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A New Beginning

Blay: -the shit from the last few weeks had reassured him of the course that he wanted his life to take. Blay sat on the edge of their bed, phone in hand, ready to do this. He dialed the number to his parents safe house south of the city, Saxton’s family had been lost in the raids, but his had not, and he wanted them surrounded by people who loved them when he did this.- Mahmen? How are you and Father? -he listened intently to his mothers rambling about his fathers new past times and laughed with her.- I’ve decided to mate Saxton. -she squealed with delight in his ear and yelled across the house for his father.- Mahmen calm down. -his family had taken the news of his relationship with another male quite well and though he thought his mother might have an idea of his feelings for his childhood best friend, she had never mentioned it to him.- I would like to as him while we are surrounded by loved ones. So could you and father join us for first meal at Salvatore’s in the city tomorrow? -she didn’t bother to consult with his father before agreeing to their date “Oh my son, I am so happy for you, as is your father. We cannot wait to see you tomorrow night.” He thanked her and disconnected the call, steeling himself against the nerves in his stomach. Though he had not bonded with the male, Blay loved him and knew that they love was returned tenfold. Their date was all arranged, and soon preparations would be underway for their mating ceremony. He was also going to be speaking to his male about leaving the mansion and returning to Saxton’s home in the city.-

SAXTON: *Standing in front of the wall length mirror, Saxton  adjusted the dark grey elegant high quality suit he wore, smoothing out the finest of lines, snapping silver cufflinks to present to him an image of a pure Glymera risen Male. He was very proud of himself. He had everything he wanted, well almost everything he wanted. But mating Blay would need to wait. He needed to know Blay was truly ready before venturing that road. Dinner tonight was a surprise suggestion and much needed for them. He was really looking forward to seeing his Male outside of the mansion. He was surprised the King had even let him go. He would have to ask what his bargaining tool was. A smile spread across his lips at the thought of Blay getting dressed for their evening and then drifted to when he would be taking them off. His body twitched at the idea. It felt too long and with his dominant side showing to Qhuinn so recently he had wanted Blay in a way he had never known. Grabbing the last of his things, he made his way to his car and to Salvatore’s to see his Male.*

Blay: -gaining permission to leave the mansion had been interesting, and on his way out of the house Wrath had stopped Blay to reiterate his earlier words. “Boy, I’m letting you out only because you will be with your parents and Saxton. Remember that and don’t do anything stupid."  the drive into the city had been even more nerve wracking in the car he had received from Qhuinn, every place he looked a reminder of their bond as friends. He was more than a little surprised that other feelings hadn’t threatened to break the surface, but it seemed that all of him had chosen Saxton as his mate. Now, as he stood outside Sal’s waiting on his male, Dunhill in hand, smoke streaming from his lips to surround his elegant yet powerful form, he adjusted his grey pinstripe suit. One that he was sure Saxton would notice as a complement to what he wore the night of their first date..as was the secluded table where they would be dining. The night was perfect and his parents couldn’t be happier for them…caught in mid thought he choked on the smoke he had been attempting to exhale when he first glimpsed his male unfolding from his car.- Saxton.. -cigarette forgotten he rushed to the males side and pulled him into a warm embrace.- Thank you for agreeing to first meal with me this night. -Sax was sure to catch the secret smile that played across Blay’s lips as the couple made their way through the crowded restaurant and through the kitchen doors. Hand pressed lightly to the small of his males back he smiled the first genuine smile in weeks, all teeth, and thanks to their secluded locale, fangs,- I believe you know my parents? -hugs and handshakes were exchanged before Blay pulled out the chair for his male to sit and settled into his own.-

Saxton: *The smile on his face was truly genuine for his Male, but the workings of his mind were on overdrive. His experience as a lawyer, reading body language and noticing details that make him as good as he is, had him wondering what Blaylock was up to tonight. There was more to this evening then just a meal alone at their favorite restaurant. Pure warmth poured through his body at the simple but intimate touch at his back, but his next train of thought was halted by the sight of Blay’s parents at their table. He greeted them as was proper but with a hint of surprise and all the elegance he knew they loved. He could tell they were excited about something, and when he looked at Blay, there was a glint of pure joy in his eyes that he hadn’t seen in a long time. After being seated by his Lover, he had a feeling, an instinct, that when the night was over, he wouldn’t be seeing Blay as his Lover anymore, but possible something more. To show Blay he knew exactly what this evening was replicating, he ordered two bottles of the wine they shared their first night together as well as the same meals they had both ordered. He made suggestions from Sal’s menu to Blay’s parents, and was honored they chose what he suggested. There was a part of him that wanted to ask Blay what this was all about, but the other half of him, the non-laywer Male who loved Blay with all his heart wanted to let Blay control the evening as he wanted and so he patiently waited.*

Blay: -throughout the meal the four had cautiously skirted the topic of his relationship with the male whose thigh his wide hand now rested possessively on. He knew that his parents were giving him time to do this this way. As the dinner dishes were cleared he drew a steadying breath.- Saxton, love, I sincerely wish that your parents had been able to join us on this most special night. -slowly Blay rose from his chair to sink to one knee between his male’s, while pulling a small box from his pocket. He wasnt exactly sure how this was all supposed to work without the undeniable bond, but had decided to offer Saxton a tangible reminder of their commitment for them to wear up until the time of their carving. Opening the box Blay lifted his head and met the swirling pearl eyes of the male who would soon be his mate.- Saxton, Son of Thym, I am asking you this night to be mine for eternity. -with shaking hands he slid the ring, a human symbol with a twist of his own race thrown in, onto Saxton’s finger and waited.-

Saxton: *Having dinner with Blay and his parents had brought a sense of normalcy. At this time there was no love triangle, no war, no enemies. He was relaxed despite the excited energy surrounding him, that was until dinner was cleared and Blay’s hidden squeeze on his knee brought his instincts to the fore front of his mind. He was fixated on Blay and those lips as he spoke to him, and when he got to his knee in front of him, he literally felt his six chamber heart skip a beat. The male he wanted, the male he never believed would ever give Saxton what he had truly wanted, but here Blay was asking for eternity. He felt something change inside him, the possessive male that had started to show recently seemed to roar to life within him. A new spice filled the kitchen and if he wasn’t completely fixated on Blaylock and the symbol of his desire, he would have wondered what was cooking. He looked into those beautiful blue eyes, searching for a hint of uncertainty, but all he saw was hope, love and sincerity. Blay seemed to finally decide on what was good for him, and Saxton was the Male for him. He smiled wide, grey eyes lightening, fangs fully extended.* Blaylock, Son of Rocke, *turning slightly to acknowledge Blays father before turning back* You have my heart until I enter the fade. *Never had he expected to ever wear a ring, a human symbol, and yet feeling the ring there felt right. He would keep it on even after the carving. He took his soon to be mate in a long kiss, deep and breathless. Vaguely aware of the sounds of joy around them. He didn’t care about etiquette at this moment. Slowly breaking their embrace he looked in those eyes again* I only have one condition my Love. *Curiosity seemed to shine a bright blue as Blay looked at him* I insist you move in with me!

Blay: -in that moment, with his ring in place on his males finger, joy bubbling through him like a fountain, Blay would have agreed to almost anything. To move into Saxton’s home where they would have the privacy to be themselves and foster the love that grew between them? That was a no brainer. The thought donned on him that physical distance from the male he once considered his best friend would be nice as well.- Saxton, if that is the only condition you have for pledging yourself to me, consider this my pledge. I would vow to live with you every night, and lie with you each day for as long as we are mated. -Upon his vow he rose and took his male in his arms, lips meeting and tongues tangling in a kiss so passionate it threatened to steal his breath. The sounds of applause and his Mahmen’s quiet tears drew him from Saxton’s lips, only to pull him tight to his chest, a genuine smile tugging at his lips.- Thank you both for being here to support us this night. -finger beneath Saxton’s chin he lifted until their eyes met, the words he had been holding back for so many months now seemed the only one appropriate.- Saxton, son of Thym, I love you #ANewBeginning 

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Karma’s a Grinch

Saxton- Saxton sat at his desk in his home, staring at a file that had been sitting on his desk for weeks now. Avoiding the confrontation like a servant avoiding his cruel master. He wondered if signatures were not required if he would have just given #Fritz the papers to put in his cousin’s room. He leaned back, a heavy sigh of indecision brushing past his lips. He knew the files by heart. Everything was in order…. except Qhuinn’s scribble accepting or declining the inheritance, the house and all Qhuinn had grown up with. He had planned on seeing Qhuinn sooner, but when he recieved the video from an acquittance that was in ZeroSum the night his cousin and His male were locked together, he couldn’t face either of them. His blood seemed to boil everytime he say Qhuinn’s fangs buried in Blay’s neck, claiming just as he had done so many time with Blay. He was on edge, but he was also a professional and before him was work, not personal issues.. He couldn’t help but let the green jealous vision overcome him and that is when he decided to leave the mansion for a while. Coming home to a place where everything in this house was HIS. No one else’s, everything belonged to him. It had done wonders for his outlook and he was able to tackle his cases with a fresh clear mind. But now all that was left to take care of was Qhuinn. He picked up his phone, picturing his cousin on the other line and then having to change his image, remembering the last he saw of him, minus the bearing fangs. Rings and piercings gone, a look his family would have wanted, different colored eyes aside. He heard a few rings before the gruff voice he knew picked up, almost smiling at the greeting he got…. almost*

Qhuinn- -Sprawled out across his bed he was bored as fuck and under Wrath’s ruling his ass was stuck at home. Goddamn, this was what it felt like to be grounded? He didn’t care for this shit. Not at all. TV flipped on, he found ‘The Grinch’ Yeah that would do, he thought. Merry Ho Ho.. damn Christmas. He now scowled at his fully “Christmasfied” room that Layla had taken upon herself to decorate. He had blinking lights and glittery fucking balls hung everywhere. That chosen had to have been hanging with the females of the house. He shifted back up on the bed as he turned back to the TV. He chewed on his lip where his piercing had been and debated on going to see V. The brother would have no issue pushing a needle back through his lip. More he thought about it though he decided he’d wait, for what he didn’t know, but he’d wait on that shit. When a commercial hit he went to refresh his beer in the cube fridge by the bed, his phone rang and he snagged it off the night stand cursing seeing who it was. He answered after cracking open another beer.-What’s doin’ Saxton? You’re making me miss ‘The Grinch’…. –Qhuinn stretched back out on the bed-

SAXTON: *He couldn’t help but roll his eyes at Qhuinn’s demeanor He recently exposed our race and he was worried about missing the Grinch? Saxton bit back the retort on his tongue, his anger and jealousy still fresh, barely contained. Again he had to tell himself he was a lawyer right now, and Qhuinn was a client.* I have papers on my desk that may be of more interest to you then watching a documentary about yourself, though you may want to watch the movie, you may learn to grow a bigger heart. *He cringed at his remark, apparently his emotions were not as contained as he wished.

