] 

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Exposed - Part Two

Beth: -Beth yawned big, and stretched arms over her head until she felt the delicious crack of her spine.  She tossed the remote aside and stood, tired, yawning again. Watching a marathon of Spartacus could take it out of a girl. She grinned to herself and headed down the corridor away from the living room and to Wrath’s study… she could hear his raised voice coming from inside and mentally grimaced with a roll of her blue eyes. What was it now, Rhage littering his tootsie papers all over the study? Lassiter preaching his Oprah gospel? With the boys, anything was possible. She pushed at the large door, Boo darting out in a hurry, to either avoid the growl coming from Wrath or answering to his hungry belly. Probably the latter, she decided. Her brows furrowed seeing the look on Wrath’s face, she had thought she’d see his study occupied with more than just him and the telephone glued to his ear, his giant fist holding it so tight she heard the distinct crack of the plastic.. the very air around her male crackled with tense fury.. oh shit… Beth, progressed further into the room- Wrath… what’s going on? -Something told her, a shellan’s insight into her man’s moods, that she wasn’t going to like whatever it was.. –

Wrath:  -The pen in my hand cracked into a million pieces, I knew the ink splattered the scrolls along with my hand, but that was the least of my concern right now.  I felt her enter The Study and I heard her question, I’d get to her question soon enough.  Pinching the bridge of my nose as the tension boiled behind my forehead.  Those two fucking kids were going to put us all in early graves, the direction they were heading, and if it wasn’t for Beth standing just out of reach I may have dematerialized immediately to them and kicked their asses myself.  My voice clipped and full of all kinds of pissed the fuck off.-  Get them under your hands, I’ll break them myself. –Snapping my phone closed with enough force another plastic crack filled the room.-  I need to call Vishous, as in ten minutes ago.  –Standing quickly, striding within an arm’s reach of my female, anything that could calm my pissed off would be a good idea or I’d kill my own warriors instantly.  Instructing my phone to call Vishous.-  Clean up now, the two dipshits exposed themselves at ZeroSum, Rehv says the shit is on the internet, find it, kill it.  –Logically I should have already been in ZeroSum putting Qhuinn and Blay in their places, but my mood wouldn’t allow that, not now.  Commanding my phone to alert all Brothers.-  Study, right fucking now.   –My blind gaze swiped to where she stood frozen at the door.-  Leelan, they will run you over if you stay in the door way.

Vishous: -He didn’t have to stop and think just which two dipshits the King was talking about.  Qhuinn had done nothing but gloat about going to the club, and fuck if he hadn’t almost blew off patrol and tagged along. Looks like that would have been the correct choice tonight.  Cursing with the handrolled between his teeth, he threw his still leather clad ass into his chair and hurriedly moved long fingers over the keys.  Yep..holy fuck. Sure as shit there they were in all their vampire glory..fangs, dematerialzing, fighting like two cats in heat.  He didn’t envy the kids on this one.  Wrath was right in blowing a nut over what was in front of him.  It didn’t take much to snag the feed and move on to the next grainy but incriminating YouTube vid until he was certain he had purged the internet of the evidence.  He couldn’t do shit for those who had seen it though. And wouldn’t that come back to bite them in the ass.-

Rhage: [Damn, if I was a single man the legs in front of me would have been tempting, but, that wasn’t me anymore.  The Beast agreed fully, he was all about some Mary, and I couldn’t lie, I was too.  Grinning wide as hell until my phone played Wrath’s ringtone. Holy shit!  “Study, right fucking now!” blasted over my screen when I flipped it open.  Shoving my phone inside the pocket of my trench before dematerializing home.  Whatever the hell was going down could not be good, or The King had a serious case of blue balls from his always busy shellan and we were about to feel his temper..]

Zsadist: *The phone in his pocket buzzed. Zsadist didn’t budge from his perch against a wall near the skate park and fished the damned thing out of his pocket. A pair of lessers stood thirty feet away, unaware of how close they were to biting the big O’s dick permanently. He’d been waiting none-to-fucking-patiently for them to sell up the last of the little baggies in their dirty jeans and mosey on somewhere secluded where he could do his fucking job for the first time in a week. The new batch of lessers were wily, street-wise, and fucking stupid. It made for boring kills, but he slept better knowing one less Omega-carrying cocksucker was off the planet. His phone buzzed again.* Shut the fuck up, already. *Zsadist hit the display button and froze, seeing the text on the screen. Wrath never texted them. V or Torh usually had that honor. He glanced back at the lessers. They’d be back another night, whatever this was couldn’t wait. Zsadist dematerialized and soared over the landscape until he hit the front steps of the mansion. He hit shoulders with Rhage at Wrath’s study door, both of them trying to see what the fuck was going down.*

Murhder:  -He hadn’t a clue low long he had been staring at the moon, his ass parked atop the big purple monstrosity of a car that sat in the drive.  He understood the word lunatic just fine, he was a named and self proclaimed carrier of the phrase but the true sense of the word never ceased to fascin…his thoughts were cut short by the vibration in his back pocket.  The sound of it magnified by the metal of the Detroit built dinosaur of a vehicle beneath him.  Frowning, he reached back and slipped it from his leathers and squinted at the small screen.  Holy shit, something was up.  Had he been sent the message on purpose?  Either way, he would offer his services none the less and headed inside. Reaching the Kings Study, he had to wait for Z and Rhage to vacate the doorway before slipping in quietly and moving to the back- 

Payne: [Stepping out from the door underneath the staircase, she touched a hand to bruised-red lips and smiled to herself thinking her Manny gave the best send offs…the way he kissed her blind never ceased to send her mind spiraling into…her cell phones sudden vibrating-buzz sound took her clear out of her reverie and she frowned a little looking at the digital numbers on her G-shock thinking she wasn’t late except…] Fates…this cannot be good. [Payne whispered to herself as a shiver ran up her spine and she rounded the staircase, long strides raced up the stairs, taking them two at a time. The message from the King was crass and blunt and she knew something was most definitely wrong when she arrived to a tense wall of warriors and entered the study, catching the Queens worried blue gaze with her own, she nodded and went to stand silently by the ornate sofa facing Wrath and waited for the ticking time-bomb to explode.]

Wrath:  -Standing in front of my desk, arms crossed over my chest as each one of the brothers finally made up their mind to show up, fuckers should know I wasn’t pussy-footing around, it was never me who sent alerts, mostly because I found it more effective to get Thor back in the ropes and take his role back over.  Pinching the bridge of my nose in attempt to calm myself before I tore The Brothers a new one, damn if they didn’t deserve it, anyone who took more than two minutes to get before we deserved just that.-  Seems the kids have started shit up in Rehv’s place of business.  Symphath isn’t happy about the shit, neither am I, you feel me?  -Releasing the intense hold on the bridge of my nose, dropping my arm back across my chest to keep a rein on my actions, I didn’t give a shit the room was more than showing my current mood, they’d fucking deal.-  Rehvenge has them held, but damage control is needed now, too many eyes caught what happened.  –The growl all but vibrated the windows when no one moved.- That means NOW!

Rhage: [Daaamn, Q-Tip and Red top done fucked up now!  Shaking my head as The Beast found this was the perfect time to find amusement in a situation that well, wasn’t.  Good thing I could keep his sound down pact, most times.  Wrath’s now was more than heard, that shit was felt, down to my bones.  Shitkickers raced down the corridor until we were all able to dematerialize to Zero Sum as a full force of pissed off vampires.  Materializing closer than ever to the front of ZeroSum, seems the wall of Brothers thought that it was the best idea as shitkickers pounded the ground beside me.]  V, I’ll get the left side and double back with anyone who’s left.  [Dematerializing only to reappear less than a hundred yards from the front door to get all and anyone who attempted to escape the vampires inside.]