Qhuinn: -His fist clutched the phone tight enough to shatter it, air left his lungs in a whoosh, leaving him feeling like he’d been socked in the gut. He didn’t realize Saxton knew anything that had happen, but it was obvious from his words and tone he did. Blay made it clear that he was done. So yeah of course he told Saxton all that had happened. To hell with it though, He wasn’t biting the bait tonight. He wasn’t having a civil war on the phone, besides he deserved the heartless comment among other things. But fuck if it didn’t cut a little.-What kinda damn papers? -his mind started racing. Had Wrath ordered some legal shit on him for the scene at ZeroSum? Fuck Fuck Fuck. Surely the king would have said something to him directly… then again he’d never seen Wrath that pissed. …-

SAXTON: *His lips shouldn’t have twitched into a smirk when he heard the slight panic in his cousin’s voice, but it did. He wasn’t in the mood to calm those fears either. Plus he knew his cousin well enough. If Saxton told him it was about his family then he would just tell him to burn the papers and forget about them. Qhuinn needed to see what was inside.* The contents of these documents would best be viewed privately Qhuinn, not discussed over the phone. Since you are under house arrest, will you meet me in the King’s library? *It was open enough space that they could talk, neutral ground, though he wished he could have meet him in his own home.*

Qhuinn: -The growl tumbled from his throat at his cousins refusal to tell him what the fuck was doing with these so called papers. The TV flipped off, he threw his legs off the side of the bed, feet landed with an audible hard thud..- You had to add that house arrest shit didn’t? -he turned up his beer and drank till the last drop was gone. He dragged in a deep breath. - Saxton just fucking tell me if this has to do with all the shit that went down, then i’ll meet you in the library. -he wasn’t going into whatever this was to be blind sided-

SAXTON: -He actually ground his teeth at his cousins stubbornness. It was rare to be this frustrated with Qhuinn, but he also wanted to be finished with this. To be rid of this connection. He had kept this from Qhuinn long enough.* I have had these papers long before your ill judgement exposed us to the humans. I am heading to the library now. I ask you show me some respect cousin *sneering the word slightly* and grant me what I have asked. *Saxton ended the call, more afraid his cousin would break the thin wall holding back his hurt and anger. Gathering the papers in his black leather briefcase, he exited his home and dematerialized to the King’s home, smiling at #Fritz when he was greeted at the entrance. *Good evening Sire. Will you be staying the evening? *Saxton shook his head looking to the stairs, mentally seeing the room he shared with his lover before looking back at #Fritz* No I am only here on business with Qhuinn. I will be leaving right after. It won’t be long enough for refreshments. I am sure there are other duties you can attend to. *He turned from Fritz after hearing his usual thanks and entered the library.*

Qhuinn:   -He ran his fingers through his dark hair effectively fixing it. God, his cousin was prick. Only blood family you got left. The voice in the back of his head punched into his ears.- Still a prick  -he mumbled. If he’d had this papers for a while why the fuck hadn’t he told hell just even brought them up before. Qhuinn had a feeling he wasn’t going to like what he was walking into.  In faded ragged out jeans with holes in the knees and the black Metallica tshirt Blay had given him a few yeas ago for Christmas, he headed out. John Matthew passed him in the hallway and cracked a grin, signing. “You not have a babysitter for the night out, Bro?”  -John slapped a large paw to Qhuinns shoulder.- Smartass… That shits not even cool, Man. -Qhuinn glared swiping away his hand. John was fully amused. “Now you know how I feel having you up my ass every time I want to go somewhere.”  Qhuinn flipped him off.- I gotta meet Saxton. He’s got some papers or some shit for me. Lets meet up in the shooting range in a hour or so. -he punched JM in the arm hard and headed for the library, calling back over his shoulder.- And I’m not your fucking babysitter, you ass. -He grinned and took off,  Qhuinn heard his retreating foot steps on the stairs as rounded the corner he pushed open the already ajar Library door. Saxton stood by the table, papers laid out.-  If this is so important why the hell have you waited this long to tell me?  -he slowly crossed the room, his shoulders showing the stress his body held. He wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries.- 

SAXTON: -He heard Qhuinn walk in. the heavy boots with that cocky stride was well recognizable. His eyes lifted at the question. He truly despised his actions being questioned, and he hated more the truthful answer he had for him. Just as he could feel Qhuinn’s frustration, he was feeling the same, even more now that the reason for his current contempt was standing before him* My reasons are my own cousin and I don’t have to explain myself to you. You are a client by necessity not financially. *He turned his eyes from Qhuinn to the papers he had laid out on the table, referring to each as he spoke.* What I have laid before us are deeds to your parents’ home, contracts to their finances and all other assets that belonged to your father. *He paused to look up at Qhuinn again* Which all belong to you now with a swish of a pen. *He placed the pen on the table not really expecting Qhuinn to sign and waited for his reaction.*

Qhuinn:  Those papers… they couldn’t be really what Saxton said they were. No fucking way. Without a word, disbelief etched clear on his face he stepped closer, palms slammed down on the edge of table. He read the headers, the fine print and all the scribble in between. He couldn’t stop the harsh laugh that escaped, darkened mismatched eyes lifted to Saxton. Tone strangely calm.-  How fucking ironic is this shit?  My father would have rather burnt his money and the house before he would’ve allowed me to have even a small percentage.  –Qhuinn raked a hand through his hair, tugging the ends, eyes cast around the room as if the answer to what he was supposed to do with this lay in the bookshelves of the library.-  You know me well enough cousin…Part of me wants to tell you shred all this shit. –he fingered over the papers, disgust and hurt mixed with some pissed off swelled up in his voice. This was all he had left of a life that never wanted him, a family that had disowned and rejected their own son.  A 45 million dollar estate that he had his name written all over it. –   Karma’s a bitch, Father.  –The words more of a murmur.-  The mutant has all you never wanted him to have right at his fingertips….   –bitterness crept into his tone, became a glint in his eye as he stepped around the table to face off with his cousin.- Tell you what Saxton.  I personally don’t want a fucking dime of any of this money. However I may be arrogant.. but I’m not fucking stupid.  –He licked his lips, lowered his head to gather his marbles all in a row, he glanced up taking the pen off the table-  I want you to make a hefty deposit into your bank account, then another in Blay’s.  Don’t you dare fucking mention where the money came from….EVER.  I don’t admit my wrongs often but I’ve fucked up bad with him and with you. Money cant fix everything I know that shit. – He paused letting all this sink in.-  Whatever is  left cash me out and Ill meet you to pick it up.  Now tell me where to fucking sign. 

SAXTON: He watch his cousin and for a moment everything that had happened disappeared. So many emotions ran through those mismatched eyes and piercing free face. He knew how Qhuinn had grown up, the stigma of his so called defect. Even he had felt it by being Qhuinns cousin, but he had never let it bother him. He felt speechless with Qhuinns demand. Personally he didn’t need the money, and he knew Blay didn’t either, and explaining the deposit, avoiding Blays question would be hard. He wanted to tell Qhuinn no, the word was on his tongue but he saw the resolve in those eyes, saw the amends he was attempting and nodded slightly. His fingers worked through the paperwork, showing his cousin where to sign, taking possession of his family’s estate. He gathered the papers once finished and placed them back into his leather briefcase. With a final snap he looked at his cousin.* I’ll let you know when the final arrangements are made and we will meet up again after the new year to finish all of this. *The words ‘A pleasure’ stuck in his throat, so instead he gave Qhuinn a small smile and walked towards the door, he paused at the entrance and looked back at Qhuinn.* Your gesture is admirable cousin and acknowledged, but if I ever see your fangs in MY Male again, I will follow your fathers footsteps and cut every family tie I have with you. *His cold hard granite eyes showed the truth of his words before he turned and left the mansion. His home and sanctuary his destination* #KarmasAGrinch 

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Until Our Time

QHUINN- Two nights after the penthouse, it was almost dawn after his shift of rotation that he finally brought his ass dragging up the front steps of mansion. He and V had parted ways without a word, just simple nods and that was that. There was nothing to be said. Qhuinn had set foot in the world where Vishous was known as master and chains, daggers and whips weren’t used just in the war. Hellva night that was, he’d had no aversions to the shit that had went down and watched for hours in the Penthouse long after the sun had risen. That whole fucking evening from the time they got to the Ironmask had been a downward spiral of the good shit. He’d been cocked and ready, his mind cleared of all things that needed to be forgotten even if for only one night. Odds were in his favor, he’d found more than he bargained for and he sure a fuck wasn’t complaining. He cranked open the front door and crossed the large foyer, shitkickers squeaked against the floor like a mass murder of mice beneath his feet. Hand scrubbed at his face once again getting the reminder his metal was gone. Wasn’t thinking about that right now, he was beyond ready for a shower and some grub in his rebelling stomach. Eyes shifted around the house, Boo and Roadkill sat on the bottom step of the stairs looking like they were ready to pounce on the first unfortunate soul to cross them. He bared his fangs and hissed, of course they returned the favor then darted between his legs into the kitchen. Almost tripping on both them he cursed under his breath- My damn boot is bigger than your heads. -they laid out in the middle of the kitchen floor and rolled around on their backs, looking up at him with big innocent eyes-. You’d do good to remember that next time fur balls. -Leaned over he scratched both there stomachs and never even saw Fritz walk from the pantry. -“Good evening, sire Qhuinn.” -He jerked to the upright position not missing the slight smile on the doggens face…Great he’d been damn busted talking to cats. Was there a special facility for that? “I was tiding up the kitchen before dawn. Is there anything you would like?” -Bit down on his lower lip he dragged his teeth tugging the spot where his metal once pierced. He really wanted a shower and out of the fucking leathers, naked… god he wanted to be naked on his sheets.- You know Fritz whatever leftovers there are pile them up and bring them to my room. –“Of course sire Qhuinn. If master Rhage hasn’t been in the fridge there should be plenty of things for your liking.”–Thanks Fritz, but if he has don’t worry about it, I’ll survive –he grinned, cupped the older male on the shoulder and then turned leaving the kitchen, Roadkill and Boo darted again through his legs this time running a figure eight then like lightening up the stairs they went.- I’m not past eating Cat right now! -he took off heavy footed up the staircase, but stopped when he reached the top and they’d disappeared.-  Next time… -trailing off he stripped his shirt over his head and fingered open his leathers he’d be almost naked by the time he hit his bedroom. The muffled thump and some other sounds, which he wasn’t going to venture to guess what those were, had him doing a quick check straight to one door in particular. It was closed.- Thank fuck ….

BLAY: -the dawn was upon them and while he had just tucked Saxton into bed,only having stayed for a quick tumble in the black satin sheets,he now dressed..well he attempted too. His knees were still weak from the force of his release and as he’d slipped from his male, rolling so that his feet touched the floor they buckled sending him falling against the wall. Blay and Saxton both laughed while he steadied himself then made his way across the room in search of his workout gear. Shorts in hand he decided on commando,Scribe virgin knew that he would be hard again the minute the loose athletic material brushed his ultra-sensitive flesh. Saxton’s hungry gaze caressed every exposed inch of his skin and he felt it as surely as he would have his lovers hand.- you sure you don’t want to join me in the training center, Sax? -his brows waggled, a wide grin pulling at his lips.- I think there are more mats down there that need christening.