Beth: -With her hands buried in her jeans pockets, and a frown on her face, Beth watched the inner fury spill out of Wrath and the shock reactions from the brotherhood. They all knew how things could and would quickly escalate if the problem wasn’t plugged now. She had no doubt, as she saw each one of them barrel out of Wrath’s study, that they would clean up the boys mess. Once it was only her and Wrath left in his office, his growls the only noise, she caught at her lip in her teeth, and laid a hand to his rigid back. No, this mess, although troublesome, didn’t worry her so much as the thought of Qhuinn and Blay coming back to the mansion and Wrath getting his large hands on them. Man, she was not enough Queen or mate to hold back that kind of anger- It’s gonna be okay, darling… -she only hoped the same for the younger warriors..- 

Vishous:   He had arrived last, just in time to join the others on their trek to the Sum.  Nodding to Rhage, he took the right and had a better than easy go at the already drunk and high minds, planting visions of a hell of a fight but nothing out of the ordinary..let them at least have enjoyed the show in case someone had gotten past security and tried to say something was not quite right.   Doubling around, checking the human’s and their week brains, he met Rhage  at the front with another nod.  ”I think we might be in luck..there was a lot of shit going around tonight..coke, weed…heroine.   They’ll blame it on the blow and be too embarrassed to talk about it….Maybe.  -Looking back over the crowd, he counted brothers and was glad to see that Murhder had stayed outside to catch the strays,  last he remembered the big brute didn’t play well with humans.-

Murhder:  -The arctic blast in the room was a familiar reminder of the wrath of Wrath. It was something he was glad not to be on the receiving end of.  When the King said move, he hauled ass just as the others had done.  Securing himself by the back door, he made sure no one entered or left that had any recollection of vampire activities.  There was also a lesser chance of running into a certain female Symphath back here, that would just fucking suck big ass.  He hadn’t exactly been the picture of stability lately and seeing Xhex would certainly toss him over that proverbial edge.- 

Rehvenge: [I stood on the top balcony easily detecting the tall warriors milling around my club on cleanup duty, my feelers reaching out to any grids that bounced with anything ‘vampire’ related and got the message conveyed down to the nearest warrior brain to get the human wiped. A tic worked in my jaw, and my purple peepers glowed bright in the strobe lighting —] “woah dude, cool contact lenses!" [A female voice, slurred from the alcohol and drugs she had floating in her system, sounded at my shoulder. I turned my gaze to the peering girl  looking up at my face and unusual eyes, no more than twenty two dressed minimally in leather and fishnet. I pasted on a fake-ass smile and gave her grid a nudge to get herself gone. I pegged the brother in law in the crowd, the tic worked harder in my tight jaw, what the fuck was Wrath doing sending him to play among my clientele?! Notoriously Z had never interacted well with humans. I let my sight follow him and reached out to Xhex’s mind with mine asking how the clean-up sitch looked form the ground. Heads would roll in the Brotherhood if this left ramifications for me and my club…] 

Zsadist: “I got all that crazy shit on my camera. You have to see it, man.” *Zsadist sneered at the sickening sweet stink of meth clinging to the man in front of him. The human held up his phone for Z to see footage of the fidiots brawling all over the god damned club. He locked eyes with the meth head.* Let me have a closer look. “Sure. Look at their mouths. Have you seen shit like that before?” *More often than you know… Zsadist popped the back off the phone and snagged the SIM card. He put the back on again and dunked the phone in the nearest glass of beer.* You had too much to drink and like a dumb fuck sent your phone for a swim. Don’t bother fixing it, just buy a new one tomorrow. *The human waddled off. Z looked up to where Rehvenge was hovering and gave him a one-finger salute before intercepting a tiny blonde thing attempting to sneak out the back door. Clean up was going to take longer than he had patience for. Those boys were going to wish they’d see the Fade after the Brotherhood was done with them.*

Xhex:  Stupid fucking kids. This is why you will never breed, *Xhex muttered to herself as she ducked into the security control room and took care of the human, Clay, that’d been monitoring the cameras. His mind was pliable enough, thank fuck. She had a headache from wiping minds on her way back. Probably needed to feed, but fuck that. John wanted to be apart, she wouldn’t run to him to take care of biological needs.* Head home, Clay. Come in early tomorrow for a new protocol briefing. *He flashed her a smile, grabbed his coat, and left. Xhex sat at the bank of screens, rewinding the tapes to the fun and games. Rehv’s pissy-ass attitude intruded just then.* So far so good. The Brothers have them all corralled on the main floor. iAm and Trez are in VIP. Our men think it was an attempted deal gone south and are holding the doors. I’m wiping the cameras in case something reaches the cops. *Her fingers flew over the controls, backing each camera’s tape to the moment when Dipshit and Moron lost their cool. If the cops did ask, they’d wonder about the gap in time. All she could do was tell them “Shit happens. Must have been a power surge.” Xhex forced herself to finish up before she looked for a stupid vampire skull to cave in.*

Payne:  [Payne had been given orders to secure the back door of the club as well as to keep an eye out on Murhder. Great. Just what she needed. To be someones babysitter wasn’t something she was keen on but orders were orders and even though she kept as far as the alleyways shadows would allow her, he didn’t need to know exactly what those orders were. The female warrior watched with keen diamond eyes for anything unusual and thought what a huge mess the young warriors had gotten themselves in. To breach the safety of their world was dangerous as well as just blatantly irresponsible and she knew they would pay dearly under Wrath’s hand.  A slight movement to her left, she watched as Murhder grabbed two scrawny, human males trying to get away with his big paws and shook them like rag dolls before sending them whimpering on their way with their pants soiled. Yeah, those two would definitely not be remembering a thing or three about what transpired at Zero Sum tonight. 

Wrath:  -Beth’s presence was the one and only thing that kept me rooted inside of The Study.  Not exactly sitting in one place or standing, but pacing from one end to the other.  I knew she was trying to distract me, even calm me from my frozen temper; it helped only enough to keep me here in this room with her.  My temper, well the fucking frost that coated every inch of The Study was sure to show how it may have lessened.  Two sets of shitkickers sounded down the hall, they were the only noise other than Beth’s breathing that dare made itself present since my order was given, everything had fallen silent, and for good means.  Shaking my head ever so slightly at Beth’s movement, I knew she was going to stand in the “middle” between me and the two idiots, she loved them both and would never want harm to befall them, but this, this shit could very  well be my last and final straw.  Crossing my arms and standing still just in front of my desk when the knock sounded.-  You take any more time to come before me I will make your heads roll, you feel me?  -Temperature had dropped lower mirroring my mood, we all knew exactly my feeling on the shit they brought on.-  Do NOT fucking speak, not one fucking word, or you will not walk another day.  Sit the fuck down!  -Feet scrambled to the prissy couch that barely withstood the weight of both dipshits sitting on it.-  You dare bring this shit upon us.  Do you NOT understand what you’ve done tonight could backfire on all the work I, no Beth AND I have done with the fucking glymera?  No, I don’t think you fucking do, if you HAD, none of the shit I was told would have happened, you would have been doing your rounds, or staying the fuck out of trouble!  -Pinching the bridge of my nose with enough force to actually break it as I attempted to lessen my temper, but that shit wouldn’t fly, not right now.-  You will not be on rotation together, the only way you’re getting out of this house is if you’re right up the ass of a senior warrior.  And I hope you are both smart enough to keep your asses out of Rehv’s way.   –Dropping the clasp I held on my nose, they fucked up this time, and were lucky we were able to repair any damage that may have been done.  I couldn’t lose two of my warriors, but I didn’t need two warriors that continued to threaten the safety of our kind.-

Qhuinn: -Forearms lay across his thighs, fingers laced and clenched in a tight shaking fist, he leaned forward causing the sofa to creak under the shift of his weight, mismatched eyes glued to the speck of dirt on the floor. Qhuinn was damn pissed at himself. To say shit had got out of control was the understatement of the century. Why the fuck had Blay had to show up things were going just fine….Qhuinn shook his head and cleared unwanted thoughts from resurfacing in his head as Wrath’s growl  escalated through the study.  The king’s temper was all that he had expected and a little fucking more.  He’d been caught in the cross hairs of the king’s anger before, but this was by far the worst he had managed to piss off Wrath. Honestly he was still waiting for his death sentence to be laid out but having one of the brothers babysitting him every time he stepped foot out of the compound was almost as bad. He couldn’t bring himself to look at Blay, the male’s blood had scalded his tongue and even though it was a drop he could still taste him. Shit he actually bit Blay… Fuck he needed some mouthwash of the tequila variety. His ivory threatened to drop in his mouth at the sheer possessive wave that rushed through him standing there in the middle of Zero Sum, but thank fuck the deathly tone that saturated the room kept them at bay. He risked a look up at the King and at that moment was thankful Beth was in the room. What they had done wasn’t some minor disturbance of the peace, they’d put the entire race at risk not to mention business for Rehv. Qhuinn’s head dropped to his hands as a mangled groan rose up his throat.  Yeah he felt real damn sick.  

Wrath:  –My own words were making my temper worse, and I could not control the fall of my fist against the top of my desk before turning back to face the two very fucked warriors.-  You are both very fucking lucky Beth stayed here or I would break your limbs until your body could no longer heal you or Manny could not help.  –My hands burned to punch them until their sense came back and I all but could control my fists when shirts were pulled by the collars until they were nose to nose with my very angry mug.-  Get the fuck out of My Study, or all the hard work you’ve both done will be worth the same amount of the Lessers you kill. –Shoving both Qhuinn and Blay towards the door, they’d done the smart thing and not spoken a peep, or at least I didn’t hear a single thing they were saying because my own mind was blocking anything from reaching my ears.  Reaching for my phone left on the desk, fuck if losing your sight wasn’t a pain in my ass, I couldn’t find it and didn’t want to ask Beth to pass it to me, not right now, not when Alpha was taking charge of this fucked up situation.  They were lucky Rehv didn’t slaughter them on spot, apologizing was definitely in order.  Sin-Eater and I both come a long way especially for two fucking headstrong lovesick warriors to fuck up our agreement with the Symphaths.  Damage control even after the humans were all tucked away in their cozy beds was in order.- 