SAXTON: He watched his lover, fully satisfied. His soul feeling connected a little more with Blaylock, despite the short time. He still internally cursed the little time they saw of each other time, but they always made the most of it, whether it was between the sheets or enjoying a cigar and good conversation. He laughed, matching Blay’s grin as he a ducked a ball of athletic socks coming his way. He propped himself up to the headboard of their bed, with no intention or energy to leave these sheets.* As enticing and inviting as that sounds my handsome Male, you give me enough of a work out in these sheets. Once again you have exhausted me, your stamina amazes me ever so * He grinned at the blush spreading across Blay’s cheeks, despite at how experienced he had become.* I do believe the teacher has become the student, makes me wonder if I need to introduce you to new things. * He grinned darkly, sensually as he teased Blay tying his shoes and stood, returning to the him for a quick kiss before he hit the door*

BLAY.- I’ll wake you when I return, Saxton. -with that he turned to go,his hand pausing on the knob when he had to drop to his knees,shoulder slamming into the wall,to avoid the return of his socks as they were hurled towards him.-Well hell,maybe you don’t need to work out,I won’t be able to avoid the direct hit next time. -their immense laughter ensued and spilled out into the hallway with Blay as he looked back and blew Sax a kiss,turning around just in time to slam into someone. Even without opening his eyes he knew exactly who he had collided with. Qhuinn’s scent filled his nose,washing over his every pore,causing him to curse inwardly. His eyes opened slowly taking in the male that was half naked,sweat soaked t-shirt tossed over his shoulder, leathers open and revealing the blunt tip of his cock. ‘Look away’ he chastised himself. Shit!- Man I’m sorry. -blue eyes traveled up that rock hard body,flaring when they caught the lack of metal in that beautifully masculine face-

Qhuinn- -Those fucking blue eyes held nothing back, he could almost feel the path they took over his body and with him back on his game, his cock was more than willing to oblige whatever fell into its path. Only One thing could stop him…okay two. Mr.Satin sheets sitting on the bed and the scent of male and sex so strong coming from their room it would strangle a hooker.-  Christ. - He all but growled as his view was shut off between one breath and the next, he stared at the back of his own eye lids shaking his head at this ludicrous shit. Silence… just fucking ball itching silence till his dry, sharp, humorless laugh finally found its way from his throat. His eyes flipped open and cut to Saxton who sat up in bed like he’d had a corn cob shoved up his ass.- Talk about some awkward mother fucking shit. Cousin…-he took a step backwards- Best friend…-another step as his dual colored eyes trailed back to Blay- Lover….all half naked in way too close proximity. Sounds like one of those twisted jacked up romance novels the females read these days. -the pad of his thumb stroked along his lower lip, he continued his trek backwards.

SAXTON: His laughter died when he spotted his cousin in the hallway. His male colliding with the one object keeping him and Blay apart from a mating ritual. He took in the new look of Qhuinn, surprise on his face at all the metal missing, a look of a proper Male, and yet it didn’t seem right. His thoughts went to the folder on his desk, holding Qhuinns past, an estate and inheritance now entirely his. He had planned to go see Qhuinn today about it, but after this little showdown it would need to wait. He nodded his head to his cousin, despite their connection with Blay, he was still family and would always give him the respect he had for him, ignoring Qhuinns comment. *Cousin, you look… well. *His voice was tight though, watching Blay’s body tense, instinct telling Saxton what Blay must have been feeling being so close to his cousin.*

Qhuinn- Even as he retreated his smirk grew till it reached his darken eyes that were set on Blay. To be able to let go like he had with Vishous and that female, no strings attached, just a solid fuck that would shake the walls of the compound. Blay wasn’t an ass virgin anymore they wouldn’t have to be gentle. Mother of Shit…talk about mind going off into left field he was surprised he didn’t run into the wall. His thoughts matched his tongue when he spoke.-  commando…. – Brow cocked as he gave Blay a once over. - …guess you finally realized I was right ,makes for quicker access. –his strong grip hooked to the back of his neck as he bit down on his lip. He now stood by his own door not bother to cover himself or conceal the obvious way his zipper was sliding down, his cock tightened in his quickly loosening leathers. Damn in this moment he decided a night out with V needed to come with ‘after effect’ warning labels, a bottle of goose and possibly a blow up doll-  Ill umm let you two get back to….yeah. -he swung open his bedroom door-  I got shit to do… ‘Like fuck the hell out of my hand before my nuts explode’ -last part he mumble cursed and stepped into his own room.-

BLAY: -sonofamotherfuckingbitch! Every nerve ending in his body was firing on all cylinders and he was hard as a fucking rock. Thank the sv that his back was to Saxton and their bedroom,without a word he kicked the door closed,the two of them in such close proximity was almost too much to bare. The male he still wanted in front and the one who wanted him behind,kinda left him in a fucked up position. The straining erection behind his now too tight shorts pressed to the waistband in its bid for freedom,and the inch by tantalizing inch being revealed across the way did nothing to slow that train. His eyes traveled his best friend’s mostly naked body once more,his piercings were gone..even the ones that hadn’t resided in his face,as was the dark ragged mop of hair that had often times concealed his mismatched eyes. The only remainders of the post-trans persona Qhuinn had adopted were the red teardrop tattoo beneath his left eye,the chain linked permanently around his neck that together marked as AN  to John Matthew,and the tattoos that he and V had spent hours working on. The past came flooding back,the nights he and his best friend had spent together as pre-trans,the dreams that they had once had of fighting side by side in the war,their oath to never let anything come between them. He remembered his own transition as well as the other males,and the times before he had let his true feelings be known,when things between them were easy. He was so caught up in the transformations Qhuinn had made,and his link to the past,that he failed to answer the words spoken only snapping back with the click of the door.-fuck -Blay massaged the back of his neck,wondering what to do next,he no longer felt like hitting the gym,and after.. yeah.. After That visual of Q he couldn’t go back to Saxton. Footsteps on the stairs drew his attention,Fritz carried a tray piled high with food,which if he had to admit smelled amazing. He forced his lips to turn upwards in a polite smile and greeted the doggen respectfully.-Good eve Fritz. You look quite well. -“Thank you Master Blaylock,I am quite well.” the doggen stopped,turning to face him and smiled a smile of utter pleasure,”I am just bringing belated last meal up to Master Qhuinn,it seems as though he arrived home late.” things clicked into place in his mind. Qhuinn’s scent had been off,yeah it was obvious that he had been out drinking and god only knew what else. A thought entered his mind and before he could change his mind…- I was just going in to see Qhuinn,let me take that for you. I’m sure you have other things that need your attention. -“Of course, sire,thank you.” Fritz passed the heavily laden tray to Blay and turned to make his way back down the staircase.- It is my pleasure help. -His true motive having been concealed had him breathing a sigh of relief as he made his way past JM’s door and stopped in front of Qhuinns, and mimicked the doggen’s knock.-

QHUINN-   That hell did NOT just happen.  -he sank onto the edge of his bed, slightly out of control look going on behind those blue green eyes. Fingers rubbing his ear lobes.-  WoooSaaaaahhh. WooofuckingSaaaaahhh. -that shit wasn’t doing a damn thing to get all the explicit slide show out of his head or its effects out of his pants.- Naked, Shower, Food. IS that too much to ask? -growling he unlaced his boots, banging his the heels into the floor then kicked the 10 pound leather weights off toward the closet, they hit the wall instead. Close enough. Off the bed he made for the bathroom when there was knock.-  Bless the Doggen that brought food… -cock tucked away to insure the Fritz didn’t get an eye full, he willed open the door as he crossed the room.- You are a God my man A food God I tell…. -he looked up and froze in place,arms slowly folded over his bare chest,a brow pulled high- You take up doggen duty on your spare time? -he wanted to beat his fucking head into the wall, numerous times…that could wait till after the grub.- I think you need more clothes on if you’ve got other rounds, I don’t think the Zsadist will take a liking to you free balling under those gym shorts. Poker face on, he reached and took the tray from Blay and returned to the bed. Tossing back the covering, he all but inhaled the food- Get in here and Shut the damn door I don’t want your boyfriend coming down here and making himself a nose hole in the crack.-

BLAY: -he wasn’t sure what he had expected walking into Qhuinn’s room,but it sure as fuck wasn’t what he got. The guy had wasted no time in getting ready for the shower,his leathers were now fully unzipped and though he had given the tuck and cover an attempt when he assumed it was Fritz at the door,he had since abandoned the thought,turning to food instead.-Yeah,well I needed the extra cash,Rhage tips quite well. -he laughed,closing the door behind himself.- I have no doubt that your cousin will stay right where he is for the remainder of the day,he was pretty worn out. -casually he leaned against the bed,nothing but the tray of food separating them. He hated looking desperate,and it being so obvious that he kept tabs on the male,but Fuck if he didn’t NEED to know- So.. -he focused On the picture of the three amigos,as they had once been referred to..JM included,that hung on the wall across from him,thumbs hooking in the waistband of his gym shorts.-You didn’t make it in before sunrise yesterday.. -there, the question was out..Qhuinn could take it as he would-

Qhuinn-  Considering I’m not ashes scattered in the air, Blay. I’d say I made it in… -he answered and took another huge bite, teeth dragging back over the fork. Damn over observant eyes in this house. It wasn’t nobody’s business where he was as long as he had rotation covered. The mashed potatoes stuffed his mouth became really hard to chew with a clenched jaw, swallowed and tossed the fork on the plate. Heels of his hands dug in his eyes, rubbing hard. He didn’t even have to look up to know Blay was drilling a hole in the side of his head, hoping that answer he wanted would just drip out. He finally glance to his left to realize he was god damn eye level all up in Blays free hanging junk. Yeah he licked his lips, let his mouth fall open and that low growl ride over his fangs, then he was off the bed staring Blay face to face, he all but snarled.- Don’t ask question you don’t want the answer to.

BLAY- -his irritation was a rolling growl deep in his chest. Qhuinn was all about trying to be a fucking comedian this morning,well he would soon see just how funny Blay thought he was.-Goddamn it, Qhuinn. -Blay’s nostrils flared,the scent flowed from every one of Qhuinn’s pores,dark and spicy,most definitely signifying his perceived possession. Wide fists opened and closed in a futile attempt to calm the pounding hooves of his six chambered heart, their lower bodies were scantly an inch from being pressed together, and it took every ounce of his self-control not to close that distance. Yeah he had caught the look and growl before Q had gotten all up in his grille.- If I asked the fucking question I wanted the answer. -the stubborn ass just glared,his dual colored eyes darkening once again, sweetest virgin he was gorgeous,his features softened by the absence of the gunmetal. Without permission Blay’s tongue slid over his lower lip, Qhuinn’s eyes followed the movement..- we have known one another a long time, man, don’t try and skirt the subject. Where. Were. You. Yesterday? You didn’t come home.

Qhuinn: -The tension mounted his shoulders and twisted his spine, he fell into the draw of this male too fucking easily. One reason he’d kept his distance. Too raw from his ventures the previous nights to deny what his body wanted more of….hardcore raw sex, he leaned in oh so slow, the temptation had him sucked down by the balls. Qhuinn’s fingernail sliced slowly down the male’s bicep almost drawing blood, words a guttural whisper scratched from the back of his throat.-  Don’t say you weren’t warned.  –Those Blue green eyes empty of conviction or guilt, showed only a deep powering promise of a long day of pleasure behind closed doors. His dark clipped tone all but brushed against Blay’s lips.- Ironmask…. -that single word held hundreds of vague explanations, none of them lead toward anything innocent.- ….with Vishous. -Qhuinn’s mouth rubbed across the stubble of his jaw.- That what you wanted to hear, Blay? -the aggression in his touch spiraling quickly as fangs replaced his lips-  The magic stick is back up and fucking. You think you can handle that ride Blay? -he leaned in ivory jagged pressed right to Blay’s vein.-I’m not HIM, I won’t whisper sweet fucking nothings in your ear.

Blay: -that fast his switch flipped.. It was lights out..his mind short circuited, and his body a slave to sensation causing all rational thought to check out. his hands found Qhuinn’s waist,slid beneath the leather until they were cupping that tight..perfect ass,pulling them together.- Warning noted.. -something struck him as wrong with the explanation,but he didn’t care.,thinking was for later. Now..well,fuck now was now. Blay’s chest rumbled and his hips rocked,forcing the leather encasing said ‘magic stick’ to stroke them both. Fuck.. This was what he had been waiting for,yearning for,for so long. Fangs and lips traveled up Qhuinn’s neck,and he melded their mouths with raw possession, he was here and now fuck tomorrow. Each strong thrust of his tongue took him higher, filling him with the unique flavor of sex and tequila and dark male, a combination he had hungered for for months,needed more of.- whispers..don’t matter. Want the ride. -confidence blooming in his chest Blay guided Qhuinns hips to move in rhythm with his own-

QHUINN- -Qhuinn’s hands clasp around the sides of that thick neck, holding Blay where he wanted him, he watched those blue eyes flare wild with pent up lust that he seen a hundred times. Yeah this was fucking going down tonight, so much for keeping his distance. Qhuinn stepped deeper into the grind of their bodies and answered with a thrust of his tongue and bite of teeth against the male’s mouth. The assault was aggressive yet smooth with every flick and stroke. Grip tightened, a growl was forced down Blay’s throat, and the fuel to fuck without mercy was raining down like a mad bitch. God damn this was going to be a hell of a hangover tomorrow. A drop of his hands he had Blay twisted around to the bed mouths parted with bared canines on full show. Qhuinn’s voice fevered.- You said it don’t matter. Yet you came in here wanting to know where I’d been. -he took a step back a hand sliding down his hard cut abs and into his opened leathers, hips rocked at the harshness of his own touch.- Will it matter tomorrow? – He bowed him over the bed, chest first.- One time …A hard fuck and an even harder release. That’s what you want? -his words a delicacy of sins that even the devil would want to try on. He pulled his cock free giving a rough graze of a hand down his length then pushed forward, grinding nice and slow against Blay’s thin covered ass.-   You think Saxton will mind sharing, Blay?

BLAY: -Raw animal lust had taken over, every slide of Qhuinns length against his ass had his own cock jerking in response, weeping for what was finally happening. In this moment nothing mattered, nothing except for the magnetic attraction between the two of them. His fangs, daggers of ivory, pierced the delicate flesh of his lower lip as he fisted the sheets, bleeding onto the satin that was saturated in Qhuinns unique scent. The words growled low from behind him should have mattered, really should have, but the lust in those mismatched eyes..directed at him.. Was too much.- Fuck Qhuinn, stop talking and do it. -Breathless words fell from his lips and he ground back hard into the male.- Yes I want it. I want it Now. -His hands moved for the waist of his shorts ready to shove them down, he was so fucking ready. Again his lover was brought up, deflating the lust inside him. He had a fucking choice to make and Christ if Qhuinn wasn’t laying it all on the line, making him decide. One night is all this bedding would lead to, though it would most likely be the best, most intense night of sex he had ever..or would ever have. But Saxton..- STOP!! -his muscled arms had propelled him up off the mattress in a move that would have planted Qhuinns cock balls deep had the thin veil of fabric not separated them, almost did anyway if the sounds of ripping threads were any indication. His best friend, (that was all he could ever be,) stumbled backwards until he fell against his own dresser, mismatched eyes narrowing to deadly slits that shot daggers straight into Blay’s royal blues for long minuets before they closed. Blay’s brain raced, flipped through page after page of memories, the pictures depicted on the back of his eyelids revealed each and every one of their stolen moments. He saw himself on his knees before Qhuinn, swallowing the males cock the night he had first gone out with Saxton, the time their sparring session had turned into make out central, and the countless other times he had felt the pull to his friend being so strong.- I dont want this. -yeah he did, but couldnt go through with it. His head shook vehemently as he attempted to clear it of the lust fog and Qhuinns scent.-

Qhuinn- – He hadn’t determined if his was relieved or pissed at the situation, but when the shutters began to crank closed he knew he was stuck in the house till night fall. Yeah he was pretty sure he was pissed. God knows he had no right to be.  Brow pulled high and tight over severe mismatched eyes, voice a thick rasp.-  Christ Blay ten fucking minutes ago would’ve been a good time to have that epiphany. - He flung curses across the room as he propped his ass against the dresser and attempted to reign in the ache of his cock and throbbing of his balls. Mother fuckers were drawn up in is throat. They’d be blue for days if he didn’t get some relief. The water would be ice cold in the shower before he could ease himself enough to sleep.  Lips set in a hard line, he watched the male… his best friend for the longest time in silences.  It was then that he realized he’d said the one thing he knew that would make Blay stop everything…..Saxton. Cause Qhuinn knew tonight he wouldn’t have stopped, tonight wouldn’t have ended up as just a fling.

Blay:  -rasping breaths sawed in and out of his lungs, slowly calming him, though the scent that permeated the room still affected him. He couldn’t truly believe what he had just done as he stood staring across the expanse between them, couldn’t believe that he had denied Qhuinn. But then, that has been the one damn thing guaranteed to work. Blay still wasn’t over what he had felt for Qhuinn, hell, he would probably never be, but somewhere deep inside other feelings were taking root. Blossoming. Saxton was the male Blay deserved, the male who Loved him despite his biggest fault (being in love with another), and he would be damned if he was fucking that up for the one night stand he had been offered.- Yeah..maybe, but at least I stopped us before you did something you would regret. -with that Blay adjusted his now flaccid cock beneath his shorts and turned to leave.- Let’s just pretend this night never happened, shall we? -the last words tossed over his shoulder he left the room, closing the door behind him. More in need of a nice hard workout than ever he made his way down stairs and into the training center.- #UntilOurTime 

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Frenzied Feeding

SAXTON: Come with me lover, take what you need, what I see in those eyes I love so much *He pulled Blay towards the bed, keeping eye contact, moving to putting layla between them.* Take what you want Blaylock! * He saw Blay’s eyes shift to Layla, hunger deep, saw those eyes move to her neck. Saxton’s stomach clenched at his own memory of Blay feeding so intimately from his own neck, his cock twitched and he knew he couldn’t watch his male take from a place so intimate, even if it was a Chosen*

BLAY:  -At the moment his brain didn’t care that biology worked against he and his lover, requiring them to feed from a female for nourishment, he needed Saxton in the most primal of ways. Eye contact never wavering they moved in sync, the males words striking a chord somewhere deep in Blay’s soul. His lover, his target, vanished from view..only to be replaced with the face of the fair haired, doe eyed chosen. Layla sat, ever the picture of perfect feminine beauty, before. Not that he noticed that beauty, no..his eyes were drawn to one particular part of her anatomy, the quick rise and fall of pure cream skin covering that delectable lifeline in her throat.- 

LAYLA: ::Layla sat in place on the bed, trying to disguise her fidgeting hands by smoothing the velvet duvet while she  listened to Saxton’s words and scrutinized Blaylock’s response. She had been serving the young soldier for a number of years now and never had she seen his fangs quite so long, his blue eyes quite so entranced with hunger and lust. The scene confused her, and as the two came nearer she became even more so. Her eyes were trained on the red headed male when the mattress to her left dipped under Saxton’s weight, warmth pooling in her belly the moment Blaylock’s gaze lit on the thumping vein in her throat. Her delicate hands rose slowly and gathered her robes tighter around her, no male had she allowed to take from her carotid before this night. Her pale eyes went wide feeling Saxton’s firm but gentle grip around her wrist.::

SAXTON: *He encouraged Layla to place her wrist in Blay’s hands, while Saxton placed his hand on Blay’s cheek guiding his head down to the beautiful white skin, his voice even lower, huskier* Take what she offers, Lover so I can have what I want.

 BLAY: -his parched lips met the silky skin of the chosen’s wrist and instinct did the rest. Ivories punctured the vein with the force he would have used deep in the throws of passion, and though he heard her gasp of pain he couldn’t bring himself to stop and apologize. With some maneuvering he was able to shift Layla farther back onto the bed and clamber up next to her, the towel falling away from his hips to land in a puddle on the floor. Nothing mattered to him in that moment, not his nudity, not his adverse feelings towards the chosen. Nothing but the steady flow of her life blood that washed over his tongue and coated his throat. The rich, exotic flavor begging him to take harder, faster pulls, anything to have more of that delectable blood nourishing him.- 

LAYLA: ::she was unable to disguise her sharp inhale as her wrist was taken, the needle like fangs driving deep, forcing her to bite down on her lush lower lip to keep from calling out. The male was on the bed with her before she knew what was happening, and though the pain had vanquished any trace of desire she might have felt, she knew the same wasn’t true for Blay. The towel that had been covering him was now on the floor, his erection no longer hidden from her view.:: Sires, I… ::her face lit in a crimson blush as she felt more movement on the bed, Saxton had moved closer to Blay, still murmuring words of love to the other male. Layla knew she should avert her lovely eyes, but the action seemed impossible, verily she had heard whispers from her sisters on the other side of visions they had seen in the watching bowls. Visions of males loving males, and females loving females. The Chosen hadn’t understood the same gender relationships, but upon seeing their that Glymera had naught deemed such practices unlawful, had assumed them acceptable. She had never before witnessed such a couple and was bewildered.::

SAXTON: He moved with the two, stayling close to Blay. His hands only briefly dropping as they manuvered in bed. A low groan escaped his lips as the towel dropped and his own erection throbbed painfully, pushing hard aganist his lose pants. The room was filled with the scent of blood and lust and no matter what sexual preferenced you had those were core needs. His eyes left Blay only when he noticed the Chosen’s bewildered look and it dawned on his that this could be her first enounter with two male lovers. He wished it was under better cirumstance, but he rested his hand on her lower leg, giving her a smile, hoping to reassure her before diverting his attention back to the male in front of him. His hand drifted down Blay’s side and only when Blay made eye contact with him again, fangs still pierced, did he cup and stroke the long hard muscle, watching in satisfaction at the reaction he got. 