Blay: -he sat, eyes cast to no were in particular in the pale blue and tan rug beneath his shitkickers. His good buzz had been long fucking gone before they had arrived in the kings study, and the implications of what had happened in the club had taken its place. What the fuck had he been thinking? Oh yeah, that’s right all logical thought had left him the moment he had seen Qhuinn all but fucking the the female over the balcony. Wrath was yelling, Blay would have sworn that the males head was going to explode from the color his face had taken on. This shit was going to be bad.. With a capital FUCKING HORRIBLE.. For both he and Qhuinn. Wrath was ready to rip them limb from limb, scatter their numerous pieces around the yard an watch via camera as the sun turned them to ash. He case a side long glance at the dark haired male beside him as they were ushered from the room and silently considered all that happened. He had gone to the club to say goodbye to the past, though it required lots of alcohol, and look to his future with Saxton. He had more to think about.. His hand drifted to the closed wounds at his throat.. Qhuinn’s possessive instincts were over taking him more and more and Blay could tell that he was trying harder to bury those feelings. Shit needed to move forward with Saxton, and fast or he might back out and pursue Q with the ferocity of a lion on the hunt. When they were far enough from the study he laid a hand to his friends broad shoulder.- Qhuinn.. Tonight, yeah tonight was fucked up. But not to worry. It won’t happen again. -he didn’t wait for an answer, but turned on his booted heel and headed to the room he shared with Saxton. Wrath’s command that they not ever patrol together was the best fucking idea he had heard in months..and maybe they needed more time apart than just no rotation. Maybe everything would be better if he and Saxton left the mansion.. For good.-  #Exposed 

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EXPOSED - Part One

Rehvenge: [Feet up on the large desk at ZS, I nursed a tumbler of scotch, my amethysts scanning the security screens while I idly listened to Xhex. The night was slow, not as many in the club spending, same old for a Tuesday night. I rubbed numb fingers over my mohawk, took a slow sip of the drink knowing within the hour I’d be home at the commodore penthouse doing something scandalous with my shellan in the huge-fucking-tub she loved to swim in. Life had been pretty slow and uneventful the last few weeks, and I found I liked it. Liked the easy smile on my female’s face now we knew what was doing with Nehmesis. Taking my gaze from the row of black and white screens showing my patrons in stages of enjoyment. Some more perverse than others, and focused on my second in command as she mentioned green. A sure as shit fine way, I smirked darkly, to gain this symphath’s attention]

Beth: -Beth had dropped Zahk and Nalla back off to their mom’s thirty minutes ago. Rosy skinned from her “boil herself like a lobster” bath, she settled in front of the plasma screen. She had a few hours to kill, Wrath was busy with Fritz, the poor beloved doggen no doubt having his ears blistered with her man’s irritation at the never ending requests for the King that came to the mansion daily. Ever since their trip to Europe, they’d both made themselves more accessible to the vampire civilians in hopes to counteract whatever plan Xcor had cooking, they’d visited the few Glymera families that still remained in Caldwell, and had scheduled a visit to those out of towners soon. Instead of lessening the workload, it had only tripled the amount of scrolls that came to them for all manner of requests and invites. She smiled as she palmed up a hand full of peanut M&Ms and thought of her hellren, Beth had grumbled at Wrath’s grumpy mood a few hours ago, and told him she would be back when his face didn’t resemble thunder. As her favorite Roman tv show began, the vampire Queen curled her feet under her, switched out the nearby lamp, and settled down to watch. It was a little too bloody and gory for her tastes, but Bella had gotten her hooked on the show, and before she went to assist Fritz in wrangling her man, she would have a little R&R with Crixus first-

Rhage: [With Zahk bouncing off the walls I didn’t know what to do with him. Who knew Beth would give him JUST chocolate, or maybe she just gave him pure sugar for hours.] Zahk! Mary’s going to tie you to the chair if you don’t stop jumping on her side of the bed. [His head shaking to and fro quickly before jumping to the floor. A thousand miles an hour was the only speed he knew, no telling who he got that from, wasn’t me, for sure.] Baby, I’m out. [Sliding my daggers into their homes before ruffling Zahk’s head in a manner of farewell, he wasn’t keen on a manly smooch anymore. Rotation wouldn’t last too long tonight, shit had been quiet for a while so I wasn’t expecting a very eventful night. But you know how the saying goes about the calm and storm.]

Wrath: -Fritz’s voice was on a never ending spin, words kept my mind rambling, sentences running into paragraphs that never stopped.-Fritz, you’ve lost me. “My Lord?” Yeah, I’m behind, you might just need to start over. “Yes Sire” Break Fritz, we both need one, true? “Ah, yes, of course Sire” –Leaning back in my chair, feet propped up my desk on top of what I knew to me a shit load of scrolls waiting my attention.- Ten minutes will be fine to kill Fritz, and we could use it. “Yes My Lord, I shall acquire some refreshments.” Thanks. –Linking my hands behind my head taking a deep breath, hopefully it would help clear my mind, Fritz was just as bad as Beth when it came to making me work, he’d have me listening to him read in exactly 9.1 minutes.-

Zsadist: If you keep it up, little one, mahmen is going to take your pretty pink bows away. *Nalla stopped jumping on the couch plopped down on her ass. Her golden eyes turned up at him with a look he’d seen Bella wear all too often—her “I’m not doing anything wrong, you’re just being mean” face. Zsadist bent down, a playful scowl pinching his brows.* What do you say, daughter mine? “Pink mine.” *He laughed and planted a kiss on the tip of her little nose.* Don’t let mahmen hear that, she thinks she owns everything pink in the world. *And if anyone looked through their closet, they’d be right. Bella even owned her own set of pink weapons, weapons he prayed she’d never have to use or pass down to their young.* Be good tonight and I’ll bring you a present. *Nalla squealed and wrapped her small arms around the back of his neck. Smiling, he lifted her off the couch in a hug.* Let’s find mahmen so papa can go out and make sure the boogeymen are all asleep for the night. *He carried a happy, babbling Nalla out into the hall and downstairs, not caring that she’d taken off one of her hair ribbons and wrapped it around the shoulder strap of his empty gun holster.*

Xhex: You need to find some new investments, Rehv. The IRS is sniffing around again. Business has been too good. *Xhex perched her leather-covered ass on the edge of his desk and tapped a finger against the top of a stack of bills that’s easily cover their power bill and booze bill for the next month. The girls were working hard and the bookies were working even harder. The only slack in their game was the drugs. With the lessening society dabbling in being Big Boy dealers, some of their usuals jumped ship for cheaper fixes with lower quality shit. She didn’t understand junkies or what made them tick. All she cared is that they handed over their cash without making a fucking scene.* I’d suggest making another donation to Safe Place to get them off your back for now. Everyone loves a hardass with a heart of gold—even if it is only gold plated on the outside. *Her eyes drifted to the bank of screens behind his head, searching for someone begging for an ass-kicking. She hadn’t had a good release of frustration in a while. It was long over due.*

Vishous: -Tightening his belt, he frowned as he noticed the extra notch. Fuck, was he losing weight? He shouldn’t be surprised, he hadn’t eaten on a regular schedule in months. He didn’t stop the grin that spread at the thought of the sneaky chosen, catching him in the kitchen however. He would never admit it out loud but it was sheer brilliance on their part. If they hadn’t ganged up on him as they had done, he probably would have just kept going with a diet of human women and goose..and would probably have looked like Z used to by now. Sighing, he picked up his black sox cap and twisted it backwards on his head as he looked for his shitkickers, not caring that he was late as fuck for patrol tonight. -

Murhder: He waited in the courtyard as usual, still unable to bring himself to be among his former brothers for very long. It was a constant reminder of just how much he didn’t fit in to their happy little worlds. Tossing up a dagger and catching it easily by the hilt, he tried to calculate just the right angle to silhouette it against the full moon, much like the bat signal before it spun back to earth. Once or twice he smiled wryly before growing bored and sliding the dagger back home. Calculating by the angle of the moon, he surmised whoever the hell it was he was supposed to hunt with was running late. It didn’t surprise him. Most had grown soft..most had shellans..most had lost focus on the cause. He suddenly realized it wasn’t contempt he was feeling but…jealousy?-Fuck That. -he grumbled the words before taking out his dagger again for another round of dagger to the moon-

Payne: [The whirring sound of the treadmill was overwrought by the pounding of her Nikes as sweat poured a slick sheen over her body, plastering loose tendrils of hair to her temples, exercise clothes sticking to her curves like second skin. Arms moving top speed to keep up with her pace, Payne cast diamond eyes to the big black and white clock that hung in the farthest wall of the gym. 20 minutes. She had twenty minutes before patrol and damn if she would be late but the burn in her muscles asked for ‘five more minutes’ as she moved the incline and speed level of the beastly machine to it’s highest setting making the treadmill groan and her legs fly. Ahh yes. The female warrior was in the zone as her mind blanked and she soared, all lean and powerful muscle, adrenaline pumping through her veins like the sweetest elixir ever known. Minutes flew by until finally Payne hit the red ‘Stop’ button bringing the treadmill to a hard swoosh-stop and she paused to catch her breath before hopping off and heading straight to the showers. Hoping to see her male before going out that evening she quickly showered then braided her long dark tresses, color high on her cheeks due to her run. Dressed in skin-tight leather and boots, she walked down the long corridor to the PT suite and rapped softly on the door before opening it and being met with smiling mahogany eyes.]