BLAY: -though Layla’s words had brushed across Blay’s consciousness he was too focused on his lover and the chosen’s healing blood, which was already strengthening him..knitting his gaping wounds back together, to acknowledge her. His hard muscled body stretched out between the chosen and his male along the length of the bed, his cock up for any and all attention it could get tonight. Rumbledgrowls of pleasure rolled from his chest at Saxton’s touch,  hardening him farther with the contact. No matter what the tension between them might have  been earlier in the night, no matter his injuries, in this moment he needed this male. His growl became a hiss, as that wide smooth palm surrounded his hard length, hips rising to meet every stroke. Though his view of the male’s body was restricted by his position and the depth of their visual connection, he knew Saxton was aroused, the soft groans and gentle rock of the males hips against Blay’s thigh gave him away. Slowly Blay released Layla’s wrist and reached for Saxton, lightly caressing the males leg through his pants, urging him to continue what he had started.-

LAYLA: ::the slightest hint of a sting was all the discomfort that remained from the urgency of his strike. He drank with a hunger that surpassed a famished male. A shutter caressed her overly sensitive flesh as her long lashes fluttered softly against her cheeks, pale green eyes dared to not witness the scene of passion that unfolded before her. She willed herself to look away…but verily she could not. Intimacy she longed for radiated from the souls of these two males. A need to be desired as they did one for another bubbled up inside her. Long delicate fingers gathered her robe tighter against her chest, smooth fingertips stroked her throat and she felt the strong strum of her heart, a thousand winged birds all taking flight.Her senses, fine tuned, she watched, listened and though her blush tinted her creamy skin crimson she allowed herself to relish in the act of passion being displayed between two lovers.::

SAXTON: * He watched Blaylock with a hunger he hadn’t felt in a while. His lover’s face was all he saw as he stroked and caressed the massive muscle between Blays legs. The pleasure rippled across those strong features, watched abdominal muscles clenching as his pulls at Layla’s wrist were getting shorter. One need was fading from those blue eyes, with desire and lust and need fully taking over. He moved to be closer, hissing when Blays hand and the fabric of his pants rubbed aganist his own straining muscle. Reminder of whom still sat with him. He had seen Layla but his mind had pushed her aside as he watched his male, but despite his own inner hunger, his upbringing still took over. He worked himself between the two, his hand moving up Blay’s hard chest, minor cuts only pink in healing. He took the chosen’s wrist from Blay, shifting eyes to her as he gently licked the wounds closed, Blays scent and her blood making him twitch again, holding back a hiss he gave a soft kiss to her wrist, voice strained through the small amount of control he had* We thank you Chosen for this gift, gift of life and strength. Your serivce and loyality to the brotherhood is honored. Please go in peace and knowledge that you are helping our race survive. 

LAYLA: ::she had been so caught up in the scene before her, envisioning herself in a world where she felt desired as these males obviously did, that she had naught realized when Blay had released her vein. Verily she was relieved that Saxton had the presence of mind to seal her now dripping wounds, but knew naught how the aristocrat had come to his current position, separating her from Sire Blaylock. Creamy skin still warm from the blush she had worn throughout their meeting, Layla rose from her place on the bed, silently  chastising herself for the three bright crimson splotches that now marred the pristine surface of her robe and bowed slightly to the two males.] Verily, Sires, serving you is ere my pleasure. [Neither male acknowledged her words, and judging by the passion in their eyes she knew naught that they would hear an automobile if it were driven through their room in this moment. With a silent and longing smile she turned her back on what was taking place on the bed and exited the room, careful to make as little noise as possible.::

BLAY: -He felt like a new male, the pure blood of the chosen both healing and nourishing his once battered body. The gorgeous, pearl eyed, male crawled back over him, and it was over. Tongues met and warred with a fierce need that sent his powerful growls echoing into the hallway as the chosen took her leave. He and Saxton, now alone for the first time in days, would make the most of their day and one another.-   #FrenziedFeeding. #UntilOurTime 

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Green Eyed Monster

SAXTON: *It was the first day in the last few months that Saxton could finally relax without a large pile of cases starring him in the face, crying out for his attention and skills. Ever since he took Zahk’s case, a case that reflected the household of the King, upstanding high vampires in the Glymera were wanting his services. He was happy to take them, but with each success the pile grew and soon he was spending more time on work then sleeping in Blaylock’s bed. He rarley saw his lover and missed him dearly. He could feel a slow growing wall between them and he had no idea how to stop it from building any higher. It figured that the one day he could take a break and be in the mansion, Blaylock was out, with Rhage he knew at least. To keep his mind occupied he decided to try his hand at pool. He had watched V and Butch play so much in the past, he figured he could handle it, and if he couldn’t it’s not like anyone would see him fail. Grabbing the triangle he looked at the felt table, placing and filling it with the pool balls when he heard the front door open*

BLAY:  Yes sirs. -Blay mumbled in response to the orders that both Butch and Manny barked at him to get inside and meet them in the PT suite for stitches. Shitkickers creaking as he crossed the front steps and entered through the vestibule doors, he froze as Saxton’s familiar scent wafted to his nose from the billiards room.- oh no -he hissed, quickly attempting to mask the gaping wound in his chest and shoulder by tossing his jacket over it, wincing slightly from the pain he was trying to ignore. He tried.. Unsuccessfully to make it to the stairs in noticed. 

SAXTON: “Blaylock, lover, is that you?” *Blaylocks scent mixed heavy with his own blood answered the question for him*

BLAY: Saxton’s voice froze him in his tracks. He didn’t want to be seen in this state, not by his male.- It is, Sax. I’m a horrible mess after patrol tonight…so I’m going to go up to our room and clean up real fast. I’ll be right back. -praying the male didn’t follow him, Blay took the stairs two at a time, thankful that the bleeding had slowed on the ride home. The last thing he needed was a lecture from the doggen about getting blood on the rugs.-

SAXTON: Saxton watched Blaylock with a close eye, picking up the little nuances that Blay did when he was hiding something. He hadn’t looked him in the eyes when he had answered Saxton, but he believed he would see pain in those eyes. Blaylock’s scent was heavily mixed in his own blood, a taste and smell Saxton was very familiar with. He watched Blaylock go up the stairs, his usual grace disrupted by whatever wound he had. He was torn between staying here as Blaylock wished or going after the Male he loved. He stood there, thinking for a few minutes before realizing he had already made his decision. He was just stalling, afraid that following would only cause more of a rift. Well Damn Blaylock and his request. He was Saxton’s male and he was going to care for him as was his right.  He took the stairs quickly, quietly heading down the hall. Entering their bedroom, not hesitiating and determined, but stopping dead when he saw Blaylock shirtless. He was speechless as his eyes took in the gaping wound, red and swollen* Dear sweetest virgin what the hell happened tonight? *The sight of his male in this condition shaking him to the core. He closed the door behind him, as he moved closer to Blay. That is when he noticed smaller cuts on Blay’s body, still open and not healing well. He tore his eyes from the wounds to look in those deep blue eyes, seeing a swirl of emotions.* Lover when was the last time you feed? You are not healing like you should *his eyes narrowed, sensing defience in those eyes*

BLAY: -relief flooded him as he heard the door to their room click shut, he had somehow managed to assure his lover that he was unharmed and needed but a shower to dispose of the nights events. Truth be told he needed a hell of a lot more than that. Blood still trickled from the slice in his chest, soaking through the ripped t-shirt and into his jacket…. He would have to remember to have Fritz replace that for him….he mused as he gingerly removed layers of clothing, tossing them into a thick black trash bag. He hadn’t heard Saxton as he entered the room, the male could be as silent as a brother then he wanted too, the soft gasp gave him away and slowly Blay looked up. His lover didn’t look him in the eyes which was fine by him, no..the pearl orbs were too busy assessing every nick and scratch on his chest.- It was just a fight Saxton, nothing abnormal, and nothing to concern yourself with. -Blay lied, hoping  the words came out smoother than they sounded in his own ears, but when his lovers eyes traveled once again to the angry red wounds on his chest Blay knee what was coming next.- Its been a while since I called upon Layla, Saxton. But this is nothing the doc’s needle and thread can’t fix. -he could only pray that those words were truth as he abruptly broke eye contact and strode into the bathroom.- Ill be fine.

SAXTON: *Saxton knew the look in those eyes, it was so similar to when Qhuinn was talked about. A shield put up in place to hide what he was feeling, emotionally and physically. He watched Blaylock enter the bathroom, knowing this was not a fight that would be won with words, no this needed direct action. “Fine Blaylock, have it your way” slight anger in his voice, a front to throw Blaylock off. There was no way he was stopping here. He went to the phone as soon as he heard the water running, talking low as he asked Fritz to contact Layla immediately, instruct her to their room. He hung up the phone pulling handcuffs out that he had bought awhile ago, this particular situation not what he had in mind for their first use, but if Saxton had to handcuff Blay to the bed, he would. His male needed to feed and he would today! Saxton changed into loose pants and a open shirt.  Ready to use himself to get Blay to give in. He heard the soft knock on the door, glancing to the bathroom, the water still running, he went to the door, opening to see the beautiful Chosen standing before him. He smiled his most charming smile, ignoring the roaring need builing inside him. It too had been awhile but he could wait, Blaylock should not* It is truly an honor to meet you Chosen and I do regret it is not under better circumstances, but Blaylock is in need of feeding and his pride has kept him away from you. Please come in and help me convince him otherwise. *Stepping back he let her into the room. Not entirely sure how the next few minutes would go with the sound of the water turning off*

BLAY: -stripped bare he stepped beneath the scalding spray of the shower. The cleansing heat felt good, both for his mutilated shoulder and his wounded ego. He didn’t want to upset Saxton, but feeding from Layla was getting harder and harder. The last time she had come to feed him she had carried Qhuinn’s scent so deeply embedded in her skin that Blay was sure she had just left his friends bed, and hadn’t that just pissed him right the fuck off. He didn’t hate the chosen, it would have been impossible to hate one so fair and innocent, who wanted nothing more than to fulfill her duties as an ehros as she had been trained. No, what he felt was more the green eyed monster type feeling. He was fucking jealous that she had a closeness to Qhuinn that he would likely never have. A wet hand scrubbed over his face and raked through his hair, he was happy with Saxton, truly happy for the first time since he was but a pre-trans, so why the fuck couldn’t he shake the way he felt about the chosen being with the male.- Saxton -the word was a growl from his chest as tendrils of the sweet scent of cinnamon snaked into the bathroom, enticing him from the confines of his shower, fangs piercing his lower lip and throbbing painfully. Barely pausing to rip the oversized towel from the rack before storming to the door. The urge to roar at his male was almost overwhelming, but he forced himself to calm and drew a few deep cleansing breaths in a futile attempt to regain his composure. Blay’s face a mask of nonchalance he pulled the door open and stepped into the room his eyes flashing first to Saxton’s face then to the gleaming silver handcuffs dangling from his finger.- please tell me you don’t plan to restrain the chosen while you feed Saxton. -his fangs throbbed harder in his gums at the mention of the word and his eyes flicked to the petite form of Layla, lovely as ever swathed in her fine white robes.- Chosen -he inclined his head, his face remaining impassive as he met her eyes, his need for blood becoming more evident with passing second. The moment when she saw his wounds didn’t go unnoticed, her blue eyes popped wide and panic was clear on her face. Shoving down his accusatory words Blay strode purposefully to the only path of escape, the entrance to the hall of statues, needing to get to the PT suite before he started leaking again.- 

SAXTON: Saxton had expected Blay to be furious or angry, he could see it in those eyes, behind the mask of cool calm. But when Blay saw Layla, he could see Blay would easily snap and he knew just how to do it. With Blay heading towards the door, back turned, he quietly motioned for Layla to sit on the bed as he quickly moved in front of Blay. He placed one hand on his lovers bare chest, away from the wound and looked up at him with dark grey eyes, dropping his voice low and sultry, he put on his most charming seductive smile, his fangs fully extended* Blaylock, My Love, do you really think I got these handcuffs to use on me? I want them on you, shackled to the bed as I taste your body, to run my fangs over your skin. You do remember how they feel, piercing your skin, the feel of my lips pulling on your vein, drinking you deep inside me, as I am buried deep inside you?