Blay: -The streets of Caldwell had been quiet, but they had expected that for a freezing ass cold Tuesday night in December. Humans were soft, even the homeless and/or drugged out members of their race were huddled in shelters or abandoned cars on a night like tonight. Lessers had once been human, and though their paled out bodies had been drained of blood and replaced with the Omegas black sludge causing them to not feel the cold, they still tended to spend fewer hours on the streets this time of year. His head was still fogged from his little “encounter” with Qhuinn several nights ago and though he had told Mary that he was going to look for Saxton so he could pop the question he hadn’t been able to do it. Blay knew all he needed to know about Qhuinn, and would be mated to Saxton soon, but tonight he needed to just be by himself. He spun in the ball of one well worn shitkicker when a stone pitched by JM pelted him in the shoulder, cold blue eyes pierced the male. ‘Where the fuck is your head’ the mute male signed, ‘I thought you and Mary had worked through all your Q issues and you were happy.’ A thick hand dragged through his hair.. He still hadn’t gotten that shit cut- Yeah man, I am.. But there is still something, fuck.. I don’t know, something that seems fucking wrong. Look, we aren’t finding shit for lessers out here tonight, so I’m gonna go to Zero Sum for a drink and see if I can figure out what it is. Maybe find answers at the bottom of a bottle or some shit. -John was way not on board with this plan, but Blay didn’t care, he needed space..away from the mansion and its happy fucking couples, not to mention the two males his gut and heart still warred over. With a tight smile and nod he dematerialized to the shadows down the block from the club. He prayed to the virgin scribe that John had gotten the message and gone home as he stalked down the street. He wouldn’t use the brotherhood’s booth in the VIP section, no..tonight he needed the animosity of the general population. Nodding to the bouncer, he stepped through the main doors and was greeted with the scents of sex, booze, and drugs,  lightly threaded with a scent that was as undeniable to him as his own. Blay pushed through the crowd focused on the closest bar, where he ordered his first  bottle of their finest whiskey. throat making like a funnel he was on the second gulp when he slammed into the crowd of humans who stood gawking up at the second level balcony. With a growl of frustration Blay choked down the last mouthful and jerked his head up, string of curses on his lips, to where they were all staring and got an eyeful of shit he could have gone all damn week without seeing.-

Qhuinn: The lights and music of Zero Sum pulsed through the club like a manic sex fiend. Very appropriate considering the sex that saturated the air. He could feel the pull of it against his skin and the buzz of tequila in this veins.- Fuck, I bet you taste as good as you smell, Tara. - Raw and wanting, he demanded the attention of the female that he had arched back over the second level balcony. Her long dark hair hung loose over the railing, her tits spilled out the top of her tight shirt as she moaned and tried to roll her hips against the front of his leathers. “My name’s not Tar… ” -Her words faltered when he sank his teeth into the roundness of her breast.- Don’t really care what it is… -His hand slicked down her waist catching the hem of her skirt and shoved it up just as her hand snaked down between their hips and pressed into the bulge of his leathers. The sound that came from his throat was anything but human, fangs ached to drop- Fucking sure you don’t mind what I call you, babe. –Mismatched eyes lifted and the lust that swam in them was thick and dark. Thoughts crossed his mind how pissed Rehv would be if he decided to fuck this female right here, full on for the entire club to the see. Prodding the Sin Eater wasn’t a smart move, but he was feeling a little more than reckless…Felt damn good to be back in this familiar skin. Blay didn’t exist when he was wrapped up in the cloud of denial. That’s why he refused to admit that the set of eyes glaring up at him over the females shoulder from the lower level wasn’t Blay. Yeah that wasn’t Blay….. Qhuinn growled and snatched the female off the railing and pulled her to him, ivories barely concealed when he spoke.- Hope you’re good with an audience, babe. –He glanced back to the floor below the red haired male was gone-

Blay: -Qhuinn’s eyes had met Blay’s for the tiniest fraction of a second, but in the mismatched depths he could see the glaze of lust. Fury surged through his veins, scorching its path like acid. Humans backed away from him, the sudden temperature drop startling them from the peep-show above. Blay had never been accused of having a temper, but tonight that all changed, the only thing on his mind was revenge. Seemed more than appropriate that it was considered a “dish best served cold,” because after the burn of fury his heart had turned to ice. Good and pissed-the-fuck off he dematerialized to the mezzanine level, yards from Qhuinn who didn’t seem to notice he was there, blue eyes searched the thick crowd of humans, analyzing each male for the…there he was, fucking perfect. Blay took a moment to straighten his leathers, skin tight black tee beneath the supple leather of his weapon concealing jacket, and got a rein on his emotions before approaching the human. The guys green eyes widened appreciatively as he took in Blays sleek form, traced his tongue along his lower lip, pausing for a seductive flick of the silver hoop that pierced just left of center.- Hey there- Blay flashed a perfect smile, fangs barely concealed behind his upper lip. The music was loud and Adam (he thought the male had said) stepped closer, his lips brushing Blay’s ear, “not sure I’ve seen you here before.” Blay wrapped his lips around the bottle of whiskey that hung between his fingers while his free hand slid around the males waist, pressing him tight against the bar- I usually hang in VIP. Care to buy me a drink? -he chuckled deep and rumbled in his throat, emptied his bottle and sat it to the bar behind the human, their lower bodies pressing hard together.- I seem to have run out. -the whiskey was working its way through his system, and though he couldn’t be certain he thought he felt the heavy weight of a gaze on his back. ‘That’s it, now you will see how it feels’ fought to fly from the end of his tongue to the male he knew was watching-

Qhuinn- “You say where.  I’ll make sure we get there….mostly naked.” She giggled as she worked his body like a stripper pole in motion.  They snaked and stumbled their way through the crowd, mouths and hands finding skin.  Qhuinn’s back jammed into the end of the bar, the humans split then sucked back in around them. He was well on his way to getting buried deep inside this female here in front of God, the perverse humans and Mr. Sin himself. “I usually hang in VIP. Care to buy me a drink?”  The all too familiar voice rose over the bump of music. “I seem to have run out.” Qhuinn’s shoulders bristled. What the fuck was HE doing here?  He halted the venture of the female’s hands as they fumbled with zipper and button of his leathers.- Hold –Fangs snapped right at her ear. He pushed off the bar, turned and looked down the long line of bodies lining the bar front. Eyes narrowed, zoned in getting the full view which was… he vanished without a second thought..- Why don’t I buy you both a fucking drink….-words sliced  from his tongue as he materialized right beside Blay and his walking dead man. He was damn sure toxic kill fumes were rolling off him,  Qhuinn’s smirk was nothing friendly or amused as he felt his ivory jut down. “Holy shit Man…Those…. shit those can’t be real.” The male stuttered, his eyes wide and set on Q’s mouth.- You want to find out.. –It wasn’t a question and the male knew it, his dark grin widened and he licked his fang, beyond giving any fuck as to the fact this was bad. His elevator didn’t go all the way to the top tonight.  His thick leather thigh pushed between the two males, mismatched eyes blazed all kinds of possessive bullshit at Blay, before he yelled at the bartender for drinks. Qhuinn barely flinched when the weak bitch punch nailed him in the back of the head. The growl rumbled from his chest he turned to face the human who was now standing. “You need to go the fuck on, you freak.” Qhuinn  laughed and dragged a hand through his dark hair, letting his sights drop to the floor for a split second before lifting them to the male.- You have no fucking idea… -Dagger tipped canines caught the light as his fist hooked upwards he drilled the guy in the gut sending him backwards.-

Blay: -Adam had planted his ass on the floor between Q and the bar, he was bent over vomiting blood all over Rehvs shiny black floor. Pissed-the-fuck-off didn’t begin to describe Blay in this moment, fangs punched down hard into his mouth and a growl rolled from his chest- What the fuck, Qhuinn? -shit was going from bad to fucking worse and he truly didn’t care. Had he housed Rhage’s curse, the beast would be feasting on vampire and human alike right about now, but he didn’t. A Trembling hand fisted into Qhuinns hair, and with a single jerk blue eyes met mismatched ones, his pissed-off threatened to melt at the raw possession he saw there.- Go the fuck back to your bitch, where ever she is, and have a nice fucking night. -he had chosen the male simply to test this little theory, but there was no way that he was letting Qhuinn pull this bonded male bullshit.- You have got to be fucking kidding me. -Blay leaned in real close, pressed his nose to the hollow of Q’s throat and inhaled deeply. He had been right, Qhuinn’s fucking bonding scent had made its grand appearance. His mind might deny the life altering connection between the two of them, but his body sure didn’t. A harsh laugh clawed its way up his throat.- Seems the more you try and deny feelings for me the louder your body screams at you. Well, now you know what it feels like to watch the male you fucking love with someone else. -he was unaware of the humans who had circled the trio of males, staring with opened mouths at the vampires in their midst. He spared Adam a second look, the male didn’t deserve to be hurt when what happened here tonight wasn’t his fault at all, he screamed like a little girl when he caught sight of the hardware Blay was packing in his mouth. “What the Fuck man? I was gonna….. And your a…a god damned vampire?!?” Blay gave only a sharp nod of his head, blue eyes reflecting his inner feelings.- Oh, and by the way Qhuinn, your possession and fucking scent are too little too late. My mind is made up. I’m moving on.

Qhuinn:  I can tell you’re moving on…–Qhuinn ignored everything around him including the scent pouring off him, but Blay… That male was in the cross hairs of his heated gaze.- That’s not Saxton. -he roared and bared full on lethal ammo as he jammed his finger at the male who was somewhere behind him now.- You’re moving ON? You decide to turn into the whore that my cousin is?  That’s how you plan on moving on?  - Qhuinn stood nose to nose with Blay, his hands were fisted in the male’s shirt, a menacing growl lodged in the back of his throat.- You fucking set me up with that? You asshole cocksucking shit.  –The deep breath he drew in was all Blay, it made his ivory vibrate and his cock harden. He was somewhere between consumed and livid and tomorrow he’d blame his next action on those two things… His fangs jammed into Blays throat in a motion so quick the male had no time to object. There was something in that moment that ripped Qhuinn back to reality and the fucking fact of where he was. Maybe it was the scream of a female “HE HE…. HE JUST BIT HIM…” Or maybe it was the single drop of blood that hit Qhuinns tongue. Whichever it was, it had him recoiling and cursing strings of profanity that he wasn’t sure were even words. Mismatched eyes darted around the room…Human’s close to freak out… oh fuck FUCK FUCK.. Humans and SHIT….. EXPOSED. Blay looked like he’d been bulldozed, Qhuinn felt like he had been.- Find Goddamn Rehv… -He hissed at Blay.. This was Bad…. Worse than bad… Wrath was going to lose his shit and bring the entire Royal KING Hammer down on them. Say it one more time with gusto THIS SHIT IS FUCKING BAD…..-

Rehvenge: [I scrubbed a hand over my face, just about done here, Xhex had gone to check on my bookies and I knew Trez had shit in hand so I could leave early. The main high roller poker game had just began in one of the private rooms, I knew, with a dark smirk on my puss, that I’d wake to a big chunk of change tomorrow. Chumps, always needed just one more game. And the more they had, the fatter wad of green came my way. I stood, and grabbed up my cane, just as the wrist communicator chimed] “Boss" [Trez’s voice was sharp and firm and had me pausing in my step] "We got us a sitch out here, those brainless warrior kids….” [And I didn’t need to hear more, My Moor’s thoughts came through loud and clear… showing off their fangs… biting….demat-fucking-erializing in my goddamn club! Fury, black as the night sky bubbled in my gut, eyes narrowed to slits as I strode down to the belly of ZeroSum giving Trez one instruction pulsed into his mind ‘LOCKDOWN’ I knew he’d have the club secured, no one leaving anytime soon. I could see the panic on a few faces, the humans were confused, scared, drunk and thank the fucking scribe virgin high as kites, that would work in the favor of them thinking they’d hallucinated. I signaled a hand to the DJ to amp up the music, it pumped louder, the strobe lights flickered faster in the darkened spaced, all the better to mask what I did next. I saw the young warriors, cracked my neck and gave both a look of pure evil venom,.. yeah you do good to flinch you little shits… I’d deal with them soon, but the male they’d been with I turned my focus to, his emotions were off the scale, a bene for me as my symphath slick as a rattle snake got inside his grid, leaving behind the suggestion he should forget anything from the last hour and go back to buying drinks with his friends. The human males features changed as my brain wipe settled in and he turned from Blay and Qhuinn like he’d never seen them before, pushing through the circle of people who had gathered…one down…It was only then, I pinned Qhuinn with a harsh deadly stare, saw his attempt to speak to me] You’d do well Son, to keep your fucking trap shut, you feel me?! [My large paw caught him around the back of the neck and propelled him back through the heavy crowd towards my office, snarling over my shoulder] You better be fucking following me, Red [I only stopped, the push of my symphath urging to be set free on these two fuckwits, when I got to my office door and held the kid around his throat, eyeballing him like he was shit I’d found on the bottom of my designer shoe] You come into MY house and expose our race with your dick swinging contest?! [I saw what was all too apparent between them both, but it no way excused what could fast become a shitstorm, not just for Zerosum, but for all the vampires] Don’t say a damn word Blay, or it will be your motherfucking last, you got me?! [I hissed, baring my own long lethal fangs] You’re both banned for good [I pinned both of the males with a glare] I see you here again not even your King will save your asses, get the fuck out now! [I gave a hard shove, sending Qhuinn out into the hall, Blay followed, and scrubbed a numb hand over my hawk, so much for my quiet night at home. Motherfuckers. I got to dialling the brotherhood mansion, those humans that witnessed the little vampire floor show would all need wiping, more so since the flash of phone camera’s were evident, I growled low…should have killed them both when I had the chance… I heard Wrath’s gruff voice and spat out] Get your boys out to my club now, your fucking kids exposed the vampires, human’s witnessed them fighting, V might need to check the web for vid footage [I rolled my neck, and took a long slow breath to calm, wouldn’t do the human’s good if I exposed symphath’s and their evil twisted abilities too… that game wouldn’t fare well for any one…] #Exposed


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Royals Abroad Part Two

Beth: Woooahh! Rehvenge really did know how to travel in style. Beth had gone wide eyed on entering the private jet. And like Goldilocks..the fiction character, NOT Rhage, she’d sat in every seat, making the brothers stand in the aisle until she found the perfect one. Her grin was full of mischief as they all labored and parked themselves into the lavish leather seats finally, and she was handed a flute of champagne and a menu. Oh yes, this was the life, she thought, she’d definitely send Rehv and Ehlena a basket of flowers as thanks on their return home. Putting her seat in the recline position, she watched Wrath toss down his leather coat and sit tensely, crcking his neck and then his knuckles every few minutes before his fingers got to tapping the side of the chair. If she didn’t know better, she’d suspect her King was nervous of flying. Smiling, she handed him some champagne he scowled at but tossed back in a long gulp, if only they were alone and didn’t have two sets of nosey eyes adn ears, she’d help him relax… mile high clue style. Another time, she promised herself silently. An hour later, and well over the ocean, Beth had Tohr’s notes laid across her lap, checking over his meticulous schedule. He was so organized it made Beth more grateful he was on this trip with them. He seemed to be day by day becoming his old self again, she sent him a smile and he gave her one in return. Yeah, her family was doing good. Feet curled up beneath her, she patted Wrath’s arm- Stop tapping baby, It wont make us arrive any faster -His reply was a growl that made her chuckle. Her mate hated any situation he couldn’t control..- 

Wrath:  -Planes, I hated them.  Though I did enjoy the fact Beth could not escape me or my reach while trapped in the flying tin can, my hatred for the plan diminished substantially.  Reclining the seat back, crossing my fingers behind my head.  Maybe a quick nap.  Anything that would relieve me from the stress of not being able to pinpoint my location or put my feet on flat ground would do me some good right now.-  “My Lord, I have the meetings all scheduled now.  The first will be Saturday just after sunset.” –Good, we had a day of no meetings, I was defiantly wanting to spend a day in bed with my female undisturbed.  Which we hadn’t been able to do since the failed trip to Manhattan.-  Thank you, Tohr.  “I’m heading to the back with Rhage.”  -Nodding silently.  My blind gaze slowly moving to Beth’s sleeping body.  She was having pain ever since the plane lifted from the runway, finally with continuingly insisting her to sleep, she listened to my advice and took a nap.  The silence was killing me, but I prefer she sleep then withstand whatever pain it was I kept sensing from her.  A barely there grin sliding across my face before I allowed my body and mind to calm for sleep.-  #RoyalsAbroad

Rhage: [Shit. Beth and Wrath were killing me. It seemed Wrath was blindly watching every corner of the plane l, and now he was expecting someone to pop out of the closet and grab Beth. No matter that both Tohr and I searched the entire house from top to bottom and installed security cameras. Running my hand through my hair to keep myself from saying something out of the way when it was obvious comments were not wanted right now, not while Wrath did his own security check. Checking the time on my phone. I was supposed to call Mary in a couple of hours. She’d be up by then and probably chasing Zahk around the mansion. Little shit was driving us both crazy. I would like to enjoy a few hours of a break. But damn, Wrath had us on pins and needles. Just keep your eyes peeled at all times. No kidding Wrath, we’re the security we got this. Leaving the last tiny camera that would send a steady stream of footage to V in the mansion in place above the door to Wrath and Beths room. “NO cameras in our room Rhage.” Beths stern announcement before we set out to secure the home made me want to laugh. She didn’t need to worry. Watching them go at it like jack-rabbits wasn’t something Id want to watch anyway. Leaving Tohr with a nod. I had to make sure Fritz was getting ready to make some grub.] #RoyalsAbroad

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Internal Agony Part Two

Phury: -In the midst of one of Phury’s few lucid moments, he possessed enough of his mind to truly wonder what was worse, the shivering, the vomiting, or being unable to help himself to the bathroom.