BLAY: -his destination was set, but his mind wandered. His feet carried him through the door where he collided with a hard hand.- What the… -shaken back to himself Blay stared down into Saxton’s eyes. A harsh laugh left his lips before he could bite it back.- so you are into V’s brand of kinky now are you Saxton? -fuck he needed to get the hell out of there, if he didn’t know better he would have thought his damn fangs had gotten even longer and were trying to drag him back to the chosen. Dearest virgin Saxton was still talking, it took a literal shake of his head for the remainder of the male’s words to sink in. Fangs..Piercing..Lips.- Saxton -the word was a plea as his cock swelled behind the plush towel slung low around his waist-

SAXTON: *He stepped closer, licking his own fangs, seeing the need in his lovers eyes grow, those blue eyes going darker. He ran his hand slowly over his shoulder and down his arm, pulling Blaylocks fingers to his mouth, sucking and teasing on each. He ran his tongue over Blays wrist feeling the pulse beating wild* Do you remember how it feels to have your mouth around something so sweet and fullfilling, to strike and claim what you want. *His double meaning clear as he sucked on Blay’s finger*

BLAY: YES -he growled. Two words were flashing like neon signs in his head. BLOOD. And SEX. There was nothing else.- I..remember -the whisper barely audible to himself over his deafening pulse. The combination of his lover on his heated skin and the moist warmth of his mouth overwhelmed Blay, had Saxton not been leading back into the room and closing the door the hunger may have totally overwhelmed him. He would have pounced on Saxton, torn the males clothing from his body and bent him over one of the wing back chairs that dotted the hallway, and taken all he needed, blood and sex, right there.. Where anyone and everyone could watch.- #DoseOfJealousy #UntilOurTime #BrothersEternal

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Alternate Universe #4

BLAY: -Their mating ceremony had been as perfectly beautiful as they had always pictured it would be. Both the king of their race and the Scribe Virgin had attended, theirs the first mating allowed between same sex partners in history. Saxton had been allowed to rewrite the laws concerning such makings after Blay had appealed to Wrath, and he in turn to the mother of their race. Only because Blay had served his king and the Brotherhood as both a loyal trainee, and eventually a fully inducted brother, also another first as a gay male. Many things had changed in the years since Qhuinn had killed Lash then disappeared, and he was certain that his once best friend would no longer recognize him. Standing naked before the bathroom mirror, he ran his hand over his pectoral scar that marked him for life as a Brother. That milestone was one he never thought he would achieve without his best friend, but life had gone on, and now he was truly happy, something he couldn’t have said five years ago. Shifting his large body slightly to the left, so that he could see the reflection of his back from the mirror behind him, he grinned like a motherfucker. Another set of ‘scars’ spread across his upper back, Saxton’s name, having been carved in the old language by his brothers and sealed with salt. The wounds were fresh and though already healed still held the slight sting of salt still tingled through him. His mate stepped into the bathroom behind him, coming close and kissing lightly over the physical evidence of their bond, the air in the room becoming heavy with hints of sandalwood, spice and unique male. “We have reservations, Blaylock, you need to get ready.” Blay nodded then turned and pressed an already dressed Saxton, against the mirror for a hungry kiss.- You are right, Love. I will only be a moment. -he ran his hands through his red hair, that he had been growing out, and left the bathroom for the closet, where he dressed, ready for the date that would mirror their first all those years ago.-

SAXTON: If someone had told Saxton that he would be mated to a Brother of the Black Dagger Brotherhood he would have politely suggested they go see Havers for a mental check up. But here he was, living in the mansion, surrounded by the Brotherhood and Solicitor Of the Old Law the King of their race. His lips still tingled from the heated kiss and it took all his will not to cancel their reservation and continuing celebrating their mating in THEIR mated bed. He shook his head slightly reliving the night before. The grandeur of the event still made him catch his breath. His name, in His Male, but then Saxton was always one for taking the lead and doing what ever he had to take what he wanted. Including giving up his Male for one night every 5 years to the Scribe Virgins Chosen. For her to sanction their mating she demanded the seed of Blaylock. And truth be told he was proud the Scribe Virgin recognized the Male of worth that Blaylock is. The race needed strong offspring, need more brothers fighting and He was in full support of this deal. Would he be happy when that day came every few years? No of course not, but he could handle one night without his mate.

Following Blaylock out of the room he couldn’t help but think the only thing missing at their mating was one person. One Male that should have been there by Blaylocks side, as a brother carving his cousins name into his best friends back, and in turn carving Blaylocks name into his. His back still itched from the fresh marks. But Qhuinn wasn’t there, and Saxton couldn’t be sure when he would see him again. He knew his cousin, someday their paths would cross. Would it be a good thing, Saxton couldn’t be sure. He loved his cousin dearly, deep down but his anger over what Qhuinn did, leaving the mess for Saxton he couldnt forgive, and there was a darker angry side to him and Saxton was afraid that side would shine without family and friends to help him control it. He watched his Male dress, enjoying the view and smiling slightly when Blaylock choose to go commando. Frowning only slightly when he saw the knives, presented by Vishous the previous night, placed strategically on his body. The down side to be being Mated to a brother. “Now Blaylock how am I supposed to know if you are happy to see me or if that is a knife in your pocket?” Smirking as he took Blays hand, kissing his fingers slowly before leading him out the room, down the grand staircase and out the Mansion where they could demat a couple blocks from the Restaurant.

QHUINN: Impossible.. No fucking way this shit couldn’t get any easier.  -he Murmured as he turned his back briefly to the ledge-  Got to check something out. Won’t be long.   -The hackles on his nape raised the growl unwound and shot adrenaline through his blood as he took two steps backward and he dropped 15 foot off the edge of the building “Qhuinn…”  sliced from his mates lips.  Xcor’s curses where like bullets aimed straight up to the darkened sky. No sooner than his shitkickers jammed into the hood of the abandon car, Hellion landed right beside him. The glint of amusement in her fire red eyes was short lived when he couldn’t hide the strangled clip of his tone.-  Yeah I know that was all spider man and shit. –On the queue of her hiss he stepped off the hood onto the concrete. The only sound was the click of her heels hitting the ground, and she jerked him to a stop by the ass of his leathers. No need in fighting or lying, she was his mate, she knew everything of his past life here, in the city he swore he would never return too. Fucking fate likes to prove who is in charge. So be it. In a rare tender moment he turned to his Hellion, a million questions forming on her swollen lips as his calloused, scarred palm raised to cup her cheek- All’s good baby. I picked up a scent and curiosity has got the best of me.  Shits been brought full circle so it god damn seems. – he glanced over his shoulder the scent heavy in the breeze, he met her eyes- Smell that? –she growled and clutched a fist to his shirt she nodded. “Male vamps. Now, who the hell is it, Hellren?”  - the answer was sliced over his fangs-  My Past that will be eradicated before dawn…. –a brushed kiss to her lips- You got my back Hellion?  -she danced a fireball over her palm-  “Always Hellren”

BLAY: -Their meal at Salvatore’s and drinks at the cigar bar in downtown Caldwell had been divine. Saxton, his hellren, had been charming and funny and exquisitely sexy all night. These were only a few of the reasons Blay loved the male, and they had made the date a roaring success. They left the bar arm in arm, bodies pressed as tightly together as possible as they rounded the corner, entering the darkened alley. Chatting and laughing in hushed tones, the bottles of wine they had shared coupled with their sheer delight at being together had them giddy, they passed the foul smelling homeless humans, and a pair of civilians getting it on against a grime covered wall as they walked, oblivious to anything but one another. Blay hated the arrangement they had had to enter into with the scribe virgin to have their mating blessed, but he would do anything for Saxton.- Saxton -he breathed, pulling his male to a sudden stop, and tugged him in so close their noses all but touched, and looking Into his soft pearl eyes whispered- you know that I would die to protect you don’t you, Nallum? -a rustle of wind picked up in that moment, carrying with it a familiar scent. Hand slid discretely beneath his leather jacket to wrap around the hilt of his black dagger before he decided he was better off without the jacket and slid it off, passing it to his mate. Squatting low he watched as an achingly familiar figure strapped out of an adjoining alleyway.- fuck -he ground out through clenched teeth.- behind that dumpster, now Saxton.

SAXTON: He took heed to Blays warning, assuming it was a lesser, even though he didnt smell that sickly sweet baby powder smell. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the one person he thought he would never see again, hoped he would never see again. He was stunned, truly stunned at the sight of his almost unrecognizable cousin.* Qhuinn * He all but whispered, before reality took hold and he took a step towards him, even with Blay as he faced off, shock replaced with a cool anger*

BLAY: -Blay couldn’t believe his eyes. The best friend he thought he would never again see now stood mere yards from him. He could tell from looking at the male that something in him had changed..and not for the better. A low growl rolled from his daggered chest when his mate refused to heed his warning, instead stepping beside him and taking his hand. Deep blue eyes narrowed, Blay took a step forward, pulling Saxton behind him- What the fuck are you doing here, Qhuinn. You’re a god-damned fugitive.

QHUINN: Well thats a hell of a greeting for someone you hadn’t seen in five years. -voice a smooth sneer, his undeterred gaze swept his former best friend, the twin black daggers not going unnoticed. Qhuinn made no attempt to pull of a weapon, not yet anyway. He moved with the shadows, trusting none but the one who stood 30 paces to his back watching and knowing what a war this meeting could bring- Id figured the glymera and that cocksucking cousin of mine had you living the high life - not a drop of bitterness to be heard, his shitkicker connected with a bottle sent it flying into the oversized dumpster, a smirk played to his double pierced lips- But looks like the brotherhood got their hooks in you. How noble and good, fighting to protect the fucking idiots of our race.

SAXTON: Don’t you dare call me your cousin. We are not family. You lost the last person that cared for and respected you the day you fled. * He took a step forward around Blay, wanting to face Qhuinn dead on, grey eyes a silver swirl of emotion* If it wasn’t for the king I would have lost everything I worked hard for, because no one in this town wanted to hire a male connected to a fugitive. And I would love to return the favor by handing our King the one person he is craving to get his hands on *a sneer on his face, he pulled out his phone* Let me give him a call, He’ll be here in no time to welcome you back, Cousin. *the last word dripped with so much poison it could kill a city of people*

QHUINN: And they thought you were the smart one of the family, Saxton. Foolish fucks they all were. -tone a thick slice of sarcasm- Use that aristocratic brain of yours and put that phone away. -his head shook as if a world of disappointment was laid across his shoulder.- One -his stride was deliberately slow the call to kill a demon sitting on his shoulder ricocheted down his spine- TWO…. -He watched both males through hooded narrowed eyes, a viscous gleam of darkness crossed his face his hand tapped the hilt of his blade, focus solely now on Saxton.- That was your warning….Three. - he was on Saxton, phone knocked to the ground, crushed under his shitkicker… he never saw Blay move till Saxton was out of his reach.

BLAY: -Qhuinn didn’t have time to fully draw his blade before Blay reacted, slicing the daggers from his chest and sending his mate a dark look that demanded he obey- Get the fuck out of here, Saxton. I’ll see you at home, Love… Say nothing..to no one about this meeting. -focus turned back to the male he no longer knew he smirked at the rage building behind his mismatched eyes. He breathed an imperceptible sigh of relief as he felt his male dematerialize from the alley behind him. He stalked slowly towards Qhuinn, his bonding scent flooding the entire area, a whole lot of what the fuck are you thinking plastered to his mug.- Why the fuck did you come here Qhuinn? -his plan was written all over his hardened face, he wanted power..power that only the king could hold. Bonded male, along with loyalty to his king flared inside Blay. He was pissed. He dropped deeper into his fighting stance, and when Qhuinn lunged forward, Blay struck out with a roundhouse kick, knocking the male off balance, sending him crashing to the brick wall behind him.