Cormia was heaven sent. She found strength that he did not know she had and hauled him back and forth from the massive bed in the Primale’s temple on the Other side to the bathroom. If you could call it a bathroom. It was more like the outdoors grew inside the walls in forms helpful to bathing and taking care of other matters.

Speaking of…-

Bathroom. Now. –Nodding in understanding, Cormia waited for him to scoot his half-dead ass to the edge of the bed. She propped her shoulder under him and helped him hobble to the bathroom. It took for-fucking-ever to Phury’s scrambled brain.

He fell on the marble floor in front of the toilet. The sips of water he’d taken splashed into the bowl. Phury kept heaving until he swore his asshole would come up his throat.

A cool cloth slid over the back of his neck.-

“Sire, your fever is rising again. Let me help you into the bath.” Phury, -he corrected- “Excuse me?” –Cormia turned his face toward hers. Confusion danced in her eyes and hit a blow to Phury’s heart. All this time with her by his side and he’d never asked her to call him by his given name? He was the worst sort of scum.-

Call me Phury. –She bent down and for half a second he thought she’d kiss him. He recoiled, not wishing for her to taste vomit.- ::Oh look, you’re such a god damned gentleman, mate. Tell her to redirect those luscious lips down south if she really wants to show her appreciation.::

-Phury rubbed his hands against his temple. The Wizard had been talking twenty-four seven. He couldn’t block him out and when the fever sucked him into a dead-like sleep, the Wizard frolicked on his hilltop of corpses.-

“Sire…Phury, you’re shaking. Anything you want to say can wait.”

-If he could do it, he’d smile. A fiercer side of Cormia had come out to play the second she took him to the Other Side. She stepped into her First Mate roll with both feet first. The other Chosen followed her lead. It made a miserable situation bearable. Barely.

Cormia helped him over to the tub—which was more pond than bathtub. A stream ran from outside and cut through a quarter of the bathroom. The center of the stretch of stream indoors was deep enough to fully submerge oneself without drowning.

Phury eased into the water, glad that it was always the right temperature. He sank down until his chin bobbed on the top of the water. Cormia sat on the tiled edge of the stream and trailed a washcloth through the water. She brought it up and mopped the sweat off his face.-

I’m in heaven.

“Excuse me?” –She cleaned off the cloth and brought it back to gently scrub his shoulders-

You’ve been a blessing, Cormia. I’d be dead without you.

-Phury kissed her knuckles. The world went sideways and he let it. Cormia would keep him from drowning in the tub while the detox cooked the drugs from his system.- #InternalAgony

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Frenzied Feeding

SAXTON: Come with me lover, take what you need, what I see in those eyes I love so much *He pulled Blay towards the bed, keeping eye contact, moving to putting layla between them.* Take what you want Blaylock! * He saw Blay’s eyes shift to Layla, hunger deep, saw those eyes move to her neck. Saxton’s stomach clenched at his own memory of Blay feeding so intimately from his own neck, his cock twitched and he knew he couldn’t watch his male take from a place so intimate, even if it was a Chosen*

BLAY:  -At the moment his brain didn’t care that biology worked against he and his lover, requiring them to feed from a female for nourishment, he needed Saxton in the most primal of ways. Eye contact never wavering they moved in sync, the males words striking a chord somewhere deep in Blay’s soul. His lover, his target, vanished from view..only to be replaced with the face of the fair haired, doe eyed chosen. Layla sat, ever the picture of perfect feminine beauty, before. Not that he noticed that beauty, no..his eyes were drawn to one particular part of her anatomy, the quick rise and fall of pure cream skin covering that delectable lifeline in her throat.- 

LAYLA: ::Layla sat in place on the bed, trying to disguise her fidgeting hands by smoothing the velvet duvet while she  listened to Saxton’s words and scrutinized Blaylock’s response. She had been serving the young soldier for a number of years now and never had she seen his fangs quite so long, his blue eyes quite so entranced with hunger and lust. The scene confused her, and as the two came nearer she became even more so. Her eyes were trained on the red headed male when the mattress to her left dipped under Saxton’s weight, warmth pooling in her belly the moment Blaylock’s gaze lit on the thumping vein in her throat. Her delicate hands rose slowly and gathered her robes tighter around her, no male had she allowed to take from her carotid before this night. Her pale eyes went wide feeling Saxton’s firm but gentle grip around her wrist.::

SAXTON: *He encouraged Layla to place her wrist in Blay’s hands, while Saxton placed his hand on Blay’s cheek guiding his head down to the beautiful white skin, his voice even lower, huskier* Take what she offers, Lover so I can have what I want.

 BLAY: -his parched lips met the silky skin of the chosen’s wrist and instinct did the rest. Ivories punctured the vein with the force he would have used deep in the throws of passion, and though he heard her gasp of pain he couldn’t bring himself to stop and apologize. With some maneuvering he was able to shift Layla farther back onto the bed and clamber up next to her, the towel falling away from his hips to land in a puddle on the floor. Nothing mattered to him in that moment, not his nudity, not his adverse feelings towards the chosen. Nothing but the steady flow of her life blood that washed over his tongue and coated his throat. The rich, exotic flavor begging him to take harder, faster pulls, anything to have more of that delectable blood nourishing him.- 

LAYLA: ::she was unable to disguise her sharp inhale as her wrist was taken, the needle like fangs driving deep, forcing her to bite down on her lush lower lip to keep from calling out. The male was on the bed with her before she knew what was happening, and though the pain had vanquished any trace of desire she might have felt, she knew the same wasn’t true for Blay. The towel that had been covering him was now on the floor, his erection no longer hidden from her view.:: Sires, I… ::her face lit in a crimson blush as she felt more movement on the bed, Saxton had moved closer to Blay, still murmuring words of love to the other male. Layla knew she should avert her lovely eyes, but the action seemed impossible, verily she had heard whispers from her sisters on the other side of visions they had seen in the watching bowls. Visions of males loving males, and females loving females. The Chosen hadn’t understood the same gender relationships, but upon seeing their that Glymera had naught deemed such practices unlawful, had assumed them acceptable. She had never before witnessed such a couple and was bewildered.::

SAXTON: He moved with the two, stayling close to Blay. His hands only briefly dropping as they manuvered in bed. A low groan escaped his lips as the towel dropped and his own erection throbbed painfully, pushing hard aganist his lose pants. The room was filled with the scent of blood and lust and no matter what sexual preferenced you had those were core needs. His eyes left Blay only when he noticed the Chosen’s bewildered look and it dawned on his that this could be her first enounter with two male lovers. He wished it was under better cirumstance, but he rested his hand on her lower leg, giving her a smile, hoping to reassure her before diverting his attention back to the male in front of him. His hand drifted down Blay’s side and only when Blay made eye contact with him again, fangs still pierced, did he cup and stroke the long hard muscle, watching in satisfaction at the reaction he got. 

BLAY: -though Layla’s words had brushed across Blay’s consciousness he was too focused on his lover and the chosen’s healing blood, which was already strengthening him..knitting his gaping wounds back together, to acknowledge her. His hard muscled body stretched out between the chosen and his male along the length of the bed, his cock up for any and all attention it could get tonight. Rumbledgrowls of pleasure rolled from his chest at Saxton’s touch,  hardening him farther with the contact. No matter what the tension between them might have  been earlier in the night, no matter his injuries, in this moment he needed this male. His growl became a hiss, as that wide smooth palm surrounded his hard length, hips rising to meet every stroke. Though his view of the male’s body was restricted by his position and the depth of their visual connection, he knew Saxton was aroused, the soft groans and gentle rock of the males hips against Blay’s thigh gave him away. Slowly Blay released Layla’s wrist and reached for Saxton, lightly caressing the males leg through his pants, urging him to continue what he had started.-

LAYLA: ::the slightest hint of a sting was all the discomfort that remained from the urgency of his strike. He drank with a hunger that surpassed a famished male. A shutter caressed her overly sensitive flesh as her long lashes fluttered softly against her cheeks, pale green eyes dared to not witness the scene of passion that unfolded before her. She willed herself to look away…but verily she could not. Intimacy she longed for radiated from the souls of these two males. A need to be desired as they did one for another bubbled up inside her. Long delicate fingers gathered her robe tighter against her chest, smooth fingertips stroked her throat and she felt the strong strum of her heart, a thousand winged birds all taking flight.Her senses, fine tuned, she watched, listened and though her blush tinted her creamy skin crimson she allowed herself to relish in the act of passion being displayed between two lovers.::

SAXTON: * He watched Blaylock with a hunger he hadn’t felt in a while. His lover’s face was all he saw as he stroked and caressed the massive muscle between Blays legs. The pleasure rippled across those strong features, watched abdominal muscles clenching as his pulls at Layla’s wrist were getting shorter. One need was fading from those blue eyes, with desire and lust and need fully taking over. He moved to be closer, hissing when Blays hand and the fabric of his pants rubbed aganist his own straining muscle. Reminder of whom still sat with him. He had seen Layla but his mind had pushed her aside as he watched his male, but despite his own inner hunger, his upbringing still took over. He worked himself between the two, his hand moving up Blay’s hard chest, minor cuts only pink in healing. He took the chosen’s wrist from Blay, shifting eyes to her as he gently licked the wounds closed, Blays scent and her blood making him twitch again, holding back a hiss he gave a soft kiss to her wrist, voice strained through the small amount of control he had* We thank you Chosen for this gift, gift of life and strength. Your serivce and loyality to the brotherhood is honored. Please go in peace and knowledge that you are helping our race survive. 

LAYLA: ::she had been so caught up in the scene before her, envisioning herself in a world where she felt desired as these males obviously did, that she had naught realized when Blay had released her vein. Verily she was relieved that Saxton had the presence of mind to seal her now dripping wounds, but knew naught how the aristocrat had come to his current position, separating her from Sire Blaylock. Creamy skin still warm from the blush she had worn throughout their meeting, Layla rose from her place on the bed, silently  chastising herself for the three bright crimson splotches that now marred the pristine surface of her robe and bowed slightly to the two males.] Verily, Sires, serving you is ere my pleasure. [Neither male acknowledged her words, and judging by the passion in their eyes she knew naught that they would hear an automobile if it were driven through their room in this moment. With a silent and longing smile she turned her back on what was taking place on the bed and exited the room, careful to make as little noise as possible.::

BLAY: -He felt like a new male, the pure blood of the chosen both healing and nourishing his once battered body. The gorgeous, pearl eyed, male crawled back over him, and it was over. Tongues met and warred with a fierce need that sent his powerful growls echoing into the hallway as the chosen took her leave. He and Saxton, now alone for the first time in days, would make the most of their day and one another.-   #FrenziedFeeding. #UntilOurTime 

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Beastly Date Night

Rhage:  [Damn if I didn’t have the plan set up tonight!  Grinning from ear to ear as I made my way to SafeHouse.  Mary was supposed to be up and ready to go from work in, ten minutes ago.  I hope damn well she was ready because if not, we are going to be late.  No matter how fast I drove we wouldn’t make it in time.  Shutting the door quickly, jogging up the stairs.]  MARY!  [The doggen ran around the corner her jaw moving like a fish.]  Not to worry, I’m here to pick up my date.  “Ah, ah, yes Sire.”  [Leaning against the banister at the bottom of the stairs, ankles crossed with my arms crossed over my chest, waiting.]

Mary: [Moving my fingers rapidly over the keyboard in a desperate attempt to finish up my last file for the day. I loved when new families came to SafeHouse, but tonight wasn’t the night to work late. I had a date! Just that simple thought brought the biggest grin to my face] You’d think Rhage never took me anywhere. [Laughing to myself as I glance up at the clock] Shit! [Hearing Rhage bellow from downstairs and what sounded like a stampede coming right towards my door. I quickly finished the last of my notes and shut down everything, grabbing my purse before I cross the room to open the door. Knowing I still had that silly grin on my face] Hey baby!

Rhage:  [Quickly seeping you off your feet into my arms, leaving a kiss against your lips.]  You ready baby?  [Not waiting for an answer before I shut the door to your office.]  Let’s go, I have something planned that you don’t want to miss.  [Taking your small hand into my own before leading you down the stairs straight to my waiting GTO.]  Buckle up baby, I’m taking you for a ride.  [Laughs sliding into the driver seat, slamming the gas pedal to the floor leaving SafeHouse in a hurry.]

Mary: [Grabbing onto the door as I fumble with my seatbelt] Where’s the fire, baby? [Grinning over at you as the night time scenery flies past the windows. I didn’t even want to bother to try and figure out what we were doing. We hadn’t had too many nights alone since Zahk came back to us, not that I would ever trade my time with our son] I think I’m more excited than Zahk is when Fritz makes chicken nuggets for tonight. [Sliding my hand across the space that separates us and bringing it to rest on your thigh]

Rhage:  [The Beast purred instantly at Mary’s touch.  He pulsed under my skin, wanting to feel her hand against his scales.  FUCK!  Growling as I push him from the surface, no.]  You’ll see, baby.  [Tightening my hold on the steering wheel to keep from touching her, I didn’t want to push my luck right now, not when Mary’s scent filled the car, teasing my skin.  Biting into my lip to keep from attacking you.]  Ready?  [Pointing to the theater that was just coming into view.]

Mary: [Following the direction of your finger with my eyes, blinking several times before turning my eyes from the theater to you and back again. Barely making out the lettering on the marquis that advertised what was playing] Baby? What? How? [Practically bouncing in my seat with excitement, turning back towards you and launching myself across the small distance before peppering kisses against your cheek]

Rhage:  [Grinning enough that my fangs would have been on full display if it wasn’t for you keeping my face from anyone passing by as we parked.  Foreign films… not my favorite, but tonight was about my Leelan.]  Wasn’t too hard, baby.  But I’ll take full payment from you… [Laughs giving her thigh a tight squeeze.] 

Mary: [That simple squeeze to my thigh and the promise in your words was enough for my skin to flush as a wave of arousal washed through me. Leaning closer to your ear to whisper breathily] If we make it back to the mansion…[Nipping on your earlobe with my blunt teeth. I knew I was teasing both you and the Beast, but I couldn’t stop my words if I tried. The fact that you were bringing me to a foreign film marathon sent my heart near bursting]

Rhage:  [The Beast reared his head as your teeth made contact.  Straining to push him into the background before I reluctantly pulled away.]  Baby, we’ll be late if you keep teasing me.  [Grins wide before pushing open my own door, quickly moving to your side opening the door for you.]  I would hate to pass the snack counter because we stayed here, in the public with your teasing lips.  [Curling my fingers into yours pulling you towards the entrance.]  Or we could, skip the movie..

Mary: [Pulling you toward the front door] Uh uh, baby. You promised me a date and that’s what I want. Maybe you’ll get to second base before you take me home. [Winking playfully at you as we approach the ticket counter. I couldn’t help but flash the girl behind the window a smug grin when she started to check you out]

Rhage:  [Laughs giving the ticket chick a wink as I drop my arm around your shoulders pulling you tighter.  Practically dragging you to the snack counter ordering enough popcorn and m&m’s for ten people, along with Coke, and a few boxes of the sour patch kids.]  Oh, baby you want something?  [Grins wide looking between you and the counter…]  Maybe something, sweet.  [Licks my lips slowly, already able to taste the sweet candy from your lips.]  Sweet. 

Mary: You’re not going to share? [I couldn’t have stopped my laugh if I wanted to once I saw the kid’s expression that worked the concession counter. I’m sure it wasn’t every day he saw a blonde giant order enough to feed a small army. Ordering some licorice and a Coke of my own before slipping my arm around your waist and muttering under my breath] Oh, I want something…

Rhage:  [Waggles my eyebrows slowly.]  Oh?  Maybe we should skip the movie, baby.  [grins wide before scooping up the mountain of treats.  Passing through the cinema until we find our theater.  Damn foreign movies.  Shaking my hand before pushing the door open with my shitkicker.]  Maybe we’ve lucked out and missed the credits?  Though that puts a damper on our make-out timeframe.  [Pushes my bottom lip out.]

Mary: Maybe you need an extra seat for all your food, baby. [grins as I turn immediately to my left to find us seats in the back row, noticing a few other people in the theater and not wanting your warrior’s frame to block anyone’s view. Plus the back row allowed a little more privacy for that make out session I was determined to take advantage of. Settling in as the opening credits begin, my eyes adjusting to the bright light when the black and white movie begins. I knew I would owe you a bag of tootsies or ten once the sub-titles started and your quiet groan reached my ears. Lifting the arm rest between us and tucking myself into your side, sneaking a handful of your popcorn. I tried to focus on the screen in front of me as the movie played. It felt like we had just sat down, but half the movie had already passed. I wasn’t ready for my night alone with you to be over]

Rhage:  [I was between watching the movie, or just staring at you as your face would tighten or loosen when you were happy with what was playing on the screen.  Pushing my finger under the arm of your shirt, teasing the soft skin of your shoulder.  Slowly moving my hand from its hiding place under your arm to sprawl against your cheek, turning your face towards mine.  Grinning from ear to ear as I craned my neck low to reach your teasing lips.  My tongue slowly dragging across your bottom lip begging for entrance.  I could crawl into your delicate mouth if you let me, especially right now after having watched you for more than an hour without a single touch.  The Beast purred as your lips parted under mine, he wanted more, and damn it so did I.]

Mary: [Finally! That was the only thought in my head as your lips closed the distance to mine. Parting my lips without hesitation as my tongue moved in search of yours. It was a dance our mouths had done countless times, but each touch of your lips left me even more breathless than the time before. Bringing my small hand up your chest to fist in your shirt, tugging you even closer to me. Salt, butter and chocolate bursting across my tastebuds with every pass of your tongue against mine. Pulling back and licking my lips as I grin] That is sweet.