QHUINN: You got yourself a little whipping bitch for a mate. Do you collar him and lead him around by the balls too? -full on faced with the male that held nothing but a fading memory in his mind, ivory bared death resided at the tips. He and Blay circled, the crunch of cement under their feet, sneer rolled from his tongue- Why am i here? Hmm -the brand of the bastards on his forearm flashed under the glint of light- Thats the million dollar question Blay. And if i tell you ill have to kill you…. -he drew his blade across his palm, eyes darting down for a moment, only to lift malevolence radiated from him- Maybe ill do that anyway….- he threw massive body forward the blade catching down Blays left arm, blood poured-

BLAY: -in that moment Blay knew that his best friend had died in those showers along with motherfucker whose throat he sawed almost through. His bonding scent grew until it was palpable around them. The coppery scent of fresh blood washed over him, he was so far lost to his fury that he hadn’t even felt the slice of his forearm. Dagger fisted tight in his right hand they circled.his voice came out a snarled whisper- You have no right to speak of my mate, you know nothing of him or me for that matter. You have become the lowest of the low, Qhuinn. -he closed the distance between them, his head dropping low, taking a cue from the NFFuckingL, and tackled hard sending the male flying against the graffiti covered brick. The sickening crack of bone on brick echoed through the alley. Blay stood, his body flush with Qhuinns, his dagger having sliced up the center of the bastard’s chest to rest at his throat, their blood mixing as it dripped to the mucky ground.- An enemy to your own race, and your fucking King. And now you will pay for your crimes! -a rustle of movement caught his attention and his eyes flashed up to meet a pair that glowed red as fire for a split second before the dagger brought life full circle-

QHUINN: Thing about fate ….she’s a bitch and no matter which path you take in the end she always wins. #AlternateUniverse

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Alternate Universe #3

BLAY:  -The lessers had planned their attacks well, striking the homes of glymera members all at once, spreading the brotherhood’s defenses too thin to be effective against the raids. A rare turn of events had Blay at home that night, Qhuinn had taken off two months ago headed god only knew where after killing Lash, so he had taken some time off from the training program to recover from the loss. Qhuinn’s disappearance had affected him as if they were brothers, his parents doing everything they could to help him recover, no one quite understanding his reasoning for not going after the male, but didn’t dare suggest it after the first time… The last time they had spoken face to face had been the night Qhuinn left, and he had promised his best friend that no matter what he would never search for him. It had been the hardest promise he had ever kept, but he Would never break it. Blay and his parents had been sitting in the family room playing a board game on the coffee table when the plate glass window in the kitchen had been shattered, six paled out lessers crawling through the gaping hole and into their home. Blay had been immediately up and at the ready, the weapons he had been allowed to bring home to practice with easily in reach, as was his fathers 45mm Glock. Quietly he passed his father the pistol nodding towards the kitchen in a silent motion, telling the male to defend himself and moved his mother to the basement for safety. He had just clicked the lock into place and pocketed the key, headed back to the family room to help defend their home when the shots rang out. Bare feet carried him silently over the polished hardwood floor, stopping only when he caught sight of his fathers body, still holding the Glock, slumped to the floor, lifeless and bleeding, a few feet from the armchair he had occupied only moments before. A string of obscenities left his lips on a growl, the motherfuckers had come into his home and killed his father? No way in hell would he allow them to get away with that. Blay squatted low and retrieved the pistol from his fathers dying grip, vowing to the male to avenge his murder, and that’s just what he did. Having assumed that his father had been the only one home when they arrived, the lessers had taken care of shooting the male and moving on to raid the house for anything of value. He could hear the quartet of voices clearly as they floated down the stairs to his ears. They referred to the job as easy and whispered about being glad that they hadn’t had to take one more than the one vampire to gain entrance. Blay moved with the lethal grace of a panther on the hunt, up the stairs, the voices were coming from the end of the hallway, his parents room. Attempting to rein in his temper,he  moved on silent feet along the hallway, catching the smelly fucks off guard made it easy to pop them home to their maker before they could cause more damage. His hand shaking he pulled his hand from his pocket, bringing his cell with it, punching in Saxton’s number with a silent prayer to the scribe virgin that his male was safe.-

SAXTON: It was the last night they were to spend in Caldwell, the last night he was going to spend in the home he was born and transitioned in, at least until the raids from the lessers were over. Only the Scribe Virigin would know when that was. His family had not heard of any raids happening close to them, although many of their close friends had been hit. They thought they would have one more night to spend together before retreating to a safe house in Upper New york. But when Saxton came bnack from the store to get the last of supplies they would need, he learned the truth. His house had been hit in the hour he was gone. Devestation and pain racked his body as he walked through his bloody, bare home. Everything visable of value had been removed, snatched away, but the most valuable, the irreplacable items were not items at all, but his parents. The images of them slaughtered would be a permentent image, burned into his mind like a branding iron. he was all to aware that he would have meet the same fate as his parents if he had been home. They were aristorcrats of the Glymera. Their fighting skills were limited to running away. But where do you run when you are surrounded in your own home? He spent the day in him home, almost comatose, trying to figure out what to do. Many calls came through his phone, all ignored until he heard his favorite ring, his favorite song, indicating it was Blaylock, the only family he had left now. He answered the phone, almost dazed. But upon hearing Blay’s news he pushed aside his own grieving, realizing there was nothing more to do and he had to get out, get away. The safe house was still an option and with a heavy heart he drove his Cadillac to Blaylock, looking back only once at his childhood home

BLAY:  -Saxton had sounded bad when Blay had spoken to him. The motherfucking lessers had gotten to both his parents while he had been out. Not wanting to be callus about the males parents, Blay fell to his knees and thanked the Scribe Virgin that his male hadn’t been in that house. Steeling himself for the task of breaking the news about his father to his mahmen Blay silently made his way to the basement, checking to make sure the house was cleared of lessers on his way. Key turned in the lock he pulled open the heavy door, her eyes puffy and bloodshot, his chest ached for his mahmen, her bond with her mate having shattered thoroughly, apparent in the way she sat next to the door, hands wrapped tightly around her knees, rocking back as forth as sobs rocked her body. Blay went down onto his haunches, pulling his mahmen into his tight embrace, consoling her in the old language. His body jumped to attention when they heard the front door click open and in a smooth move he palmed a sig in one hand, a dagger in the other and went to investigate. Freezing in the entry way Blay took in the sight of Saxton who looked much the way his mahmen did, lost and forlorn. So much had been lost in the past few days, but there was still a chance for them, a future. He pulled his male into a bone crushing hug, so damn thankful that he was still alive, as the tears streamed down their cheeks they made a vow to one another to move his mahmen away from Caldwell and into a safe house where the three of them would make a go at rebuilding their lives, together.

BLAY: Fast forward if you will to March 2009…. 

SAXTON: =Saxton had been pacing back and forth in the room of the brotherhood mansion that he shared with Blaylock for almost 12 hours now. Once they were sure blaylock’s Mother was fine and could live on her own again they had moved in here so Blay could focus on his training with the Brotherhood. He wanted to be one of them, even more Saxton knew after Qhuinn had left them, but more importantly he believed Blaylock wanted to protect the ones he loved, his mother and himself. His training was going well, he seemed to be pleasing all the Brothers. So what was happeneing when last night, large black hooded Males surrounded Blaylock and pulled him from their bed? One of the hooded figures had trapped Saxton, not that there was much he could have done against them, and he was forced to watch as they pulled the Male he loved away from him. He prayed to the scribe Virgin that Blaylock be alright, then sat and paced, waiting for his Male to come back to him = 

BLAY: -he had been taken by surprise, ripped from his bed, and the arms of his love, only to be wrapped in a black robe, hood pulled tight over his face. There was no way that this could really be happening. He doubted himself all through the ride to the tomb, along the cave, and even once he had been told to stand against the cold marble slab. He couldn’t be becoming a brother…but yes! That is exactly what was happening. The brothers had performed the ritual that Blay had only read about, first bleeding into the chalice then taking their turn with the spiked glove, and sealing the wound with salt and offering him the blood to drink. As they arrived back at the mansion his heart was ready to burst with happiness and love. Both for his…HIS BROTHERS, and his male.

SAXTON: =He heard the car pull in through the open door of the patio. He ran out looking down to see all the Brothers getting out, smiling and    smiling, well almost all. He had yet to see a smile from Zsadist. But more importantly he saw his male getting out, radiating, almost glowing from the smile on his face. He was walking a little stiff. Appearing to be in pain, but he was safe and Saxton had a good idea as to why he was so happy. Blaylock was finally one of the brothers. He wanted to run down and hold him, but he was still too proper to show that much emotion. So he waited for his Male to come to him. And he took little time in doing so. As soon as the door was opened and Saxton was sure he was alone, he wrapped his arms around Blaylock, kissing him hard before whispering in his ear= Congratulations! You finally did  it Blaylock, You are one of them now, Right? My Male has gotten everything he has wanted! =Saxtons smile was as wide as Blay’s=

BLAY: Yes, oh Saxton yes -here, in the privacy of their room Blay allowed the depth of his emotions to flood him, tears filled his eyes and slid warm and salty down his cheeks. He was the happiest fucker alive tonight…but there was something more than his heart was demanding he do. Slowly he pulled out of his males embrace and sunk to the floor on one knee, twinges of pain from his induction ceremony forcing a slow, graceful decent. Reaching up he clasped both of Saxton’s hands in his, and cleared his throat before letting his deep blue eyes meet the swirling pearl before him.- Saxton, my male…my love. -his eyes closed and gathered his courage before continuing- tonight has been more than I could ever ask for, and not nearly enough at the same time. Please complete me by saying you will be my mate…mine forever?

SAXTON: =Saxton watched his male gingerly drop to one knee. He was filled with so much raw emotion that he was speechless for a moment. He took on a more serious look, though he knew his eyes betrayed the love he had for his Male.= Blaylock Son of Rocke, you have been mine  for a long time now, so I am more than ready to tell the world that I only want you as my lover and Best Friend for now and onto the Fade. =He bent down to his knees, even with his mate and Kissed him harder then he had ever done so before= I am yours forever Blaylock =He helped his lover slowly up and undresed him gingerly as he layed him to the bed.= Let me address these wounds and then we can truly celebrate lour Love =running his hand over Blaylock’s groin as he smirked, feeling the immediate response. It would take time for the ceremony to happen. There were laws to change and permissions to get, the hardest would be the Scribe Virigin and he seceretly prayed to her that she would allow this mating, with Blaylock being a brother, But he would think about that tomorrow. Tonight he had his soon to be Hellren to to take care of= #AlternateUniverse 

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Fight for the Bond - #9

Wrath:  -Fucker was going to run a hole straight through my floor if he kept his pacing.-  Sit down, Rhage.  –Sitting behind my desk my thoughts somewhere between the present and the past.  Saxton was due to arrive in The Study in a matter of minutes, what the meeting revolved around exactly.. The only hint I had was it involved Zahk.  The reason my strongest warrior was on the verge of self-destruction.-


Saxton: With his briefcase in hand, he walked down the long corridor, heading to the Kings Study. It had just occurred to him that this was the first time he would be in there. Calming his nerves he stopped in the front of the door. He knocked twice, hoping his news tonight wouldn’t result in it being his last*


Rhage:  [The knock sent me to my feet immediately.  He was here…  Speaking for Wrath even though it wasn’t my place.]  Come in!  [Watching as Saxton’s eyes went from both me to Wrath and back to me.  Something was wrong, and Saxton’s face was telling me that he wasn’t ready to tell it.] 