Rhage:  [A low growl vibrated against my lips as I pulled you back into me.  My hands did their own movement around your body.  I needed to feel your body under me, or on top of me, NOW.  The Beast growled his agreement as his scales brushed the underside of my skin wanting to get closer to your touch.  Yessss.  Tugging you onto my lap, my hands snaking up your thighs, the scent of your arousal wafting around us both.]  Do we have to finish the movie, baby?

Mary: [My hands immediately tangling in your hair in an attempt to keep our lips connected. Who was I kidding? Your rigid, leather covered cock riding along my thigh was playing havoc with my thought process. My body practically started weeping when you asked to leave] Let’s go, baby. NOW!  [Trying to discreetly crawl off your lap and into my own seat without drawing any more attention to us than I’m sure we already have. I couldn’t make myself worry about my embarrassment. My mind only focused on being alone with you. Taking your hand in mine as I try to sneak us out of the theater]

Rhage:  [The Beast growled low as I follow behind you.  I could feel his scales reaching for the surface.  He wanted a piece of you and he wanted you now.  I knew my eyes were glowing white as I stared down the back of your slacks right to the curve of your ass.  His purr vibrated in my skull.  Clenching my mouth closed to keep him from escaping.  Fuck.  Tightening my hold on your hand as we pushed out the back exit.  I couldn’t wait, could I?  Fuck, The Beast was pushing shit too much we needed to…]  Mary…. [My grin sliding across my face slowly as I pulled you into the hold of my arms, my hands slowly wandering down your sides straight to your ass.]  We need you.  [Giving your ass a tight squeeze, forcing your legs to come around my hips to carry you the rest of the way to the GTO this way.  Dropping you onto the hood of the car lightly and forcing your thighs to cradle me between them, kissing hard enough to bruise if I wasn’t careful of how hard I pushed you.]

Mary: [My hands immediately slipping inside your coat to pull your shirt out of your leathers. Sliding them underneath that thin layer of cotton to your tattooed skin, slowly tracing each line of the writhing Beast on your back. I gladly took each bruising kiss and answered hungrily in kind. Silently cursing myself for not wearing a skirt tonight instead of my standard slacks. I wanted you…God how I wanted you and I wanted you now. Bringing my knees up against your hips, twisting and grinding my covered core against your hard cock] Rhage…baby, I need you. [Only parting from your lips long enough to breathily whisper against them before claiming them in another desperate kiss]

Rhage:  [Your soft fingers teased The Beast and myself.  I couldn’t handle the separation caused by the slacks or my leathers.  Tearing through the fabric as I leaned you back against the hood, my hands holding yours in a fist above your head.  My cock instantly found its home in your pussy.]  Yessss.  [The Beasts’ tongue forcing my voice to take on a hiss, but I could keep the rest of him at bay, for now.  Grinding my hips into yours to drive deeper into you.  MINE!  OURS!  My fangs lengthened as I tugged the skin covering your neck.  I, we, wanted to devour you, all of you.  The Beasts’ purr met your cries for more as I drove deep and hard to please your quivering core.]

Mary: [Turning my head to bare the column of my neck to you, a shiver running through my body as your fangs drag over my skin. Every growl, grunt and purr that left your lips only spurred my need for you even higher. I wanted to touch you, to yank your hair and bring your lips back to mine. Straining against your hold, my body arching up into the solid wall of your chest] Baby…[Pressing my knees hard into your hips as you start to move at an even more determined pace]

Rhage:  [Purring loud enough to send a shiver down the spine of anyone within a close enough distance.  MINE!  The Beast growled for me to claim you as ours.  Always.  Grinning slowly as I barely pierce your skin, just enough for a small bead of blood to form on your skin. Yes!  Slowly licking the blood from your neck before I tugged your hair, exposing your neck and pushing your chest into mine.  I couldn’t stop the assault I was driving into your core.  I needed this, The Beast needed it.  We both wanted it, and wouldn’t stop until we both had the cries of your orgasm ringing in our ears.]

Mary: [My neck arching under your command. Hell, my whole body was at your command. Taking my newly freed hand and burying it in your blonde locks and holding you to me. Breathless whimpers escaping from my lips as you drive me closer and closer to the edge. Feeling the muscles in my thighs start to quiver. I twisted and writhed beneath you, searching for that one angle that would send my release crashing through me. Turning my head as much as your grip allowed, giving you a growl of my own] Harder, baby..

Rhage:  [I heard your screams as your pussy tightened on me, holding me in place as I spilled everything The Beast and I had to offer.  Laughing against your throat as I release your hair, holding you in place with my thighs and hands.]  You shouldn’t be showing your goods to the world, baby.  They are for my eyes only, true?  [Reluctantly pulling from your core but staying between your thighs, I didn’t want to leave the comfort of your body wrapped around mine, not yet.]

Mary: [Laughing softly and brushing my lips against your jaw] Next time we have a date night, I’m wearing a skirt. Either that, or you’ll be buying me a new wardrobe. [Bringing my legs down to rest on the hood of the GTO, my heartbeat slowly returning to normal. Despite my “goods” blowing in the breeze, I couldn’t stop the grin that curled my lips as I looked up at you] All yours, baby.

Rhage:  [Pulling you up from the hood of the car, carefully putting you in the passenger seat of the GTO.]  I am taking you home, where I can have what I want, all I want and all I can get.  Grinning wide as I slide into the driver seat.  Movie time was over, but the night was still young…] #BeastlyDateNight

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Royals Abroad

BETH: -Beth worried teeth on her lip, absently tapping the pen on top of the desk, her mind busy, and blue eyes filled with worry. 

Wrath had been engaged in meeting after meeting with each Glymera family in the area the last week. Ever since Xcor and his soldiers had been discovered in Caldwell, the Brotherhood had rallied knowing it was important to make Wrath more of a presence in their vampire race, counteracting whatever trouble the B.O.B’s were trying to stir up. 

And now, god, now Wrath wanted to reach further afield and travel to touch base with more head of Glymera families, people of influence. Beth frowned tossing the pen aside and stood to stretch her legs, Boo jumped down off his perch on the arm of the couch to slink his body around her ankles, no doubt hoping she was headed to the kitchen and the box of snacks she kept there for him. Out of luck Boo. She reached down and stroked him a little along his back. Any other time Beth would have been delighted to travel abroad with Wrath. Wasn’t it one of the things she’d discussed with him recently that she wanted them to do. Yet, here she was, in his study jammed full of worry for his safety and whatifs. He was King, and a warrior, a force to be reckoned with. To her, he was husband and she’d die if anything happened to him. Lessers were one factor that she’d gotten used to, a danger to all vampires especially the brotherhood, but she’d also gotten used to Wrath being at home, safe, secure behind all the walls and security V rigged up. 

But knowing vampires, just like them wanted Wrath dead and to take his throne. Dear god. Her fingers shook a little as she pulled them through waves of brown hair. That was terrifying. And now Wrath wanted to leave the secure mansion and wander around a country they weren’t familiar with, essentially putting himself in harms way with a giant target on his back. How could she tell him diplomatically that was a piss poor idea and she wanted him wrapped in cotton wool AT. HOME. ? Yeah Beth, that would go over as well as an anvil around his neck being pushed off a Bridge over the Hudson…She knew Wrath hated not going out every night with his brothers, that would never truly be settled inside him. He was born to be a warrior. So now he did what he could to keep that connection, he may not fight nightly with blades and guns anymore, but there was no greater warrior than her Wrath or protector of the vampires. Even if he wanted to do something stupid like putting himself in danger out in the open to visit the families, she knew despite hating it, was something he would do. A breath stalled in Beth’s throat, a gripping fear, and then she let it go in a whoosh, 

lungs deflated. She rounded the desk and sat down in the huge throne searching the drawers for paper and a pen, her list scribbled fast and became her plan of action. If they were doing this thing, Beth would make sure they had all provisions covered before she’d let Wrath step one shitkicker on foreign soil. She didn’t care how he’d growl at it. His safety came first. End. Of. The King could just suck it up or they’d have words. Very loud shouting words. A meeting with the brothers was needed, oh man, that would be one loud meeting, they’d object as vehemently as she had when Wrath had casually mentioned it to her in bed a few hours ago. Logistically they all couldn’t traipse around Europe too. The Brotherhood still needed to be active and on the ground here. There went her pen tapping again, blue eyes focused, thinking, calculating, working through every eventuality. They’d take two brothers with them, Beth would let them fight amongst themselves who that would be. Hmm.. she scribbled again, underlining ‘Need Rehv’s Private Jet' three times. Good thing about a mish mash of a family, she thought to herself with a small smile playing around her lips, you could ask for little things like borrowing a jet and someone always had what you needed. 

An hour later, Beth had a list a mile long, and a brain somewhat soothed now that she’d sifted through her worries. She climbed the grand staircase and along to her mated chambers, ditching the red silk robe onto the bottom of the bed. George cracked open an eye from his place laying across Wrath’s legs trying to blend into the covers and not give himself away. Beth grinned petting the top of his head and slid into bed right up to Wrath’s side, her eyes drifting closed with thoughts of their impending trip forefront in her mind- #RoyalsAbroad 

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