Wrath:  -I didn’t stop Rhage from commanding Saxton enter.  I was just as impatient as he was at this point.-  Sit, and tell us what you required our meeting for before Rhage runs a hole in my floor.


Saxton: *Walking in, I couldn’t help but feel like a lamb before two lions, and sitting in front of me was the Judge Jury and Executioner. Brining my skills and training from law school forward. I put my brief case in the chair pulling out a set of papers.* If you don’t mind My Lord I would prefer to stand. * Sparing a quick glance at Rhage, I only hoped he would not focus all that pent up energy on me when I finally gave them my news*


Rhage:  [My eyes bore into his, I did not care that The Beast was wide awake and ready to strike I was tired of all this pussy footing around, but it would do me no good to lash out.]


Saxton: A few days ago I was asked from my old boss to handle a case for him. It was Zahks. The reason he asked me to pick it up, even though I no longer work for him is because Zahks grandparents were my first clients when I came back to Caldwell after Law School. I meet with Johan to draw up new papers decreeing that Zahks was to be the sole inheritor for a substantial trust fund, as well as the estate of the family.   A few days ago I went to where Johan had moved after all the raids, with Rhage to draw up new papers for Guardianship, with Zahks parents deceased.



Wrath:  -Listening as Saxton was about to deliver his news.  Something was definitely wrong with this situation and I would need to stand between the two of them as Saxton would get what wasn’t necessarily meant for him.-



Saxton: Rhage greeted the Male of the house as Johan, but I swear to you My Lord, on my life, that man is not Johan. He is not Zahk’s true Grandfather.


Rhage:  [The chair I sat in fell over as I stood to my feet, hands at my sides balling into fists. “NOT Zahk’s true Grandfather.]  I left him with someone after money?  FUCKING MONEY!  [Seething with rage I as stood with my temper on the very edge, if it wasn’t for Wrath instantly in front of me Saxton would be standing without his head.  Wrath command  “Continue” vibrated the walls of The Study as I shook with the need to kill everything in my path.] 


Saxton: *Stepping back at the expected outburst from Rhage.* I didn’t say anything at the meeting because I didn’t want to scare him. I did more research after you dropped me off. *Pulling out a photo from a folder I hold it up* This is the man posing as Zahks Grandfather, when in fact he is his uncle. A brother written out of the family years ago for gambling away the family’s money


Wrath:  Money?  His family is close to dead and he has posed as the wealthy Grandfather for money.  –My quick assessment of the situation didn’t do anything but make Rhage more unstable.  Turning to hold him still with a tight grip that was enough to break the bones in his shoulder that I held- They will be taken care of, understood.  Saxton, thank you for your work and brining it straight to me.  –Nodding to the door as I kept my emotions to myself as I always did.-  See it you find your way out as I need to begin workings immediately. 


Rhage:  [My anger was ready to explode.  I fucking left him there, a boy, a child I took care of as my own.  I ripped him from my fucking shellan to give him to people who only wanted his money.  The vibrations signaled something to Wrath as his fist instantly connected with the back of my skull, the last thing I saw was the blackness that enveloped me.]


Wrath:  -I only had a second before Rhage would figure what I was doing, but I couldn’t let The Beast tear through our home, not tonight.  As he fell to the floor in a heap I was instantly on my phone barking commands to Vishous.  Seclusion was going to be put in place within the matter of minutes; I just hoped it wasn’t too late to save the young. –


Saxton: *He bowed to Wrath* Of course My Lord. * Turning he put the papers of his findings on the Kings desk. Moving to the door, he spared one last glance at Rhage, and couldn’t help but feel fear at the look in the Males eyes, before the King knocked him out. Saxton only hoped he helped make this situation better, not worse as he walked out the door, closing it behind him. The silence more deafening then anything said tonight* #FightfortheBond

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Fight for the Bond - #6


Saxton’s mind had been focused on work all night. After being dropped off at his office, he had gone straight to work on his computer.Something was going on with this case. It was not a simple and shut case, as he had first thought. That man that was posing as Zahk’s Grandfather was not the man he had met a few years. But he wasn’t sure who he was. Something kept nagging at him in the back of his mind. During the whole meeting with this man and even now there was something familiar about him. Those eyes were just like Johans. So that had to mean some kind of blood relation. He went back through his notes from the first meeting and reread them. Searching until he finally discovered the reason he was feeling this way. Johan had a brother, Vichar, who had been written out of the will. The brother had a pasta continuing problem that was damaging to the families reputation with the Glymera and so to save face, Johan, being the oldest Male wrote Vichar, and his Mate Sayna out of everything, officially making them outcasts, with no family to recognize them. It took the rest of the night, between researching and making calls to old contacts, to figure out where they had fled to. It was an hour before sunrise before Saxton finally stopped. He needed to get back to the Mansion, before sunrise. He hadn’t really slept in almost 48 hours and his meeting with the King wasn’t until after sun down. He would not present himself to the King in this state. Tired and weary, he gathered all the info and papers he needed to present to Wrath and to Rhage and dematerialized back to the Mansion. Walking up the stairs towards his room with Blaylock, he paused at Rhage’s door. He couldn’t hear anything inside but he could almost feel the deep sorrow and pain coming from that room. He hoped with this news that it would the sorrow and pain would end and Zahk would be where he was truly loved…. And Saxton was starting to believe, where he truly belonged. #FightForThebond

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Fight for the Bond - #1

Saxton:  Slipping into an empty kitchen, Saxton went over to the fridge to look for leftovers. He had missed last meal and needed to eat something before going to him meeting with Johan. It would not be professional for his stomach to be rumbling while sitting inspecting his papers. He had turned around from the fridge to see Blaylock walk in. He smiled at his lover, his love, as he put the leftovers on a plate. “Good Evening Blaylock.” He leaned kissing him on the cheek. “Evening Saxton, I wondered where you had gotten off to. You left our bed early and weren’t at last Meal.” “I know, I have been busy working on a new case.” Saxton paused as he saw Rhage walk in, greeting both he and Blaylock. After all this time he shouldn’t be surprised by Rhage’s appetite but he nor Blaylock said anything.

They both greeted Rhage before Saxton looked back at Blaylock “I have been asked by my old boss to take over the case involving Zahk. With his parents now deceased, the grandparents are taking guardianship of the young male. I am going over to meet with them when I am finished here to inspect and finalize the papers.” Saxton watched Blay turn away, taking a seat at the island. There was weariness in his eyes as he watched Saxton. Weariness he guessed from the high emotions running through the house at just the mention of Zahk’s name. “That is the case you have been working so many long hours on, Saxton? ” His eyes drifted to the other male in the room. “I can’t imagine that has put you in a comfortable position.” “Maybe not, but considering how close the boy was too many in this house, it seemed appropriate for me to take the case. To help those move on knowing everything has been handled correctly.”  

Rhage:  [After greeting them both the small snack I was intending to chow down on no longer appealed to me.  Zahk’s case. Shaking my head as I walk out of the pantry no longer holding the chips that I was looking forward to.] I’m going with you. [I didn’t intend for it to sound like I was demanding that I go, but they had to know damn well I wasn’t going to sit on my merry ass while Saxton was in arms reach. Nodding to step out of the kitchen to give the kids their space until the moment Saxton passed and I fell it step directly on his heels]

Saxton:  Saxton wasn’t surprised by Rhage’s demand. He nodded his head to him and watched Rhage walk out ahead. Kissing Blay he followed behind. Following Rhage into the garage, he stopped short. The vehicle sitting in front of him had Blay written all over it, but he knew Blay hadn’t had time to get a new vehicle, especially with all the extras and details that were here. He walked closer to the driver side and looked in. And there he had his answer. On the back of the seats was a very familiar symbol. One he had seen on his cousin many times. Qhuinn, his sneaky cousin, had gone out and bought Blaylock a car, and then had the nerve to brandthe seats with their tattoo. What was his cousintrying to pull? What more did he need to do to fuck with Blays head. He growled lightly before getting his emotions under control. With a fresh calm composure he walked over to Rhage’s car, getting into thepassenger seat and placing his brief case at his feet. Rhage and himself didn’t speak, each too lost in their own thoughts to need conversation as they drove to the grandparents’ home.   

Rhage:  [The ride was long and smooth, least to me it was.  Saxton was on the verge of growling and ripping my damn arm rest off when he first sat in. Right now I didn’t give a shit, I needed to get to my.. Zahk.] 


Saxton:  Upon their arrival, Saxton got out of the car and smoothed his jacket. With Rhage a few step behind, he knocked on the door, paint starting to chip on the doors. Something he didn’t remember from last time. They were greeted by the doggen of the house. “Good Evening. I am Saxton Son of Tyhm and I have an appointment with Johan this evening. With Me is Rhage. I believe you already know him.” The doggen bowed his head as he let them in. Taking Saxtons coat, he lead them to the sitting room. He had not been in here in so long but the place appeared to be very different from what he remembered. When he had been here the first time, the place had been immaculate. Now it looked as though they had started a renovation and had given up. Some of the same pictures still hung on the wall, but one was missing that he was surprised about. It was a large portrait of Johan and Amelia which hung above the fireplace. He thought it was odd that is was missing, but assumed it was being cleaned, or stored for protection based on the condition of the house.

He sat on the couch as he waited for Johan to come in. It didn’t take long before an older man joined them. Saxton wasn’t sure who this man was until he greeted Rhage first shaking hands with the man. He heard Rhage address this man as Johan, and when the older Male turned to Saxton, he introduced himself as Johan. This male was not the Male he remembered. The only similarity he saw was the eyes. However, years of practice helped Saxton keep a perfect poker face, even though this wasn’t right. But with Rhage acknowledging this man as Johan, Saxton didn’t believe it was the time to say something. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Johan. You have a very lovely home.” With the introductions out of the way, Johan gave Saxton the papers proving the lineage of the family and that Zahk truly was their grandchild. He looked closely over the papers using a set of his jeweler’s glasses, and peered over every inch of the parchment. The papers were correctly done and authentic. If Saxton didn’t know any better he would believe everything that was presented to him. But he knew Johan and this Male sitting before him was not who he said he was.

He didn’t show an ounce of trepidation or doubt and treated the rest of the meeting as if everything was in order. He left the meeting assuring this fake Johan that everything seemed to be in order and he would return soon with the final paperwork. He left with Rhage shortly after. His mind racing with the events that had just happened. He looked over at Rhage as they drove back to the mansion “Would it be possible to set up a time with the King. I find there is a matter he needs to be aware of.” He paused for a moment “and I believe you should be present for this meeting as well.” 

Rhage:  [Nodding as my hands tightened on the steering wheel.  I didn’t remember that doggen and I hadn’t seen them in all the nights I spent watching from the shadows.  Something was wrong, what it was I didn’t know, but to need to meet with Wrath immediately spoke volumes….]


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